Ukraine Import Data of Ring Hook | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ring Hook

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of ring hook collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of ring hook imports.

Ring Hook Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ring Hook

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of ring hook. Get Ukraine trade data of Ring Hook imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20177318130000"1.Kripylni ferrous metal products, fasteners for scaffoldings 14h120mm of zamknutymkryukom, art.HOX-14120 - 400sht; fasteners for scaffoldings 14h160mm closed hook art.HOX-14160 - 160sht, washer plug 8h40mm of vkruchuvanym direct kryukom4,5h50, art.PX-08 - 6400sht, washer plug 10h50mm of vkruchuvanym pryamymkryukom 5,5h60, art.PX 10 - 11200sht; 10h60mm dowel anchors with hook vkruchuvanympryamym 6h75mm, art.PX-10D - 10400sht, washer plug d.6mm izvkruchuvanym semicircular hook 4h35mm, art.WX 06 - 3200sht, washer dyubeld.12mm of vkruchuvanym semicircular hook 7,5h75mm, art.WX-1200sht.Torhivelna 12 m pKa "" Wkret-Met "". Producer KLIMAS WKRET-MET Spolka z oo manufacturing country of the PL.. "POLAND0UA100110427826.1314362 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178302490090"1.Armatura for attachment of metal nedorohotsin them to process sales outlets include: Carbine with galvanized metal pipe mount CLASPart.252005-900sht., Metal hook S-shaped S-HOOK-26 art.254009-600sht., Hook -pruzhynka metal SPRING 20 art.254004-500sht., spring-hook metalevyySPRING 40 art.254006-300sht., metal hinge connecting UNI-JOIN art.501498-100sht., Trademark - Europos HRUPPVyrobnyk - the company "" Europos GROUP "" ".RUSSIA0UA1000108.8213.3374772
28/Apr/201773181300001. hooks and rings made of ferrous metals, vkruchuvani, threaded, 12-art.HX Dyubeltrystoronnoho kachelnym thrust of more than HX, 12 -1200sht. art.PR-08080 Dyubelrozpirnyy frame with straight hook PR, 8x 80 -1200sht. art.PR 08,100 plug-rozpirnyyramnyy direct plus PR, 8x100 -3600sht. art.PR-10100 Expansion dowels zpryamym frame odd PR, 10x100 -1200sht. art.PR-10135 Expansion dowels frame with pryamymhakom PR, 10x135 -1200sht. art.PX-06 plug tripartite thrust straight hakomPX 6 -16000sht. art.PX-08 plug tripartite thrust straight hook PX, 8-20800sht. art.PX-10 plug tripartite thrust straight hook PX, 10-16000sht. art.PX plug-10D tripartite thrust straight hook PX, 10D-6400sht. art.PX-12 plug tripartite thrust of pryamymhakom PX, 12-12D plug tripartite thrust straight hook PX, 12D-08083 Expansion dowels frame with universal stelovymhakom RUC, 8x83-800sht. art.WX-06 plug tripartite thrust from a ceiling hook WX, 6-16000sht. art.WX-08 plug tripartite thrust from a ceiling hook WX, 8-7200sht. art.WX-10 plug tripartite thrust from a ceiling hook WX, 10-2400sht. art.WX-12 plug tripartite thrust from a ceiling hook WX, 12-1600sht.POLAND0UA12519010711929.307598
28/Apr/20178536501990"1.Rulovyy switch (Model ME09378325) - 1 pc; steering switch (Model ME09378325) - 2 pieces; Hook on / off lighting and sound syhnalu.Rulovyy switch (Model ME07035025) - 2 pcs; lever apparatus for signal povorotnyka.Elektrychna switching or protecting electrical circuits, for a voltage of 12 V, push-button switches and rotary apart which are intended for s / h forklift Faresin.Krayina production, IT, Brand: No data on availability torhovelnoyimarky marking on the product is missing.. "ITALY0UA9010102.89938.868569
