Ukraine Import Data of Right Engine Mount | Ukraine Import Statistics of Right Engine Mount

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of right engine mount collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of right engine mount imports.

Right Engine Mount Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Right Engine Mount

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of right engine mount. Get Ukraine trade data of Right Engine Mount imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178703239011"1.Lehkovyy car was vykorystanni.- brand VOLKSWAGEN - PASSAT Model - Body number (VIN) 1VWBT7A35FC019648 - Number shasi- no data - total number of seats (including the driver) -5 - Appointment of the car - passenger - with an internal combustion engine with spark ignition and with a crank mechanism, petrol - cylinder capacity-1798sm3 - number dvyhuna- no data - axle 4x2 - Calendar year 2015 - Model year manufacturing - 2015.Vyrobnyk "" VOLKSWAGEN "", The United Shtaty.Krayina manufacturer The United States-US.Vyvantazhen with w nteyneru TRKU4435383.Avtomobil after the accident, damage condition is accidental damage to the front of kuzova.Poshkodzheno (deformed), front fenders, podkrylniki, front bumper, air conditioning and cooling radiators, radiator frame, hood, broken right headlight. worn airbags (driver's passenger Side (curtain)), damage dvyhuna.Vidsutni mounted units, grille, headlight left. ".UNITED STATES1UA50062014653499.999925 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178703239031"1.Poshkodzhenyy, passenger car, to transport people, used for personal use - 1pc .: stamp - SUBARU model - WRX 2.5L ZhidnoVysnovoku expert №t490 / 17 of 26.04.2017r. Brand, modifications -SubaruWRX STi number body / VIN - JF1VA2V64G9802221 number of the engine - no data typdvyhuna - petrol engine power - 221kVt, environmental regulations - YEVRO5, working on the "" volume cylinder - 2457 cm3, number of seats, including the driver - 5; calendar year - 2015; rikvyhotovlennya model - 2016, axle 4x4. Color - red. Products for zova - sedan.KTZ damaged. According to expert opinion №t490 / 17 of 26.04.2017r., Poshkodzhenita be replaced: front bumper, front bumper grating, napravlyayuchabampera left and right, cover the left and right front bumper, kronshteynvnutrishniy left and right front bumper, bracket front bumper, front bumper lower bracket, front bumper damper assemblies ґratkaradiato Dr. bracket lattice radiator, front bumper protection, hood, hood and right sharnirlivyy, insulation of the engine compartment, hood lock, lock lord ikapota, flexible thrust forward, seal the top lattice radiator uschilnyuvachkapota, facing wing front left and right, hood air intake, air channel central, lamp left and right wing of the front left and right wing front left bottom, cover the upper wing left, pidkrylok perednoholivoho and right wings, facing left front wing, power paneliperedu, front panel assembly, wheel arch left and right, locking panelkolisnoyi arches front left and right, front beam left and right collection, cover spar front left and right panel fairing left, windscreen washer assembly panel front door front left, extension porohalivoho sensor airbags front left and right, airbag vodiyata knees of the driver, the control unit airbags, airbag systems, pasbezpeky left and right, front left drive wheels, radiator cooling vzbori of mounted parts, expansion tank, shroud, krylchatkaventylyatora, engine fan, facing the engine crankshaft pulley shaft wedge belt generator casing toothed belt assembly element povitryanohofiltra, block the front and rear air filter, rubber cushion left andlegal engine, lower engine protection, curtain front engine compartment, zahysnyykozhuh top front, Bank, facing the battery, the alarm high tanyzkoho tone fuse box. Skewed front spars, broken otvirperednoyi left door. In the area of ​​possible damage to hidden defects. Povnyyperelik spare parts, repair work and painting are given in Appendix №1 to conclusion №t490 / 17.Torhovelna Brand: SUBARU.Vyrobnyk: Fuji Heavy Industries.Krayina production: JP. Unloaded from container CAIU8295872. "JAPAN1UA8071901632.938329.999869
