Ukraine Import Data of Rocking Chair | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rocking Chair

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of rocking chair collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of rocking chair imports.

Rocking Chair Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rocking Chair

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of rocking chair. Get Ukraine trade data of Rocking Chair imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20179503004100"1.Ihrashky as inshyhistot or animals, except for people new baby, softly printed: 4840437600161 rocking chair Mouse-2-2sht, 4840437600314 Bear Max h = 48sm-15sht, 4840437600321 Bear Max 2 h h = 80cm -14sht, 4840437600338 Bear with heart-Max 9sht; 4840437601014 Senbernar- cushion l = 70 cm 32sht, 4840437601021 Bear Ted h = 45cm-40sht; 4840437601052 Krislo rocking sheep, 2 pcs, 4840437601076 Bear in Hala h = 35cm, 1pc, 4840437601090 Dog-pad l = 80cm-28sht; 4840437601212 doll Lera h = 50cm-60sht, 4840437601755 Bear -malyuk h = 36cm, 1pc, 4840437601816 Bear Henry 1pc; 4840437601847 Doll Rita h = 40cm-18sht, 4840437601946 Bear Alto-1am; 4840437602103 Kruhlyash Bunny h = 22 m 3pc, 4840437602424 Bear in sweater h = 36cm, 100 pieces; 4840437602738 Kruhlyash Baranchik h = 19cm, 3pc, 4840437603230 Bear Martyn h = 35cm, 1pc, 4840437603438 Bear Эlyza-1am; 4840437603513 Cat Mary h = 31sm-73sht; 4840437603711 Kruhlyash Hedgehog h = 19cm, 3pc, 4840437603926 bees-ball figure. h = 28cm, 2 pcs; 4840437604015 Pont and blue h = 30cm-42sht; 4840437604169 Pony pink h = 30cm-48sht; 4840437605142 Toptyzhka big h = 120 cm-1 piece, 4840437605289 Bear clothing -2 h = 33cm-46sht; 4840437605487 rabbit heart h = 35 cm, 6 pcs, 4840437605647 Bear-baby h = 32 cm 5pcs, baby-4840437605890 Bunny with tulips h = 35-27sht; 4840437605913 bunny love-boy h = - 45sht, 4840437606088 Bear with heart h = 20cm, 12p, 4840437606118 Zaychy -krasavchyk small. h = 40 cm-3pc, 4840437606156 Hedgehog Zahar h = 30cm-48sht, 4840437606262 Bear Dobriak big h = 60 cm 20pcs, 4840437606347 Pony white h = 30 cm 11sht, yellow 4840437606361 Pony h = 30 cm 11sht, 4840437606866 Bear 1 h = 100 cm-1 piece; "MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF0UA500310286.72686.700046 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201794017900001. Furniture for sydinnya with a metal frame, rocking chair 0201000126 - 1 sht.Torhovelna Brand: FlamantVyrobnyk: FlamantKrayina production: CN.CHINA0UA1001309.930.49211657
27/Apr/201794019080001.Metalevi construction of office furniture for seating (chairs) general purpose mechanism of rocking Cyrillic F004-1884sht.Vyrobnyk: ZHONGSHAN JIWEN CO., LTDKrayina production: CN.Torhivelna Brand: Not available. .CHINA0UA8071706655.2320544.35471
24/Apr/20177318158190"1.Mebli for sidinnya that turns nalizhka adjustable height, combined with metal and plastics materials, rocking chair on kolesah.Artykula: - IMTATA0091PL57 rocking chair Tatamia PL57 (brown) 20 pcs.; - IMTATA0091PL46 rocking chair Tatamia PL46 ( beige) 20 pcs.; - IMTATA0009BL73 rocking chair Tatamia Stripes Grey (gray) 1 sht.Vyrobnyk: "" Peg Perego SpA ""; trademark: "" Peg Perego ""; Country of origin: EU;. "INDIA0UA2040107.4179.7108269
