Ukraine Import Data of Reservoir | Ukraine Import Statistics of Reservoir

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of reservoir collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of reservoir imports.

Reservoir Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Reservoir

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of reservoir. Get Ukraine trade data of Reservoir imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201784213980901. dehumidifier (dehumidifier filter) is yelement which ensures cleaning, removing moisture and accumulation of refrigerant air conditioning system also serves as a reservoir for collecting refrigerant received from the condenser to agricultural machinery: 84058791 ressivera filter-dryer for wholesale 4sht.Rozfasovano .Vyrobnyk CNHI INTERNATIONAL SATorhovelna mark CNHKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA5041705.66107.6950478 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173917400090"1. Parts of irrigation for agriculture, such as fittings, irrigation systems z'yednyuvachi: COUPLER S FOR sprayer / S zyednyuvach-fitting to the nozzle; COUPLER FOR sprayer / fitting-out '' to yednyuvach nozzles; DOUBLE PLUNGER 4/7 -4/7 / connectors for plastic pipes 4/7 (fittings); COUPLING-20-20 / PVC clutch 20 -20 (fittings, connectors); TEE-20-20-20 / PVC tee 20 -20 -20 (fittings, connectors) 2 OUTLET DISTRIBUTOR fOR 3X5 PVC PIPE / plastic adapter with drip Ado in plastic microtubes 3/5 (fitting) 2 output. 4 OUTLET DISTRIBUTOR fOR 3X5 PVC PIPE / plastic adapter with drip Ado in plastic microtubes 3/5 (fitting) to exit 4.; LAY-FLAT SUPE R STARTERS / Startkonnektor for LFT "" Super Start "", (fitting-zyednyuvach); Tee 16MM LAY-FLAT SUPER LF M / tee - Startkonnektor 16MM for LF M, (fitting-zyednyuvach); TEE 1FX1FX1M / Tee rezbovyy plastic 1 " "BP-BP-HP (fittings); SWIVEL MANIFOLD 3X1" "FX1" "M / Plastykovыy threaded Quick disconnect collector 3x1" "VRh1" "NR (fittings); SWIVEL MANIFOLD 4X1" "FX1" "M / Plastykovыy threaded Quick disconnect collector 4x1 "" VRh1 "" NR (fittings); SWIVEL mANIFOLD 1 "" FX4X1 "" M / plastic threaded collector 1 "" HP -4-1 '' BP (fittings); BARBED CONNECTOR 16-1 / 2 "" "" ALON "" / "" ALON "" Connection Ershov plastic 16mm-1/2 '' for the reservoir. ; BARB CONNECTOR 16mm "" ALON "" / Startkonnektor ersh 16 mm (connectors, fittings); BARB CONNECTOR 20mm "" ALON "" / Startkonnektor ersh 20 mm (connectors, fittings); "ISRAEL0UA508010896.514361.99857
28/Apr/201739263000901. Spare parts (parts) for automobiles: plastic products for vehicles: a compilation of a compensator (a reservoir of a plastic hydropower system) -2 pieces. Manufacturer (trademark): ZF Friedrichshafen AG (LEMFORDER).GERMANY0UA4000300.3624.17306503
28/Apr/20179026900000"1. Spare parts for motor vehicles" "Mercedes-Benz" ": aparaturydlya of instruments and measurement or control flow, level pressure zminnnyhharakterystyk or other liquids or gases (without measuring scale) bezradiopryymayuchoho / transmitting equipment level sensor palyvaart.A9705420117 -1od. air pressure sensor in the reservoir art.A6429050100-2od.Krayina production - DETorhovelna brand - Mercedes-BenzVyrobnyk - Daimler AG. "GERMANY0UA1001100.391139.3230721
