Ukraine Import Data of Rod Scraper | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rod Scraper

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of rod scraper collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of rod scraper imports.

Rod Scraper Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rod Scraper

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of rod scraper. Get Ukraine trade data of Rod Scraper imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20178437900000"1. Parts of milling equipment (membrane filter 250 pieces, sleeves filtra300 pieces, 20 pieces damper cyclones, net oboyku 10 pieces, drift 100pieces sleeve, roller scraper 10 pieces) - 435,00kh.Krayina production - TRTorhovelna mark - no danyhVyrobnyk - MCS IC VE DIS TIC PAZ MEHMET CAN SARIKAYA. "TURKEY0UA8071904352475.150042 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201782013000001.Instrumenty Hand vykorystov.v sadivnytstviTyapky, hoes, rakes, kyrky1003464 leaves middle-M Solid 70sht.1014914-Rake leaves for seredniSolid -10sht.1000643 M-Hrabliuniversalni QuikFit-6sht.1000644-Hrablidlya cleaning leaves QuikFit (22zuba) - 36sht. 1000651-Rake for flower beds and bushes QuikFit-6 pieces. 1000656-Rake dlyaprybyrannya QuikFit 40-pc. 1000659-rake for cleaning leaves QuikFit, small-6sht.1000685-row pololschyk QuikFit- 6 pcs. 1000734-scraper QuikFit-6sht.1000735 double-hoe-QuikFit 6 pcs. 1016034 cultivator Solid-4 pieces. 1016035-SapaSolid-4 pieces. 1019604 Tyapka-lite for trimming grass on dorozhtsi Patio 8sht.1019607-Rake for flower beds and bushes, 4 pieces. 1019608 Rake for soil-lightweight, lightweight 8sht.1019610-Tyapka to remove weeds, 12p. 1000682 QuikFit z3-hoe-ma-sharpened edges 6 pcs. Tyapka QuikFit-1000690 for registration krayivhazonu-6 pieces. 1000728 cultivator Premium-4 pieces. 1019609 Light-hoe-4sht.Krayina production - PLTorhovelna mark - FiskarsVyrobnyk - Fiskars.POLAND0UA100120132.9742005.432245
28/Apr/20177315119000"1.Lantsyuh roller to industrial equipment art.81026909 type VSS 4530 with scrapers on every third link, tensile strength, approximately 200 kN, working capacity: 21 kN - 350 metriv.Krayina origin-CN.Torh.marka -" " Iwis "". Producer - "" Iwis "".. "CHINA0UA100040469226950.60606
28/Apr/201782019000001.Veterynarnyy hand tools, metal spiral scraper for cattle - 10 pcs. Art.1815Torhovelna mark vidsutnyaVyrobnyk Tom-Jeff ManufactureresKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA1252701.8424.91765705
28/Apr/201782019000001.Veterynarnyy hand tools, metal scraper ADLUS, 8-row for cattle - 12 pcs. Art.1810Metalevyy ADLUS scraper, 8-row for cattle and horses - 12 pcs. Art.1811Torhovelna mark vidsutnyaVyrobnyk KerblKrayina production CZ.CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1252706.1889.83350177
28/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​copiers, shaft art.37839-7sht initial charge, the paper feed roller art.48165-10sht; verhniyval art.43133-4sht heater, cleaning scraper drum art.43816-2sht, the lower shaft heater art.46831-1sht , the upper valnahrivacha art.46837-4sht, the upper shaft art.46839-2sht heater, feed rollers art.18484-30sht; art.21670-50sht drum, drum assembly art.35175-2sht, cleaning scraper drum art.35273-5sht ; art.39691-6sht cartridge; art.43870-10sht drum, drum cleaning scraper art.47148-15sht, the lower shaft art.48469-15sht heater; kartrydzhart.: 46759-4sht; 39775-8sht; 39925-50sht; 43156- 5pcs, 44301-10sht; 47103-20sht; 48305-1sht; 48306-1 t; trademark KatunVyrobnyk KatunKrayina production of CN. "CHINA0UA100010101.92509.5999831
