Ukraine Import Data of Rotary Cutter | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rotary Cutter

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of rotary cutter collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of rotary cutter imports.

Rotary Cutter Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rotary Cutter

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20178483102990"1. Cranked steel, for grain and forage harvester combinations: CHAIN-ROLLER VALVE 60001-01-1; MECHANISM OF CUTTING CUTTER 3518050-121450-02 -10pcs; (representing a crankshaft and a plug attached to it, converting rotary motions In the reciprocating, thus, the knives of the cutting unit of the combine harvester are put into operation) Producer: "Rostselmash" "Harvester Plant" Ltd. "RUSSIA0UA110040505.1853641.698882 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20178536501590"1. Switches for a voltage not exceeding 60 V: - switch knife shaft speeds, article 513420 in the number 1 pcs .; isa rotary cam switch. Designed for use inelectrical AC circuits at 50, 60 Hz voltage of -24 V. A. Sylastrumu-12 is used in electronic circuits Cutters Swopper SW-550-S dlyaperemykannya work modes (switch-knife shaft). Kulachkoviperemykachi collected from the same type of plastic sections are located between midniruhlyvi contacts that are activated by cams plant them in zahalnyymetalevyy Square shaft speeds switch peretynu.- th bowl, article 513421 in the amount of 1 pieces. It is soboyupovorotnyy cam switch. Designed for use in elektrychnyhlantsyuhah AC frequency 50, 60 Hz voltage - 24 V. Current strength - 12 A. used in electronic circuits Cutters Swopper SW-550-S peremykannyarezhymiv works for (switching speed of the bowl). Cam switches collected zodnotypnyh plastic sections are located between the copper kty mobile Comte, yakipryvodyatsya effect cams on seat them on public square metal shaft peretynu.- on the speed of the elevator, article 513124 in the amount of 3 pieces. It is soboyupovorotnyy cam switch. Designed for use in elektrychnyhlantsyuhah AC frequency 50, 60 Hz voltage of -24 V, -12 A.Vykorystovuyetsya power supply in electronic circuits cutter Swopper-330 for peremykannyarezhymiv work (lifting / lowering elevator). Cam switches ve collected zodnotypnyh massive reservoir sections are located between the copper and mobile contacts, which are driven cams di yu, planted on public shall, hand valkvadratnoho section. Material: metal / polivinylhloryd / copper. Not mistyatradiobladnannya in skladi.Torhivelna mark: "" BACO "". Company manufacturer: "" BACO Controls "". Country of origin: (FR) France. "SWITZERLAND0UA1002000.66321.2376772
19/Apr/201790291000901. Meters rpm to nyh versatile cutters, rotary encoder HEDL 5540I11 flat cable, art. G42416636-4sht.Torhovelna Brand: AVAGO.Vyrobnyk: EBV Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG.Krayina production: DE. .GERMANY0UA1002900.16293.427157
18/Apr/20178477200000"1. Ekstruziyniyna line mod.SXG-65 for vyrobnytstvapolietylenovyh tubular filters (komponentyyavlyayutsya All components of Ekstruziynoyiliniyi one mechanism and can not vykorystovuvatysyaokremo) PE tube extrusion line SXG-65 / Extrusion liniyamod.SXG-65 for the production of polyethylene trubchastyhfiltriv. Set lines zkladayetsya the following components: PESingle Screw Extruder model BDSJ-65/30 / OdnoshnekovyyEkstruder mod.BDSJ RE-65/30, Filter Bio-media tube Mold modelM-15 for circular filter element with diameter: 25 mm and height: 12 mm / Odnoruchna Kruhloschelova Extrusion head mod.M-15 for round filter etc. ametrom 25 mm and height 12 mm Vacuum Cooling Tank model VCW-620 / vacuum gauge Bath mod.VCW-620 Cooling Tank model CW-800 / Cooling Bath mod.CW-800 Synchronous Strap Puller model QYP-800 / fashion belt pulling device .QYP-800 Rotary knife cutter and conveyer model FC-1 / Cutting device with conveyor mod.FC-1 Automatic Loader model 300G / vacuum with avantazhuvach raw mod.300G Hopper Dryer model WSBD-75 / Dehumidifier raw mod.WSBD-75; Kit of parts comprising: Contactor / magnetic actuators Ampere meter / Ammeter Thermocouple / Thermocouple Perforated plate / perforated plate Mold heater / heater extrusion head Belt pulley for main motor / belt for the main drive of Upper and Lower Belt for Puller / upper and lower belt to which pulling device Ordinary artists blade / Average blade to cut-off devices Shaped knife / Figured than the cut-off devices Disassemble tool for screw / tool for extracting auger Standard tool box / Standard tool kit with tools for configuring line Single unit Dosing Mixer model WSVCM-20 for Color Master Batch / Odnokompon ntnyy colorant dispenser mod.WSVCM 20 -1 suite .; Trademark KINGSWEL MACHINERYVyrobnyk SHANGHAI BAOCHONG COMPLETE SETS OF PLASTICEQUIPMENT CO., LTD "CHINA1UA125180320039979.81058
