Ukraine Import Data of Rods Bar | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rods Bar

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Rods Bar Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rods Bar

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20177604210000"1. bars, rods and profiles made of aluminum, with alyuminiyevyhsplaviv, hollow, aluminum plate manufacturing color is brown (24 pcs.) - 86.4 pm; aluminum plate manufacturing color silver (24 pcs.) - 86.4 pm; Producer: Gamrat SA; trade mark: Gamrat; Country of origin: PL;. "POLAND0UA10008050537.7698162 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201784249000001.Chastyny ​​rozbryskuvachiv agriculture stretching using the tractor: - Y-DROP conversion kit sprayers art.410506 -1sht. It is used for the operation sidedress, or feed crops (corn, sunflower, soybean, sugar beet) during the growing season. Set installed on rozbryskuvachi by hanging on post. The set consists of a control application, nozzles at the bar for application of liquid fertilizer, hoses, rods, the installation kit includes codes bolts, screws, brackets, fasteners. Made 2017 novyy.Torhovelna Brand: No danyhKrayina production: SShAVyrobnyk: 360 Yield Center LLC.UNITED STATES0UA20509040515866.24996
28/Apr/20177318151090"1. Screws, ferrous metals, with rizboyu, carved from bars, rods, profilivabo wire, solid section, with core thickness not exceeding 6 (200) 10x140, LFM dowel for facade insulation, metal.tsvyah , termoholivka, "" WM "" -8000sht. art.LFM10180 (200) 10x180, LFM dlyateploizolyatsiyi facade dowel, metal.tsvyah, termoholivka, "" WM "" -6400sht. art.LFM10200 (200) 10x200, LFM dowel for facade insulation, metal.tsvyah, termoholivka, "" WM "" - 6400sht. art.LFM1022 0 (100) 10x220, LFM dowel for facade so eploizolyatsiyi, metal.tsvyah, termoholivka, "" WM "" -3000sht. art.LFM10260 ( 100) 10x260, LFM for insulated dyubelfasadnyy tion, of etal.tsvyah, termoholivka, "" WM "" (100) 10x300, LFM plug FAS adnyy for insulation, metal.tsvyah, moholivka ter, "" WM "" -4000sht. art.LMX10090 (2 00) 10x 90, LMX dowel facade dlyatepl oizolyatsiyi, metal.tsvyah, termoholivka, "" W- M "" -9600sht. art.LMX10110 (200) 10x110, LM X dowel for facade insulation, metallic al.tsvyah, termoholivka , "" WM "" - 9600sht. ar t .LMX10120 (200) 10x120, LMX plug tion for facade insulation, metal.tsvyah, thermal head, "" WM "" -48000sht. art.LMX10160 (20 0) 10x160, LMX dyubelfasadnyy for heat insulation metal.tsvyah, termoholivka, "" WM "" -12800sht. "POLAND0UA12519044347919.013321
27/Apr/20177214997900"1.Prokat High-quality carbon steel tions: Bars, unalloyed staliharyacheka Thani circular cross-section: 21770 kg. Of carbon steel rods are zvychaynoyiyakos brand steel ST35, St45 diameter of 34 mm th century 2590-2006, 1050-88 2HP = 21,770 kg. Contains: 0,35-0,46% carbon C, silicon Si-0,25-0,32%, marhantsyuMn-0,58-0,61%. random length - 3 000-6 000 mm.Torhivelna brand: Metalloinvest OEMK. In yrobnyk OJSC "" OЭMK "." Russia. Without packaging -6 packs.. "RUSSIA0UA8052202177012719.37445
27/Apr/20177214993900"1.Prokat High-quality carbon steel tions: Bars, unalloyed staliharyacheka Thani circular cross-section: 7430 kg. Carbon steel rods are zvychaynoyiyakos brand St20 steel diameter 56 mm GOST 259 0-2006, 1050-88 2HP = 7430 kh.Mistyt: 0.18% of carbon C, silicon Si-0,24%, manganese Mn-0,45%. random dovzhyna- 3 000-6 000 mm.Torhivelna mark: Metalloinvest OEMK. In yrobnyk OJSC "" OЭMK "". Russia. Without packaging -2 packs.. "RUSSIA0UA80522074304335.370927
27/Apr/20177214997900"1.Prokat High-quality carbon steel tions: Bars, unalloyed staliharyacheka Thani circular cross-section: 6757 kg. Carbon steel rods are zvychaynoyiyakos brand steel ST35 diameter of 34 mm GOST 259 0-2006, 1050-88 2HP = 6757 kh.Mistyt: 0.34% of carbon C, silicon Si-0,27%, manganese Mn-0,58%. random dovzhyna- 3 000-6 000 mm.Torhivelna mark: Metalloinvest OEMK. In yrobnyk OJSC "" OЭMK "". Russia. Without packaging -2 packs.. "RUSSIA0UA80522067573947.863385
