Ukraine Import Data of Release | Ukraine Import Statistics of Release

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Release Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Release

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20173002200000"1.Vaktsyny for people INDIRAB Rabbies Vaccine BP / INDIRAB antyrabichnaochyschena vaccine, inactivated, lyophilized, produced in Vero cell culture in the form of" "in bulk" "- 1flakon of lyophilized powder and solvent for 1ampula of 0.5 ml. (Sodium chloride solution for injections 0.3%) in plastic pen in a pack of kortonu.forma release: dried poroshokdlya solution for others "" injections not less than 2.5m / dose and solvent-24960 packing. (Ser.№62AN17001V-14911up shelf life 12 / 2019.Ser.№62AN17002V-10049up, expiration date 12/2019.) Active substance: 1flakon (1 dose (0.5 ml.) Recycled st vaccine) contains: inactivated rabies virus, stamp PM, made the culture of Vero menshe2,5MO.Dopomizhni not matter: thiomersal (preservative) -0.01% maltose, 5% albumin-1% human .Medychne purpose: production finished dosage form of medical immunobiological preparatu.Rozchynyk (62AZ16014 shelf life in 08/2020.). "INDIA0UA125100124884864.0001 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/20178433510000"1.Kombayn combine brand" "CLAAS" "events." "Tucano 440 '' of the Reapers, used, 2010rik release zav.№ 83901050, diesel engine V-6370sm3, potuzhnistyu191kVt, completed 715 type reaper, zav.№ - 71505142 width of 7,5m. (Defective system hydrostatics) Trademark "" Claas "" Country of Germany (DE).. "GERMANY1UA2050201590091506.69268
29/Apr/201786090090001.Konteynery 20 foot empty specially designed and equipped for transportation of goods by one or more modes of transport, being in use, release years - 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, POCU0565708 - 1am, PONU0750823 - 1 unit, MAEU6795806 - 1 pc , PONU0777212 - 1sht.Torhovelna brand: no danyh.Vyrobnyk: no danyh.Krayina production: CN. .CHINA4UA50002091603599.99997
29/Apr/20178427201100"1.JCB truck, model 513-70 with a telescopic boom, in a wheelbase, which is equipped with fork and bucket grips, off-road (for unequal terrain) with a maximum lifting height up to 7,0 m, b / a, 2012 Release, capacity up to 3,1t, complete with fork and bucket, diesel engine: header number JCB5AATGC01533401, 1 item Jcb brand "." Country of Great Britain (GB). "UNITED KINGDOM1UA205020740027564.45344
29/Apr/201787089390981.Chastyny ​​grip for cars, new art.804110 .: -vyzhymnyy pidshypnykzcheplennya- 1pc., Art.821295 - Clutch Kit MAZDA XEDOS - 1pc., Art.821384 -KOMPLEKT clutch SUBARU JUSTY- SUZUKI SWIFT - 1pc., Art.803887 -dysk zcheplennyaNISSAN -1sht., art.803729 - disc clutch Opel - 1pc., art.803706 - dyskzcheplennya - 1pc., art.803717 - clutch disc - 1am., art.826358 - komplektzcheplennya KIA SEPHIA 1.5I 94> - 1pc ., art.9263 - set clutch TOYOTACARINA-CELICA-COROLLA - 1pc., art.786019 - clutch kit 3P RENAULT ClioScenic Twingo - 1pc., art.786022 - clutch kit 3P PSA Saxo Xsara 106 206 306 - 1 pc., art.801514 - set clutch NISSAN PRIMERA 2.0 P11E 6/96 -1sht., art.826785 -k mplekt clutch KIA -2sht. art.826728 - set zcheplennyaKIA Picanto - 1pc., art.804095 - Clutch Release Bearing - 1pc. Total production -16sht.Krayina - KRTorhovelna mark - VALEOVyrobnyk - Valeo Service Eastern Europe Sp. Z OO.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA20502055.91503.0504357
29/Apr/20178711209200"1.Mototsykly of an internal combustion engine with a crank mechanism irobochym about" 'Cylinder in volume over 50sm.kub, but not more than 125sm.kub not contain in its composition radiobladnannya: Motorcycles with windshield and bahazhnykomchastkovo disassembled state for mod.MT110-2-128sht facilitate transportation; 1990year model, new, release date, 2017, at "" 107sm.kub volume engine type dvyhunabenzynovyy total number of seats 2. more: chassis number: LMHPCHL25H0103529, engine number: 1P52FMH17203253, chassis number : LMHPCHL21H0103530; engine number: 1P52FMH17203239; chassis number: LMHPCHL23H0103531; room vyhuna: 1P52FMH17203289; chassis number: LMHPCHL25H0103532; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203301; chassis number: LMHPCHL29H0103534; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203292; chassis number: LMHPCHL24H0103537; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203285; chassis number: LMHPCHL26H0103541; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203287; chassis number: LMHPCHL28H0103542; Room engine: 1P52FMH17203216; chassis number: LMHPCHL20H0103535; engine number: 1P52FMH17203250; chassis number: LMHPCHL27H0103547; Number motor: 1P52FMH17203257; chassis number: LMHPCHL27H0103550; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203254; chassis number: LMHPCHL20H0103552; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203244; chassis number: LMHPCHL22H0103553; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203300; chassis number: LMHPCHL24H0103554; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203217; chassis number: LMHPCHL28H0103556; number motor: 1P52FMH17203190; chassis number: LMHPCHL2XH0103557; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203245; chassis number: LMHPCHL23H0103559; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203297; chassis number: LMHPCHL2XH0103560; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203290; chassis number: LMHPCHL21H0103561; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203203; chassis number: LMHPCHL24H0103540; engine room: 1P52FMH17203196; chassis number: LMHPCHL21H0103544; engine number: 1P52FMH17203202; chassis number: LMHPCHL25H0103563; engine number: 1P52FMH1720326 8, chassis number: LMHPCHL21H0103558, number of engine: 1P52FMH17203259, chassis number: LMHPCHL20H0103556, number of engine: 1P52FMH17203225, chassis number: LMHPCHL24H0103568, number of engine: 1P52FMH17203218, chassis number: LMHPCHL26H0103569, number of engine: 1P52FMH17203184, chassis number: LMHPCHL22H0103570, number of engine: 1P52FMH17203246; chassis number: LMHPCHL24H0103571; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203258; chassis number: LMHPCHL26H0103572; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203180; chassis number: LMHPCHL28H0103573; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203236; chassis number: LMHPCHL2XH0103574; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203235; chassis number: LMHPCHL21H0103575; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203283; chassis number: LMHPCHL23H0103576; engine number: 1P52FMH17203249; chassis number: LMHPCHL29H0103579; engine number: 1P52FMH17203266; chassis number: LMHPCHL29H0103582; Number motor: 1P52FMH17203183; chassis number: LMHPCHL22H0103584; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203286; chassis number: LMHPCHL26H0103586; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203269; chassis number: LMHPCHL28H0103587; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203252; chassis number: LMHPCHL28H0103590; number of engine: 1P52FMH17203272; chassis number: LMHPCHL2XH0103588; engine room: 1P52FMH17203291; chassis number: LMHPCHL2XH0103591; engine number: 1P52FMH17203232; chassis number: LMHPCHL23H0103593; engine number: 1P52FMH17203264; chassis number: LMHPCHL21H0103592; engine number: 1P52FMH17203193; chassis number: LMHPCHL25H01 "CHINA128UA1001101011213824.00014
29/Apr/201784388010001.Mashyna industrial black metal for rozmelyuvannyakavy type TKS 36 Q. 2017 release (new). Power 5,5kVt. Productivity (grinding): small-50kg / h, large-440kh / h. Operating voltage 220-230-380V-1am. .TURKEY0UA4081502901309.695933
29/Apr/201784198998001. The car industry of black metal for smazhennyakavy that runs on natural gas, black typTKM-SX 20 Q. 2017 release (new). Termalnyytransfert heating with natural gas, LPG or LNG110-220-230-380-415 V / 50-60 Hz. Produktyvnistobsmazhuvannya 80kg / h. Boiler Capacity 20kg. kavy.Chas roasting green: the light roasting 10 minutes for dark roast 12 minutes, 1 pc. .TURKEY0UA4081507506474.240035
