Ukraine Import Data of Rope Machine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rope Machine

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of rope machine collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of rope machine imports.

Rope Machine Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rope Machine

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of rope machine. Get Ukraine trade data of Rope Machine imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20178433510000"1. harvesters RSM-152" "ACROS-595 Plus" "On the batches shredder-spreader, cabins COMFORT CAB II, reducers, air compressors, ESKRP, electric sieve, Spreader, moisture- protected bunkers, SL, HIDROROZ'YEMOM ONLY, COLOR SCHEME BVI The package with the machine Threshing for combines RSM-152 "" ACROS-595 Plus "" On the batches shredder-spreader, cabins COMFORT CAB II, reducers, air compressors, ESKRP, electric sieve, spreader, moisture- protected bunkers, SL, SINGLE HIDROROZ ' in volume, color scheme in the number BVI - 1pc. Combines IN STACHAYETSYA dismantled wheels (4 pieces) and complete with APP SM U-66 ARP mount. Harvesters, self-propelled combine. New. USED FOR ASSEMBLY cereals. Reapers and trolleys for transportation Reaper is not completed with. The receivers, transmitters or radio of not MISTYT.ZAVODSKYY number harvesters - R0ACR595018003. Factory number DVYHUNA- 78551746.DATA VYPUSKA- RIK.KOLIR- Jun 2017 ONO- BLACK "RUSSIA1UA1252501451094408.99223 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201790248019001. machines for testing textiles: Breaking machine model TIME WDW-10M. new year 2017, electronic, for industrial testing gap textile materials from natural and synthetic fibers. Used to determine tensile, tensile strength, elongation, modulus, compression and bending tests of mechanical properties of polypropylene products. Vsho: 1 pc. Country of origin: CN.CHINA0UA2091803509517.479138
28/Apr/20178433510000"1-propelled harvesting combines. Harvesters: CLAAS Lexion 670- 1pc, New. Year 2017. Machine number: C7400441 number of engine: PK3S0005N00373BTehnichni data Engine PERKINS 2206D K, power 308/419 kW / hp. (By ECE R120). Amnesty grain tank 11000l., reinforced. two-stage reduktoroborotiv beater, extraction of dust from the inclined camera podribnyuvachsolomy STANDART CUT, tilt the camera - AUTOCONTOUR, electric rehulyuvannyadeflektoriv solomorozkydacha. Versatile set of tools. Tehnichnadokumentatsiya. parts catalog, instruction manual. Tires ne edni800 / 70R32 175A8, tires rear 500 / 70R24 IMP 8 LX275. Set conversion naobmolot corn. Drive console standard capacity of 80 kW., farkopavtomatychnyy, TELEMATICS Basic, supplies if perevynnya permissible shyrynybilshe 3 m. partially unassembled (wheels, 4 pieces .) for transportuvannya.Torhovelna brand: CLAAS.Vyrobnyk: "" CLAAS Selbstfanrende Erntemaschinen GmbH "" firm CLAAS KGaA GmbH. Country of origin: DE. "GERMANY1UA12528015067.292210784.5556
28/Apr/201740169300901.Zapasni part of vulcanized rubber propelled road construction machinery (loader): PROK Ladko, art. 4120004541015 / FY10756.01000, -48sht.Torhivelna Brand: SDLG.Vyrobnyk: SHANDONG LINGONG CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO., LTDKrayina production: CN. .CHINA0UA10001050232.1711531
28/Apr/201784122920001.Hidravlichna system for agricultural machinery, hydraulic automatic steering model 2014 art.K65000304 - 1pc. By propelled opryskuvachiv.Vyrobnyk - Raven IndustriesTorhovelna mark - BERTHOUDKrayina production - US.UNITED STATES0UA12502012.27518.762734
