Ukraine Import Data of Roofing | Ukraine Import Statistics of Roofing

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of roofing collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of roofing imports.

Roofing Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Roofing

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of roofing. Get Ukraine trade data of Roofing imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20174016930090"1.Vyroby of vulcanized rubber: Roofing Sealant for chimney taventylyatsiynyh d.102-178mm pipes, rubber EPDM, height 115mm, base 275h275mm, iznakleyenoyu the edges with aluminum tape for mounting, art.PGMF5 - 10 pieces, Seals for roof for chimneys and ventilation d.152-280mm pipes with humyEPDM, height 135 mm, base 365h365mm, stuck to the edges alyuminiyevoyustrichkoyu for installation, art.PGMF7 - 10sht.Torhivelna brand Gunnebo Fastening.Vyrobnyk Gbo Fastening Systems Sp. zo.o.Krayina production TW.. "TAIWAN0UA10011018295.4448482 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20177318155990"1.Kripylni ferrous metals: Universal screws from potay.holivkoyu TORX4,0h50mm, art.KMWHT-40050 - 300sht, Universal screws from potay.holivkoyu TORX4,0h70mm, art.KMWHT-40070 - 250sht, Universal screws with a secret. TORX4,5h50mm head, art.KMWHT-45050 - 250sht, universal screws from potay.holivkoyu TORX4,5h80mm, art.KMWHT-45080 - 250sht, universal screws from potay.holivkoyu TORX5,0h40mm, art.KMWHT-50040 - 500sht; Screws purpose of potay.holivkoyu TORX5,0h70mm, art.KMWHT-50070 - 400sht; 8h100mm with a long dowel with screw rozpornoyuchastynoyu (Chairman. secretly Pozidrive), art.KPR-PIKE-08100SK - 2400sht, washer plug d.8mm with screw 5h60mm, art.KRX-085060 - 2400sht; Dyubelvsestoronnho thrust (nylon) with screw 6h35mm a secret. heads. d.3,5h45mm, art.KW-06045 - 3200sht, Universal dowel washer (nylon) 8h50mm of shurupom4,5h80mm , art.RU-08080- 4800sht, screwing screws into wood with double thread 6h80mm, head iznapresovanoyu washer type TORX, art.WKCP-06080 - 3000sht; Screw with secret. holivkoyuzi drill for window profiles (white zinc) 3,9h32mm, art.WSPCV-B-39032 -10000sht; Screws with potay.holivkoyu for fastening in metal roofing coated osnovu4,8h70 DELTA, art.WSR-48070-D - 64000sht; Screws with potay.holivkoyudlya roof mounting in metal base coated 4,8h80mm DELTA, art.WSR-48080-D - 12000sht; Screws for mounting on the roof potay.holivkoyu umetalevu basis 4,8h160mm coated DELTA, art.WSR-48160-D - 24000sht.Torhivelna mark "" Wkret-Met "". Producer KLIMAS WKRET-MET Spolka z oo manufacturing country of the PL. "POLAND0UA10011010613960.896227
28/Apr/20173925908000"1.Sofity, panels PVC binder overhang of the roof. Provide vetylyatsiyu roofing and roof space and perform a decorative function: -Podsufitka listwa typu J dlugosc 3mb kolor bialy / J Profile Zmp white - 448sht; -Podsufitka listwa typu J dlugosc 3mb kolor czarny / Profile Zmp J black - 56sht; -Podsufitka listwa typu J dlugosc 3mb kolor grafit / J Profile Zmp color graphite - 56sht; -Podsufitka listwa typu J dlugosc 3mb kolor jasny braz / J Profile Zmp color light brown - 168sht; -Podsufitka listwa typu J dlugosc 3mb kolor ciemny braz / J Profile Zmp color dark brown - 168sht; -Podsufitka listwa typu J dlugosc 3mb kolor zloty dab / J Profile Zmp golden oak color - 112sh ; -Podsufitka panel podstawowy dlugosc 3mb kolorbialy / Zmp full profile white - 260sht; -Podsufitka panel podstawowy dlugosc 3mb kolorczarny / Zmp full profile black - 40sht; -Podsufitka panel podstawowy dlugosc 3mb kolorgrafit / Profile Zmp full color graphite - 140sht - Pods ufitka panel podstawowy dlugosc 3mb kolorjasny braz / Profile Zmp full color light brown - 180sht; -Podsufitka panel podstawowy dlugosc 3mb kolorciemny braz / Profile Zmp full color dark brown - 160sht; -Podsufitka panel podstawowy dlugosc 3mb kolorzloty dab / Zmp full profile golden oak color - 100 pieces; -Podsufitka panel podstawowy dlugosc 3mb kolororzech / Profile Zmp full color walnut - 100 pieces; -Podsufitka panel wentylacyjny dlugosc 3mb kolor bialy / profile in entylyatsiynyy Zmp white - 260sht; -Podsufitka panel wentylacyjny dlugosc 3mb kolor czarny / Profile ventilation Zmp black - 60sht; -Podsufitka panel wentylacyjny dlugosc 3mb kolor grafit / Profile ventilation Zmp color graphite - 40sht; -Podsufitka panel wentylacyjny dlugosc 3mb kolor jasny braz / Profile ventilation Zmp color light brown - 180sht; -Podsufitka panel wentylacyjny dlugosc 3mb kolor ciemny braz / Profile ventilation Zmp color dark brown - 200sht; -Podsufitka panel wentylacyjny dlugosc 3mb kolor zloty dab / Profile ventilation Zmp golden oak color - 200sht; -Podsufitka panel wentylacyjny dlugosc 3mb kolor orzech / Profile ventilation Zmp color nut - 180sht "POLAND0UA2091404818.248492.904701