27/Apr/20178703329010"1.Avtomobil passenger for the transport of persons, used for personal use - 1pc .: stamp - VOLKSWAGEN, Model: PASSAT: Body number / VIN - WVWZZZ3CZEE005382; sitting room, include local driver - 5, engine type - diesel the engine №n / in, working on the "" volume cylinder -1968 cm3, power - 130kVt, environmental standards - EU5, calendar year - 06.07.2013, model year - 2013, date of first registration - 06/17/2013 , body type - wagon. Color - yellow. axle configuration - 4x2. Transit number - BOR131B. Available damage and signs of exploitation tion: poshkodzheno.Poshkodzheni vehicle and replaced, Bumper rear jack panels left and right rear bumper, spoiler rear bumper, the protective pad left, right, central, guiding the left and right rear bumper, rear bumper bracket, rear bumper mounting bracket, locking rear panel, rear trunk lid, lock the cover backward button door backward, back spoyl er, right rear lamp inside and outside, right side of the niche of a spare wheel, cross beam locking bar backward. Violated opening trunk lid, rear door area pravoyi.U possible hidden damage defekty.Torhovelna brand: VOLKSWAGEN. Manufacturer: VOLKSWAGEN AG. Country of origin: DE. "GERMANY1UA11016015805773.289928
27/Apr/20178708999798"1. Parts and accessories for a / m Lada: * support bracket right engine mount, art.21900100115700 -2 units * Protection case LADA 4x4, the installation kit art.99999212111182 -1sht * Heater assemblies art.21218810101200 -2 pcs * Bracket generator bottom art.21082370165200 -8 pcs * Bracket generator bottom art.21082370165200 -9 units * cover protective gear belt art.21124100621800 -5 pcs * grates engine assembly law, art. 21215280201000 -5 pcs * grates engine assembly law art.21215280201000 -6 pcs * grates engine assembly law art.21215280201000 -6 sht.Torhovelna mark LADA.Vyrobnyk "" Samaraavtodetal "" OO O h Samara.Krayina production RU.. "RUSSIA0UA12518038.03185.4085742
27/Apr/201783023000901.Kriplennya, metal accessories for cars vehicles: art. 2121.8203010Popilnychka -170sht. Art. 212136103473 upper left window edging -4sht. art.1118.1001157 right engine bracket -2sht. Art. 1118.1041034 Kronshteynheneratora-1am. Art. 1118.1101114 clamp fuel tank, 2 pcs. Art. 1118.1602060 bracket couplings and brake pedals. -2sht. art.1118.2802022 Mudguards -2sht right engine. Art. 1118.2802023 Mudguards dvyhunalivyy -2sht. Art. 1118.2802024-10 Mudguards engine -1sht average. art.1118.6204010 windows zadn.pravyy -2sht. Art. 1118.6204011 Sklopidyomnykzadn.livyy -2sht. Art. Thrust 1118.6205096 internal drive lock -2sht. Thrust art.1118.6205097 internal drive lock -2sht. Art. 1118.6205112 Tyahavnutrishnoho drive lock -2sht. Art. Thrust 1118.6205113 internal pryvodazamka -2sht. Art. Emphasis -1sht 1118.8407122 hood. Art. 2101.6105176 front door handle zovnishnyaprava -125sht. Art. 2105.6814021 external skids left-51sht. Art. 210568203010-01 panel Ashtray adiv -106sht adj. art.2106.8203010 ashtray front-131sht. Art. 2110.1101126 Clamp mounting tank 18sht. Art. 2110.2914046 right arm bracket -23sht. Art. 2110.2914047Kronshteyn left-arm 24sht.Torhovelna Brand: LADAKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: OAO Avtovaz art. 2105.8203200 Ashtray Side-313sht.Torhovelna Brand: DAAZKrayina production: RUVyrobnyk: DAAZRUSSIA0UA807170255.135764.1345952
27/Apr/20178703229010"1. Car PASSENGER being in use: Make accordance with the guide - VOLKSWAGEN, according to the reference model - JETTA. 3VW267AJ7GM271312 identification number. Producer -" "VOLKSWAGEN DE MEXICO SA DE CV" ", Mexico (MX). Engine Type - petrol with a working volume of 1,390 cm3 cylinder., with an internal combustion engine with spark ignition and crank mechanism. engine room - not determined. body Type - sedan designed for the transport of persons, number of seats, including the driver - 5, number of doors - 4 color - black. Category - M1 does not contain in the baggage transmitters or receivers and transmitters. axle 2x4, drive - front. Car VOLKSWAGEN JETTA, VIN # 3VW267AJ7GM271312, is in a damaged condition. vehicle damaged, Carter (destroyed), motor protection (destroyed), mount radiator 3 radiator, front bumper (in the gathering), grill (absent), the hood (room), front headlights (broken fasteners, openin ly), front fog lights (no), the front body panels, front suspension, left and right Lever, front traction , tips, stabilizers, ball, amortyzato ry, paint the body. Calendar year - 2016 Model year - 2016. unloaded from the container MSKU0844100. "MEXICO1UA50063013723080.000072
