Ukraine Import Data of Reel Plastic | Ukraine Import Statistics of Reel Plastic

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of reel plastic collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of reel plastic imports.

Reel Plastic Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Reel Plastic

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of reel plastic. Get Ukraine trade data of Reel Plastic imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201739269097901.Vyroby cast plastic headings 3901-3914, made no sheet. Plate-ramyopryskuvacha 10pc, catalog number 921398, lever-kranaopryskuvacha 11sht, catalog number 929791, dlyapromyvnoyi liquid tank sprayers, 1pc, catalog number 931805, Planck limit naklonu sprayers rod-12p, 942,280 №po directory, plug-sprayers 2 pcs, pokatalohu number GE073, Finger-5pcs drills, catalog number 965126 on Corps Drill sowing device D9 -41sht, in katalohu958134 number, device Reel seed drills, 35 pcs, pokatalohu number 955397, Reel Drill sowing device, 2 pcs, catalog number 3363500. Brand -AMAZONEN-WERKE H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG, torh.marka-AMAZONE. .GERMANY0UA40003034.281224.789468 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20177229200000"1. kremniyevomarhantsevoyi wire of stainless steel coated copper, has pokryttyaabo flux filling material grade steel HTW-50, HTW-711 standard AWSA5.18) on plastic reel and in plastic drums diameter: HTW-50dyam.1,0mm - 5kgspool -2200kh., HTW-50dyam. 1,0mm - 15 kgspool-2160kh., HTW-50dyam.0,8mm - 15 kgspool-2160kh., HTW-50dyam. 1,2mm - 15 kgspool-10800kh., HTW-50dyam. 1,0mm - 250 kg / Drum-2500kh., HTW-50dyam. 0.8 - 250 kg / Drum-3000kg., E71T-GSdyam. 0.8 - 1 kgspool-300kg., Comm. mark - "" HIT WELDING INDUSTRY CO.LTD "" Country of -CN.Vyrobnyk: "" HIT WELDING INDUSTRY CO. LTD "". "CHINA0UA1251102312022671.36002
28/Apr/201739269097901.Vyroby plastic non-medical purpose made by lyt'yevym: SHEAVE HOSE REEL / Roller hydraulic party number: 1494017 -4,00sht.Vykorystovuetsya in avtonavanazhuvachah.Torhivelna forklift brand HYSTERVyrobnyk HYSTERKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA1250200.1744.74783357
27/Apr/20173923409000"1. Packing plastic reels for rubber sealing. Used in systems of facade and interior structures of public and residential buildings of the brand SCHUCO., Art .99295036, Half coil (small), quantity -1 pc, art.99295037, Half coil (large), Number-1-piece, art.99295037, half-coil (large), quantity -3 pieces, art.99295037, half coil (large), quantity -3 pieces, art.99295036, half coil (small), quantity -1 pieces, Art.99295036, Half coil (small), number -1 pc, art.99295036, Half coil (small), number -1 pc, art.99295036, half Coils (small), number -1 pcs, art.99295037, half coil (large), number -2 pc, art.99295037, half coil (large), number -2 pc, art.99295036, half coil (small) , Quantity -1 pc, art.99295037, half coil (large), number -1 pc, art.99295037, half coil (large), number -1 pc, art.99295037, half coil (large), number -1 pc , Art.99295037, half and coil (large), number -1 pc, art.99295037, half coil (large), number -1 pc, art.99295036, half coil (small), number -1 pc, art.99295036 , Half coil (small), number -1 pcs, Hp .99295037, Half coil (large), number -2 pc, art.99295037, Half coil (large), number -2 pc, art.99295037, Half coil (large), number -1 pc, art.99295037, Half Coils (large), number -1 pc, art.99295037, half coil (large), quantity -6 pcs, art.99295037, half coil (large), quantity -6 pcs, art.99295037, half coil (large), coil Quantity 1 pcs, art.99295037, Half coil (large), quantity -1 pc Producer "" Schuco International KG "" Brand SCHUCOContainer manufactured by DE "GERMANY0UA10011060131.2101346
27/Apr/201754011014001.Nytky garments made of synthetic fibers, not put up for retail torhivliarmovani.-Alterfil S: AS120-01022-A1 1000m-2 pcs., AS120-01470-A1 1000m-1pc., AS120-01922-A1 1000m-2 pcs., AS120- 02123-A1 1000m-2 pcs., AS120-02434-A1 1000m-1pc., AS120-02656-A1 1000m-2 pcs., AS120-02966-A1 1000m-1pc., AS120-03057-A1 1000m-2 pcs., AS120- 04562-A1 1000m-1pc., AS120-08486-A1 1000m-1pc., AS120-13542-A1 1000m-1pc., AS120-19032-A1 1000m-2 pcs., AS120-24241-A1 1000m-1pc., AS120- 24842-A1 1000m-1pc., AS120-25172-A1 1000m-2 pcs., AS120-25562-A1 1000m-2 pcs., AS120-26353-A1 1000m-2 pcs., AS120-26752-A1 1000m-1pc., AS120- 26853-A1 1000m-1pc., AS120-26931-A1 1000m-2 pcs., AS120-27233-A1 1000m-1pc., AS120-27721-A1 1000m-2 pcs., AS120-27843-A1 1000m-2 pcs., AS120- 27932-A1 1000m-2 pcs., AS120-29623-A1 1000m-2 pcs., AS120-30531-A1 1000m-1pc., AS120-33422-A1 