Ukraine Import Data of Roll Cake | Ukraine Import Statistics of Roll Cake

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of roll cake collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of roll cake imports.

Roll Cake Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Roll Cake

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of roll cake. Get Ukraine trade data of Roll Cake imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/20171901909900"1.Hotovi food on osnoviboroshna or starch intended dlyapshenychnyh baked goods from bakeries metoyupokraschennya vlastyvosteyboroshna and improve orhanoleptychnyhpokaznykiv bakery products inbag coated label manufacturer (name of food product, the name and address tapovna iimportera phone manufacturer, country of origin, in kilkistnetto kg calorie and nutritional value, date of production and expiry date, production batch number, storage conditions, terms of use): art.№ GEX18-10 "" Bamba "" for 50% ondyterskyy concentrate dough for making bakery products - powdered substance consisting of wheat flour, sugar, modified starch, cocoa (7%), drug emulsifying (starch, E475, E471), raising agents: E450 (i), E500 (ii) , E150c caramel coloring, flavoring, salt, sugar mass fraction of 20% packaging - sandwich bags coated with polyethylene in 10kg, art.№ GDF04-10 "" BRUNEKO "" Burn malt ting for more information and a dark-colored baking appropriate taste olfactory benefits at a dose of 1% on the total weight of flour threshold shkopodibna substance comprising: up to 12% protein, including gluten, 58% starch (native) and 8% sugar. Packing - trohsharovi bags of 10kg, art.№ GMM05-10 "" ECO Onion "" 25% Onion flour mixture (composition: wheat, onions and dried concentrate (23.5%), salt, dry rye brew malt, wheat, soy flour, soy lecithin, enzymes, ascorbic acid). Mass fraction of crude oil is 0.6 wt.%. Milk fat, sucrose were found. Packing - trohsharovi bags coated with polyethylene in 10kg, art.№ GST06-10 "" SYRMIKS "" anti-cheese mass (intended for the production of cheese mass, method of use - 900g / 6700h mixes, cheese cakes, 300g / 1800. mixes cheese filling for buns rolls) contains some kind of sugar (sucrose mass fraction of 42.1 wt.%), skimmed milk powder, wheat starch, modified starch E1414, chicken egg white powder, fat powder, emulsifier E471, flavoring identical to natural; packaging - bags of 10 kg) art.№ GKK01-10 "" EKOVANILA "" concentrate for pastry cream vanilla boiled type, composition: sugar, modified starch, whey powder, milk powder substitute (glucose syrup, lactose, hydrogenated palm oil, milk proteins, stabilizers E322 (ii), E340 (ii), E452 (i); emulsifiers E471, E481; antyzlezhuvach E551, beta-carotene, salt, flavor), sodium alginate - stabilizer karahen, flour from fruit carob, riboflavin and B-carotene - colors, flavors. Mass fraction of sugars 63,0mas.%; Packaging - trohsharovi bags of 10kg, art.