28/Apr/20178433510000"1-propelled harvesting combines. Harvesters: CLAAS Tucano 570- 1pc, New. Year 2016. Machine number: L0700109 engine number: 926.929-C-1131473Tehnichni data Engine MERCEDES BENZ OM926LA 240 kW / 326 hp ( ECE R 120) zkompresorom. Amnesty grain tank 10000l., reinforced. Oblique kameraAUTOCONTOUR. beater for cereals and kukurudzy.Dvostupinchatyy gear beater rotor for cereals zmehanichnym setting, set to re threshing corn soyi.Kabina driver-conditioned heating. straw Chopper SPECIAL CUT And komlekt conversion to straw chopper, automatic hitch, standard treatment reshitnyy state. TELEMATICS Basic, electric rehulyuvannyareshet the cab. Tires Front axle 650 / 75R32 167A8, rear axle tires 16,5 / 85-2414PR IMP. Box tools, spare parts prospectus zekspluatatsiyi and management. In partially unassembled for transportuvannya.Torhovelna brand: CLAAS.Vyrobnyk: "" CLAAS Se lbstfanrende Erntemaschinen GmbH "" firm CLAAS KGaA GmbH.Krayina production: DE. "GERMANY1UA12528013641.098165325.9138
28/Apr/20178705908090"1.Motornyy first vehicle specifically use (specially designed to accommodate a variety of devices that provide the ability to perform vyznacheninetransportni function). Self-propelled agricultural sprayers, PANTERA4502 in configuration" "H" "art.ZUA00047, 1shtuka, Brand: AMAZONE; Model: PANTERA4502 appointment, for spraying agricultural fields spodarskyh, car number: PAP0000462, capacity: 2mistsya vklachayuchy driver, engine number: 11996176, engine type: diesel, new, calendar year, 2017, model year: 2017; devices that enable you konuvaty determined not transport functions: Irrigating machine equipment skladayet be with folding design, the tank dlyarobochoho solution tank clean water tank for washing ruk.Postavlyayetsya chastkovov unassembled. In completing one self-propelled sprayer Pantera 4502v configuration "" H "" (art. ZUA00047 number) includes: labels and instructions zekspluatatsiyi ma Ying (art.№947057), a standard cabin (art .№947243) standard nahidravlika (art.№ 941,820), automatic control system (art.№941824) pidviskaz height adjustment to gauge 1800-2400mm (art. №945010) koleso320 / 90R54 BKT LI155B di ametr ET 80-4sht 1948mm (art.№LE470 + 75), wing kolisshyryna 2,55m (art.№94181 4), comfort package 1 (art.№941815) Armat cheers upravlinnyaTG (art.№936535) AMAPAD control unit (art.№100250), stickers and instruktsiyiz using the device manufacture ruvannya (art.№945589) rod SUPER-L2 36m (art.№101186) ISOBUS wiring package for Pantera (art.№941937) UV Protective takozh (art.№947352), hydraulics package Profi 2 (art.№928148) headlight lighting on cabine niXenon (art.№941517), suction hose 3 "," 230 8m (art .№941957), filter and check valve, hose 3 "" 8m (art.№ 941,958) centralized lubricating system (art.№941 959) LED-backlight cable each sunky odds for bars Super-L (art.№945604) LED-lighting S + LEAN UX / PAN for SUPER-S (art.№948305), the system of external co ntrolyu (art.№ 941038), nozzles AirMix110-02 -72sht (art.№ZF1050) nozzle AirMix 110-03 -72sht (art.№ZF1052) forsunkyAir Mix 110-05 -72sht (art.№ZF1054) sticker "" 40 "" (art.№941534) systemaDistance-Cont rol plus ISOBUS for UX / Pantera with Super-L (art.№101413) servisnaknyzhka, instructions manual Exposure Pantera, cranes shorten ting the last section (art.№947226), with AMADRIVE array management, supply line 36m (art.№928419), remote control (art .№941934) Protective caps on the wheels (art.№104066) divider oslynnoyi weight (art.№104050) .Vyrobnyk: AMAZONEN-WERKE H.Dreyer GmbH & Co.KGKrayina production: DETorhovelna brand: AMAZONE "GERMANY1UA10011011200238219.8221
