Ukraine Import Data of Rho | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rho

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of rho collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of rho imports.

Rho Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rho

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of rho. Get Ukraine trade data of Rho imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20176023000001. Live plants ornamental rhododendrons and azaleas, grafted or unvaccinated for greenhouse in pots with torfohruntom alive, Latin / Ukrainian name length in cm: RHODO SI VOGEL GM / rhododendron-35cm-51sht, Total weight is 14 51sht.Chysta , 3kg Country of manufacturer NL no data.NETHERLANDS0UA40101018.819.988907198 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/20176023000001 Plants for open ground decorative live without fruit for meat entrenched graft in torfohrunti, plastic horshykah of torfosumishshyu: Azalea Azalea Mollis - 3pc 150-175sm.Rododendron high-Rhododendron Hybridum clt-1pc 125sm.Chysta height-weight 602kh.Krayina origin - ItaliyaKrayina production-Italy (IT) Trademark-VANNUCCI PIANTE AZIENDA AGRICOLA, the company manufacturers VANNUCCI PIANTE AZIENDA AGRICOLA (IT).ITALY0UA305160602767.2465232
30/Apr/20176023000001. Rhododendrons are not grafted in the valleys with the peat or with a coma of peat, for open ground: Rhododendron hybrid h 80-90 cm - 12 pcs. Net weight 150kg. Trademark - no data.Manufacturer -J Grabczewski.Krai production - PL. .POLAND0UA10001015077.03721525
30/Apr/20176109100000"1.Futbolky knitted cotton: -futbolka men, art. CL1024882ANM, model: 1024882, material production: 62% cotton 38% polyester size: M - 2 pcs. Total: 2 sht.-Shirts, Art. CL1025489WHT, model: 1025489, material of manufacture:% 72bavovna 28% polyester, size: L - 6 pcs .; size: S - 4 pcs .; size: XL - 5 sht.Usoho 15 sht.-Shirts, art. CL1025659BLE, model : 1025659, material production, 100% cotton, size: S - 1 pcs. Total: 1 sht.-Shirts, art. CL1025659PIN, model: 1025659, material production, 100% cotton, size: L - 11 pieces size .; : M - 5 pcs .; size: S - 11 pcs .; size: XXL - 1 pcs. Total: 28 sht.T rhovelna mark COLIN'SVyrobnyk ERK PAZARLAMA VE GIYIM SAN.TIC.AS. "TURKEY46UA1251807.5133.3998557
29/Apr/20176023000001. Live plants ornamental rhododendrons and azaleas, grafted or unvaccinated for greenhouse in pots with torfohruntom alive, Latin / Ukrainian name length in cm: RHODO SI VOGEL GM / rhododendron-35cm-85sht, Total weight is 23 85sht.Chysta , 89kh Country of manufacturer NL no data.NETHERLANDS0UA40101031.4316.64805312
29/Apr/20176023000001.Zhyvi plants for open ground, decorative in n / o, with torfohruntom, azaleas and rhododendron species: Latin name / length, cm / quantity, unit: Rhododendron sp. / 8 / Azalea / 14 / Total: 22sht.Torhova mark there danyhVyrobnyk: nevidomyyKrayina production: NL. .NETHERLANDS0UA12522012.326.531092668
28/Apr/201769089093001. Ceramic glazed ceramic tile made of fine ceramics. For internal wall facing: 25 * 50 * 0,8 ANDROS MARRON BR - 468,00 m2, 25 * 50 * 0,8BELA BLANCO MT - 360,00 m2, 25 * 50 * 0,8 RHODES BEIGE BR - 27,63 m2 , 50 * 100 * 1,0ARGENTO GRIS MT - 192,00 m2, 50 * 100 * 1,0 ARGENTO MARENGO MT - 48,00m2, 50 * 100 * 1,0ELSEN PERLA - 48,00 m2, 50 * 100 * 1 , 0 FEDRA BLANCO - 48,00 m2, 25 * 50 * 0,8 ANDROSGRIS BR - 208,00 m2, 25 * 50 * 0,8 BELA CALDERA MT - 96,00 m2, 25 * 50 * 0,8 RHODESBEIGE BR - 76.38 m2, 25 * 50 * 0.8 RHODES MARENGO BR - 104.00 m2, 25 * 50 * 0.8 ANDROSCREMA - 1456.00 m2, 25 * 50 * 0.8 BELA BLANCO MT - 72.00 M2, 50 * 100 * 1,0 ARGENTO GRISMT - 48,00 m2, 25 * 50 * 0,8 ANDROS MARRON BR - 234,00 m2, 25 * 50 * 0,8 BELA BLANCO MT- 96,00 m2, 25 * 50 * 0.8 RHODES MARRON BR - 78.00 m2, 50 * 100 * 1.0 CEDAR GRIS - 48.00 m2. STN trademark. Made in the EU. Manufacturer SPANISH TILE FROM NULES SA.SPAIN370801UA1252506680718521.06098
