Ukraine Import Data of Rear Sub Frame | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rear Sub Frame

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of rear sub frame collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of rear sub frame imports.

Rear Sub Frame Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rear Sub Frame

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of rear sub frame. Get Ukraine trade data of Rear Sub Frame imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178703239031"1.Poshkodzhenyy, passenger vehicle to transport people and for the use of public Podoroga engin Mr. iskrovym internal combustion and ignition of the crank mechanic nizmom (petrol) was uvykorystanni brand HONDA, model CR-V - 1pc. Engine Room - no data, according to expert opinion №6216 28.04.2017r .: stamp "" Honda "", model "" CR-V "", in the configuration "" EX-L "" VIN 5J6RM4H74FL053452 engine room - no data, typdvyhuna - petrol, V-2354sm3, power - 140kVt environmental class - Euro 5, the total number of seats, including the city istse driver - 5 calendar rikvyhotovlennya - 2015, model year - 2015, the body - wagon, wheel formula 4x4, color - black. vehicles damaged. According eksperta№6216 conclusion of 28.04.2017r., damaged and should be replaced: • by data [3] naavtomobili necessary to replace the front suspension right (poz.7054, 7082, 7088, 7102, 7106, 7118), the front suspension subframe (7011), with vidkolesa front right (7036), ABS sensor front right wheels (7246) , front suspension stabilizer law (7272), the thrust steering rights (7312), crankcase engine (8065), in Pop trumpet average (8826). • front bumper (0283) strain in right and left parts to form bends, cracks materialukriplen, be replaced. • the lower part of the front bumper (0282) - in praviychastyni schesa material (according to [8] repairs not provided) must be replaced. • Protection of the lower front bumper (0835) - on the right side schesa material (according to [8] repairs not provided) polezhytzamini. • grill grille (0424) - on the right side vidsutniysektor (according to [8] repairs not provided), lie down replacement. • oblytsyuvannyahromovana grille (0437) - crack the material (according to [8] unexpected repair), lie down replacement. • headlight Law (0562) - cracked material fasteners (according to [8] repairs not provided), lie down replacement. • wing front right (0742) - it is difficult to form misshapen dents, creases metal polezhytzamini. • Cover the front right wing (0788) - schesa material (according to [8] repairs not provided), lie down replacement. • Protection of wheel arches perednohopravoho (0842) - crack the material at the bottom (according to [8] unexpected repair) must be replaced. • Hood (0471) in front of a deformed with formation of dents metal beyond repair and then color • dveriperedni law (1482) - in the back of the door frame deformation, polezhytzamini. • stable central sidewall Right (2292) seredniychastyni deformed in the form of dents, bends metal, with podalshymzabarvlennyam be repaired. • resistant front right sides (2238) in seredniychastyni deformed to form dents metal beyond repair and then color. • lining the lower right rear door (1986) in front of a deformed with formation of cracks material (according to [8] repairs not provided) pidlyahayezamini. • plate glass exterior rear doors "UNITED STATES1UA80719021007737.819847 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/20178707909000"1.KUZOV trucks, MARK" "FIAT" ", MODEL" "DUCATO" ", which is a cabin with integrated rear suspension subframe and is one, and not the chassis. SERIAL