29/Apr/20178711209200"1.Mototsykly of an internal combustion engine with a crank mechanism irobochym about" 'Cylinder in volume over 50sm.kub, but not more than 125sm.kub not contain in its composition radiobladnannya: Motorcycles with windshield and bahazhnykomchastkovo disassembled state for facilitating transportation (Active 110) mod.MT110-3-48sht; 1998year model, new, release date, 2017, at "" 107sm.kub volume engine type dvyhunabenzynovyy total number of seats 2. more: chassis number: LMHXCHL18H0103144, engine number: 1P52FMH17301036; chassis number: LMHXCHL1XH0103145; engine number: 1P52FMH17301020; chassis number: LMHXCHL11H0103146; Number motor: 1P52FMH17301040; chassis number: LMHXCHL15H0103148; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301002; chassis number: LMHXCHL13H0103150; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301024; chassis number: LMHXCHL17H0103152; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301041; chassis number: LMHXCHL15H0103151; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301027; chassis number: LMHXCHL17H0103149; number motor: 1P52FMH17301030; chassis number: LMHXCHL12H0103155; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301018; chassis number: LMHXCH L1XH0103162; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301014; chassis number: LMHXCHL14H0103156; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301033; chassis number: LMHXCHL10H0103154; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301023; chassis number: LMHXCHL11H0103163 , engine number: 1P52FMH17301026; chassis number: LMHXCHL12H0103169; engine number: 1P52FMH17301025; chassis number: LMHXCHL10H0103168; engine number: 1P52FMH173010 03, chassis number: LMHXCHL19H0103167, number of engine: 1P52FMH17301005, chassis number: LMHXCHL17H0103166, number of engine: 1P52FMH17301044, chassis number: LMHXCHL10H0103171, number of engine: 1P52FMH17301029, chassis number: LMHXCHL15H0103165, number of engine: 1P52FMH17301038, chassis number: LMHXCHL16H0103174, number of engine: 1P52FMH17301046; chassis number: LMHXCHL18H0103175; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301021; chassis number: LMHXCHL12H0103172; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301022; chassis number: LMHXCHL11H0103180; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301009; chassis number: LMHXCHL19H0103170; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301012; chassis number: LMHXCHL13H0103181; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301004; chassis number: LMHXCHL14H0103173; engine number: 1P52FMH17301010; chassis number: LMHXCHL11H0103177; engine number: 1P52FMH17301035; chassis number: LMHXCHL15H0103179 , Number of engine: 1P52FMH17301042; chassis number: LMHXCHL15H0103182; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301019; chassis number: LMHXCHL13H0103164; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301001; chassis number: LMHXCHL13H0103178; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301016; chassis number: LMHXCHL19H0103153; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301043; chassis number: LMHXCHL13H0103147 , number of engine: 1P52FMH17301017; chassis number: LMHXCHL16H0103143; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301048; chassis number: LMHXCHL1XH0103176; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301007; chassis number: LMHXCHL18H0103161; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301047; chassis number: LMHXCHL12H0103186; number of engine: 1P52FMH17301031; chassis number: LMHXCHL14H0103187 , engine number: 1P52FMH17301039; chassis number: LMHXCHL10H0103185; engine number: 1P52FMH17301045; chassis number: LMHXCHL19H0103184; engine number: 1P52FMH173010 32, chassis number: LMHXCHL16H0103160, engine number: 1P52FMH17301006, chassis number: LMHXCHL16H0103188, engine number: 1P52FMH17301037, chassis number: LMHXCHL16H0103157, engine number: 1P52FMH17301008, chassis number "CHINA48UA10011042245183.999911
29/Apr/20178419891000The investment in the authorized capital: 1.Hradyrnya dvuhsektsiyna ventylyatornadlya tehnichnoyivody industrial cooling, vykorystovuvayemoyi for prymusovohooholodzhennya process obladnannya.MITA type: PMS 9/130 ATTSeriynyy number 17-00102Rik release 2017Vodopropustymist 17 m3 / chPotuzhnist 1.5 kVtpostachayetsya in unassembled for easy transportation.ITALY0UA30521028013601.25
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ""Фарма Лайф"""
Importer Address
79040,м.Львів,вул.Данила Апостола 2.
Exporter Name Bharat Biotech International limited
Product Description
"1.Vaktsyny for people INDIRAB Rabbies Vaccine BP .........
HS Code 3002200000Value 84864.0001
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 1248
Origin Country INDIA

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