28/Apr/201773181300001.Hachky and vkruchuvani ring of steel, thread, hook gate, 4,2x100-500 pieces. Hook Gate, 4,2x80 art. -400 pieces. Pete Hook avail focusing, bilyyplastyk, 4,4x40-500 pieces. Hook loop, focusing, zinc-coate anyy, 4,4x40 -2000 units. Screw metrychnyyz ring, galvanized, 3x20 -300 units. The screw metric with ring, galvanized, 4x30 -1200sht. The screw metric with ring, galvanized, 5x40 -1700 units. Hvyntmetrych tion with ring, galvanized, 6x50-600 pieces. The screw metric with ring, galvanized, 8x60 -600 units. The screw metric with a second ring, galvanized, 8x80 -700 sht.Hvynt metric with ring, galvanized, 10x100-200 pieces. The screw metric with pryamymhakom, galvanized, 5x50 -400sht.Hvynt metric straight hook, galvanized, 8x80-500sht. Screw Hexadecimal met with ceiling hook, galvanized, 5x50-800sht. Hvyntmetrychnyy from the ceiling hook, galvanized, 6x60 -1500 units. Zistelovym metric screw hook, galvanized and, 8x80-300 pieces. Screw with loop hook, bilyyplastyk, 2,8x16 -1500 units. Screw with loop hook, white plastic, 3,0x16 -800sht. Screw with loop hook, white plastic, 3,3x20 -900 units. Screw with Mr etelnymhakom, sprayed brass, 2,3x12-2000 pieces. Screw with loop hook, brass sprayed, 3,0x20-300 pieces. Zpetelnym screw hook, brass sprayed, 4,4x40-500 pieces. Screw with elnymhakom polyethylene, stainless steel A2, 4,0x30 -100 units. Screw with loop hook, galvanized, 1,8x8-2000 pieces. Screw with loop hook, galvanized, 2,3x12-3000 sht.Shurup with looped hook, zincked tion, 2,8x16 -3000 units. Zpetelnym screw hook, galvanized, 3,3x25 -1500 units. Mr Shura of looped hook, galvanized, 3,8x30-800 sht.Shurup with looped hook, zinc-coate anyy, 4,4x40-800 pieces. Screw with petelnymha com, galvanized, 7,8x100-400 pieces. Screw with loop hook, galvanized, 7,8x120-700 sht.Shurup with looped hook, black plastic, 4,0x20-1000 pieces. Screw with loop hook, black plastic, 5,0x40 -200 units. Screw with straight hook with a groove, and galvanized, 4,4x40-500 pieces. Screw with straight hook with a groove, galvanized, 5,2x50-2000 pieces. Screw with straight hook with Mr azom, black plastic, 5,2x65 -1000 sht.Sh Urup direct hook with focus, white plas tic, 4,4x56-500 pieces. Screw with pryamymhakom, white plastic, 3,0x40-500 pieces. Screw with straight hook, brass, 2,8x30-1000 pieces. Screw with straight hook, zinc-coate tion, 2,0x20-1000 pieces. Screw with pryamymhakom, galvanized, 2,3x25 -500sht. Screw with straight hook, black plastic, 4,2x50-300 sht.Shurup from the ceiling hook with emphasis, galvanized, 4,4x84 -500 to claim sht.Shuru ceiling hook, brass sprayed, 2,0x20-1500 pieces. Screw with ceiling hook, brass sprayed, 2,6x30-800 pieces. Zistelovym screw hook, brass sprayed, 3,3x50-500 pieces. Screw with stelovymhakom, sprayed brass, 3,3x60-500 pieces. Screw with ceiling hook, zincked of Old, 2,0x20 -2000 units. Zistelovym screw hook, galvanized, 2,3x25-4000 pieces. Screw with ceiling hook, galvanized, 2,6x30-2000 pieces. Screw with ceiling hook, galvanized, 3,0x40-3000 sht.Shurup from the ceiling hook, zincked of Old, 3,3x50 -1000 units. Screw zistelov th hook, galvanized, 4,2x70-200 pieces. Shur pack from the ceiling hook, chornyyplastyk 5,GERMANY0UA1251904421884.907768
