Ukraine Import Data of Rear Cross | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rear Cross

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of rear cross collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of rear cross imports.

Rear Cross Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rear Cross

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of rear cross. Get Ukraine trade data of Rear Cross imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178708803598"1.Chastyny ​​and devices for cars. Part suspension system, not for the industrial assembly of motor vehicles for the a / m purpose: 44000290540200 shock front / rear suspension hidravlychnyy2705,3221,3302 - 288sht, 21214291540200 shock rear suspension fasteners hidravlychnyyz LADA 4x4 - 16sht, 21210290540203 shock perednoyipidvisky hidravlychnyy of fasteners LADA 4x4 - 11sht, 11180291540220amortyzator zadnoъ suspension hidravlychnyy go with the new buffer compression LADAKalina / 110 - 25sht, 21010290420000 crossbar perdnoyi suspension in collection - 21sht, 11180290540203 Rack hidravlychna right front suspension with upper haykoyukriplennya LADA Kalina - 40sht, 21090160221010 drive clutch cable in the collection -280sht manufacturers - JSC "" AVTOVAZ "". Country of origin - RU.Torhivelna mark - LADA.. "RUSSIA0UA8072001039.6865476.142869 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178432291000"1.Mehanizmy Soil: trailed cultivator for pre obrobkyhruntu model" "Kompaktomat K 800 PS II / C", "new, 2017 RV, disassembled staniyakiy contains in its composition th receivers and transmitters. The serial number 2017 /0427.Komplektatsiya:robocha width of 8 meters, the main frame of the machine, with pole ripper stabbing weights category 3, side frames hidravlychnym assembly, transportation tion mistbez brakes working bodies of the springs vyravnyuyuchi harrows, rollers two rows D 400mm (front roller spiral second, rear roller crosskill), two series of howling vronnyh legs, lighting, add SD Peninsula Country Weave, catalog parts and guidelines tstvo poeksplutatsiyi.Vyrobnyk: "" Farmet as "" Trademark: "" Farmet "". vyrobyk Country: CZ.. "CZECH REPUBLIC1UA125110550022429.22148
28/Apr/201790049010001.Okulyary protection with lenses that are not corrected vision, made of plastic, closed and open: ee9006-01 ESS 5B Blk w / Sm Gry-Intl / Blk 5B cc / cc Play-Int-12sht.ee9006-15 ESS 5B T. Tan w / Sm Gry / 5B T.Tan cc / cm-Play 16sht.ee9006-12 ESS 5B Reaper Woods w / Sm Gry / 5B Rearer Vuuds cc / cm-Play 16sht.ee9006-13 ESS 5B Reaper Woods w / Mir Cop / 5B Rearer Vuuds cc / cm Kop-16sht.ee9006-14 ESS 5B Reaper Woods w / Mir Blue / 5B Rearer Vuuds cc / cm-Bluye 16sht.ee9015-04 ESS Credence Blk w / Sm Gry / BLK Kredens cc / cc Play -15sht.ee9015-13 ESS Credence Reaper Woods w / Sm / Kredens Reaper Woods cc / cm 16sht.ee9018-07 ESS Rollbar T.Tan / Rollbar T.Tan-16sht.ee7018-09 ESS Influx Blk-Intl / Blk Influks -Int-10sht.ee7018-08 ESS Influx Fol Grn-Intl / Influks foul Gy-Int-10sht.740-0401 ESS Profile NVG Fol Grn-Intl / Pr ofayl NVH Foul Gy-Int-10sht.740-0131 ESS Profile TurboFan Blk / Blk Profile TurboFan-10sht.740-0390 ESS Crossbow 2LS / Krossbou 2 drugs (complete with 2 polymers (polycarbonate lenses with)) - 20sht.ee9014- 05 ESS Crosshair 3LS / Krosshayr 3 drugs (complete with 3 we polymer (polycarbonate lenses with)) - 26sht.ee9014-04 ESS Crosshair 2LS / Krosshayr 2 drugs (complete with 2 polymers (polycarbonate lenses with)) - 20sht.Ne for medical tsiley.Kozhni glasses are packed in individual textile cover.UNITED STATES0UA12510045.812850.47627