24/Apr/20176807100090"1.Krypilny products and accessories made of polymeric materials to dytyachoy stroller and feeding chair. Reference: - IKTR0026NGR Stand strollers to bottle 80 pcs.; - SPST7476SN bumper to mount Si Switch, left 6 pcs.; - SPST7476DN bumper to mount Si Switch, right 6 pcs.; - SPST7464GP switch to the seat Si Switch metallic gray 6 pcs.; - ASPI0168N footstep is to seat Pop-Up 2 pcs.; - ASPI0136NFGL fasteners to the visor seat Switch Easy Drive 1 pcs.; - ASPI0106BMGN Tatamia mounting piece to the frame, №4 2 pcs.; - ARPI0675NGR handle to bed Book Plus black / gray 2 sht.- MUCI5P21GR Fastening Seatbelt rocking chair to Tatamia, gray 2 sht.Vyrobny : "" Peg Perego SpA ""; trademark: "" Peg Perego ""; Country of origin: EU;. "BELGIUM414UA1000107242672.589981
19/Apr/20173924100000"1. Dishes and utensils or kitchen table made of plastic: art.VC Corolla-1383 silicone with metal handle 20cm - 1728sht; art.VC-1384 silicone brush 20cm - 2448sht; art.VC-1385 silicone blade 22 6cm - 3312sht; art.VC-1468 kit form d / silicone baking cakes with 6sht.7,0x7,0x3,0sm - 2736sht; art.VC-1469 kit form d / silicone baking cakes with 6 pieces. 6,5x6,5x3, 2cm - 2736sht; art.VC Form 1387-A / chocolate silicone 21x10.8x1.7sm - 1008sht; art.VC Form 1388-A / chocolate silicone 21h10.8h1.7sm - 1008sht; art.VC Form 1470-d / baking muffins on 18sht. pryamokut silicone. 28,5x16,5x3,5sm - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1471-A / baking cakes on 6 pcs. of silica Well 28,5x17,0x3,5sm - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1472-A / baking cookies at 12p. 21,5x16,0x2,5sm silicone - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1473-d / silicone baking cake D = 25,5x4,0sm - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1474-d / silicone baking bread pryamokut.25,0x13,5x7,5sm - 1488sht; art.VC Form 1475-A / baking a cake Sunflower silicone 24,5x24,5x6 , 0sm - 1488sht; art.VC-1390 Rocking chair of force stake 39.5sm d = 5.5sm - 1800sht; art.VC Form 1476-d / silicone baking cakes with D = 22,0x3,5sm - 1488sht; art.VC-1382 pastry bag (for 6 pieces) - 1008sht, art. Samples of kitchen utensils made of silicone (cup holder for eggs, ashtray, chairs, a strainer for tea, clip, bottle, shovel, molds for cookies, brush, juicer lemon form of ice, a cup, a set of shapes for cake 6 pieces, form cake, a stopper, a bag of ice, glove, pad holder for caps, syringes, loop, cover, sieve) - 137sht, Country of origin: CN; trademark - TM Vincent; Manufacturer: NTS PROJECT LIMITED, Hong Kongna production areas " "Kitchenette CO., LTD" "China / PRC"CHINA0UA1101502500.8356002.003952
13/Apr/20179401790000"1.Mebli sitting on a metal frame, braided polyester (synthetic rattan) covered with PVC, in a partially disassembled state: trohmistsevi sofa with pillows in komlekti, AP 45-7sht., Chairs complete with pillows, art.AP 44-14sht. , art.AP 12-16sht., ottoman complete with pillows, art.AP 46-7sht.Pidvisne rocking chair complete with pillows, art.AP 35-5sht., art. AR-35B-2sht.V nickname: "" CV MULIA PERKASA "" Trade mark-Aplebee Country of-ID. "INDONESIA0UA5000601425.243634.480047
