Ukraine Import Data of Red Spice | Ukraine Import Statistics of Red Spice

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of red spice collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of red spice imports.

Red Spice Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Red Spice

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20172071410001.M'yaso poultry and by-products, namely - minced chicken morozhenyymehanichnoyi separated, is well odnorid lot of pink otrymanushlyahom grinding meat carcasses of domestic chickens, without giving any yakyhharchovyh to bavok, condiments and spices, cooking without heat processing nekonservovanyy not in primary packaging grinding 1 mm. 20,987 kg., Manufactured, 03-04 / 2017. Shelf life 6 months at the T-18C. Marking vyrobnykaPL14023901WE. .POLAND0UA209180209877345.449983 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173035410101. Mackerel common or European (Scomber scombrus) frozen, whole, with the head, not patrana size 400-600, no salt, no food additives, spices and other ingredients, without components sumisheyteploviy and cooking has not been without konservantiv.Vaha net 19,000 kg. Production date: October-November 2016. Shelf life April-May 2018r. .UNITED KINGDOM0UA1250101900035334.31108
28/Apr/20172103909000"1.Cmako aromatic compositions for usage in food industry last one, that bezvmis ethanol: Ref. 20454683 BM1285 CAJUN BATTER 25kg (pshenychneboroshno, semolina, red pepper, salt, herbs (oregano, thyme), spices (paprika), flavors, flavor enhancers and flavor (E621, E627, E631), coloring (E160s)) - 600kh, 24mishkiv to 25kg; Ref. 20392169 SOUR CREAM & ONIONFLAVOUR (20-30% sucrose and romatyzatory, 10% maltodextrin, salt, poroshokpahty, dextrose 5.10% cream powder, acid (E330), a tool against bad chewing (E341 (yiyiyi)), sunflower oil, Mr idsylyuvach taste (E635)) - 2000kh, 80mishk s po25kh, whirlpool Country obnytstva - PLTorhovelna mark - KerryVyrobnyk - Kerry Polska Sp.zoo. "POLAND0UA10001026007132.681967
28/Apr/20172103309000"1. Products that are ready to sauce consistency for semi stravart.00026-054-" "Mustard Sauce" "- 54kor. Portions in plastic containers (1kor.-20sht.h750hr) Ingredients: alcohol vinegar, drinking water, mustard seeds (13%), salt, spices, aromatyzator.Vyrobnyk - "" Develey Senf & Feinkost GmbH "", Nimechchyna.Krayina production-DE.Torhivelna mark - "" McDonald's "".. "GERMANY0UA100120811668.3848903
28/Apr/20178021190101. The sweet Californian almonds piece Natural SSR 32 / 34-19958,4 kg., Is the dried kernel of sweet almonds with the skin, without the shell, not roasted, not preserved in salt or sugar, not blanched, not scalded, no spices, no covered with oil, with no added fragrances, packaged in cardboard boxes 880 in 22.68 kg for use in the food industry. Crop year - 2016 Lot number C-11475, date of manufacture 02/2017 r.Termin life - 02/2019 g. Manufacturer: SUMMIT ALMONDS LLS. Country of origin: US Trademark: no data.UNITED STATES0UA80717019958.4120149.57
28/Apr/20172711139700"1.Hazy oil and other hydrocarbons vhazopodibnomu state are sumishhaziv hydrocarbon liquefied (liquefied): shyrokalehkyh fraction of hydrocarbons, grade A - 178.4 tons 05753490-0900-9-2011 stations. Kilkistpry 15 ° C - 314.088 tys.l. Composition according chromatograms: density at 15 ° C - 566-570,3 kg / m3 density at 20 ° C - 559,3-563,7 kg / m3 mass fraction of methane - 0,305-0,507% mass fraction of ethane - 0.709 -0.926% mass fraction of propane - 27,2-27,948% mass fraction butanes -41,985-48,568% mass fraction of pentane - 13,097-14,464%, mass fraction of hexane - 8,754-16,767%. poured into the tank under pressure. It is used for spices ary recycling processes for secondary distillation with fractionation careful not to be used for sale or as a separate (final) product. manufacturer JSC UPG "" Surgutneftegaz "". Country of origin: Russia. Trademark: Not available.. "RUSSIA0UA90315017840069040.80014
28/Apr/20173035100001. Frozen fish - herring, herring Balt H (Clupea harengusmembras), Tomato Group (2nd class), frozen in blocks to 11 kg (2 units vkartonniy box), whole, head, not calibrated, not Sol ÎÍÀ without harchovyhdobavok , spices and other ingredients Shih, no component mixtures. Bezkonservantiv. Does not contain GMOs. Teplov minutes and cooking were not treated. Zasposobom packaging not intended for retail sale. Date of manufacture: 21-22.03.2017r.Data implementation: 21-22.03. 2018r. .ESTONIA0UA110120198005816.982596