27/Apr/20178703329010"1.Avtomobil passenger for the transport of persons, used for personal use - 1pc .: stamp - VOLKSWAGEN, Model: PASSAT: Body number / VIN - WVWZZZ3CZEE005382; sitting room, include local driver - 5, engine type - diesel the engine №n / in, working on the "" volume cylinder -1968 cm3, power - 130kVt, environmental standards - EU5, calendar year - 06.07.2013, model year - 2013, date of first registration - 06/17/2013 , body type - wagon. Color - yellow. axle configuration - 4x2. Transit number - BOR131B. Available damage and signs of exploitation tion: poshkodzheno.Poshkodzheni vehicle and replaced, Bumper rear jack panels left and right rear bumper, spoiler rear bumper, the protective pad left, right, central, guiding the left and right rear bumper, rear bumper bracket, rear bumper mounting bracket, locking rear panel, rear trunk lid, lock the cover backward button door backward, back spoyl er, right rear lamp inside and outside, right side of the niche of a spare wheel, cross beam locking bar backward. Violated opening trunk lid, rear door area pravoyi.U possible hidden damage defekty.Torhovelna brand: VOLKSWAGEN. Manufacturer: VOLKSWAGEN AG. Country of origin: DE. "GERMANY1UA11016015805773.289928
27/Apr/20174010390000"1. Feed the timing driving a car with vulcanized rubber synchronous with z'yednanymykintsyamy circumference of more than 198sm reinforced with textile materials, part numbers: 94835 (L = 202,4cm) -2sht, 941007 (L = 207,2cm) -1sht , 94596 (L = 212cm) -1sht, 94621 (L = 224,8cm) -10sht. Feed timing driving a car with vulcanized rubber, synchronous, connected with the ends of the circumference of no more than 60cm, armovanitekstylnymy materials articles: 941013 (L = 46,4cm) -2sht, 94195 (L = 52cm) -40sht, 94177 (L = 52,3cm) -10sht, 94374 (L = 58,9cm) -1sht. Passing driving a car with trapezoidal cross z'yednanymykintsyamy section, of vulcanized rubber co zdovzhynoyu and over 240sm, streams, reinforced with textile materials, part numbers: 6PK2460 (L = 246cm) -2sht; 6PK2490 (L = 249cm) -1sht; 6PK2504 (L = 250,4cm) -1sht; 6PK2504 (L = 250,4cm) - 5pcs; 6PK2515 (L = 251,5cm) -1sht; 6PK2550 (L = 255cm) -5sht; 7PK2711S (L = 271,1cm) -10sht. Feed Drive the car with the combined kintsyamytrapetsiyepodibnoho cross-section, of vulcanized rubber, with a length kolane more than 60cm, reinforced rear tex materials, part numbers: 3PK500 (L = 50cm) -10sht; 4PK588 (L = 58,8cm) -2sht. Packaged for wholesale and rozdribnoyitorhivli.Krayina production - IT.Torhovelna mark - DAYCO. The company manufacturer - Dayco Europe SrlKrayina origin - IT. "ITALY0UA10011016.473543.2602717
27/Apr/20178708803598"1.Chastyny ​​and devices for cars. Part suspension system, not for the industrial assembly of motor vehicles for the a / m purpose: 21010-2904020-01 lever nzh etc. MRK-31sht (vyr., Ltd." "Part-Resource "") 21010-2904021-01 lever nzh EUR MRK-31sht (vyr., Ltd. "" Item-Property "") 21010-2904100-01 lever cattle etc. MRK-34sht (vyr., Ltd. "" Details -Resurs "") 21010-2904101-01 lever cattle MRK-EUR 33sht (vyr., Ltd. "" Item-Property "") 21010-2904200-10 crossbar env MRK-83sht (vyr., Ltd. "" Item-Property "") 21010-2919013-01 bar contin. top. rear. Suspension-282sht (vyr., Ltd. "" Item-Property "") 21070-2919010-11 bar prd nzh showers MRK-37sht (Vyr., Ltd. "" Item-Property "") 21070-2919012-11 bar prd nzh etc. MRK-73sht (vyr., Ltd. "" Item-Property "") 21010-2904020-01 lever nzh etc. MRK-29sht (vyr., Ltd. "" Item-Property "") 21010-2904021-01 lever nzh EUR MRK-29sht (vyr., Ltd. "" Item-Property "") 21010-2904100-01 lever cattle, etc. MRK-26sht (vyr., Ltd. "" Item-Property "") 21010-2904101-01 lever cattle MRK-EUR 27sht (vyr., Ltd. "" Item-Property "") 21010-2904200- 10 cross-MRK-env 77sht (vyr., Ltd. "" Item-Property "") 21010-2919013-01 bar prodol.verhn.zadn.pidvisky-318sht (vyr., Ltd. "" Item-Property "") , 21070-2919010-11 bar prd nzhliv MRK-43sht (vyr., Ltd. "" Item-Property "") 21070-2919012-11 bar prd-nzh prmrk 87sht (vyr., Ltd. "" Det Al-Resource ""), Country of origin - RU "RUSSIA0UA80720023506917.151368
27/Apr/201787088099981.Chastyny ​​and devices are motor transport means: systemypidvisky parts that are designed for motor vehicles SAG obiv (for lehkovyhavtomobiliv): Lever rear suspension art. 0K01134200A -1sht. Lever longitudinal zadnoyipidvisky art. 551102E002 -2sht. Lever rear suspension poperechnyyzadniy art. 552502S000 -2sht. Lever front top left art. 544103F601-2sht. Lever front top left art. 544103K000 -2sht. Peredniyverhniy right arm art. 544203E100 -2sht. Lever front left art. 545001E000 -2sht.Vazhil front left art. 545002E001-1sht. Lever front left art. 54500FD000 -2sht. Lever front bottom livyyart. 545001M100 -1sht. Lever front lower left art. 545002Y000-1sht. Lever front right Art. 5450117000 -1sht. Lever front right art.545012Y000 -1sht. Lever rear suspension art. 0K2A128600C -2sht. Lever poperechnyyzadniy art. 5520126550 -2sht. Lever rear cross art. 552202F000-2sht. Fist turning left art. 517151E100 -2sht. Fist rotary front pravыy art. 517162S000 -1sht. Nizhniy rыchah podvesky levыy. Art. 545002V000 -3sht.Rychah rear suspension cross. 87088091 art. 5525038000 -2sht. Rыchah art.552502S000 -4sht. Rыchah ass. podvesky previous. (c sharovoy) art. 552502S000 -2sht.Rыchah ass. podvesky cross. (reaktyv.tyaha) art. 55610FD000-2sht. Rыchah ass. podvesky prodolnыy pravыy art. 5510117000 -2sht. Rыchah zad.podvesky prodolnыy pravыy art. 552802H000 -2sht. Rыchah ass. podvesky prodolnыypravыy art. 552803S000 -2sht. Rыchah rear PODVESKY art. 552302B000-1sht. Rear Rыchah levыy art. 552502P010-2sht. Rыchah rear bottom art. 5521038000 -2sht. Rыchah Independent podveskyperednyy levыy art. 0K30B34350B-1am. Rыchah front levыy (a collection) art. 0K2NA34350B -1sht. Rыchah perednyypravыy art. 545012B500 -1sht. Rыchah podvesky rear bottom levыy art. 552202E500-2sht. Rыchah podvesky front upper pravыy art. 552402P000 -1sht. Rear Rыchahpoperechnыy art. 552102E510-1sht. RЫCHAH POPERECHNЫY rear PODVESKY art. 551003R000 -2sht. Stiykastabilizatora art. 548304L000 -14sht. Stabilizer art. 555301D000-8sht. Rear stabilizer art. 5553017010 -6sht. Stand stabilizatoraperednoho art. 0K01134150 -4sht. Front stabilizer art. 548302E200-10sht. Front stabilizer art. 548302H200 -6sht. Stoykastabylyzatora peredneho art. 0K72A34150-6sht. Rack stabilizer peredneho art. 548302W000 -10sht. Rack stabylyzatorapodvesky art. 548303Q000-16sht. Traction rear suspension longitudinal Art. 0K2A128350C -2sht. Thrust pidviskyzadnoyi longitudinal left art. 5510017000-2sht. Traction rear suspension poperech. Art. 552503K601 -2sht. Thrust zadnoyipoperech suspension. Art. 552503R000 -2sht. Thrust longitudinal front. Suspension Art. 546004A000-3sht. Zapf perednyaya builds (c g / y) art. 517161C010 -1sht.Torhovelna brand: HYUNDAI MOBISKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBISKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA125250185.97563.489032