12/Apr/201794017900001.Mebli sitting on a metal frame that do not turn into beds, neobbyti garden: Wicker Chaise, aluminum frame and synthetic rattan, color: dark brown 73x196x99 cm -4,741,243,116,016 art.11601-6sht. Set VALORA zpodushkamy: Stilyk, sofa and two armchairs, metal frame and synthetic rattan, color: brown -4741243121270art.12127-1sht. Set with cushions DAWSON: Stilyk, corner sofa and bed, metal frame and synthetic rattan, color: brown -4741243128002art.12800-1sht. Set PAVIA: Stilyk, Corner sofas, metal frame and synthetic rattan, color: gray-4741243210912art.21091-1sht. PAVIA chair with cushion, aluminum frame zpletinnyam artificial rattan Color: Gray 79 * 77 * H84cm-4741243211230art.21123-1sht. Chaise Meridian, 180x75x73 cm, aluminum frame tashtuchnyy rattan, color brown-kofeyn- 4741243131941art.13194-10sht. Set VIGO 4 chairs, table 100 * 100 * N76sm.alyuminiyeva base color gray plastic coating -4741243221123art.22112-5sht.Komplekt Celje with cushions, table ik, a sofa and two chairs, rattan tashtuchnyy metal frame, color: gray-4741243210042art.21004 -10sht. Wicker Chaise, aluminum frame and shtuchnyyrotanh, color: dark brown 73x196x99 cm 4741243117464art.11746-4sht. Stool Mosaic, sophisticated, black metal frame 36x36x70sm-4741243386655art.38665-4sht. Chaise BRIGO, aluminum frame and tekstylen, color: light gray 177x65x73 cm -4741243100282art.10028-4sht. Chaise BRIGO, aluminum frame and tekstylen color: black 177x65x73 cm 4741243100275art.10027-4sht. DETROIT Chair 55 * 73 * 94sm, metal frame sriblyastata artificial tekstylen purple-4741243221048art.22104-6sht. DETROIT Chair 55 * 73 * 94sm, metal frame sriblyastata artificial tekstylen gray-4741243221062art.22106-12sht. Rocking Chair WICKER 106 * 58 * H94sm, metal Ramaz artificial rattan color dark brown-4741243118997art.11899-2sht. Chair WICKER-5 73 * 62 * H86sm, aluminum frame zshtuchnym dark brown color rattan -4741243121355art.12135-4sht. KrisloBISTRO 1 55 * 60 * H83sm, metal frame with artificial rattan color light-gray 4741243205628art.20562-4sht. Sofa modular STELLA with a pillow, angular, alyuminiyevarama of artificial rattan weaving, color: dark brown-4741243131439art.13143-1sht. Kachelja MAIRY 3rd place 193h114h171 cm steel frame, gray color, seat and canopy tekstylen color beige-4741243276505art.27650-2sht. Wicker chair with pillow-1 aluminum frame tashtuchnyy rattan, color dark brown 61 * 58 * 86 cm -4741243012691art.1269-6sht. Stool Billy, seat and back: artificial rattan rattan, color: brown, metal frame 61x57,5x77 cm 4741243276734art.27673-10sht.Krayina production CNTorhovelna mark Garden4YouVyrobnyk no data to order CN Evelekt Hulgi OUCHINA0UA1000801339.4612400.33599
06/Apr/201794019080001.Metalevi construction of office furniture for seating (chairs) purpose: Sinhromehanizm F010-1200sht. NalonnyyF004-2000sht.Vyrobnyk rocking mechanism: ZHONGSHAN JIWEN CO., LTDKrayina production: CN.Torhivelna Brand: Not available. .CHINA0UA8071701223634294.00859
03/Apr/201795030049001.Ihrashky as animals or other historical here, except people: Ihrashkovekrislo-chair of plywood in adv lyadi loshadky: Rockingchair Classic, FSC MixCREDIT, CE-2 pcs. Rockingchair Ojar, FSC Mix CREDIT, CE-mark 2shtTorhovelna: TROJAKrayina production: LVVyrobnyk: A / S Latvijas Finieris di turban on SIA TROJA.LATVIA0UA12511016120.9766431
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Rocking Chair Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Rocking Chair Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""СТІП-ЮА"""
Importer Address
Exporter Name "SRL ""STIP"""
Product Description
"1.Ihrashky as inshyhistot or animals, except for .........
HS Code 9503004100Value 2686.700046
Quantity 0Unit UA500310
Net Weight 286.7

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