28/Apr/20178419818090"1.Obladnannya electric cooking facilities for publicsupply-electric indirect heating boiler, odnosloyna wall, 80l capacity, vyhotovlenz AISI 304, 380, 3 + N, 16400Vt, 800h730h870mm, art.NPI78E8 (CR0598870) -1sht; indirect electrical -kotel heating, draining tap, capacity 50L made zAISI 304, 380, 3 + N, 9800Vt, 600h730h870mm, art.NPI76E5 (CR0598950) -2sht; -zharochna smooth surface complete with scraper Cleaner, 380V, 3 + N, 7500Vt, 600h730h250mm, art.NFT76EL (CR0598590) -2sht; -plyta electric with a solid surface 4 zone heating 2,5kVt each, 380V, 3 + N, 10000Vt, 800h730h250mm, art.NCT78EC (CR0598280) -1sht.K ayina production: IT; Producer: MARENO ALI SpA; Trademark: MARENO ALI.. "ITALY0UA1000204688060.360764
28/Apr/201796039091001. Products for cleaning in the household: -schitka care windows (GLASS CLEANER SPONGE) -600sht. - with rubber scraper plate for the care of the windows (ECO PLASTICMATERIAL) -500sht. .TURKEY0UA500550130393.7803329
28/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​copiers, art.34346-15sht drum assembly, cleaning art.37688-3sht shaft, upper shaft art.13734-5sht heater, cleaning scraper barabanaart.: 19531-2sht; 21585-22sht, the lower shaft Heater art .26119-10sht; zboriart.39437-3sht a drum, drum art.39533-1sht, trademark KatunVyrobnyk production Katun.Krayina JP. "JAPAN0UA10001014.1971.5177433
28/Apr/20178443999090"1.Partners of copiers: Clearing scraper of a magnetic shaft art.30004-50; Clearing scraper of a drum art.30026-20; Clearing scraper of a magnetic shaft art.32007-10; Clearing shchebok of a magnetic shaft art.330037-300; Clearing scraper of a drum art. 30038-350pcs; Cleaning drum scraper art.30046-20s; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art.30049-40p; Clearing scraper drum art.30050-20s; Clearing scraper drum art.30052-80p; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art.30059-50pcs; ; Cleansing drum scraper art.30073-10; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art .20084-20; Cleanser Scrubber of magnetic shaft art.30109-10s; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art.30128-10p; Clearing scraper drum art.30203-10p; Cleaning shaver of magnetic shaft art.30241-130p; Clearing scraper drum art.30321-40p; Cleansing scraper Magnetic shaft art.30361-150pcs; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art.30371-80pcs; Clearing scraper drum art.30421-80p; Clearing scraper drum art.30501-40pcs; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art.30511-20s; Clearing scraper of magnetic Shaft art.30671-10p; Clearing drum scraper art.30761-70p; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaftArt.30781-1050pcs; Clearing scraper of a magnetic shaft art.30841-30; Clearing scraper of a drum art.31161-50pcs; Shell of a magnetic shaft art.60125-50pcs; Sealing scraper of a magnetic shaft 0.05 mm art.60180-100; Shaft of the primary Charge of art: 60354-10pcs; 60375-400pcs; 60407-500pcs; Sheath of a magnetic shaft art.61841-20p; Magnetic shaft bush (2pcs) Art .: 62003-50pcs; 62022-20pcs; Magnetic shaft sealing shaft 0075 mm art. 62043-500s; Cleaning drum scraper art.130001-14 pieces; DC Select brand DC Select manufacturerCare produced by CN "CHINA0UA100010199.1832628.720168
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ФОРЛАЙН ЛТД"""
Importer Address
03022, м. Київ, вул. Амурська, 8 Україна
Product Description
"1. Parts of milling equipment (membrane filter 25.........
HS Code 8437900000Value 2475.150042
Quantity 0Unit UA807190
Net Weight 435
Origin Country TURKEY

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