27/Apr/20173214900090"1.Shtukaturka mineral rents baranek transpo-TV15 1.5 mm 42sht in mishkahpo 25kg paper, which is a powder mixture of the following components: cement to 30% of fillers (sand) -40% derivatives and to voice applications (plasticizers) -30 .Shtukaturka% mineral kornik transparent 2,0mm-TK20 42sht in paper bags po25 kg, which is a powder mixture of the following components: cement to 30% of fillers (sand) -40% and required applications (plasticizers) -30%. Plasterer ka mineral kornik color TK20 E50 2.0 mm, 10 pieces in paper bags po25kh, which is a powder mixture with us tupnymy components: cement to fill 30% of vachamy (sand) and 40% should be added kami (plasticizers) -29% 1% dye. Plastering acrylic baranek: base, 20pcs TAV1.5mm C; A base TAB 2.0mm, 100 pieces in plastic buckets 25kg which is a pasty mixture of the following composition nicks: sand-filling 40% pisokmarmu ditches 10% Supplement ((in, plasticizers) - 50%. Shtukaturkasylikono wa ba ranek base C TXB-20pcs 1.5mm in reservoir mass 25kg buckets, whichrepresents the pasty mixture with the following complex kami, fillers (sand, 40% resin Seeley and Konova 25%), acrylic copolymer dispersion of new 15% Silicon applications vodovidshtov huyuchi 5% modifying applications ( 0.5%) - 15%. Powdered mixture while adding water is used for setting yakkleyucha substance to hone us and ceilings of buildings to vaty.Kley mineral wool KW-84sht in Pape rovyh bags of 25kg has nastupnisklad nicks: filler (cement 50% pisok- 30%) modifying applications (plasticizers) -20% Scope defined vyrobnykom- andconstruction repair. "POLAND0UA20920079504090.234954
27/Apr/20173402901000"1.Poverhnevo-active agent is not rozfasova tion for retailers: komplekspoverhnevo active substances ROK AMINA K30, composition: amidopropyl betain-sour otkokosovoyi oil (organic amphoteric claim overhnevo active agent), sodium chloride (viscosity regulator, zhushuvach not white she 6%), is used as skladovyyk omponent quality shampoos and liquid for bathing, packed into the reservoir at bochkahp - 1000 kg. not aerosol packaging.. "POLAND0UA20914020002353.806156
27/Apr/201790189060001.Vyroby pryznachennya.Prylady medical equipment and anesthesia: -art.2805000 (0,5 LITRE RESERVOIR BAG, GREEN, 22F NECK. LATEX FREE.) 0.5 Reserve bag, green, 22F neck, without latex-10sht.- art.2830000 (3 LITRE RESERVOIR bAG, gREEN, 22F nECK. lATEX FREE.) reserve 3L bag, green, 22F neck, without latex-50sht.-art.2820000 (2 LITRE RESERVOIR bAG, gREEN, 22F nECK. lATEX FREE. ) 2l reserve mi shock, green, neck 22F, bezlateksu-50sht.-art.7093000 (ECOMASK - CLEAR NON PVC ANA ESTHETIC fACE mASK - SIZE3) ichna anesthesiologist face mask Ecomask, without PVC, roses measures 3 - 35sht. art. 7094000 (ECOMASK - CLEAR NON PVC ANA ESTHETIC fACE mASK - SIZE4) ichna anesthesiologist face mask Ecomask, without PVC, roses measures 4 - 70sh .-Art.7095000 (ECOMASK - CLEAR NON PVC ANA ESTHETIC FACE MASK - SIZE5) ichna anesthesiologist face mask Ecomask, without PVC, roses measures 5 - 25sht.-art.7096000 (ECOMASK - CLEAR NON PVC ANA ESTHETIC FACE MASK - SIZE6) The anesthesiologist ichna face mask Ecomask, without PVC, roses measures 6 - 20sht.-art.8746001 (REUSABLE sILICONE BREATHING TUBING 1,1M) Reusable silicone hose (adult size), 1,1m. - 44sht.-art.8746004 (REUSABLE SILICONE BREATHING TUBING 0.45M) Multiple sylikonovyysh Lang (adult size), 0,45m. - 15sht.-art.8746006 (REUSABLE SILICONE BREATHING TUBING 0.6M) Multiple sylikonovyyshl ang (adult size), 0.6 m. - 50sht.-art.8746008 (REUSABLE SILICONE BREATHING TUBING 0.8M) Multiple sylikonovyyshl ang (adult size), 0,8m. - 12sht.-art.8848001 (ECONOMY SILICONE MASK SIZE 1) Multiple silicone mask ECONOMY, size 1 - 5sht.-art.8910000 (GREEN LATEX FREE RESERVOIR BAG-0,5L) Multiple backup mishok0,5l.-art 18sht. .8911000 (GREEN LATEX FREE RESERVOIR BAG-1L) Multiple backup mishok1l.-37sht.-art.8912000 (GREEN LATEX FREE RESERVOIR BAG-2L) Multiple backup mishok2l.-34sht.-art.8913000 (GREEN LATEX FREE RESERVOIR BAG-3L ) Multiple backup mishok3l.-10sht.