Ukraine Import Data of Room | Ukraine Import Statistics of Room

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Room Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Room

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201787079090001. tselnomet tipper body dvustoronnoho discharge for later installation on shassivantazhnoho car new in 2017 vypusku.Model: Meiller H436, Brand: MEILLER.Bez axles, tires with accessories that are an integral part of the body-2kompl.Seriyni room: 1751305-1sht., 1751306-1sht. .CZECH REPUBLIC2UA1101601072834924.70224 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/20179504908000"1 games room, entertainment, non-electric, Art.: Souvenirs: Chess pieces-glasses (plastic, glass), art.: 62027 / 40sht., Trademarks - XINLIYE62028 / 24sht., Trademarks - GBNabir for playing" " Darts' "+ chess (plastic, metal), art.: 62037 / 40sht., 62038 / 40sht., Trademarks - no data set for playing" "Darts" "(plastic, metal), art. 62039 / 96sht. , Trademarks - LANAOKrayina production - CNVyrobnyk - LINYI BAOZHEN TRADE CO., LTD. "CHINA0UA500100171.04686.2400336
30/Apr/20179504908000"1.Nastilni or game room: Plastic Board Game: Tetris-2880sht.Torhova mark - no danyh.Vyrobnyk:" "NINGBO WELL.WAY IMP. & EXP.CO., LTD" ", the country made in China, (CN).. "CHINA0UA500020231.2929.659857
29/Apr/20178606300000"1. Freight railroad tracks for the transport of goods, self-propelled, self-unloading: New: Track hopper for the transport of cement, model 19-9862-1sht. Serial number 00002419, date of construction 2014 Room ,, 1st 0029311046. kolisnoyipary, 0029514358, phone 2nd 0029516223. wheelset, 0029373250, Trademarks: MVZ.Vyrobnyk: SZAO "" Mogilev plant vahonostroy telnыy "". Country of origin: BY.. "BELARUS1UA1010202100029799.99927
29/Apr/20178711209200"1.Mototsykly of an internal combustion engine with a crank mechanism irobochym about" 'Cylinder in volume over 50sm.kub, but not more than 125sm.kub not contain in its composition radiobladnannya: Motorcycles with windshield and bahazhnykomchastkovo disassembled state for mod.MT110-2-128sht facilitate transportation; 1990year model, new, release date, 2017, at "" 107sm.kub volume engine type dvyhunabenzynovyy total number of seats 2. more: chassis number: LMHPCHL25H0103529, engine number: 1P52FMH17203253, chassis number : LMHPCHL21H0103530; engine number: 1P52FMH17203239; chassis number: LMHPCHL23H0103531; room vyhuna: 1P52FMH17203289; chassis number: LMHPCHL25H0103532; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203301; chassis number: LMHPCHL29H0103534; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203292; chassis number: LMHPCHL24H0103537; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203285; chassis number: LMHPCHL26H0103541; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203287; chassis number: LMHPCHL28H0103542; Room engine: 1P52FMH17203216; chassis number: LMHPCHL20H0103535; engine number: 1P52FMH17203250; chassis number: LMHPCHL27H0103547; Number motor: 1P52FMH17203257; chassis number: LMHPCHL27H0103550; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203254; chassis number: LMHPCHL20H0103552; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203244; chassis number: LMHPCHL22H0103553; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203300; chassis number: LMHPCHL24H0103554; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203217; chassis number: LMHPCHL28H0103556; number motor: 1P52FMH17203190; chassis number: LMHPCHL2XH0103557; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203245; chassis number: LMHPCHL23H0103559; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203297; chassis number: LMHPCHL2XH0103560; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203290; chassis number: LMHPCHL21H0103561; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203203; chassis number: LMHPCHL24H0103540; engine room: 1P52FMH17203196; chassis number: LMHPCHL21H0103544; engine number: 1P52FMH17203202; chassis number: LMHPCHL25H0103563; engine number: 1P52FMH1720326 8, chassis number: LMHPCHL21H0103558, number of engine: 1P52FMH17203259, chassis number: LMHPCHL20H0103556, number of engine: 