Ukraine Import Data of Rotary Coupling | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rotary Coupling

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of rotary coupling collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of rotary coupling imports.

Rotary Coupling Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rotary Coupling

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173926909790"1. Plastic intended for fuel-columns used in civilian stations: plastic lining on crane - art. EK 144 yellow - 150 sht.- art. EK 144 Red - 150 sht.- art. EK 104 black - 50 sht.- art. EK 144 green - 150 sht.- art. EK 044 green - 150 sht.Manzhetne seal rotary couplings gun with low temperature resistant polyurethane art.ED 079 - 500 sht.Kiltse sealing couplings turning 31 , 7x26x1mm, plastic, art. EU 081 - 100 sht.Torhovelna mark - "" Elaflex "" brand - ELAFLEX HIBY Tanktechnik GmbH & Co.KGKrayina production - DE. "GERMANY0UA12506032.11003.076249 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/20178482109000"1.Val-insulator 111kV-DC400 ALSTOM V3503280- 3pc. (Art.K90012 50 is a transmission shaft that has two clutches pid'yednyuvalnyh metal and ceramic core, used in electrostatic filters shaking mechanism rigidly secured to the motor coupling and shaking shaft, transmits rotary motion to the hammer shaft, shakes corona electrodes and insulates the motor-reducer of voltage) .Vyrobnyk: "" NTP Products aS "", Norveґiya country of production.. "CHINA0UA10011017.99215.8737126
19/Apr/201787084099981.BARABAN outside. Kat.nomer-28-16-15.Kil Number 15 pcs. Steel clutch assembly detalbortovoho tractor T-10, T-170. Is an external korpusfryktsiona which placed fryktsiynidysky, semi-axis and inshe.VAL lower of ShESTIRNEYu.Kat.nomer-24-12-105SP. Count 5 sht.Skladalna unit box pereminnyhtraktora T-10, T-170. Established ukorobtsi variable transmission and is used to transfer torque distribution flywheel gear. BUSHING. Kat.nomer-01/12/35. Count 13-pc. Assembling the upper part of the shaft gear boxes variables tractor T-10, T-170. Steel, gear installed on the upper shaft gearbox. PLATEN. Kat.nomer-50-12-688. Count 10 pcs. Assembly of steel parts variable gear boxes tractor T-10, T-170. Designed for transmission of torque to the fork. PLATEN. Kat.nomer-50-12-682. Count 25-pc. Assembly of steel parts gearbox tractor T-10, T-170. Represents the axis on which the fork gear set. PLATEN. Kat.nomer-50-12-689. Number 8 t- pcs. Assembly of steel parts variable gear boxes tractor T-10, T-170. Designed for transmission of torque to the fork. RETAINER. Kat.nomer-13338. Count 30 pcs. Assembly detail gearbox tractor T-10, T-170. Steel product without thread designed to arm fixing gear in a polozhenni.BARABAN inside. Kat.nomer-24-16-5. Count 6-pc. Assembling board clutch detail tractor T-10, T-170. Yalyaye soboyuvnutrishnyu of clutch designed to transmit rotary motion to the friction discs napivvis.VYLKA. Kat.nomer-50-12-565. Count 10 pcs. Assembly of steel parts variable gear boxes tractor T-10, T-170. Designed for shutdown include transmission. FORK. Kat.nomer-50-12-581. Count-5. Assembly of steel parts gearbox tractor T-10, T-170. To change the position of gear couplings. CLUTCH. Kat.nomer-18-12-324. Count-5. Assembly of steel parts gearbox tractor T-10, T-170. Designed for transmission, if necessary, torque from one gear to another shaft peredach.VYLKA top boxes. Kat.nomer-50-12-563. Count-5. Assembly of steel parts gearbox tractor T-10, T-170. To change the position of gear couplings. CLUTCH. Kat.nomer-18-12-323. Count 40-pc. Assembling the upper part of the shaft gearbox tractor T-10, T-170. Steel, notched, mounted on top of the shaft gearbox, designed for the introduction of the clutch gear KPP.DYSK. Kat.nomer-16121. Count 100 pieces. Assembling board clutch detail tractor T-10, T-170. It is a metal disk assembly mounted in the housing and inner drum is designed to transmit torque moment due to friction during povorotah.KRYShKA. Kat.nomer-18-12-150SP. Count 10 pcs. Assembly detail gearbox tractor T-10, T-170. Designed for mounting the upper shaft in the gearbox. PLATE. Kat.nomer-15-12-164. Count-5. Assembly of steel parts variable gear boxes tractor T-10, T-170. Serves etc.RUSSIA0UA1121001195.066378.871402