27/Apr/20178708299000"1.Skladovi parts and devices for bodies for use in cars and / m" "Great Wall" ": Power front bumper art. 8400380XG83XA - 10 pcs., Grille lights fog rights Art. 2803104A-J08 - 10 pcs. cap bumper front art. 2803112XS56XA - 4 pcs., grille lights fog Ref. 2803203-P24A - 4 pcs., cap bumper front art. 2803212XS56XA - 6 pcs., grille bumper art. 2803213XS56XA - 6 pcs., grille lights fog art. 2803230XS56XA - 4 pcs., grille lights fog art. 2803240XS56XA - 4 pcs., left rear pidkrylok art. 2804011AS56XA - 4 pcs., right rear pidkrylok art. 2804012AS56XA 4 pcs., Cover bumper upper art. 2804107AKZ16A - 1 pc., Cap bumper rear Ref. 2804304-K24 - 4 pcs., Cover the bumper under the license plate art. 2804705XS56XA - 3 pcs., Grille lights fog art. 2804711XS56XA - 4 pieces ., grille lights fog art. 2804712XS56XA - 4 pcs., the lower bumper cover art. 2804713XS56XA - 3 pcs., engine mount beam Ref. 2810000-Y23 - 1 pc., instrument panel assembly art. 3820400XS58XA - 1 pcs., Cover the floor of the luggage compartment art. 5101200-J08 - 1 pc., Front left pidkrylok art. 5174011AJ08XB - 4 pcs., Instrument panel assembly art. 5306100XJ29XA - 1 pc., Right side panel of body art. 5401102XJ08XC - 1 pc., Right side panel of body art. 5401492BK00XA - 1 pc., Front grille art. 5509100-J08 - 8 pcs., Engine cooling radiator deflector art. 5514011XS16XA - 2 pcs., Roof art. 5701000AK80XA - 1 pc., Cover lever CPR art. 5DYM26-1702010 - 1 pc., Door handle cover naruzhnej art. 6105139A-S08 - 2 pcs., Cable opening doors art. 6105210-P00 - 1 pc., Opening the door rope art. 6105240-P00 - 1 pc., Opening the door rope art. 6205210-P00 - 1 pc., Opening the door rope art. 6205230-P00 - 1 pc., Upper radiator cover art. 8400050XS56XA - 2 pc., Front panel radiator art. 8400130XS56XA - 2 pcs., Left panel spar art. 8400450-J08 - 4 pcs., Right panel spar art. 8400460-J08 - 3 pcs., Insulation hood art. 8402011XJ08XB - 1 pc., Insulation hood art. 8402012XS56XB - 1 pc., Cover lever CPR art. ZM001MF-1702010-3 - 4 sht.Torhivelna mark: GREAT WALL. Producer: "" GREAT WALL MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED "". Country of origin: China, CN. "CHINA0UA500030213.123286.69591
26/Apr/20178433510000"1. samohidnyymarky harvester John Deere, notcontains that incorporates transmitters tapryymachi: Model S670 COMBINE, novyy.Seriynyy (identification) number / nomer1Z0S670ACHA106210, number dvyhunaRG6090G025924. Calendar year 2017rik.Modelnyy 2017rik.Komplektatsiya year: 0166 Made-to Ukraine, 0433-manual in Russian; 0507 package for cereals; 0600-No package; 1101-Cab Deluxe, 1220-seat on pnevmopodushtsi, 1370-Standard package lighting 1411-Preparations for the installation of the receiver, the 1600 fire extinguisher missing , 1803-Training and the AutoTrac with Harvest Monitor, Display 1825 GreenStar; 188J-JDLink Connect - 1 year, 50 hours JDLink Access.1950-No Harvest Mobile; 2052-3-speed transmission, 2220, front-wheel drive, 3054-Increased driving system variable speed, 4300-Small grain wire concave; 4832-upper sieve and sieve with dual control system, 4885-The configuration of the rotor variable Stream; 5232-standard system of grain transportation; 5373-Electric drive assembly grain bin; 5426-Vyvantazhnyy screw from removed housing that is mounted dealer length 6.9 m, 5756-system grinding crop residues Deluxe- spreader Sol We PowerCast, 6410, Manual rear coupler; 6648-500 / 80R28 IMP 176A8 SFT TL (MITAS) - width 3.45 m; 6777-IF800 / 65R32 CFO 178A8 (only Michelin) - width 3.80 m; 7714-Special Transport sticker, 8133-Right exterior mirror, 8525 -Nyzhniy protection fan and auger; 8649-pneumatic compressor installed from the factory; 8701, engine block heater - 220 volt8709 fuel separator posylenyy9049 Directory spare parts; 9425-concave rod increased wear resistance, large wire-9427 concave; 9433-Sectional overhead concave plate; 9435-Sektsyiyni concave cap (set of three); 9663-preferred brand Michelin, 9665-preferred brand Mitas - rear tire, wheel spacers 9669, 96 mm at the front wheels, Brand: Deere & CompanyTorhovelna Brand: JOHN DEEREKrayina production: DE "GERMANY1UA20401019100191962.6299