№ GEX53-10 "" ECO Dominator "" improver for bakery products (dosage 0.1-0.3% by weight of flour) (composition: calcium carbonate, soy flour, enzymes, ascorbic acid ). Mass fraction of sugars 0.9%. Packing - trohsharovi bags coated with polyethylene to 10kg. Trademark ECO "POLAND0UA20918016802739.378057 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20172106909200"1. Food products not elsewhere specified, free of dairy fats, sucrose, isoglucose, glucose, starch or containing less than 1.5 wt.% Milk fat, less than 5 wt.% Sucrose or glucose less than 5 wt.% glucose or starch: - art.2140 - OVALETT SUPER-concentrated emulsifier for the manufacture of semi-finished biscuit, rolls, cakes, composition: Water 54.2% 23.8% emullhatory 471, E 477 (6%), E 475 (2%), sorbitol 14%., the number - 2200 kg (220 plastic buckets of 10 kg / bucket) .Torhivelna brand: BakelsVyrobnyk: AB SE NordbakelsKrayina production. "SWEDEN0UA10012022004410.291498
19/Apr/20173924100000"1. Dishes and utensils or kitchen table made of plastic: art.VC Corolla-1383 silicone with metal handle 20cm - 1728sht; art.VC-1384 silicone brush 20cm - 2448sht; art.VC-1385 silicone blade 22 6cm - 3312sht; art.VC-1468 kit form d / silicone baking cakes with 6sht.7,0x7,0x3,0sm - 2736sht; art.VC-1469 kit form d / silicone baking cakes with 6 pieces. 6,5x6,5x3, 2cm - 2736sht; art.VC Form 1387-A / chocolate silicone 21x10.8x1.7sm - 1008sht; art.VC Form 1388-A / chocolate silicone 21h10.8h1.7sm - 1008sht; art.VC Form 1470-d / baking muffins on 18sht. pryamokut silicone. 28,5x16,5x3,5sm - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1471-A / baking cakes on 6 pcs. of silica Well 28,5x17,0x3,5sm - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1472-A / baking cookies at 12p. 21,5x16,0x2,5sm silicone - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1473-d / silicone baking cake D = 25,5x4,0sm - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1474-d / silicone baking bread pryamokut.25,0x13,5x7,5sm - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1475-A / baking a cake Sunflower silicone 24,5x24,5x6 , 0sm - 1488sht; art.VC-1390 Rocking chair of force stake 39.5sm d = 5.5sm - 1800sht; art.VC Form 1476-d / silicone baking cakes with D = 22,0x3,5sm - 1488sht; art.VC-1382 pastry bag (for 6 pieces) - 1008sht, art. Samples of kitchen utensils made of silicone (cup holder for eggs, ashtray, chairs, a strainer for tea, clip, bottle, shovel, molds for cookies, brush, juicer lemon form of ice, a cup, a set of shapes for cake 6 pieces, form cake, a stopper, a bag of ice, glove, pad holder for caps, syringes, loop, cover, sieve) - 137sht, Country of origin: CN; trademark - TM Vincent; Manufacturer: NTS PROJECT LIMITED, Hong Kongna production areas " "Kitchenette CO., LTD" "China / PRC"CHINA0UA1101502500.8356002.003952
19/Apr/20174421909800"1.Vyroby animal-based wood (in combination with twine and other materials), not fiber boards in stock: Ladder for birds syzaleva wooden staircase 85 cm, 5187, art.005187-24sht; Toy for birds Ring rope with a bell 34cm? 7,5sm, 5188, art.005188-24sht; Toy for parrots multykolor wooden 30 cm, 5195, art.005195-48sht, wooden crossbar for birds (4 pcs.) 35cm? 12mm, 5515, art.005515-24sht, wooden crossbar for birds (4 pcs.) 35cm? 10-12mm, 5520, art.005520-24sht, the bar for birds 45cm / o 10ta 12 mm 2? 