14/Apr/20177326909890"1.Small parts made of ferrous metals intended for tractor hinged rotary mowers used in agriculture: the mower rotor in the assembly sfero code 56805036010780-24 pcs .; the holder of knife knives code 56805036010300-990 pcs .; the sleeve for the coupling of the main Pasticks code 56805036020200-76 pcs. Trademark no data. Producer: no data, CN. "CHINA0UA205090765.962305.576166
12/Apr/201776169990001. Partitions and components of switches of aluminum sticks: Cover for a jacks TAE art.AL2969TD-1pcs. Set of linings with busbar couplings. IMPORTANT: AL2402TSAAN-1pcs. Cover for rotary dimmerart. AL1940D-2pcs. Tailgate pad for TAE art.AL2969TD-2pcs. Frame 1-fold art.AL2981D-37pcs. The switch for the switch is 2-kordnarte.AL2982D-30pcs. Frame for the switch 4-fold art.AL2984D-10pcs. Frame for switch 5-fold art.AL2985D-2pcs. Frame 1x Art.AL2981-50pcs. Frame for the switch 3-fold art.AL2983D-30pcs.Frame for switch 5x art.AL2985-2st.Country of manufacture DE Trademark JUNG Producer Albrecht JUNG GmbH & CO.KG.GERMANY0UA1001106.41647.720096
11/Apr/20178708509998"1.Chastyny ​​and devices to vehicles for general purposes. Chastynyveduchyh bridges to the a / m total des ennya.Ne skladannyamotor them for industrial vehicles: a rotary hinge knuckle N / sp. (Fo, fo + showers etc.) 452-2304060 / 061 -In-10k-m (manufacturer: Izhevsk auto parts d) coupling vymykannyaperednoho bridge (kompl.-2 pieces) 3151-20-2304210-01-30k-m (manufacturer: Ahrehatnyyzavod m.Sterlytamak) pivot node (on the bridge) (roller bearing ova, Kingpins, bearings) 3162-2304020-00Y-2 pcs (manufacturer: PI Kuznetsov) Country of origin - RUTorhovelna mark - no data. "RUSSIA0UA807200220.481710.830865
11/Apr/201790184910001.Nakonechnyky for use in stomato logical drill - parts, attachments, coupling connection Rotary groups. .GERMANY0UA20914018.80216700.83894
05/Apr/201790184910001.Nakonechnyky for use in stomato logic and drill parts: coupling connection Rotary guppy, driving mechanisms to. .GERMANY0UA2091404.098056.149882
05/Apr/20178483908990"1.Elementy transfers, presented separately, industrial pryzachennya: 00036313 Coupling (Part gear mechanisms for transmitting rotary motion, material - steel. Used in civil industries as parts for printing equipment) -1sht., Country of GBTorhovelna Manufacturer Brand Kolbus Kolbus GmbH & Co.KG. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA10029021734.741382
03/Apr/20178205700000"1.Instrumenty hand, of base metal: Clamp type F 120 x 500 mm 29 pieces; Clamp 100 mm, nylon 46 pieces, 50 mm Clamp, Nylon 80 pc; Clamp type F 80 x 300 mm 118 pieces; automatic Clamp 600 x 60 mm 10 pc; Clamp automatic, 150 x 60 mm 105 pieces; Clamp type F 120 x 1500 mm 4 pieces; Clamp 75 mm, nylon 12 pc; Clamp type F 120 x 800 mm 10 pieces; coupling band 5000 x 25 x 1 mm 13 pc; Vice, 75 mm 2 pieces, Vice rotary, 100 mm 1 pc, Vice 60mm 3 items; miter box swivel, 550 mm 2 pieces, Clamp type F 120 x 1000 mm 2 pieces; Clamp automatic, 900 x 60 of 5 mm, trademark TOPEXKrayina production CNVyro bnyk Grupa Topex Sp. z oo Sp.k.. "CHINA0UA100110325.87937.5401182
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Rotary Coupling Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Rotary Coupling Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
65088, Одеська обл., місто Одеса, Люстдорфська дорога, будинок 92/94
Exporter Name ELAFLEX HIBY Tanktechnik GmbH & Co.KG
Product Description
"1. Plastic intended for fuel-columns used in civi.........
HS Code 3926909790Value 1003.076249
Quantity 0Unit UA125060
Net Weight 32.1
Origin Country GERMANY

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