28/Apr/20172715000091"1.Hotovi materials (mixtures) based on the NAF tovoho bitumen: -Praymer bytumnыy-3456kh, 216 gallons (by 16kg.) TU 5775-013-00289973-2010. Sumishibituminozni based naftov.bitu m ready for use, zherstyanyhvidrah .Pryznacheni for processing concrete foundation, cement and sand screeds andother surfaces before laying lnyh Roofing and hidroizolyatsiynyhmaterialiv that naplavlyayutsya.Vyrobnyk: ZAO "" Orhkrovlya "" RosiyaKrayina production-RUTorhova mark - "" Orhkrovlya "". "RUSSIA0UA80717034562612.228039
28/Apr/20176807100029"1.Rulonnyy roofing and hydro insulations tion bitumen-mineral material, yakyynaplavlyayetsya, Brand -Stekloyzol K-3.5 c / s., August-3640kv.m, 364rul. (Base glass fiber baby gray), TU 5774-004 -00289973-96, zm.№ 1-4. Production of petroleum bitumen in rolls on osnovizi fiberglass, coated on both Kiv layer for bituminous mineral masy.Pryzn achenidlya installation of roofing ma hernia building and waterproofing budivelnyhkonstruktsiy.Vyrobnyk: ZAO "" Orhkrovlya "" Country of-RU trademark - "" Orhkrovlya "". "RUSSIA3640UA807170132502495.961709
28/Apr/20176807100021"1.Materialy roofing in rolls iznaftovoho bitumen covered on both bokivsharom bitumen-polymer mass: P Stekloyzol HSP 2.5 -2520m2, -252rul.Vyrobnyk: IOOO" "Krovelnыy Tehnonikol plant. '" Trademark "" Tehnonikol.' "Country manufacturing BY.. "BELARUS2520UA11011063001489.0364
28/Apr/20178464100000"1.Verstaty circular saw, -Rizchyk roof CR-149 (c dvyh.Honda GX270 SXQ4 (8,4 HP) with ohrazhd.dvyh. U-13) zdvyhunom internal combustion prednaz videogram producers to perform roofing work in conditions no source of electricity for cutting soft materialupry laid his replacement, 2 pcs; Producer: OOO "" Kanashskyy plant tehnologich ESCO rigging "" Country of-RU trademark: "" Splitstoun "". "RUSSIA2UA8071701522289.86715
28/Apr/20176807900090"1. Roofing bitumen-based modifiers cellulose impregnated with bitumen, painted, roof corrugated sheets and accessories: onduline green tile with 3D effect Size: 1950mm. * 960mm. Art.P69A6Ru150G - 2700sht., Gable element D103 red, size: 1000mm. * 150mm. art.F3704Ru15 - 450sht., Comb A100 red 3D effect size: 1000mm. * 420mm. art.F31A4Ru15 - 600sht., trademark manufacturer company Onduline "" stroytelnыe materials Ondulin, "" Country of RU. "RUSSIA0UA1000201832912610.93282
28/Apr/20178208900000"1.Frezy for roof cutter designed for removal of soft roof., Vstanovlyutsya carvers on the roof" "" "Splitstoun" "- Cutter roofing (310h60h7h5h25 4x6 Roof 270) -4sht; Producer: OOO" "Kanashskyy plant tehnologich Esko snap "" Country of-RU trademark: "" Splitstoun "". "RUSSIA0UA8071707350.4591632
28/Apr/20172715000090"1.Praymer bituminous Tehnonikol №01, bucket 20L-432sht., Mastics waterproofing bitumen cold AquaMast (18kh) -144sht., Mastics waterproofing bitumen cold Tehnonikol №24 (MGTN) vidro20kh-2160kh -108sht., Bituminous primer AquaMast (16kg) -36sht.Vyrobnyk: ITOV "" Roofings factory TechnoNIKOL. ' "Country of BY. Trademark" "TechnoNikol". "."BELARUS0UA11011013324.328657.247119
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Roofing Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Roofing Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Анкора Трейд"""
Importer Address
ю.а. вул.Червонопрапорна,34 м.Киів, 03083
Exporter Name Gbo Fastening Systems Sp. z o. o.
Product Description
"1.Vyroby of vulcanized rubber: Roofing Sealant fo.........
HS Code 4016930090Value 295.4448482
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 18
Origin Country TAIWAN

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