2 pieces wooden, 5521, art.005521-24sht, bird feeder s Dowa "" Natura "" 30? 28? 18.5 cm 5568, art.005568-6sht, bird feeder garden "" Natura "" 47 * 40 * 36cm / 1,4m on Legs, 5576, art.005576 -1sht, Ladder-tree wood bird 27 * 13 cm, 5801, art.005801-12sht, wooden bird Ladder 20 cm, 5811, art.005811-72sht, wooden bird Ladder 36 cm 5815, art.005815-72sht, wooden bird Ladder 45 cm, 5818, art.005818-24 items, Swing for birds arc 8h15 cm, wood, 5825, art.005825-144sht; Swing for birds arc 27h15 cm, wood, 5827, art.005827-48sht; Swing wooden bird colored 13? 19 cm, 5828, art.005828-24sht; Swing wooden bird colored 20h29 cm, 5829, art.005829-24sht, Swing for birds ring 15 cm, wood, 5836, art.005836-24sht; Zherdynka bird natural wood 2 pcs. 35cm / 10-12mm, 5875, art.005875-24sht; Zherdynka Y-shaped bird natural wood 35cm / 18mm 5877, art.005877-72sht, wooden bird Ladder 26 cm, 5879, art.005879-24sht, bird toy triangle 16 * 16 * 16cm, wood, 5882 , art.005882-24sht; Swing for birds Wooden, 27? 27? 27cm, 5883, art.005883-12sht; Toy for parrots wood with ropes, 35 cm, 58 844, art.0058844-24sht; Toy for parrots wood with ropes, 45 cm, 58 845, art.0058845-12sht, bird perch with rope, 20cm / 23mm, wood, 5888, art.005888-24sht; Zherdynka bird natural wood with ropes 25cm / 25mm, 5889, art.005889-48sht, Swing for birds wooden 22h29 cm, 5891, art.005891-24sht, bird cake with a wooden toy and a bell 16 cm, 58951, art.0058951-72sht; Toy for wooden parrots multykolor 31 cm, 58963, art.0058963-12sht, wooden toy for parrots multykolor on the rope 35 cm, 58986, art.0058986-24sht, home hamsters 10? 10.5? 11 cm tree, 60751, art.0060751-12sht, Ladder rodent 27.5 * 7 cm, wooden, 61 06 art.006106-24sht; tunnel for rodents, hay, o 6? 20 cm, 6130, art.006130-48sht, hamsters home "" Hendrik "" 15? 12? 11 cm, wood, 6171, art.006171-12sht, home rodent "" Jesper "" 32? 21 5? 13 cm, wood, 62044, art.006173-8sht, home hryzuna'Bjork '15 * 15 * 16cm, wood, 6176, art.006176-12sht, Dr. Toy / hamsters roller 5? 7 cm, tree , 6184, art.006184-96sht, Ball bell with wooden 6cm, 6187, art.006187-128sht, Games for rodents "" wooden Fun "" (3 pcs.), wood, 6190, art.006190-24sht , home rodent "" Finn, "" 13? 20? 20,5 cm, wood, 6203, art.006203-6sht, House for rodent "" Jesper "" 22? 15? 10 "CHINA0UA807170244.7661128.371252
11/Apr/201739241000001. Household plastic products for dining, not medical, -nabir containers for foods (STYLE BOX (SET)) - 90sht., - collection containers for foods (STYLE BOX 3 SET) -120sht. - container for foods (HIDE BOX HANDLE NO 1) -96sht. - container for foods (HIDE BOX HANDLE NO 2) -72sht. - container for foods (cONTAINER STORAGE NO 1) -48sht. - container for foods (cONTAINER STORAGE NO 2) -48sht. , -stolova measuring cup (mEASURING cUP 1,25LT.) - 36sht. - tablespoon measuring cup (mEASURING cUP 0,75LT.) - 36sht. - piknyku basket (PICNIC bASKET OVAL ECO) -600sht. - Breadbasket ( OVAL BOX DECOR (UNMOUNTED)) - 36sht. - Breadbasket (SMALL OVAL BOX (UNMOUNTED)) - 72sht. - container for foods (CAKE BOX) -120sht. - stand table (TROLLEY LUX TRIANGLE) -12sht. - small dining bowls (SMALL CUP) -48sht. - cutlery holder (SILVERWARE HOLDER OVAL) -48sht. - container for food (CAKE BOX) -24sht. - Breadbasket (SMALL OVAL BOX (UNMOUNTED)) - 24sht. - board slicing (cHOPPING bOARD FLAT) -120sht. - cutting board (cUTTING bOARD LEMON) -120sht. - cutting board (cHOPPING bOARD COLOR) -120sht. - cutting board (cUTTING bOARD ORANGE) -120sht.TURKEY0UA5005501002.812261.237331