1P52FMH17203225, chassis number: LMHPCHL24H0103568, number of engine: 1P52FMH17203218, chassis number: LMHPCHL26H0103569, number of engine: 1P52FMH17203184, chassis number: LMHPCHL22H0103570, number of engine: 1P52FMH17203246; chassis number: LMHPCHL24H0103571; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203258; chassis number: LMHPCHL26H0103572; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203180; chassis number: LMHPCHL28H0103573; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203236; chassis number: LMHPCHL2XH0103574; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203235; chassis number: LMHPCHL21H0103575; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203283; chassis number: LMHPCHL23H0103576; engine number: 1P52FMH17203249; chassis number: LMHPCHL29H0103579; engine number: 1P52FMH17203266; chassis number: LMHPCHL29H0103582; Number motor: 1P52FMH17203183; chassis number: LMHPCHL22H0103584; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203286; chassis number: LMHPCHL26H0103586; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203269; chassis number: LMHPCHL28H0103587; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203252; chassis number: LMHPCHL28H0103590; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203272; chassis number: LMHPCHL2XH0103588; engine room: 1P52FMH17203291; chassis number: LMHPCHL2XH0103591; engine number: 1P52FMH17203232; chassis number: LMHPCHL23H0103593; engine number: 1P52FMH17203264; chassis number: LMHPCHL21H0103592; engine number: 1P52FMH17203193; chassis number: LMHPCHL25H01 "CHINA128UA1001101011213824.00014
29/Apr/20178061010001.VYNOHRAD fresh, dining room, NEKONSERVOVANYY, raw differently pryznachenyydlya catering, not in primary packaging, packed in 250 boxes, approximately 5 kg each, net weight - 1250 khKrayina production - India, INVyrobnyk - no danyhTorhovelna mark - JOOP.INDIA0UA40301012502074.999813
29/Apr/20179504908000"1.Nastilni or game room: Table games room with plastic, air-hockey 20sht.Torhova marka- no danyh.Vyrobnyk" "SHANTOU JINXING PLASTICS CO., LTD" ", the country made in China, (CN).."CHINA0UA50010042.51170.8900827
29/Apr/2017602909100"1.Zhyvi for greenhouse plants: flowering plants with navel" "yankamy or blooming, decorative room in n / o, glass and ceramic horschikah with decorative elements from torfohruntom in assortment, Latin name / number, pcs: Anthurium / 40 / Begonia / 116 / Kalanchoe / 100 / Spathiphyllum / 32 / Calat / 42 / Canna / 6 / Eustoma / 19 / Fatse / 12 / Gardenia / 18 / Hibiscus / 22 / Hippeast / 8 / Hydr / 25 / Lavandula / 10 / Lil / 5 / Zant / 18 / Saintp / 56 / Gerbera / 36 / Chrysanthemum / 80 / Total: 645sht.Torhova mark there danyhVyrobnyk: nevidomyyKrayina production: NL.. "NETHERLANDS0UA125220516196.117704
29/Apr/20176029099001.Zhyvi pot plants for greenhouses, not flowering, no bud, decorative room in n / o, glass and ceramic horschikah with decorative elements in assortment, Latin name / number, unit: Cycl / 16 / Adian / 12 / Aechmea / 7 / Aloc / 12 / Bougan / 7 / Cactus / 90 / Callisten / 3 / Codium / 16 / Coffea / 10 / Cord / 8 / Cycas / 9 / Dieff / 32 / Dra / 94 / Echino / 12 / Epipremum / 6 / Ficus / 86 / Impatiens / 12 / Lewista / 7 / Maranta / 10 / Pass / 2 / Peperomia / 8 / Selaginela / 18 / Sinningia / 12 / Steph / 12 / Stepto / 8 / Vriesea / 12 / Yucca / 18 / Zamioculcas / 59 / Citrof / 9 / Schef / 6 / Total: 613sht.Torhova mark there danyhVyrobnyk: nevidomyyKrayina production: NL. .NETHERLANDS0UA125220498.21189.3564921
29/Apr/20179504908000"1.Nastilni or game room: Indoor game: Darts with dart and ball -1440sht.Torhova marka- no danyh.Vyrobnyk" "SHANTOU JINXING PLASTICS CO., LTD" ", the country made in China, (CN).."CHINA0UA50010045.91184.7499645
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""Верхньодніпровський авторемонтний завод"""
Importer Address
51600 м.Верхньодніпровськ вул.Пальохи,109, UA
Exporter Name F.X. Meller Slany s.r.o.
Product Description
1. tselnomet tipper body dvustoronnoho discharge f.........
HS Code 8707909000Value 34924.70224
Quantity 2Unit UA110160
Net Weight 10728

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