Ukraine Import Data of Resin Craft | Ukraine Import Statistics of Resin Craft

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Resin Craft Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Resin Craft

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/201785389099001.Mastyka based epoxy resin (50%) without filler into a paste with a hardener for maintenance civilian aircraft Boeing 737, c / n EPOCAST1511-A / B -12 pc. (Neaerozolna package in banks on 0.960 l).RUSSIA0UA90103086.2653710.38179 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
14/Apr/20173907300000"1. The epoxy-resin Dianova nezatverdila brand ED-16 GOST 10587-84 - polymers obtained by condensation of epichlorohydrin with bisphenol A, are v'yazkubez coloring yellowish transparent liquid onaddition nkom no visible traces mehanichnyhvklyuchen and water mass fate epoxide groups, 16.0% - 18.0% used otehnichniy electric, electronic indust those aircraft, sudo- and engineering, bu divnytstvi as part zalyvochnyh and impregnating compounds, adhesives, sealants, z'yednyuyuchyh for reinforcing plastics; you robnyk - PCF "" Plant name Ya.M.Sver dlova "" m. Dzerzhinsk, Russia. SЭDM Resin-6 OST 6-05-5125-82 - is an epoxy-nezatverdilu Dianova QS Lu, modified-element spol ukoyu, exterior resin - high-viscosity fluids from brown to dark -kor ychnevoho color, mass dolyaepoksydnyh groups - not less than 12.0% is used fo making teplostiykyhkleyiv I, which ykorystovuyutsya in various fields industria ovosti, producer - JSC " 's Institute of plastics", "c. Moscow, Russia. Both resin, contain in their composition ivoskiv, oils, bitumen, rubber, dioxo ydu titanium metal powder, brick powder, clay, sand and other silicates s, lime, cement and any inshyhmi eral or other fillers bid Elnya mark - no data krayinavyrobny tstva - RU. "RUSSIA0UA8071703071555.433477
13/Apr/20173214900090"1.Any emulsion of acrylic polymers for the grounding of surfaces and plaster on the basis of acrylic resins and mineral fillers of water. Presented both in the form of dry mixtures and water emulsion, not in aerosol packaging: art.55 10 110 0000 INCE AKRILIK MACUN 25 KG-100pcs; art .55 10 130 0000 INACCRAFT MACUN 5 KG-60 PAGE; ART.55 20 1100000 KALIN ACRYLIC MACUN 25 KG-26; ART 05 26 021 0800 800 IS7ANBUL STUCCO SATINE 10 KG-40; ART 053 26 031 0800 800 IS7ANBUL STUCCO SATINE 5 KG-20pcs; art.50 55 110 0800 800 RENOTEX PLUS 25KG-50pcs; art.600100052 1230-SUPERTECH 1,5 KG Yapistirici-34pcs; art.600100053 1230-SUPERTECH 5 KG Yapistirici-6pcs .; art.5345 110 0200 MACUNART 20 KG-2000; art.640000256 4003-TAMIRART W Beyaz Tamir Harci 20 KG-1600; Art.661002100 8 001-POTATO BEYAZ 310 ml-80 pcs .; art.640000253 4001-TAMIRART 5 Tamir Harci Ince-1400 pcs .; "TURKEY0UA11012010322.926294.661815
10/Apr/20173506990090"1.Gotovyh adhesive preparations, with a net weight of more than 1 kg: (for civil aircraft aircraft) Art SCOTCHWELD-EC1300L (0.95-Ltr-Tin) YELLOW NEOPRENE ADHESIVE (0.95-Litre) / Glue-2pcs (Chemical composition: MIXED HEXANES 10-30%, METHYL ETHYL KETONE 20-30%, HEXANE 5-20%, MAGNESIUM RESINATE 10-20%, POLYCHLOROPRENE 10-20%, MIXED HEPTANES 1-10%, TOLUEN 5-10%, CYCLOHEXANE 0- 2.5%; CYCLOPENTANE 0-2.5%) 3M Manufacturer 3M (TM) EC-1300L Brand Made by the US. "UNITED STATES0UA125180283.06444781
10/Apr/20173506990090"1.Gotovye adhesives with a net weight of more than 1 kg: (for civil aircraft) Art. SCOTCHWELD-EC3524B / A (0.5-USgl-Kit) EDGE SEALING / VOID FILLER (0.5-US Gallon-Kit) Compound One component: Chemical composition: Two component: Component A: Epoxy Resin 40 - 70%; Glass Bubbles 10 - 30%; Brominated Aliphatic Polyol Polyepoxy Resin 10 - 30%; Antimony Trioxide 1-5%; Component B: Aliphatic Polymer Diamine 30 - 60%; Flame Retardant 10 - 30%; Glass Bubbles 10 - 30%; bis (3-Aminopropyl) Ether of Diethylene Glycol 5 - 10%; 2,4,6-tris (Dimethylamino) Methyl Phenol 5 - 10% ; Polymeric Diamide 5 - 10%; Triphenyl Phosphite 1 - 5%) 3M Manufacturer 3M ™ Scotch-Weld ™ EC-3524 B / A Void Filling Compound is manufactured by the US. "UNITED STATES0UA1251802.5351.2356994