13/Apr/201784581180001. Machine tools for turning metal cutting, horizontal, numerical control. Machine lathe, horizontal, single-spindle numerical control SK6150 / 1500 civil (general purpose) purpose, new, 2 pieces. It is intended for processing of external and internal surfaces of bodies of rotation (cylindrical, Conical, shaped), finishing of flat end surfaces, thread cutting and some other works in the semi-automatic cycle. Main technical characteristics: width of the frame 400 mm, maximum diameter of the workpiece above the st 500 mm maximum, the maximum diameter of the workpiece over the support is 250 mm, the maximum length of the workpiece is 1500 mm, the movement along the X axis is 300 mm, the displacement along the Z axis is 1600 mm, the accuracy of the positioning is 6 μm, the diameter of the spindle opening is 82 mm, the speed of the spindle is 1800 rev. / Min; a hydraulic spindle clamp; the power of the main engine is 7.5 kW; the total power of the machine is 11 kW; the cutter on 6 positions is electric horizontal (on the axis of the rotary cutter); Stroke of the foam of the backbone 200 mm; Overall dimensions of the machine (DxWxH) 3950x1520x1750. Equipped with Siemens 808D control system. The complete set of the machine includes a hydraulic pump station and a cooling / lubrication system. Loading billets, removing products, orientation and clamping of billets and tools is performed manually. The treatment is carried out due to the rotational movement of the workpiece and the reciprocating motion of the instrument, fixed motionless in the tool holder.The tool shop is missing and the machine tool is not provided. There are no functions of milling, drilling, zenkering out of the axis of rotation of the workpiece due to the absence of the design of the machine tool for rotation of the tool. Provided in a partially disassembled state for ease of transportation. Not intended for military use; Not equipped with radio equipment containing transmitters or receivers. Trademark: No data. Manufacturer: COGENTECH INTERNATIONAL LTD. Production area: China (CN). "CHINA2UA403010615028669.36989
13/Apr/20178205598090"1 Hand tools for roadbuilding equipment Caterpillar: -Tools for the removal of the rotary cutter drum art.2744885-1 pieces; Manufacturer CATERPILLAR, CATERPILLAR trademark, Country of IT;."ITALY0UA1000201.173287.474869
13/Apr/201784339000001. SPARE PARTS hinged farm equipment: TO THE frame Mounted Rotary Cutter, mod. K-1 - 600sht. For civilian use. .CHINA0UA500060104408351.999844
12/Apr/20178207199000"1 Another tool for drilling rocks or soils: -art.9005714, cutter BSR246 BG32P-22.5570 -504 sht.-art.9035243, cutter BF58 / 3 BF145x38x22 / 4 -1417 sht.-art.9035243, cutter BF58 / 3 BF145x38x22 / 4 -299 sht. sPECIFICATIONS: -Riztsi rotary (BSR246) tangential used for executive orhanahprohidnytskyh and shearers. Designed for breaking rock. Dlyakriplennya tool carriers in the executive board cutters equipped with a lock, yakipry transportation supplied shoot video. -Material: the body of the tool - alloy steel (34MnCrB4 + Ti B650), lock -stal, TV erdosplavna cutting insert (6% - of the total weight of the tool) -splav tverdihsortiv -volframkarbida metal and cobalt; -Riztsi radial (BF58 / 3) used in the executive branch ochysnyhkombayniv. Designed for breaking rock. They are supplied with posylenoyuchekoyu. Material: the body of the tool - alloy steel (35MnB4 + Ti), rizhuchavstavka carbide (5% of the total weight of the tool) -splav durum metals - volframkarbida and kobaltu.-cutters are supplied in cartons on plastic pallets. "GERMANY0UA1100502227.82435886.32615
11/Apr/201784339000001. SPARE PARTS hinged farm equipment: Disc TO Mounted Rotary Cutter, mod. K-1 - 600sht. For civilian use. .CHINA0UA50006051004079.999878
10/Apr/20178207709000"1.Instrumenty variables with a working part of base metal (excluding vmistupryrodnyh or artificial diamonds) for milling machines: Mills team for processing flat surfaces, HW: 125x166 / 172x40 - 1pc .; Hiller team to obrobkyploskyh surfaces, HW-BC: 125x130x40, Z4 - 2 pcs .; mills for processing mini-stud, HW: 160x28. 6x50, Z2 - 4 pieces .; cutter for artistic carving, HS / D4 / GL82 / S9x50 / Z1 / RE - 1pc .; cutter for artistic carving, HS / D2 / GL82 / S9x50 / Z1 / RE - 1pc .; cutter for artistic carving, HS / D6 / GL86 / S9x50 / Z1 / RE - 1pc .; cutter for artistic carving, HS / D4 / GL82 / S9x50 / Z2 / RE -1sht ., mills for artistic carving, HS / D3 / GL82 / S9x50 / Z1 / RE - 1pc .; frezakintseva, DP / D12 / NL22 / S12x40 / GL70 / RL - 6 pcs .; end mills with rotary blades, HW / D20 / NL30 / S12x40 / L85 / RE - 1pc .; cutter for boring pazuvalnoho Machine, SP / D16 / NL65 / S16x50 / GL170 / RE- 6 pcs .; end mills, DP / D16 / NL35 / S20x50 / GL95 / RL - 2 pcs .; cutter kintsevaspiralna Marathon, MC / D12 / NL35 / S12x40 / GL80 / Z3 / RL - 1sht.Torhovelna mark: "" Leitz "". Producer: "" Leitz GmbH & Co. KG "". Country of origin: DE. "GERMANY0UA12510019.1293708.364297
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Rotary Cutter Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Rotary Cutter Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""БЛЕК ДАЙМОНД"""
Importer Address
51200, Дніпропетровська обл., м.Новомосковськ, вул.Гетманська, буд.241
Exporter Name "ТОВ ""Комбайновий завод""Ростсельмаш"""
Product Description
"1. Cranked steel, for grain and forage harvester .........
HS Code 8483102990Value 3641.698882
Quantity 0Unit UA110040
Net Weight 505.185
Origin Country RUSSIA

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