Ukraine Import Data of Rhodium | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rhodium

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of rhodium collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of rhodium imports.

Rhodium Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rhodium

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/20177110191000Thermocouple wire platinum-rhodium PtRh30-PtRh6, 0.3 mm in diameter. Total weight - 398,61h PtRh30 - platinum content of 70%, rhodium 30%. PtRh6 - 94% content of platinum, rhodium 6%. Used in the manufacture of test equipment. GOST 10821-2007Torhovelna mark - HeraeusVyrobnyk - Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KGKrayina production - DE.GERMANY39861UA1250200.3986115227.91235 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
12/Apr/20177113110000"1.Hotovi jewelry (bracelets, kabluch ki, earrings, pendants) Silver 925proby with galvanic coating (coated rod iyem, 0,1mikrona gold alloy, sulphides m) under Art., Neplakovani dublova nor any other dorohotsinnymymetalamy, to Set avkamy precious stones (amethyst, April artsrozhevyy), semi-precious stones (chalcedony, agate, aventurine, quartz, Obsidian, lazurite, malachite, labrador, hryzokolla, co Dalit, sunny stone oniksmarmurovyy and mazonit, calcite, anhydrite), synthetic stones (phianite glass (im.avantyurynu) and fragments doublet, according to art.; - EB009881-1 Bracelet / Doublet Amazonite and Glass + Malachite / bracelet / DupletAmazonit and glass-malachite + 2 pcs, covered with rhodium; -EB009923 Bracelet / Agate + Amethyst / bracelet / Amethyst Agate +-1pc, coated with rhodium - EE019214-1 Earrrings / Anhydrite + sodalite + Chalcedony / earrings / Anhydrite + + sodalite Chalcedony-2par, covered with rhodium; -EE018756-1 Earrrings / Quartz + sodalite + Cz / earrings / + quartz + sodalite phianite-2par, covered with rhodium; -EE019534 Earrrings / Rose quartz + Cz / Serezha ki / Rose quartz + phianite-2par; vkrytirodiyem; -EE019113 Earrrings / Agate + Amethyst / earrings / + Agate Amethyst-2par, covered with rhodium; -EE019007 Earrrings / Chalcedony + Lapis + Cz / earrings / Chalcedony Lapis + + phianite-1par, covered with rhodium; -EE019532 Earrrings / Malachite + Quartz + Amazonite / earrings / Malachite + + quartz-amazonite 2par, covered with rhodium; -EE019002 Earrrings / Sunstone + Lapis / earrings / Sun Stone + Lapis-1par, covered with rhodium; -EE008788 Earrrings / Rose Quartz / earrings / pink quartz-2par, covered rhodium; -EE019209-1 Earrrings / Chalcedony + sodalite / earrings / + sodalite, chalcedony 2par, covered with rhodium; -EO019086 Pendant / Sunstone + Lapis / suspension / Sun stone, Lapis + 1pc; vkrytirodiyem; -EO019085 Pendant / Rose Quartz / suspension / Rose quartz, 2 pcs, covered with rhodium; -ER017618 Ring / Anhydrite + sodalite + Chalcedony / rings / Anhydrite + + sodalite Chalcedony-2 pcs, covered with rhodium; -ER013344 Ring / Glass (aventurine immitation) / rings / Glass (imitatsiyaavantyurynu) -2sht, coated with rhodium ; -er 017238 Ring / Quartz + Sodalite + Cz / rings / Quartz + sodalite + phianite-2 pcs; vkrytirodiyem; -ER017837 Ring / Chalcedony + Lapis + Cz / rings / Chalcedony + Lapis + phianite-1pc, covered with rhodium; -ER017652 Ring / Malachite + Amazonite + Quartz / rings / Malachite + quartz-amazonite + 2 pcs, covered with rhodium; -ER009857 Ring / Rose quartz / ring / pink quartz-2 pcs, covered with rhodium; -ER017664 Ring / Rose quartz + Cz / rings / Rose quartz + phianite-2 pcs; vkrytirodiyem ; -ER017613 Ring / Chalcedony + sodalite / rings / Chalcedony + sodalite, 2 pcs; vkrytirodiyem; -ER017540 Ring / Agate + Amethyst / ring / Agate + Amethyst-2 pcs, covered with rhodium; -EB009860 Bracelet / Amethyst + Calcite + Obsidian + Rose Quartz + Agate / Bracelet / Amethyst Calcite + + + Obsidian Pink qua c + Agate-1pc, covered sulfide; -EE018819 Earrrings / Amethyst + Calcite + Obsidian + Rose Quartz / earrings / Amethyst Calcite + + + Obsidian Rose Quartz-2par, covered sulfide; -EE018748-1 Earrrings / Glass (aventurine immitation) + Rose Quartz + amazonite + sodalite + Cz / earrings / Glass (imitation aventurine) + Pink + quartz + sodalite amazonite + phianite-2par, covered sulfide; -EE017836-1 Earrrings "HONG KONG12954UA8072101.29541469.999853