28/Apr/20179503007000"1.Ihrashky presented in sets: Set toy series" "LPS-Small Pet Shop", "a platter. Art.A8229-440sht, set for creativity with clay" "Magazinchik art.B0307-60sht cookies, play set: 1 set Modulus : thrifty fighter series "" nerf "" art.B1534-20sht; toy set: Modulus set 2: Special agent series "" nerf "" art.B1535-20sht, toy set, "" Little doll and fashion accessories '' series "" Disney Princess "," a platter. art.B5327-56sht, toy set, "" Accessories Modulus "" Series "" nerf "" art.B6321-40sht; set toy series "" Trolls "", in the range art.B6555 -200sht; toy set series "" Trolls "", in the range art.B6563-21sht; toy set "" Pony with festive hairstyles "," series "" MLP-My little Pony "" a platter. art.B8809-42sht; Set toy '' Pony girlfriend '' series '' MLP My little Pony, "" a platter. art.B8924-180sht; toy set "" Pony purse "," series "," MLP My little Pony, "" a platter. art.B8952-60sht, Producer "" Hasbro SA "(the factory" Foshan City Nanhai Forward Winsome Toys Co., Ltd "China) It rhovelna brand HASBRO, Country of origin CN;"CHINA0UA100120126.914429.375296
28/Apr/20173304990000"1.Krem for hair removal with aloe vera series Deline 75ml Art. 2123 -54sht. Navyrobnychyh facilities of the company" "Russian cosmetics" "Anti-frame tone kremStop / Anti-aging foundation cream Stop-frame art. 6284 15ml Art. 6284-120sht . Anti foundation Freeze / Anti-aging foundation creamStop-frame art. 6293 15ml art. 6293 -150sht. tone cream #Feelfresh / FF cream # Feelfresh Model 6128 30ml art. 6128-546sht. cream SPF30 sunscreen for children series " "LETO" "100ml art. 2055-360sht. face Cream SPF15 sunscreen series" "LETO" "50ml art. 2053-108sht. Active serum collagen face series" "Expert" "30ml art. 1075-308sht. Syrovatka- haylayter Series Air Stream Line Oxygen radiance 15ml Art. 0245-350sht. Oxygen Balm Series Air Stream lyniyi legendary Oxygen 50ml art.0254 -324sht. Day Cream-Power Series Air Stream lyniyi Oxygen supply 50mlart. -216sht 0207. resheypinh Day Cream-Series Air Stream lyniyi Kysnevyyresheypinh 50ml art. 0216-972sht. Day cream lifting cascade di Series Matrigenic 50ml art. 0758-432sht. Cage Day Cream Ultra Power for dry skin series GARDERICA50ml art. 0728 -312sht. Cage Night Cream Ultra Power for dry shkiryseriyi GARDERICA 50ml Art. 0729 -96sht. Fitokrem day Aloe Vera & Blackberry seriyiBOTANICA 50ml Art. 0702 -720sht. Fitokrem day Cranberry & Primrose 50ml seriyiBOTANICA art. 0706-2700sht. Night & Fitokrem butcher Rhodiola rosea series BOTANICA 50ml Art. 0711-900sht. Cleansing, exfoliation mousse series "" Expert "" 75ml Art. 1073 -450sht. Rolinh-pore cleaning heldlya series EXPERT 75ml Art. 1081 -216sht. Tonic for all types shkiryseriyi "" Verbena "" 150ml art. 0801 -54sht. Homazh Face Series Air Stream lyniyiKyslorodnyy balance 75ml Art. 0203 -1170sht. Cleansing lotion series "" Verbena "" 150ml art. 0812 -54sht. Toniko- Activator Series Air Stream lyniyi oxygen resheypinh200ml art. 0221-1200sht. Three-roll gel from swelling and dark circles under the eyes "" Beautiful Eyes "" Series "" EXPERT "" 10ml Art. 1036 -350sht. Cell skin cream around ocheyseriya "" Garderica "" 15ml Art. 0743 -560sht. Face 40+ 10ml seriyiETNObotanica art. 0839 -50sht. Pasta exfoliant Series Air Stream lyniyiKyslnevyy balance 75ml Art. 0214 -180sht. Ultra moisturizing gel eye shkirynavkolo series AQUA SMART 15ml Art. 0718 -270sht. Gel Mask oblychchyapodviynoyi action: hydration and nutrition series Prolixir 75ml Art. 0724 -486sht.Vidnovlyuyucha face mask with white clay secret of Cleopatra SPA 75mlart series. 2421-450sht. Hand Cream Premium Protection Series PRO-hand 75ml Art. 2185 -360sht.Olivets-drain from skin rubbing feet Series Expert Pharma 4.3 g art. 1695-128sht. Cream for the neck and neck rejuvenation Complete Series "" Renovage "" 75mlart. 0756 -270sht. Cleansing Oil after depilation 100ml series DeLine art. 2124-260sht. Dry Oil Body SPA Treasures of the East series 100 mL art. 2415 -70sht.Zvolozhuyucha rose water and sandal series Orangerie 120ml art. 8643 -195sht.SOS cream for active people "" EXPERT PHARMA "" Series "" the Home kit "" 75ml art.1625 -270sht. Cream with thermo-Efe "RUSSIA0UA1001101361.29213630.38023