10/Apr/20173506990090(1-US Quart-Kits) HYSOL ADHESIVE (1-US Quart-Kits), with a net weight of more than 1 kg: (which includes the main element of the epoxy adhesive) (for civil aircraft) EA9396-A / B (1-Usqt-Kit) Kit) / Glue 1pcs (Component A: Polyfunctional epoxy resin 30-60%; Epichlorohydrin-4,4'-isopropylidene diphenol resin 30-60%; Modified epoxy resin 10-30%; Component B: Tetraethylene pentamine 30 - 60%; Substituted piperazine 30 - 60%; Polyamine 5 - 10%; 3,6,9,12-tetraazatetradecamethylenediamine 5 - 10%; Triethylenetetramine 1 - 5%; 1,2-Dichloroethane, polymer with ammonia 1 - 5% ) Manufacturer Henkel Corporation Trademark Hysol® EA 9396 Country of manufacture US. "UNITED STATES0UA1251801283.3429012
10/Apr/20173214101090"1.Syntetychnyy sealant: art. PR1828B-2-LO (1-S654) RAPID CURING FUEL TANK SEALANT (1-Semkit 654) / sealant - Sealant -5sht Aerodynamic / cartridges (for civilian aircraft - designed to repair damaged and sealing space aviation technology, two-component. With fillers and additives - 100% polymers, viscous liquid for use in the aviation industry. not in aerosol packaging, One-component. packaged in plastic tubes / cartridges for 0,150kh that is primary packaging. Composition: reaction product: bisphenol-A- (epichlorhydrin); epoxy resin from 30 to 60%; Phenol, polymer with formaldeh yde, glycidyl ether (MW <= 700) from 10 to 30%; calcium carbonate from 10do 30%; [3- (2,3-epoxypropoxy) propyl] trimethoxysilane from 1 to 5%). The manufacturer PPG Aerospace PRC-mark DeSotoTorhovelna PR-1828 B-1 / 2Krayina production FR. "FRANCE0UA1251800.75551.3428767
05/Apr/201739219041001. Paperosharuvatyy plastic coating (lamination) Particle boards, wood-fiber boards produced from cellulose fibers (bezvmistu mechanical fibers) impregnated melamino- and urea-formaldehyde resins with dekorovanoyupoverhneyu, form of production in the letters without stamping, bending cracks and breaks thick 0,20mm, Size, color: 2820x2080 mm - 'White' - 8000sht. 8pl. 46924.80m2. Article - 60215.2820x2080 mm - 'Dark Walnut' - 1170sht. 1pl. 6862.75m2. Article - 60215.2760x1840 mm - 'Dark Walnut' - 3910sht. 4pl. 19856.54m2. Article - 60215.2820x2080 mm - 'Fireside Walnut Select' - 1000pcs. 1pl. 5865.60m2. Article - 66101.2820x2080 mm - 'Light Select Walnut' - 550sht. 1pl. 3226.08m2. Article - 66101.2820x2080 mm - 'Tobacco Craft Oak' - 500sht. 1pl. 2932.80m2. Article - 66101.2820x2080 mm - 'Grey Craft Oak' - 600sht. 1pl. 3519.36m2. Article - 66101.2820x2080 mm - 'Without' - 800sht. 1pl. 4692.48m2. Article - 66101.2820x2080 mm - 'Stone Oak' - 600sht. 1pl. 3519.36m2. Reference - 66101..POLAND0UA2091601968036350.77689
05/Apr/20176804221800"1.Kruhy Trimming and cutting of abrasive fused with binder of synthetic resin reinforced: Circle zachisnyy 125 * 6.0 * 22,23 BEST -10000sht, Circle zachisnyy 230 * 6.0 * 22,23 BEST -2000sht, Circle Cutting 125 * 1.2 * 22,23 BEST -20000sht, Circle cutting 125 * 1.6 * 22,23 BEST -2000sht, Circle cutting 230 * 2.0 * 22,23 BEST -10000sht, Circle cutting 230 * 2.5 * 22,23 BEST -2000sht; Circle cutting 300 * 3.0 * 32 BEST -1000sht.Vyrobnyk: LIANYUNGANG ORIENTCRAFT ABRASIVES CO., LTD. Country of origin CN. The trade mark BEST.. "CHINA0UA807170649016880.97066
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Resin Craft Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Resin Craft Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Exporter Name "АО ""БЛАГОВЕСТ-ИСТРА"""
Product Description
1.Mastyka based epoxy resin (50%) without filler i.........
HS Code 8538909900Value 53710.38179
Quantity 0Unit UA901030
Net Weight 86.26
Origin Country RUSSIA

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