Ukraine Import Data of Rubber Element | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rubber Element

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of rubber element collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of rubber element imports.

Rubber Element Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rubber Element

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178421392000"1.Filtr salons (article D30070454) - 20 pcs, cabin filter (Model 704 094 101) - 20 pieces, consists of a rubber base and filter element with paperu.Obladnannya for filtering or purifying air that is designed to s / h forklift Faresin.Krayina manufacturing, IT, Brand: No data on availability torhovelnoyimarky marking on the product is missing.. "ITALY0UA9010109.2582.2032821 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20174016995790"1. Pylnyk shock absorber with nezatverdiloyi vulcanized rubber to lehkovohoavtomobilya, articles, 845302-1sht. Pylnyk steering rack with rubber nezatverdiloyivulkanizovanoyi for passenger cars, the article: 948100-2sht; 945308-8sht; 945701-4sht; 945306-4sht. Repair kit anther joint kutovyhshvydkostey equal to a car with nezatverdiloyi vulcanized rubber mounting withelements (Pylnyk rubber, clamp mount) Reference: 755463-3sht; 755003-2sht; 755114-2sht; 755752-2sht; 755731-2sht; 757412-2sht; 756055-1sht; 755766-1sht; 757402-18sht; 755152-16sht; 755004-12sht; 755052-8sht; 757308-8sht; 756862-6sht; 756957-6sht; 757450-6sht, 7551 05-6sht; 757309-4sht; 755358-4sht; 759051-4sht; 755005-4sht; 755769-4sht; 755462-4sht. Tarozdribnoyi packaged for wholesale torhivli.Krayina production - IT.Torhovelna mark - Ruville. The company manufacturer - Egon von Ruville GmbH.Krayina origin - IT.. "ITALY0UA10011043.88623.4837694
28/Apr/201740169300901.Vyroby of vulcanized rubber: sealing ring type STRACK Z5106-DS-Z5101-16, P / N600774 - 2 sht.Pryznacheni for sealing elements hydraulic cylinder that drives the mechanism of the piston molds for injection molding. Rings are set as the moving (pistons, rods) and the fixed (sleeves, bushings) details of hydraulic cylinders. Due to the elastic properties of the ring provides sealing compounds moving and prevent oil leak nazovni.Torhovelna STRACK.Firma brand manufacturer production STRACK.Krayina DE. .GERMANY0UA1250200.52199.6222203
28/Apr/20174016995290"1. Support vehicle shock absorber upper humometaleva, part numbers: 865308S-2 pcs; 825423-18sht; 825405-4sht; 825307-5sht; 826805-4sht; 825405-4sht. Pillow dvyhunahumometaleva car, part, 335707-2sht; 335709-4sht; 325704-3sht; 325124-2sht; 325459-3sht; 325160-2sht; 325140-2sht; 325483-2sht; 325303-2sht; 325414-1sht; 325453-1sht; 325421-4sht; 325419-4sht. Silentblocks lehkovohoavtomobilya rubber, reinforced with metal , article: 985443-3sht; 985010-2sht; 985421-1sht; 985412-64sht; 985324-60sht; 985425-40sht; 985204-38sht; 985451-20sht; 985404-16sht; 985456-14sht; 985205-10sht; 985424-10sht ; 985426-10sht; 985427-10sht; 985313-8sht; 985460-6sht; 985444-6sht; 985429-6sht; 985041-4sht; 985202-4sht; 985040-4sht; 985431-4sht. Node bearings Amort civilizational rack - oporaamortyzatora humometaleva top car, with elements of construction, part numbers: 825424S-2 pcs. packaged for wholesale and retail torhivli.Krayina production - CN.Torhovelna mark - Ruville. The company manufacturer - Egon von Ruville GmbH.Krayina origin - CN.. "CHINA0UA100110145.271456.632524
28/Apr/20174016995790"1. Repair kit anther constant velocity joints to lehkovohoavtomobilya with nezatverdiloyi vulcanized rubber, with elements of the installation (pylnykhumovyy, clamp mount) Reference: 755756-2sht; 755407-4sht; 755709-4sht.Rozfasovano for wholesale and retail. Country of origin - TW.Torhovelna mark - Ruville. The company manufacturer - Egon von Ruville GmbH.Krayina origin - TW.. "TAIWAN0UA1001102.926.29309967