28/Apr/20177318130000"1. hooks and rings made of ferrous metals, vkruchuvani, threaded, art.HOX-1635016x350, HOX plug with O-screw, nylon," "WM" "-50sht. Art.HX-12 HXdyubel kachelnym with screws, polypropylene , "" WM "" -1500sht. art.PX-June 6, PX dyubeltrystoronnoho thrust straight hook, polypropylene, BC, "" WM "" - 3200sht. art.PX-August 8, PX plug tripartite thrust straight hook, polypropylene, BC, "" WM "" -6400sht. art.PX, October 10, PX plug tripartite rozporuz right hook, polypropylene, BC, "" WM "" -12800sht. art.PX-10D 10D, PX dyubeltrystoronnoho thrust straight plus, polypropylene, BC, "" WM "", December 12, PX plug trystoronnoh of thrust straight hook, polypropylene, BC, "" WM "" -2400sht. art.PX-12D 12D, PX plug tripartite thrust straight hook, polypropylene, BC, "" WM "" -1600sht. art.WX-08 8, WX plug tripartite rozporuiz C-shaped screw, polypropylene, BC, "" WM "" -2400sht. art.WX, October 10, WX dyubeltrystoronnoho thrust of the C-shaped screw, polypropylene, BC, "" WM "" -1600sht .art.WX, December 12, WX plug tripartite thrust of the C-shaped screw, polypropylene, BC, '' WM '' -400sht. "POLAND0UA125190491898.5210715
27/Apr/201785099000901.Zapasni parts for household tehnikyz embedded elektrodvyhunomdlya civil and pobutovohovykorystannya: to cover juicers, art. AT6186002000, 3pc, Torh.markaAriete. Tube roller for rozkochuvannyatista to food processors, art.AWAT970A01, 2 pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood.Kryshka to juicers, art.BR81345951, 5pcs, Torh.marka Braun. Ring nut (nut tube) to the grinder, art. KW630790, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to blender, art. KW652994, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Attachment (mix vach) to the blender, art. KW653015, 2 pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood. Screw to the grinder, art. KW658534, 5pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood. The body of the screw to the grinder, art. KW65854 6, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Attachment to the blender, art. KW662224, 1pc, Torh.mark and Kenwood. The capacity of the knife and the lid to the food processor, art. KW681153, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Attachment to the food processor, art. KW684480, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Venchik to food processors, art. KW706783, 2 pcs, Torh.mark and Kenwood. Electronic Control eh fashion to food processors, art. KW710359, 1sh t Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to blender, art. KW710720, 2 pcs, Torh.mark and Kenwood. Reduction of the knife to the blender, art. KW710730, 2 pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood. Hook-juicer attachment to a food processor, art. KW710904, 2 pcs, Torh.mark and Kenwood. Metallic tube to the grinder, art. KW711850, 1pc, Torh.m arch Kenwood. Attachment to the grinder, art. KW711857, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Cover gear to food processors, art. KW712147, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Nozzle (2 pcs.) For the sausages to the grinder, art. KW712671, 2 pcs, pKa Kenwood. Ring nut (nut tube) to the grinder, art. KW712680, 2sh t Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to food processors, art. KW712832, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Attachment to the blender, art. KW712961, 1pc, Torh.mark and Kenwood. Attachment to the blender, art. KW712999, 4 pieces, Torh.marka Kenwood. Reduit ktor to the grinder, art. KW713376, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Pusher juice to ovyzhymalky, art. KW713440, 2 pcs, Comm. brand Kenwood. Filter holder to sokovyzh ymalky, art. KW713682, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. The axis of the cup to the blender, art. KW7 13,783, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to blender, art. KW713790, 1pc, Torh.m arch Kenwood. Lock the lid with a spring (2 