26/Apr/20178433900000"1.Zapasni parts for combines, parts of machines or mechanisms for harvesting or threshing crops: Set bitters (Molotylnohobarabanu) art.0001747630-1sht; art.0001747640-14sht, bottom drum (beater) art.0004958321-1sht, KIT bitters (elements combine molotylnoyikamery) art.0005088440-4sht, bitters (elements combine threshing chamber) art.0005088480-2sht; art.0005088490-2sht, frame Screens (threshing element kamerykombayna) art.0005535022-1sht, consoles (Part grain harvesters) art.0006614083-1sht, tooth (chaff spreader) art.0007351141-4sht, cover (grain Element ing harvesters) 1,5X177,6X279,1art.0007353390-1sht, shield (elements combine harvesters kukuruznoyi) art.0007355392-2sht, shield (elements combine threshing chamber) art.0007408330-1sht, shield (elements combine threshing chamber) 1, 5X187,1X1659,2art.0007494670-1sht, stepped LP (grain cleaning systems) 328,5 X 1864,4art.0007551333-4sht; DISK (Element combine threshing chamber) 0,8X0210X0210art.0007572420-1sht; L SEGMENT IVYY (grain harvesters ) 6X 103X179art.0009842520-2sht; CONUS left (Element kukuruznoyi harvesters) art.0009905553-1sht; CONUS rights (Item grain harvesters) art.0009905563-1sht, focusing divider (Item grain harvesters) art.0009909930-1sht; SEGMENT Uploaders (elements combine threshing chamber) LINKSart.0009911662-2sht; SEGMENT downloader (elements combine threshing chamber) RECHTSart.0009911672-2sht; divider (Part kukuruznoyi harvesters) art.0009957173-28sht, DISC discharger (kukuruznoyi Header element) D 730X 5art. 0009965390-4sht; PROTYRIZ (threshing chamber) 8X 68X 190art.0009966011-1sht; Rods feeder (elements combine threshing chamber) 5X 110X 565 art.0009966431-4sht, scrapers PLATE (Kukuruznoyi Reaper) 3X 103X 572art.0013132591-18sht; Producer: CLAASTorhovelna brand: CLAASKrayina production: DE "GERMANY0UA125180703.3599477.63113
26/Apr/20177326909890"1.Zapasni parts for combines: Production of ferrous metals: Rods bars (Item molotylnoyikamery combine) 460X135X6art.0007825301-6sht; Producer: CLAASTorhovelna Brand: CLAASKrayina production: HU."HUNGARY0UA1251806.99170.1610314
26/Apr/20173916905000"1. Plastics, plastics and articles thereof. Monofilament with a maximum cross-section of more than 1 mm (monofilament) bars, rods and profiles of curly treated or untreated surface, but without any other treatment, polymer materials with polyaddition products (additive polymerization). plyntus white ceiling art. S03 / 35 / 32h32h2000 - 31360poh.mart. S06 / 30 / 30h30h2000 - 39200poh.mart. C07 / 50 / 50h50h2000 - 8308poh.mart. C13 / 50 / 42h42h2000 - 35000poh. Martha. C27 / 35 / 32h32h2000 - 39200poh.mart. C30 / 45 / 41h41h2000 - 9760poh.mekstrudovanyy art. C31 / 27 / 24h12h2000 - 16000poh.mbilyy art. C35 / 60 / 60x60 h2000 - 20000poh.m produced from general purpose polystyrene. Trademark: Not available. Manufacturer: OOO "" TPG "" Solyd "". "RUSSIA0UA110190477614710.08003
24/Apr/20177061000001. Production of aluminum alloys. Shielding rozsuvnia included: -10sht Roletarozsuvnia included: -10sht blinds rozsuvnia included: -2sht Bars, Rods 3h100sm-20pcs, 20pcs 2h180 cm Weights: 12p 2h350 cm Weights: 3h300 cm 12shtShtanhy: 2h240 cm 20shtKrayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - no danyhVyrobnyk - NINGBO POWERFUL POOL EQUIPMEN T CO., LTD.NETHERLANDS0UA10012090009629.999948
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Rods Bar Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Rods Bar Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АВД ТРЕЙД"""
Importer Address
49050, Дніпропетровська обл., м. Дніпропетровськ, Жовтневий р-н, вул. Володі Дубініна, буд. 8
Exporter Name Gamrat S.A.
Product Description
"1. bars, rods and profiles made of aluminum, with.........
HS Code 7604210000Value 537.7698162
Quantity 0Unit UA100080
Net Weight 50
Origin Country POLAND

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