28/Apr/20173304990000"1.Thaving tonal cream Perfect tone / Matte foundation Perfect tone tonTeam beige 24ml art 6271 -78pcs Mother toning cream Perfect tone / Matte foundation Perfect tone tone Bright beige 24ml art 6272 -702pcs. Active tonal cream Perfect tone / Matte foundation Perfect tone Purple Beige 24ml Art 6273-78pcs Color Corrector for face / Color corrector Article 6181 15.4ml 6181 -576pcs Color Corrector for face / Color corrector Article 618215.4ml Art. 6182 -384pcs Color Corrector for face / Color corrector articulum 618315,4ml Art. 6183 -96p. Milk for body Iris and Ferns seriesOrangerie 100ml art. 858 5 -540pcs Face cream sunscreen SPF50 series LETO 50ml art 2057 -1080p. Rejuvenating serum Radical measure "Renovage" series 15ml art 0755-280pcs SOS gel correction point series "UltraClean Ultra Green" "15ml art 0883-450pcs Daily Cream Balance Series Air Stream Line Oxygen Balance 50ml Art 0212-648pcs Night Cream-Injector In Series of Air Stream Line Oxygen Receiver 50ml. 0217 -864p. Night cream cream of the cascading action series Matrigenic 50ml art.0759 -864pcs. Phyto Cream Night Cranberry & Pearl Flower BOTANICA Series 50ml Art. 0707-180p. Phyto-chemic night hollow & blemishes series BOTANICA 50ml art. 0763 -1980p. Cream restorative with arginine series Expert Pharma Homemade first aid kit 75ml art. 1676-324p. Milk for removing makeup Series Air Stream line Oxygen feed 200ml. 0202 -576 pcs. Spray-ice for the face of the series Air Stream line Legendary Stone 100ml art. 0205-2925pcs Phytosterite for the skin around the eyes Aloe Vera & Orange series BOTANICA15ml art. 0704 -1350pcsPhytosterite for the skin around the eyes of Zuravlina & Pearl Flower series BOTANICA 15ml art. 0708-900pcs.Phytosterol for the skin around the eyes Iglica & Rhodiola pink seriesBOTANICA 15ml art. 0712 -1650pcsPhytosterite for the skin around the eyes. Hops & Buckthorns BOTANICA series 15ml art. 0764 -1650pcsPhyto-serum AIR STREAMline series Oxygen Power 12ml art. 0210 -210p. Mask-detox series "Air Stream" line Oxygen Shadow 55ml art. 0236-240pcs. Face mask Aloe Vera & Oohneseeria BOTANICA 10ml Art. 0705 -3150pcsMask for face Cranberry & First Cats BOTANICA 10ml Art.0709 -3150pcs. Face Mask Iglica & Rhodiola Rozuverseria BOTANICA 10ml Art. 0713 -2100 pieces. Face mask Hop & Poppy Series BOTANICA 10ml Art. 0765 -700pcs.Cream for hands series "" VERBENA "" 75ml art. 0807-1620p. Cream mask for hands Anti-aging effect of a series of PRO-hands 50мл art. 2189-1440s. Nutrition balm for hands and nails The secret of Cleopatra SPA series 75ml art.2423 -450pcs. Foot Mask series ETNObotanica 50ml art. 2112 -5400pcs. Active cream for correction of the figure. Thermoeffect of the EXPERT series 150ml art. 1194-490pcs. Sorbet for the body "" Raspberry and white chocolate "" series "" Beauty cafe "" 100ml art.1821 -810pcs. Nourishing Cream for hands and feet "" Raspberry and white chocolate "" series "" Beauty cafe "" 75ml art. 1839 -4860p. Milk for body Strudel with ice cream series Beauty Cafe 200ml art. 2258-200pcs. "RUSSIA0UA1001102639.97619135.50193
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ДАНТАРБУД-ДТБ"""
Importer Address
03191, м.Київ, вул. Смолича Юрія, буд. 2 А
Exporter Name Long Life s.r.o.
Product Description
1. Live plants ornamental rhododendrons and azalea.........
HS Code 602300000Value 9.988907198
Quantity 0Unit UA401010
Net Weight 18.81
Origin Country NETHERLANDS

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