Ukraine Import Data of Rope Coating | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rope Coating

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of rope coating collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of rope coating imports.

Rope Coating Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rope Coating

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20177312104100"1. twisted wire ropes, cables, nonferrous metals, without electric isolation, with a maximum cross-sectional rozmirompoperechnoho no more than 3 mm, plated coating (latunovanyy) materialvyhotovlennya - steel 80K mark, steel cord and 2L30NT; St.80K (Constr. 2x0 30 and NT) diameter 0,60mm, net weight 17083kh with changes. 1-5, with brass coating THAT BY 400074854.004-2006, no winding, flexible outer shell, fastening elements, for their own production needs for the tire industry .Krayina production BY. marka- vidsutnya.Vyrobnytstva Trading JSC "" BMZ - management companies I Holding "" BMK ".". "BELARUS0UA1252501708322085.72766 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20177210708000"1.Prokat flat vuhlytsevoyi of hot dip galvanized steel sheet coils coated brand: S280GD + Z275-MC (B = 1250mm width, the nominal thickness of steel + zinc -0.42mm thickness of the coating color -0.45mm): POL MATT RR32 - 4769m2. - 3 rulony.POL MATT RR11 -1266m2. - 1 rulon.Schilnist zinc coating (both sides) -275h / m2.Torhovelna mark "" SSAB "". brand "" SSAB Europe Oy "". Country of origin - FI . Marking producer.. "FINLAND0UA1251202029022156.48702
28/Apr/20177210708000"1.Prokat flat vuhlytsevoyi of hot dip galvanized steel sheet coils coated brand: S280GD + Z275-MC (B = 1250mm width, thickness -0.50mm): PURAL MATT RR23 -1349m2. - 1 rulon.S280GD + Z275-MC ( B = 1250mm width, the nominal thickness of steel + zinc -0.42mm thickness of the coating color -0.45mm): POL MATT RR32 -4598m2. - 3 rulony.Schilnist zinc coating (both sides) -275h / m2.Torhovelna mark "" SSAB ' ". Brand" "SSAB Europe Oy" ". Country of origin - FI. Marking producer.."FINLAND0UA1251202041023324.04653
28/Apr/20177312104100"1. Wired wire ropes, ropes from ferrous metals, without electrical insulation, with a maximum cross-sectional dimension of not more than 3 mm, with galvanic coating (brass), fabrication material - steel grade 70B: brass metal card 9L30NT-I (2 + 7x0,30 NT), mass of brass -3.29 -3.64 g / kg, net weight - 7001 kg, brass metal sheet 3Л30НТ-І (3х0,30 НТ), brass mass -3,37 -3,42 g / kg, net weight - 8613kg, for own production needs, for the tire industry. Production line OOO "Beckar-Lipetsk" Trademark - trademark: BEKAERT.RUSSIA0UA1252701561423814.50951
28/Apr/20177210708000"1.Prokat flat vuhlytsevoyi of hot dip galvanized steel sheet coils coated brand: S280GD + Z275-MC (B = 1250mm width, thickness -0.50mm): POL MATT RR32 -2481m2. - 2 rulony.PUREX RR32 -1396m2. - 1 rulon.Schilnist zinc coating (both sides) -275h / m2.S280GD + Z200-MC (B = 1250mm width, the nominal thickness of steel + zinc -0.41mm thickness of the coating color -0.45mm): POL 29 -1335m2. - 1 rulon.Schilnist zinc coating (both sides) -200h / m2.Torhovelna mark "" SSAB "". brand "" SSAB Europe Oy "". Country of origin - FI. Marking producer.. "FINLAND0UA1251201853020141.43497