10/Apr/20179503007000"1.Ihrashky children presented in sets: Play-Doh Play set" "Happy safari" "art.B1168-40sht; To Play. Game Factory cakes set art.A0318-80sht; Play-Doh Play set" "Stylish Salon Rainbow Dash "" art.B0011-36sht; Play-Doh Play set "" Magazinchik pecheva "" art.B0307-120sht; Play-Doh Play set "" Fun hairstyle "" art.B1155-60sht; Play-Doh Play set of basic art. B1169-16sht; Play-Doh set "" Residents of the Ocean "" art.B1378-80sht; Play-Doh Play set "" Pizza "" art.B1856-96sht; Play-Doh Play set art.B3398-48sht Berry tartlets; Play -Doh Grove set Sweet party art.B3399-60sht; MLP mini game collection Pony "" Meynhetten "" (in assorted). art.B3604-48sht, Game set small doll princess and her friend in a platter. art.B5331-40sht, TRS Trolls Game set "" Coronation "" art.B6560-48sht, MLP Boutique Raryty in Kanterlote art.B8811- 75sht, for game-PLAY sET PLATE art.B9014-80sht, set Game Iron Man gloves art.B9957-12sht.Vyrobnyk "" Hasbro SA "". Trading marka- "" Hasbro "". Country of origin CN. ".CHINA0UA902010584.2468442.554764
05/Apr/20171905906000"1.Boroshnyani confectionery containing cocoa: Cake" "INVITE" "with honey and vanilla cream frosting 45hr covered. * 24 * 6 -250 kor.Mini Roll" "INVITE" "vanilla sponge with chocolate chips 40gr. * 6 24 * -161 kor.Mini roll "" INVITE "" vanilla sponge with chocolate chips 40gr. * 24 * 6 -111 kor.Mini roll "" INVITE "" chocolate sponge with chocolate chips 40gr. * 24 * 6 -200 correspondent .Tistechko "" INVITE "" waffle with chocolate sauce and icing 50g. * 24 * 6 -200 kor.Tistechko "" INVITE "" waffles with caramel sauce and glaze 50g. * 24 * 6 -200 kor.Tistechko "" INVITE "" waffle with strawberry sauce and icing 50g. * 6 * 24 -24 kor.Torhova mark - SIMSEK.Vyrobnyk - SIMSEK BISKUVI VE GIDA SANAYI ASKrayina production - TR.. "TURKEY0UA10004073919597.87865
04/Apr/20173924100000"1.Posud electrical kitchen table or other household items, plastic, silicone, baking cakes silikonovaLamart LT3011 art. LT3011, - 144sht the leaves for rolling dough silikonovyyLamart LT3012 art. LT3012, - 108sht the leaves for rolling dough silikonovyy Lamart LT3013 art. LT3013, - 108sht, Producer - Senkor Europe sro; trade mark - LAMART; Country of origin - IT;. "ITALY0UA10002082.071623.305971
03/Apr/20174016930090"1.Prokladky and sealing of vulkanizova term is not porous, not hard rubber dlyal / a: 2101-1003270K, gaskets KRЫSHKY HEAD TSYLYNDROV 1500 pcs. 2101-1009070K, gaskets Pancake ERA CARDS 800 pcs. 2101-1109129R, the air filter gaskets 1000 pieces . 2101-8101332-10R, gaskets UPLOTN YTELNAYA Pipes RADYATORA5000SHT. 2105-1003270-10R, gaskets KRЫSHKY HEAD TSYLYNDROV 500 SHT.2105-1009070K, gaskets Oil KAR TERA 200 pcs. 2107-6107018R, UPLOTNYTELPROEMA DOORS TO Nei 1000 pieces. 