28/Apr/2017303510000"1.Ryba frozen herring, herring grade 2 (Clupea harengus membras), frozen in blocks, whole, head, uncalibrated, no salt, no food additives, spices and other ingredients, no component mixtures, heat and cooking not exposed, without preservatives. dimensional number available. net weight 20000kh. production date: 04/2017; Shelf life 12 months. Manufacturer: SIA "" GRANTS & KO "", Latvia. Country of LV. Trade mark: no data. ".LATVIA0UA125040200006746.219877
28/Apr/20172103909000"1. flavors for production of sausage products (contain no animal products): - art. 6755.1UA EM Doctoral Combi additive for varenyhkovbas containing incorporates di- and tryfosfatnatriya, potassium polyphosphate stabilizer (E450, E451, E452) spices: nutmeg, matsys, cardamom, mono- and dihlitserydyharchovyh acids emulsifier (E471), izoaskorbinovakyslota, sodium izoaskorbat antioxidant (E315, E316), sodium glutamate flavor enhancer (E575) .- 100kg; Shelf life - 11.10.2018r. inplastic packaged packages of 1kg. -art. 10951.1UA White Aroma flavor addition to cooked sausages containing some kind of monosodium glutamate (in terms of glutamic acid) taste and aroma enhancer (E 621) -26.07% broth hydrolyzed protein plants, Maltodextrin, Salt food, dridzhiv extract, flavor natural " "milk," ".- 160kh; Shelf life - 11.10.2018r. packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. -art. 8695.1UA EM Zhenevskaya combo that includes svoyem consisting of di- and polyphosphates stabilizers (E 450, E 452) , salt food, lactose, MSG flavor enhancer and aroma (E 621), izoaskorba Sodium antioxidant (E 316), extracts of spices: nutmeg, pepper, chilli, pepper, paprika, koriand, imbir, tmin, pepper white, kardamon.-180kg; Shelf life - 11.10.2018r. Packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. -art. Combi G395.1UA sausages cooked sausages supplement that contains in its composition piro- and polyphosphates (in pererahuku on P2O5) stabilizers (E 450, E 452) -21.45% monosodium glutamate (in terms of glutamic acid), flavor enhancer and aroma (E 621) -8.69% antioxidant ascorbic acid (E 300), salt food, dextrose, spices, garlic, spice extracts, pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, coriander, flavor natural koptylnyy.-300kg; Shelf life - 11.10.2018r. Packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. -art. G223.1UA Salami Paperoni ingredient for maturing summer sausages containing incorporates spices: paprika, koriand, cayenne pepper, dextrose, Salt food, glucose syrup, monosodium glutamate (in terms of glutamic acid) taste and aroma enhancer (E 621 ) -6.32% antioxidant sodium ascorbate (E 301), antioxidant ascorbic acid (E 300), extracts of spices: paprika, chili-54kh; Shelf life - 04.10.2018r. Packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. -art. F512.1UA Salami Milano flavor containing incorporates spices: pepper, paprika, nutmeg, monosodium glutamate (in terms of glutamic acid) taste and aroma enhancer (E 621) -6.31% natural flavors and flavorings, izoaskorbat sodium antioxidant (E 316) .- 200kg; Shelf life - 12.10.2018r. Packaged in plastic bags in 1kg. Manufacturer: Pacovis AG; Trademark: Pacovis; Country of origin: CH; "SWITZERLAND0UA1002809946909.923536
28/Apr/20172106909200"1.Diyetychni supplements to the diet in primary packaging without vmistumolochny's fats, sucrose, isoglucose, glucose, and heat, spices and alcohol: Diyetychnadobavka" "MEMOSTIM" "capsules №30 -17920upak., Series: 2017031, 2017032, terminprydatnosti - 02/2020. composition: 1kapsula contains active inhridiye Consumer Care: ekstraktbakopa Monnier (Baccopa Monni eri) -150h extract of Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgobiloba) -120mh.Dopomizhni ingredients: corn starch b -10mh (which skladaye3,3mas. %), microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stear at, sodium benzoat.Vyrobnyk: "" Ananta Medicare Limited "" Country of origin: INTorhivelna brand: Ananta Medicare. "INDIA0UA807170374.52810751.9999
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""С-Компані"""
Importer Address
79071 м. Львів, вул. Кульпарківська 230. Україна
Exporter Name CEDROB S. A. Ubojnia Drobiu
Product Description
1.M'yaso poultry and by-products, namely - minced .........
HS Code 207141000Value 7345.449983
Quantity 0Unit UA209180
Net Weight 20987
Origin Country POLAND

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