27/Apr/20178479100000"1.Freza propelled road WirtgenTyp SF500C, 1982r.v., Serial number 623- 1sht.Osnaschena engine Deutz F3L 912 diesel engine type, potuzhnist36kVT / 49 hp, the number of cylinders 3, 2300 revolutions per minute., About" " Capacity 2827m3, frezerovalnyy drum has 44 teeth, a linear distance of 15mm, 380mm frezeruvalnyybaraban with teeth, no teeth frezeruvalnyybaraban 195mm, 200-500mm shyrynafrezeruvannya, hlybynafrezeruvannya to 60mm, size: 2700h1320h2200mm.Pryznachena for milling (cutting) of asphalt-concrete coatings and surfaces at stesuvannyavystupayuchyh dorozhnihpokrytiv repair. brand-Wirtgen Siz nickname - Wirtgen GMBH, DE. "GERMANY0UA20509040603703.896321
26/Apr/20173824909790"1. Reduction component" "R" "-152 on the banks 1L. Preparation as a clear colorless liquid with a strong basic properties containing sodium hydroxide (14.2%) and a compound containing primary amino-dietylentryamin (10.5 %) are artificially formed mixture. Solubility in water about 70% by weight. sodium hydroxide in this solution is not added stabilizing substance in relation to dietylentryaminu. Designed for mixing with component "" S "" resulting is reaction of metallic silver that leads to the inner cover the second surface of the glass vessel with a layer of metallic silver. It is used for coating glass Christmas toys. Comes not in aerosol packaging. In its composition contains no ozone-depleting substances and precursors. Brand "" PRZEDSIEBIORSTWO PRODUKCYJNO- HANDLOWE EUGENIUSZ GASKA "" Poland. PL. Trademark No Data .. "POLAND0UA403030179.51446.396928
25/Apr/20178421392000"1.Prokat flat carbon steel, width less than 600mm, with another pokryttyamalyuminiyem: haryachealyuminirovana longitudinally cut steel, grade DX52D + AS 120NACO coated surfaces chemically passivated, oiled, according standartamDIN EN10327 / 10143/10346: 54,300,122 material: -stal 1,50h160,00mm -8395kh size, Him.sklad steel roll R105048646: C-0,0020%, Si-0,0970%, Mn-0,1200%, P-0,0140%, S-0,0080% , Al-0,0260%, Ti-0,0550%; 54,300,122 material: -stal size 1,50h315,00mm -1515kh, Him.sklad steel roll R105047298: C-0,0020%, Si-0,0040%, Mn-0,1400%, P-0,0120%, S-0,0110%, Al-0,0260%, Ti-0,0610%; 54,300,104 material: -stal size 0,80h555,00mm -4090kh, chemical .sklad steel roll R105047496: C-0,0020%, Si-0,0730%, Mn-0,1300%, P-0,0090%, S-0,0070%, Al-0,0260%, Ti-0,0560%; Chem .sklad steel roll R105048041: C-0,0020%, Si-0,0750%, Mn-0,1300%, P-0,0120%, S-0,0110%, Al-0,0240%, Ti- 0.0760% 54,300,104 material: -stal size 0,80h421,00mm -3800kh, Him.sklad steel roll R105048953: C-0,0020%, Si-0,0040%, Mn-0,1100%, P 0 , 0080%, S-0,0080%, Al-0,0170%, Ti-0,0540%; 54,300,122 material: -stal size 1,50h252,50mm -1675kh, Him.sklad steel roll R105048018: C-0, 0020%, Si-0,0050%, Mn-0,1300%, P-0,0100%, S-0,0050%, Al-0,0240%, Ti-0,0680%; 54,300,092 material: -stal 0,50h551,00mm -2020kh size, Him.sklad steel roll R105046467: C-0,0030%, Si-0,0070%, Mn-0,1300%, P-0,0120%, S-0,0060% , Al-0,0400%, Ti-0,0690% .Holodnokatani sheets of low-carbon steel coils, cold sha ky.Pokryttya carried out by immersing the steel strip in a bath of rozplavlenymalyuminiyem. The chemical composition of alu-coating it. Steel used dlyavyhotovl spare muffler exhaust system of cars lya.Vyrobnyk: ThyssenKrupp Materials Processi ng Europe Sp.zoo; Country of origin: PL. "RUSSIA0UA8071905192536.944541