26/Apr/20178711500000"1.Mototsykl brand HARLEY-DAVIDSON, model FLTRX Road Glide-1pc, VIN: 1HD1KHM12GB618594 which was damaged in use and no strollers zporshnevym engine internal combustion him crank fur anizmom irobochym cylinder capacity engin una 1690sm3, cal. year 2016, od.rikvyhotovlennya of 2016, places sydi ting-2 engine-room has no data of damaged, front right blinkers frustrated with fixing, korpusmaye damage as zchesiv surface and repairs are not provided, and the right korpusperemykach damaged as zches s surface D Online unforeseen, handle right damaged in the lateral part of vidsutnistyufrahmenta, the ignition key I missing, damaged, glass windscreen assembly zkronshteynom shell gearbox, cover the right trunk frame difficult deformov Ana withformation zhyba in veredniy parts and in the direction from right to left curve Protective aperednya displaced difficult n distorted on the entire surface, the seat has rynuvannya obyvok to the lack fragment a cover for Cova was located right in the area avariynyhdiy missing; twisted: n idnozhky bracket front right, kollektorvypu sknyy, exhaust pipe, exhaust system panel; zadniydeformovan balance, re mount is not provided; Bank nahodylas in zones and emergency action is not available; Human shifted second muffler difficult strain; mayeposhkodzhennya fuel tank to form this deformation and violation of the LCP, plug in front of borimaye traces of contact with foreign pre DMetI to form zhybiv oblytsyuvanpoverhni requires diagnostics; shkodzhennya have to LCP as schesivpoverhni: the right side of the front fairing, the front wing, lower chastynybahazhnykiv left and right, left trunk lid; unloaded from konteyneraGVCU5118204Vyrobnyk HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORS CO, LTD. Trademark: HARLEY-DAVIDSON, of a production: US "UNITED STATES1UA8072003851169.789972
26/Apr/20178711500000"1.Mototsykl brand HARLEY-DAVIDSON, model FLSTC Heritage Softail Classic-1pc, VIN: 1HD1BW5167Y063892 which was damaged in use and no strollers zporshnevym engine internal combustion him crank fur anizmom irobochym cylinder capacity engin una 1584sm3, feces .rik manufacture 2007 m od.rikvyhotovlennya 2007 places sydi ting-2 engine-room has no data of damaged, broken headlights and front right ca va, glass povorotape Ref left mouse pointer turns back and left, and destroyed no mirrors and the left and right, left and right handles, si dinnya, Cree lo anterior displaced difficult where formed on the entire surface, frame shifted difficult deformed vperedniy of the formation zhybiv towards the front view Mr. Azad, right chastyniz formation zhyb along a direction from right to left, bottom in the mountains in, replaceable, deformed and sneaky hayut Replacements: cover the fuel tank, drive and rear wheel perednohota, the fuel tank is difficult to form a strain ang ovyh zhybiv, front fork assembly on zmische difficult dekformovana of deformation in sihelementiv, should be replaced; dnye wing for the displaced, deformed, Ramon dad needs painting; unloaded from the container GVCU5118204Vyrobnyk HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORS CO, LTD. Trademark: HARLEY-DAVIDSON, of a production: US "UNITED STATES1UA807200328668.5000116
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Right Engine Mount Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Right Engine Mount Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Exporter Name "АО ""Лада-Имидж"""
Product Description
"1. Parts and accessories for a / m Lada: * suppor.........
HS Code 8708999798Value 185.4085742
Quantity 0Unit UA125180
Net Weight 38.03
Origin Country RUSSIA

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