28/Apr/20174016995290"1. Support vehicle shock absorber upper humometaleva, articles, 825404-3sht; 825314-20sht; 825409-8sht; 825225-6sht. Engine pillow humometaleva lehkovohoavtomobilya, articles, 325543-2sht; 335229-2sht; 325355-2sht; 325309-1sht; 325552-2sht; 325263-1sht; 335323-1sht; 325505-1sht; 325503-1sht; 325504-1sht; 325305-8sht; 325412-4sht. lever Repair kit to the car, schoskladayetsya with rubber silent blocks reinforced with metal fasteners and, Article: 985213-40sht. Silentblocks car rubber armovanimetalom, articles, 915012-6sht; 985048-3sht; 987803-2sht; 985806-2sht; 985302-2sht; 985936-2sht; 986906-2sht; 985884-1sht; 985232-1sht ; 985539-60sht, 9858 25-50sht; 985236-50sht; 985511-40sht; 985235-26sht; 985301-24sht; 985343-22sht; 985308-20sht; 985420-16sht; 985921-16sht; 985201-12sht; 985024-12sht; 985310-12sht; 985329- 12p; 985883-10sht; 985334-8sht; 985365-8sht; 985306-8sht; 985004-8sht; 985810-6sht; 986622-6sht; 985215-6sht; 986623-6sht; 985023-5sht; 985227-4sht; 986606-4sht; 985225-4sht; 985814-4sht; 985811-4sht; 985935-4sht. Node reference pidshypnykaamortyzatsiynoyi rack - bearing upper shock absorber car humometaleva, withelements installation and articles: 825409S-10pc. Packaged for wholesale tarozdribnoyi torhivli.Krayina production - TR.Torhovelna mark - Ruville. The company manufacturer - Egon von Ruville GmbH.Krayina origin - TR. "TURKEY0UA100110197.682098.716029
28/Apr/20178421230090"1.Palyvnyy filter (Model 240 151 201) - 1 pc; metal body with sealing ring filter cartridge filter with paperu.Palyvnyy (article 240 151 101) - 20 pieces; metal body with sealing ring filter element with paperu.Filtr oil (622,000,851 article ) - 20 pieces; metal body with sealing ring filter cartridge filter with paperu.Palyvnyy (article 240 110 103) - 20 pieces; Stainless steel base with rubber seals, a multilayer filter element, metal, mesh filter tkanyny.Maslyanyy engine (Model 622010751) - 20 pieces, metal body for sealing Iltsi, paperu.Palyvnyy filter element with filter (Model 622 010 774) - 20 pieces; metal body with sealing ring filter cartridge filter with paperu.Palyvnyy (article 622 010 752) - 20 pieces; metal body with sealing ring filter element with paperu.Obladnannya filtering lubricants or fuel in internal combustion engines, for s / h forklift Faresin.Krayina production, IT, brand: No Dana's, marking the availability of a trademark on the product is missing. "ITALY0UA90101078.23989.810389
28/Apr/20174016995790"1. The suspension stabilizer bushing is made of vulcanized nezatverdiloyi humydo car Article: 985364-2sht; 985325-800sht; 985243-80sht; 985237-16sht; 985338-14sht; 985050-4sht. Bushing suspension stabilizer is made of rubber to nezatverdiloyivulkanizovanoyi car with elements of construction, articles, 985531-26sht.Remontnyy mounting kit car suspension stabilizer consisting of: humovivtulky and fasteners, articles, 985327-300sht. optovoyita packaged for retail torhivli.Krayina production - TR.Torhovelna mark - Ruville. The company manufacturer - Egon von Ruville GmbH.Krayina ohodzhennya - TR.. "TURKEY0UA100110107.061090.928244
28/Apr/20174016995790"1. The bushing of the suspension bracket is made of non-solidified vulcanized humidos of the car, the article numbers are: ADN18060-20; ADN18056-14; ADC48054-6; Repair kit of the saw blade of cars of hardened vulcanized rubber with mounting elements, consisting of: a rubber saw and a clamp mount, the article: ADT38125 2pcs Packaged for wholesale and retail trade. The production line is JP.Trademark - BLUE PRINT. The manufacturer is FERDINAND BILSTEIN GmbH + Co KG. Origin of origin is JP. "JAPAN0UA1001103.92179.7871476
28/Apr/20178484100090"1. Metal products with elements rubber, graphite and ceramics Pump" "Speroni" "which is an integral part of them and produced under appropriate modeli- mechanical seal AR15 - 2 pcs. - Mechanical seal AR14 - 2 pcs. Trademark - SPERONIKrayina production - ITVyrobnyk SPERONI SpA. "ITALY0UA1251100.0826.24828103
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Агроресурс"""
Importer Address
25014, м. Кіровоград, вул. Мурманська, буд. 29 М
Product Description
"1.Filtr salons (article D30070454) - 20 pcs, cabi.........
HS Code 8421392000Value 582.2032821
Quantity 0Unit UA901010
Net Weight 9.2
Origin Country ITALY

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