2107- 6207020R, UPLOTNYTEL PROEMA back and DVERY1000 pieces. 2108-1003270-01R, gaskets KRЫSHKY HEAD TSYLYNDROV 900 SHT.2108-1009070K, gaskets MAC YANOHO ERA CARDS 400 pcs. 2108-6307024R, UPLOTNYTELKRЫSHKY BAGGAGE NIKA 300 pcs. 2109-6107018R, UPLOTNYTEL PROEMA DOORS TO Nei 100 pieces. 2109-6207018R, UPLOTNYTEL PROEMA DOORS 100 pieces. 21099-5603018-01R, UPLOTNYTEL stack flying backward SIDE BY SIDE 30 pcs . 2110-5208458R, UPLOTNYTEL PUMP washer 1000 pieces. 2110-5604040R, UPLOTNYTEL KRЫSHKY BAGGAGE NIKA 20 pcs. 2110-6107018R, UPLOTNYTEL PROE Nei DOORS TO MA 240 pieces. 2112-6307024-02R, UPLOTNYTEL PROE MADVERY backward 100 pieces. Repair kits 15R, for vases HLAVNOHO Brake TSYLYNDRA2101-2107 (2101-1602 516R UPLOTNYTEL piston crowns of regulatory pressure PA 3 SHTYZ VULKANYZYROVANNOY PE ZYNЫ; 2101-1602550R protective cap GL AVNOHO TSYLYNDRA1 VT IZ VULKANYZYROVANNO AND REZYNЫ; 2101-3505033R RING UPLOTNYT. POLOSTYPEREDNYH piston TSYLYNDROV 1 PCS AND WITH VULKANYZYROVANNOY REZYNЫ; 2101-3505092 P PROKLADKASHTUTSERA bending HOSE tank 2 pieces IZ VULKANYZYROVANNOY REZYNЫ;) 1000 SHT.REMKOMPLEKT 167R FOR WHA EL UPLOTNYT PROEMA DOORS 2101-2107 (2107-6107018 RUPLOTNYTEL PROEMA front 2 pieces VULKANYZYROVANNAYA rubber KOMBYN YROVANNAYAS metal; 2107-6207020R UPLOTNYTEL PR OEMA back door 2 SHTVULKANYZYROVANNAYA rubber metal KOMBYNYROVANNAYA C;) 100 pcs. Repair kits 18R, for vases cylinder STSEPLENYYA HLAVNOHO 2101-2107 (2101-16025 16R UPLOTNYTELHOLOVKY Piston A pressure controller 1 pc IZ VULKANYZYROVANNOY RES YNЫ; 2101-1602518R protective cap ERP SHNYA cylinder DRIVE 1 pc IZ VULKANYZYROVANNOY REZYNЫ; 2101-3505033R RING UPLO TNYT. piston cavity front TSYLYNDROV1 VT IZ VULKANYZYROVANNOY REZYNЫ, 2101-350 5092R fitting gaskets HYBKOHOSHLANHA B ACHKA 1 pc IZ VULKANYZYROVANNOY REZYNЫ;) 500 pcs. Repair kits 19R, DLYAVAZ Key cylinder STSEPLENYYA 2101-2107 (6p 2101-160251 UPLOTNYTEL HOLOVKYPORSHNYA pressure regulator 2 pieces IZ VULKANYZYROVANNOY rubber Y; 2101-1602550RKOLPACHOK HLAVN protective TH 1 piece cylinder IZ VULKANYZYROVANNOY EZYNЫ R, G 2101-3505092R fitting gaskets YBKOHO tank 1 HOSE VT IZ VULKANYZYROV ANNOYREZYNЫ;) 1500 pcs. Repair kits 22R, for vases HLAVNOHO cylinder HYDROTORMOZA (2101-3502051-01R RING UPLOTNYTELNOE piston trailers YLYNDRA C 3 pcs YZVULKANYZYROVANNOY REZYNЫ; 2108-3505033R UPLOTNYTELNOE RING IN RSHNYA TOLKATELYA1 VT IZ VULKANYZYROVANNOY REZYNЫ;) 1000 pieces. Repair kits 47R, UPLOTNYTELY GLASSES FOR VAZ 2101 (2101-6201292R UPLOTNYTE eh OPUSKNOHO WINDOW Front 2 SHTYZ VULKANYZYROVANNOY REZYNЫ, 2101-620129 3-0 "RUSSIA0UA807170251.615258.61933
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Roll Cake Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Roll Cake Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЕКОТРЕЙД ЗАХІД"""
Importer Address
вул. Ніжинська, 16 м.Львів 79010 Україна
Exporter Name """ECO TRADE"" Sp. z o.o.,"
Product Description
"1.Hotovi food on osnoviboroshna or starch intende.........
HS Code 1901909900Value 2739.378057
Quantity 0Unit UA209180
Net Weight 1680
Origin Country POLAND

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