NUMBER is applied to the front right LONZHERON.KILKIST PLACES including the driver - 3.KALENDARNYY year - 2005 NUMBER body - ZFA24400007685047, used, body type - flatbed, fully equipped, without engines and transmissions, front and rear suspension, transmission, ignition system AND jamming, fuel tanks, PAR and rear position lamps, NO RA IATORA, BATTERY WITHOUT steering wheel, brake and fuel TRUBOPROVODIV.NA Body found: Instrument Shields WITHOUT instruments, seats, windshield wipers, internal lining, Electroarmature, DZERKLA body elements, hooks, windshield, glass in doors, sun ITEMS lock with handle , insulation, elements OSVITLENNYA.TORHIVELNA MARK - FIAT. "FRANCE1UA20601012001022.554546
14/Apr/201784879090001.Komplektuyuchy of electrical enclosures industrial automation systems: 34571-608 faceplate 84NR -16sht 24560-055 protective cover (2 pcs.) -1kompl34560-284 horizontal rail 34560-784 rail 84NR -40sht horizontal 84NR RC-30849-002 faceplate 50sht 2U 6HP-34560-193 5pcs sidebar 3U 415D -2sht 34560-284 horizontal rail 84NR-10pcs 34560-784 horizontal rail 84NR RC -1 0sht 34560-284 horizontal reyka84NR - 10pc 34560-784 horizontal rail 84NR RC -10sht 24560-051 upper panel (2 pcs.) - 1pak 20818-019 faceplate 5NR -6sht 21101-705 plate gasket (10pc). -57pak 24560-053 84NR upper panel (2 pieces) -2 7kompl 24560-235 Plank a gasket (10 pieces). -6pak sidebar 34560-189 34562-762 -7sht 3U panel resolution 220D-24 560-052 25sht top panel (2 pcs.) 84HP 235D - 1kompl 24560-235 plankauschilnyuvach (10pc). -1pak 24564- 447 sidebar (2 pcs.) - 1kompl 24566-429 side panels (2 pieces) for -2pa 30848-304 -5sht30849-00 front panel 5 front panel 6U 3HP -5sht 34562-883 district on Eyck perechna 280D -20sht24560-235 plan ca gasket (10pc). -1pak 30848-378 ne Ref panel -35sht34561-498 corner and 6U rack -2sht 34811-136 rear panel -5sht 64 560-010rozdilyayucha panel 6U -2sht 20110- 093 20110-093 -4pak Side rail Side rail Side rails -4pak 20110-093 24812-321 -20pa for vstavnoy module -2sht 34561-3 84reyka perforov Ana M2,5 -500sht 30838-0 front panel 44 5NR -5sht 20118-590 30847-603 -2sht lower rack front panel - 20pcs 30847-604 faceplate -5sht20818-019 front panel 5NR -200sht 34560-101 horizontal rail -10sht 34560-601hory zontalna -10sht rail 34560-684 rail cial horizon -10sht in 20110-091 reykavydvizh (2 pieces) -3kompl 30118-299 front panel b -6sht 1U 2U -1 perednyapanel 30118-301 20846-431 faceplate pieces -5sht 21101 05 -7 plate gasket (10pc). -1pak 24567-173 body SUBR H W.HDL 3U 84HP 295D SL-2 pcs 24567-173 body SUBR H W.HDL 3U 84 HP 295D SL -2sht 24567-464 karkasblochnyy Heavy 6U 84HP 355D 20848-617 -2sht front panel (loop) -2sht30838-204 front panel -2sht tion 34560-984 mountains ontalna Eyck was -10sht 14575-165karkas Compac 3 PRO U 84HP -2sht 30118-301 Front Panel 2U-30118-299 2pcs front panel 1U 30 -5sht 848-304 faceplate frame -1000sht24591-336 multipacPRO 400mm -10kompl 10225- 638 housing COMPTEC 7U 600D-1 24566-43 1pc side panels (2 pieces) -80kompl 34561-384 14575-123 M2,5-100sht perforated rack enclosure compac PRO -1sht 30845-253 perforo Wang -50sht34562-756 rail mounting sir eh -8sht 21101 -707 rail mounting (10pc) -50pak 21101-705 plate gasket (10pc). -5pak 24561-199 plate compactor 1kompl 3U-34561-384 rail 34561-384 rail M2,5-100sht punched perforated M2,5-250sht 34561- 342 34560-742 M2,5-10sht rack perforated horizontal rail 42NR 10 t 34560-892 21101-707 -100sht guide rail rack mounting (10pc) -10pak3 4561-497 bill -20sht 21101-705 cover plate gasket (10pc). -2pak34560-38 4 horizontal rails 84NR SL 0-284 horizontal -50sht 3456 84NR rail-building 563-173 24 100 pieces evropac PRO -25sht 2456GERMANY0UA10011058521172.31369