1000m-1pc., AS120-35962-A1 1000m-3pc. AS150-04757-A1 1000m-1pc., AS150-28791-A1 1000m-3pc. AS80-25331-A1 1000m-2 pcs., AS80-25940-A1 1000m-1pc., AS80-26931-A1 1000m-2 pcs., AS80-28821-A1 1000m-1am. AS120-00791-S05-30sht 5000m., AS120-23982-S05-15sht 5000m., AS120-25660-S05 5000m, 6 pcs., AS120-26510-S055000m-50sht., AS120-29777-S05-5pcs 5000m. AS150-26510-5000m-S05 100 pieces., AS150-27931-S05 5000m-50sht., AS150-28333-S05 5000m-20pcs. AS80-26510-S055000m-25sht., AS80-27251-S05-25sht 5000m. A225-26510-S05 5000m-40sht., A225-27721-S05 5000m-10pc., A225-27843-S05 5000m-15sht. A220-29623-S055000m-15sht. / Babin on plastic and the cardboard. Reel / Producer Alterfil Nahfaden GmbHKrayina production DETorhivelna mark AlterfilGERMANY0UA10011064.11693.076458
27/Apr/20179507900000"1. Products for fishing: Potsak 600 - 2400sht., Potsak 700 - 400sht., Drying fish - 600sht., To Line reels of 100 meters - 42600sht., Firefly for night fishing, 2 pcs. In Patsch. - 100000pach., rybalskyy braided cord reels at 100 meters - 23400sht., bell (metal, plastic) with batteries in the complex. - 1600sht., bell (metal, plastic) with batteries in the complex. - 2000sht.Vyrobnyk: YIWU HENGDA IMPORT & EXPORT TRADING CO., LTD.Krayina production: CN.. "CHINA0UA500060521411835.78012
27/Apr/20173916905000"1.Vytratnyy material for 3d printer plastic vacuum packed: 345-42006P430XL -1SHT Model material. (Coil of black ABS material) 345-42207 SR-30XL material support, 1pc. (C Reel Material ABS plastic water soluble) 340 -21202 P430 -2SHT Model material. (coil of black ABS material) 340-30500 SR-30XL ABS material pidtrymky- 1pc. (Reel ABS plastic material with a water-soluble) .355-02210 PC model material, 2 pcs. (reel of material PC plastic white) .Krayina production -IL. Producer - "" STRATASYS GmbH "". Trademark - "" STRATASYS GmbH "".. "ISRAEL0UA10013021.51524.983606
27/Apr/201772173090001. Welding, diameter = 0,295 mm., 0.4 mm., 0.5 mm. of non-alloy carbon steel with a galvanized coating (latunirovanyy) not polished lumbar section of the same along the entire length of wire produced by cold drawing, according to the standard GB / T1118-2006. Component C = carbon fraction of 0.6% iron Fe = 99,12%, Si = 0,10%, S = 0,015%, Cu = 0,05%, Cr = 0,05%, Ni = 0,05% , P = 0,015%. Wire wound on the metal reels B-60 (teoretic each weight 2.1 kg.), Which made up 28 cardboard boxes, layers of coils translated in boxes with plastic separator 28 plywood pallets. The wire is intended for domestic production, is used for the reinforcement of high pressure. Country of CN. Manufacturer Shandong Daye Co., Ltd. .CHINA0UA50003049377.459252.88004
27/Apr/20173916905000"1.Vytratnyy material for 3d printer plastic vacuum packed: 355-02230 Nylon 12 -1SHT Model material. (Reel Nylon material with black plastic) .355-03130 SR100 Material-support 1pc. (Reel ABS plastic material with a water-soluble ). Country -US production. Producer - "" STRATASYS GmbH "". Trademark - "" STRATASYS GmbH "".. "UNITED STATES0UA10013011.8657.2045392
27/Apr/20179004901000"1. Personal protection. Safety glasses with lenses of plastics: art.60403, VISILUX protective glasses 20pcs. Art.60405, VISILUX zahysniokulyary-120sht art.60599, CHIMILUX protective glasses 400sht. Art.60600, CHIMILUX protective okulyary- 100 pieces. art.60601, KEMILUX protective glasses 60sht. art.60976, MADLUX zahysniokulyary-20pcs. art.60960, TECHNILUX protective glasses 20pcs. art.60963, TECHNILUX goggles t-20sh. art.60993, SPIDERLUX zahysniokulyary-20sh v. art.62593, STREAMLUX goggles t-10sh. art.62633, LIGHTLUXzahysni glasses 10pc. art.62653, SLIMLUX protective glasses 30sht. art.6SIG3, SIGMAzahysni glasses 30sht. art.6RHO3, RHO protective glasses 20pcs . art.6PSI0, PSIzah ysni glasses 120sht. art.6TAU3, TAU-30sht goggles. art.6THE3, THETAzahysni glasses 30sht. art.62553, AIRLUX protective glasses 10pcs. art.62135, FREELUXzahysni glasses 10pc. pryznachennya.Torhivelna non-medical grade " "Lux Optical" ". Producer:" "SACLA" ". Country of origin: FR.."FRANCE0UA100010961900.027666
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Reel Plastic Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Reel Plastic Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Агро-Гарант Україна"""
Importer Address
Черкаська обл., Золотоніський р-н, с .Піщане, вул.Коробченка,15.Україна.Україна.
Exporter Name Heinrich Schroder Landmaschinen KG
Product Description
1.Vyroby cast plastic headings 3901-3914, made no .........
HS Code 3926909790Value 1224.789468
Quantity 0Unit UA400030
Net Weight 34.28
Origin Country GERMANY

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