25/Apr/20173917320090"1.PREPARAT paraffin-EMULSION" "BOMUL60 RGm" "IN THE FORM RIDYNYBILOHO opaque color that CONTAINS paraffins (aliphatic hydrocarbons), dispersing agents (salts of fatty acids) and water (mass fraction of nonvolatile substances 58.46%) used in the manufacture PLYTDSP OSB OR AS ONE OF OSNOVNYHKOMPONENTIV and added to the resin particle RAZOMIZ AND OTHER ingredients to form MIXTURE IS KLEYU.NE chips and polishing properties, has POLIRUVLNYH properties not used for coating and as a lubricant, foaming NOT NOT MISTY OZONORUYNUYU YHRECHOVYN.KILKIST-22060-KH.PAKUVANNYA NEAEROZOLNE.TORHIVELNA MARK: No DANYH.FIRMA the manufacturer "" BOGDANY PETROL LTD "". Country of origin: UHORSCHYNA.KRAYINA ORIGIN: European Communities.. "ISRAEL0UA5080101027.72829.175123
24/Apr/201785469010001.Kilimy automobile, from vulcanized rubber, to the a / m, new., Art.PZ434-79304-PJ- dirt-protective cover of the trunk-1 st. Art.PZ434-E3302-PJ - dirt-protective cover of trunk-1 pc.Art.PZ434-79304-PJ - dirt-protecting cover for the bogie-1 st. Art.PZ434-J2305-PJ - dirt-proof roof rack-1 - dirt-proof roof rack-3 pc. Art.PZ434-79304-PJ -Road protection cover of the trunk-5pcs.Art.PZ434-79304-PJ - dirt-proof coating for a bogie-5pc. Art.PZ434-79304-PJ - dirt-proof roof rack-5pcs. PZ434-79304-PJ - dirt-proof luggage carrier cover-3pcs. Art.PZ434-79304-PJ - the protective cover of the trunk-2pcs.Art.PZ434-79304-PJ - dirt-protecting cover of the bogie-3-st. Art.PZ434-79304-PJ - dirt-proof roof rack-1 - dirt-proof roof rack-1 st. Art.PZ434-79304-PJ - the protective cover of the trunk-1 pc.Art.PZ434-79303-PJ - dirt-protecting cover for a bogie-1 st. Art.PZ434-V3303-PJ - dirt-proof cover of the trunk-7pc. PZ434-V3303-PJ - br-protective cover of the trunk-2pcs.Art.PZ434-V3303-PJ -The protective cover of the trunk-1 pc. Art.PZ434-V3303-PJ - dirt-protecting cover for the bogie-2pcs. Art.PZ434-V3303-PJ - dirt-proof luggage carrier cover-10pcs. PZ434-X2305-PJ - dirt-proof roof rack-2pcs. Art.PZ434-X2305-PJ -the protective cover of the trunk-3pcs.Art.PZ434-V3303-PJ - dirt-protecting cover for a bogie-1 st. Art.PZ434-V3302-PJ - dirt-proof roof rack-2pcs. PZ434-V3303-PJ - dirt-proof roof rack-2pcs. Art.PZ434-E3303-PJ -Road-protective cover of the trunk Corolla SD 2013-1. Art.PZ434-E3303-PJ -Roof-protective cover of trunk Corolla SD 2013-3st. Art.PW241-0R000 - RAV carpet booster 4-3 st. Art.PW241-0R000 - RAV trunk rug 4-2 st.arts.PW241-0R000 - RAV rack mat 4-3 st. Art.PW241-10005 - C-HR-1 carpet cleaner. Art.PW241-10005 - Rug Rug C-HR-2p. Art.PW241-10005 - Rug Rug C-HR-3pcs. Art.PW241-60000 - carpet booster LX-1 st. Art.PW241-60000 - Rack Bag LX-1pc. Art.PW241-0E000 -Light boot RX-3pcs. Art.PW241-0E000 - Rug Rug RX-3Start.PW241-0E000 - Rug Rug Rug 1. Art.PW241-0E000 - Rug Rug RX-1. Origin of Origin - SwedenManufacturer - SETorg Brand - ToyotaProducer - Toyota Motor Europe NV / SA.CHINA0UA807170564.51723.179931
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Rope Coating Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Rope Coating Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ПРЕМІОРІ"""
Importer Address
09100,м.Біла Церква вул.Леваневського,91,УКРАЇНА
Exporter Name "ВАТ ""БМЗ - управляюча компанія холдінга ""БМК"""
Product Description
"1. twisted wire ropes, cables, nonferrous metals,.........
HS Code 7312104100Value 22085.72766
Quantity 0Unit UA125250
Net Weight 17083
Origin Country BELARUS

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