07/Apr/201773089098001.Chastyny ​​metal rack designs painted and exposed tehnolohichnymoperatsiyam for further assembly and permanent installation to the floor vtorhivelnyh halls hypermarkets (art. Name, number): A50_10020, pidbazu 15H6H33mm Support for installation on adjustable feet, 20pcs. R50_10153, Baza470H140Nmm from the installation element for supports, fastened to the rack perforovanoyiz step-50mm 4 pieces. 13739, legs, adjustable galvanized 60N M10mm (8107315) -44sht. R50_10155, 670H140Nmm base of the installation element for supports, fastened to the rack perforated 50mm with step-16sht. A50_10069, Reliance otsynkovana37H55H15mm during the post-rack 80H30mm 4 pieces. A50_40130, 1333H100mm Panel rear, mounted on a rack in increments of 50 mm, 6 pcs. A50_40136, Ekonom reinforced, schoznimayetsya 1333H100Nmm, fastened to the rack in increments of 50mm-12sht.A50_80459, galvanized substrate 95H115H1mm resistance stands at L50mm, forestablish floor-16sht. A50_80460, galvanized substrate 95H115H2mm pidoporu L50mm rack for installation on vile-gu 16sht. A50_80702, Diahonalfarbovana 10H1090H35Nmm, mounted on a frame of the warehouse rack-L55 R974mm 30sht.A50_81366, Stand 55H40H3000Nmm 1-sided perforation 50mm with step-12sht.A50_81375, Reliance 115H95H28Nmm rack 55H40mm C with 3 holes for mounting dopidlohy-16sht. A50_81656, Traverse 10H907H35Nmm painted, mounted on a rack ramuskladskoho L55-R974mm 24sht. A50_81364, Stand 55H40H2500Nmm C1-sided perforation in increments of 50mm, 4 pieces. A50_80258, 200H25H4mm dlyazyednuchoyi plate rack panel tortsovoho-4 pieces. A50_82004, 1333X19X100mmdlya face panel connecting section of the island shelf-4 pieces. A50_90091, lock bar 17H45mmdlya shopping rack-24sht. R50_10118, 80H30H1410mm Rack with 2 storonnoyuperforatsiyeyu increments of 50mm-12p. R50_50381, perforate shelfs dvomapidsylennyamy step 1333H470H25-8sht 50mm. R50_50383, perforate shelfs dvomapidsylennyamy step 1333H570H25-36sht 50mm. R25_50596, zkriplennyam perforated shelf for Tsennikoderzhatel 1000H300H25 R1mm-12p. R50_50373, shelf perforovanaz 1st amplification step 1000H370H25-12sht 50mm. R25_50644, perforate shelfs 1 mpidsylennyamy with the letter Tsennikoderzhatel mm 1333H300H25-1sht. R50_50376, Polkaperforovana one amplification step 1333H370H25-1sht 50mm. A50_80149, Fiksator34H38mm to reverse L-eminent beams 50mm step-164sht. R50_80040, Balkareversyvna 3000H40H100mm-18sht. R50_80044, Beam reversing 3000H60H40mm with bracket-60sht.R50_80122, Reliance Intermediate 40H40H974mm coupler wooden shelves 19Nmm, attached to the beam-90sht. R50_80193, Reliance Intermediate 40H40H1074mm for navisnoyiderevyanoyi 19Nmm shelf, mounted on a beam-180sht. R50_80639, Beam reversyvna2666H40H100N mm, 4 pieces. R700168, Beam Series VPA 40H2994H140mm, with bracket, thickness 2mm steel, 4 pieces. 6230 clip galvanized, 3.5mm thickness, 32sht.R700176, Beam Series VPA 40H2994H100mm with brackets 2mm thick steel-12sht.A50_10020, resistance at 15H6H33mm base for mounting on adjustable feet-24sht.R50_10155, 670H140Nmm base of the mounting element support secured dostiykyRUSSIA0UA1001103810.947752.921127
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Rear Sub Frame Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Rear Sub Frame Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Exporter Name AS DRINKS GMBH
Product Description
"1.KUZOV trucks, MARK" "FIAT" ", MODEL" "DUCATO" ".........
HS Code 8707909000Value 1022.554546
Quantity 1Unit UA206010
Net Weight 1200
Origin Country FRANCE

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