12/Apr/201740169300901. Products made of vulcanized rubber, except for tweed rhodium: Gaskets, art.1624391-1pcs. Gaskets, art.1624613 -1 pieces. Ring, art.1686658-2pcs. Brand: HYSTER Production line: DE Manufacturer: HYSTER-YALE NEDERLAND BV.GERMANY0UA1250200.2261.09478454
05/Apr/20177113110000"1.Hotovi jewelry (earrings, rings and brooches, cuff links) Silver 925proby, having Plating (rhodium covered by Art.) Not clad dublova melting or other precious metals, enamel coated Phragmen Talne andhave fragments doublet with inlays of precious fireplace tion (kul.perlyna, rock crystal), semi precious stones (agate, Obsidian snow, pearl) and synthetic stones (kub.oksyd zirconium (phianite) rubinsynte Atlantic, glass (im.avantyurynu) under art.; - PS110691E- 1 EARRING WITH FRESHWATER PEARL AND AGATE, RHODIUM PLATED / SERIES LOOKED Freshwater pearls and agate, rhodium-coated 15par; -PS150656E-1 EARRING WITH FRESHWATER PEARL AND CZ, RHODIUM PLATED / earrings ZKULTYVOVANYU freshwater pearls and F IANITOM covered Rodi 15par; -PS090439BH-1 BROOCH WITH FRESHWATER PEA RL, RHODIUM AND ENAMEL PLATED / BROSHKAZ cultured freshwater pearls, rhodium and Rita CDD-10pcs enamel; -PS110201BH-1 BROOCH WITH fRESHWATER PEA RL AND CZ, rHODIUM AND eNAMEL PLAT ED / B powders Of cultured freshwater pearls Noah and phianite coated with rhodium TAEMALL S-10 pieces; -PS120442BH-1 BROOCH WITH fRESHWATER PEA RL, rHODIUM AND eNAMEL PLATED / BROSHKAZ cultured freshwater pearls CDD Rita rhodium and enamel-15sht; -PS130650BH-1 BROOCH WI TH FRESHWATER PEA RL, CZ AND SYNTHETIC RUBY, RHODIUMPLATE D / brooch Cultured freshwater P ERLYNOYU, phianite AND SYNTETYCHNYMRUBINOM covered Rodi 10pc; -PS131302BH-1 BROOCH WITH DUPLATE CRYSTA L + MOP AND CZ, RHODIUM PLATED / brooch ZDUPLETOM rhinestone + pearl AND phianite covered 10pcs Rodi, -PS131317BH 1 BROOCH WITH fRESHWATER PEA RL AND CZ, rHODIUM PLATED / brooch ZKUL TYVOVANOYU freshwater pearls and FIAN Vol covered 10pcs Rodi, -PS130575SL 1 GUFFLINK WITH GLASS (IMMIT ATION OF AVENTURINE ), MOP, SNOWFLAKEOBS IDIAN, aGATE , RHODIUM PLATED / stud with glass (IMITATSIYAAVANTYURYNU), pearl, snow obsidian and Agatha covered RO-operate 10par; -PS110691R-1 RING WITH FRESHWATER PE ARL AND AGATE, RHODIUM PLATED / Rings with cultured freshwater pearls and AGAT OM covered Rodi 15sht; -PS151603R-1 RING WITH FRESHWATER PEARL AND CZ, RHODIUM PLATED / Rings with cultured freshwater pearls and M phianite covered Rodi 15sht - PS160161R-1 RING WITH fRESHWATER PEARL, rHODIUM PLATED / ZKULTYVOVANYU freshwater pearl rings, rhodium-coated 15sh t; -PS160161R-1 eARRING WITH fRESHWATER PEARL, rHODIUM PLATED / earrings cultured freshwater pearls covered RO-operate 15par; -PS160681R-1 RING WITH FRESHWATER PEARL AND CZ, RHODIUM PLATED / CARTRIDGE WITH CULTIVATED HERBAL PERLIN AND PHYNITO M, COVERED BY RODIEM-15pcs; Trademark: fromutnya.Vyrobnyk: Orient Rich Investment LimitedKrayina production: HK. "HONG KONG1361UA8072101.3614472.5001
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Rhodium Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Електронна корпорація України ""УКРЕЛЕКОР"""
Importer Address
03110, м.Київ, вул.І.Клименка, 25
Exporter Name Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KGHeraeus Precious Metals
Product Description
Thermocouple wire platinum-rhodium PtRh30-PtRh6, 0.........
HS Code 7110191000Value 15227.91235
Quantity 39861Unit UA125020
Net Weight 0.39861
Origin Country GERMANY

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