27/Apr/201784836080001.Mufty (devices connecting shaft) which are intended for motor transportnyhzasobiv (for cars), Elastic Coupling shafts art.491302B000-1sht. Crossings rear propeller shaft. al v. -1sht.Torhovelna 4914055300 Brand: H YUNDAI MOBIS.Krayina production: KR. Whirlpool obnyk: HYUNDAI MOBIS. .KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1252502.8418.08914375
27/Apr/201787088099981.Chastyny ​​and devices are motor transport means, suspension system and yihchasty us for automobiles: Lever Art. 5836624000 -4sht. Lever longitudinal zadnoyipidvisky art. 551102E002 -2sht. Lever front top left art.544103F601 -2sht. Lever front top left art. 544103F601-2sht. Lever front top left art. 544103K000 -2sht. Lever front livyyart. 545001E000 -2sht. Lever front left art. 545002E001 -1sht. Vazhilperedniy bottom left art. 545001M100-1sht. Lever front lower left art. 545001M100 -1sht. Lever front pravyyart. 5450117000 -1sht. Lever rear cross art. 5520126550 -2sht. Kulakpovorotnyy left art. 517153U000 -1sht. Fist rotary front pravыy art.517162S000 -1sht. Nizhniy rыchah podvesky levыy. Art. 545003X000 -2sht. Rыchah art.552501D000 -4sht. Rыchah ass. podvesky prodolnыy art. 551002B000 -1sht. Rыchah zad.podvesky prodolnыy pravыy art. 5510117000 -2sht. Rыchah ass. podvesky prodolnыypravыy art. 5510117000 -2sht. Rыchah ass. podvesky contin tion pravыy art.552802H000 -2sht. Rыchah rear PODVESKY art. 552302B000 -1sht. Rear Rыchah levыyart. 552502P010 -2sht. Rear Rыchah levыy art. 552502P010 -2sht. Rыchah zadnyynyzhnyy art. 5521038000 -2sht. Rыchah front pravыy art. 545012B500-1sht. Rыchah podvesky rear bottom levыy art. 552202E500 -2sht. Rыchah podveskyperedney the upper pravыy art. 552402P000-1sht. RЫCHAH POPERECHNЫY rear PODVESKY art. 551003R000 -2sht. Thrust pidviskyzadniy upper / lion. / Art. 5520026500-2sht. Thrust suspension left rear longitudinal Art. 5510017000 -2sht. Thrust pidviskyzadnoyi poperech. Art. 552503R000 -5sht. Spherical bearing art. Lower support 517602H000 -6sht.Sharovaya art. 517702E010-6sht. Sharovaya support, pc SONATA art. 545303S000 -6sht.Torhovelna brand: HYUNDAI MOBISKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBISKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA125250148.14447.3829582
26/Apr/20178708999798"1.Chastyny ​​and devices to vehicles with asobiv purpose. Part nodes to a / m, capacity less than 75 tons, not skladannyamoto gns for industrial vehicles meh.obrobka: 21230230107200 holder kriplennyazadnoyi suspension - 5pcs, intermediate shaft 21230220209200 - 2 pcs, 21210180211600 muftavmykannya gear transfer case (6) - 1pc, 21210180211600 clutch switch gear transfer case (6) - 2 pcs, 21210180404000 control lever shifting given out korobky- 2 pcs, 21230180215000 dyfferentsial transfer case to collect - 1am, 21210180302800 plug coupling blokyr vky differential transfer case - 8 pieces, 21210180302400 rod fork switch gear transfer case - 8 pieces, 21210180302400 rod fork switch gear transfer case - 12p, 21070100110000 crossbar rear engine mount - 100 pieces, 21120130305510 trubapidvodyacha - 4 pieces, Manufacturer - JSC "" AVTOVAZ "." ​​Country production - RU.Torhivelna mark - LADA.. "RUSSIA0UA80720053.935510.9487023
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Rear Cross Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Rear Cross Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Україна,62495,Харк.обл,Харк.р-н, смт.Васищеве,вул.Промислова,1
Exporter Name "ТОВ ""ЕВРОЦЕНТР-ГАРАНТ"""
Product Description
"1.Chastyny ​​and devices for cars. Part suspe.........
HS Code 8708803598Value 5476.142869
Quantity 0Unit UA807200
Net Weight 1039.686
Origin Country RUSSIA

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