pieces) for juicers, art. KW714273, 3 pieces, Torh.marka Kenwood. Knife sieve into the juicer, art. KW714279, 1pc, trade .marka Kenwood. Attachment (grid) to the grinder, art. KW714428, 1pc, pKa Kenwood. , Art. KW714430, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. The capacity to handle up to food processors, art. KW714982, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Reduction of venchikamy to food processors, art. KW714991, 6 pieces, Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to ovyzhymalky juice, art. KW715015, 1pc, Comm. brand Kenwood. Electronic board to combine kitchens tion, art. KW715256, 5pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood. Reduction of kuhonnoh to combine, art. KW715259, 1pc, Comm. brand Kenwood. Cover the capacity to combine at kuhonoh, art. KW715329, 9sht, Comm. brand Kenwood. Screw to the grinder, art. KW715552, 2 pcs, Comm.CHINA0UA12502018481.4618715
27/Apr/20178707109020"1. The bodies of cars NAMES" "MERCEDES-BENZ" ", MODEL" "SPRINTER" ", CALENDAR year - 2004, BODY ISSUE - WDB9036621R675314, used, fully equipped, without engines and transmissions, front and rear suspension , transmission, ignition system AND jamming, fuel tanks, headlights and rear position lights, WITHOUT radiator, battery, WITHOUT steering wheel, brake and fuel pipelines, on a body found: Instrument Shields NO DEVICES, SEAT, windscreen wipers, internal lining, Electroarmature, body elements DERKALA hooks, hooks) windshield, the glass in the door; Sunglasses element, locks with handles, noise insulation, lighting units.. "GERMANY1UA2060108001522.345285
27/Apr/201790189060001.Vyroby medical devices, instruments and apparatus for anesthesia: -art.1514000 (CUSHION FLEX ANAESTHETIC MASK SIZE 3 WITH YELLOW HOOK RING) anesthesia mask with inflatable cuff size 3 with yellow ring - 50sht.-art.1515000 (CUSHION FLEXT ANAESTHETIC mASK sIZE 4 wITH gREEN HOOK rING) anesthesia mask with inflatable cuff, size 4, with a green ring - 80sht.-art.1516000 (CUSHION FLEX ANAESTHETIC mASK sIZE 5 wITH ORANGE HOOK rING) deep geological anesthesia mask with naduvnoyumanzhetoyu, posted IP 5, orange-ring -60sht. art.1517000 (CUSHION FLEX ANAESTHETIC MA SK sIZE 6 wITH rED HOOKRING) Anesteziolo tech mask with an inflatable cuff, size 6, with a red ring -25sht. R / P №13928 / 2014 from 29.05.2014r. Manufactured at the plant Foremount EnterpriseCo. Ltd Taiwan.Vyrobnyk: Intersurgical LTD. Trade mrka: Intersurgical.Krayina production: TW. .TAIWAN0UA10002013.141125.785836
27/Apr/201773269098901. Production of steel produced by welding, bending, drilling steel. Double cable clamp for M3 AISI 304 art.8331 -40sht.Zatyskach for single rope M3AISI 304 art.8330 -40sht.Koush AISI 316 3mm 5mm -50sht.Koush art.8247 art.8247 AISI 316 -50sht.Talrep ring / hook type B 6 AISI 316 art.8246 -10sht.Talrep ring / hook type B 8 AISI 316 art.8246 -10sht.Zatyskach for ropes 4 st.nerzh. AISI 316 -50sht.Torhovelna art.8248 Brand: No danyh.Vyrobnyk: no danyh.CN. .CHINA0UA2050904.7161.06689128
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Ring Hook Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Ring Hook Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Анкора Трейд"""
Importer Address
ю.а. вул.Червонопрапорна,34 м.Киів, 03083
Exporter Name KLIMAS Sp. z o.o.
Product Description
"1.Kripylni ferrous metal products, fasteners for .........
HS Code 7318130000Value 826.1314362
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 427
Origin Country POLAND

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