28/Apr/20174011610000"1.Avtoshyny new pneumatic rubber: - 13.6-20 BEL-17 Heavy tires SIR C / X 8 - 11 pcs., Complete (lid, camera), the type of tread - '' tree '' terrain to tractors and s / agricultural machines, boarding rim diameter - 50.8 cm, load index - 120 (1400 kg) speed rating - A8 (40 km / h). Marking: 13.6-20 BEL-17 BELSHINA MADE IN BELARUS.- 21.3-24 YYAV AUG -79 C / X 10 - 12 pcs., complete (lid, camera), the type of tread - '' tree '' terrain, for tractors, self-propelled harvesters, agricultural, boarding rim diameter - 61 cm, load index - 140 (2500kh) speed rating A6 (30 km / h). Marking: 21.3-24 YYAV-79 BELSHINA MADE IN BELARUS; - 30.5L-32 FBEL-179M SIR C / X 169A8 - 4 pcs., Complete (lid, camera), the type of tread - '' tree '' terrain to harvesters and other agricultural equipment, boarding rim diameter - 81.3 cm, load index - 169 (5750 kg) speed rating - A8 (40 km / h). Marking: 30.5L-32 FBEL-179M BELSHIN A MADE iN BELARUS; - 7.50L-16 FBEL-253M SIR C / X 2 Heavy tires - 1 pc., complete (lid, camera), the type of tread - '' tree '' terrain to units AMZHK -8, and other s / r machines; boarding rim diameter - 40.6 cm; Load Index - 72 (350 kg); speed index - A6 (30 km / h). Labeling: 7.50L-16 FBEL-253M BELSHINA MADE IN BELARUS.Vyrobnyk - JSC "" Belshina "". Country of origin - BY. Trade mark - "" BELSHINA "". "BELARUS28UA10204031578099.87009
28/Apr/20178432309000"1.Silskohospodarski machine prychypni, self-propelled machine seeder MR 2-1sht.Pryznachena for planting seedlings of cabbage, peppers and other crops. The new made-April 2017r.Habarytni dimensions: length-2100mm, width 1600mm, the height-2100mm .Vyrobnycha-processing capacity 0,07-0,11 ha / hod.Zavodskyy №3.Postavlyayutsya in a partially disassembled to facilitate transportuvannya.Vyrobnyk-branch PTOV "" Tehmash "" "" agricultural plant "," BY.Torhovelna marka- no data. ".BELARUS1UA2050906802945.000034
28/Apr/201784279000001.Vizky, not propelled stackers, hydraulic, electrical, hydraulic hand truck SYP-I, art.SYP-I / 2000kg - 78 sht.Vantazhopidyomnist: 2000 kh.Vysota head: 85-200 mm.Rozmir: 550h1150mm.Rozmir wheels tandem (polyurethane): 80 x 60 mm.Rozmir driven wheels (polyurethane): 180 x 50 mm.kolir: yellow RAL 1028.vizok manual hydraulic SYP-I, art.SYP-I / 2500kg - 78 sht.Vantazhopidyomnist: 2500 kg .Vysota head: 85-200 mm.Rozmir: 550h1150mm.Rozmir wheel tandem (polyurethane): 80 x 60 mm.Rozmir driven wheels (polyurethane): 180 x 50 mm.kolir: yellow RAL 1028.vizok manual hydraulic SYP-I, art.SYP-I / 3000kg - 60 pcs. Capacity: 3000 kh.Vysota head: 85-200 mm.Rozmir: 550h1150mm.Rozmir wheel tandem (polyurethane): 80 x 60 mm.Rozmir driven wheels (polyurethane): 180 x 50 mm.kolir: yellow RAL 1028.shtabeler manual hydraulic SYG-1530, art.SYG-1530 - 10 sht.Vantazhopidyomnist: 1500 kh.Vysota lift: 3000 mm.Rozmir plug: nylon 560h1150 mm.Chorni kolesa.Kolir: siryy.shtabeler was uchnyy electric SDYG-1535, art.SDYG- 1535 - 2 sht.Vantazhopidyomnist: 1500 kh.Potuzhnist engine head: 1,6kVt.Yemnist battery: 12/120 V / Ah. Lift height: 90-3500 mm.Dovzhyna fork 1000 Fork mm.Shyryna 150 mm.Rozmir plug: 560h1150 mm.Rozmir: 1660 x 770 x 2380mm.Bili nylon kolesa.Kolir: red RAL 3020.shtabeler manual hydraulic SYG-2016 , art.SYG 2016 - 6 sht.Vantazhopidyomnist: 2000 kh.Vysota lift: 1600 mm.Rehulyuvannya size plug: nylon 560h1150 mm.Chorni kolesa.Kolir: yellow RAL 1028.Pryznacheni for moving goods in warehouses prymischennyah.Vsoho: 234sht. No military pryznachennya.Krayina production: China (CN) .Torhivelna brand: VULKANVyrobnyk: Zhejiang Lanxi Shanye Machinery Co., Ltd., China (CN)CHINA234UA4010102071833178.00009
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
01135, Вул. Чорновола В`ячеслава , буд 20, м. Київ, Україна
Product Description
"1. harvesters RSM-152" "ACROS-595 Plus" "On the b.........
HS Code 8433510000Value 94408.99223
Quantity 1Unit UA125250
Net Weight 14510
Origin Country RUSSIA

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