-art.9110000 (22M - 22M RE-USEABLE CONNEC TOR BODY WITH OVER MOULDEDGRIP) Bahatora direct call of connectors 22M - 22M-40sht.-art.9113000 (22M / 15F-22F RE- USEABLE CONN ECTOR BODY WITH OVER MOULDEDGRIP) Many single straight connectors 22M / 15F-22F-5pcs-art.9114000 (22M / 15F-15F ELBOW WITH LUER PORT) for Multiple utovyy z`yednuvach22M / 15F-15F, with the port - 30sht.-art.9115000 (22M / 15F-15M ELBOW WITHOUT L UER PORT) Multiple kutovyyz`yednuvach 22M / 15F-15M - 30sht.-art.9117000 (22M / 15F -22M LIMBS Y CONNECT OR WITHOUT 7.6 PORTS) BahatorazovyyY pod ibnyy connectors 22M / 15F-22M - 25sht.-art.9325000 (RE-USABLE WATER TRAP) Wet multiple collection. - 36sht. P / P№13928 / 2014 from 29.05.2014r. Manufactured at the plant Intersurgical Limit ed UK.Vyrobnyk: Intersurgical Limited. Trade mrka: Intersurgical.Krayina production: LT.LITHUANIA0UA10002059.2916491.43537
27/Apr/20178516802090"1.Elementy resistance heating, fitted with insulated frame, for a voltage 240Volt capacity of 800 watts, which are pieces of wire in a spiral zispetsialnoho material that becomes very hot during chaspropuskannya electric current through it: the elements of resistance, type" "PO03 "" dlyarozihrivannya termoplatychnoho glue tank cars krayezahynalnoyi "" COM 4 "" -4 units. the elements of resistance, type "" PO05 "" termoplatychnoho for heating a reservoir of glue krayezahynalnoyi machines "" COM 4 '' - 4 pcs., resistance elements, type "" RN19 "" dlyarozihrivannya termopla ychnoho glue in the area of ​​working machines krayezahynalnoyi quotes "" COM 4 '' - 4 pcs .; elements of resistance, type "" N23 "" for heating termoplatychnoho kleyuv krayezahynalnoyi tank car "" COM 4 '' - 4 sht.Torhovelna mark "" COMELZ "" .Vyrobnyk "" Comelz Italia SpA "", Italy.. "ITALY0UA1010900.49725.4736906
27/Apr/20178479820000"1. Machinery and mechanical devices for special purposes, ridynybokovoho mixer assembly for reservoirs and tanks, yelektrychni: Mixer side montazhatypu: ALB-ME-GR-40LF-S2-S400 P700U3P, - 1 pc., ALS-ME-GC-BC160 / 35F-S1-S500-P600D3G, - 2 pcs., Manufactures "" ALFA LAVAL KOLDING A / S "" Country of DK.Torhivelna brand ALFA LAVAL.. "DENMARK0UA100050188.3811079.06028
27/Apr/201773269098901.Vyroby ferrous metals, which are designed for motor vehicles (cars dlyale hkovyh): Prokladaka pipes pryemnoy art. 287513S000 -1sht.Prokladka art muffler. 287512B100 -2sht. Gasket muffler art. 0K52Y40305-4sht. Gasket exhaust manifold art. 2852123005-1sht. Gasket intake manifold art. 2841126600 -3sht. Construction kolektoravpusknoho / bottom / left art. 284113C612-1sht. Construction of the reservoir inlet / bottom / right art. 284113C622 -2sht.Prokladka inlet collector (Upper) art. 292153C100 -1sht. Construction podturbynu art. 282862A100 -2sht. Construction of turbines art. 2828627400 -1sht. Prokladkaturbyny art. 282504A000 -1sht. Construction of turbines art. 2828627400 -2sht. Prokladkaturbynы art. 282472A100 -2sht. Construction of the turbine art. 282554A000 -1sht. Prokladkaturbiny art. 2828527000 -1sht. Construction of the turbine art. 2828627000 -1sht. Suharklapana art. -12sht.Torhovelna 2222327000 Brand: HYUNDAI MOBISKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBIS.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1252508.95412.23481579
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТЕХНОТОРГ-ДОН"""
Importer Address
54025,м.Миколаїв,пр.Героїв Сталінграду 113/1
Exporter Name CNHI AMERICA
Product Description
1. dehumidifier (dehumidifier filter) is yelement .........
HS Code 8421398090Value 107.6950478
Quantity 0Unit UA504170
Net Weight 5.66
Origin Country CHINA

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