Ukraine Import Data of Rattles | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rattles

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of rattles collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of rattles imports.

Rattles Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rattles

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of rattles. Get Ukraine trade data of Rattles imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201795030095001.Ihrashky polymer materials, no radio, rattles, only 1500 pieces. Trademark TOYS. Manufacturer SHANTOU HUADA TOYS IMP. & EXP.TRADING CO., LTD. Country of CN. .CHINA0UA50001029.85119.9998358 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/20179503007000"1.Ihrashky children in sets, sets, plastic toy, plastic doll with stroller -720sht and accessories, plastic toy sets: the house-150sht animals, plastic toy sets, tools, 252sht, plastic toy sets: the car with a doll-84sht; Sets toy plastic, cloth, mat with rattles and animal 240sht, plastic toy sets, merry-540sht beads, plastic toy sets: a house with a figure and furniture-grade 2400sht.Torhova -nemaye danyh.Vyrobnyk "" JIA YU tOY TRADE CO, LTD "" country of China, (CN).. "CHINA0UA5001001216.864892.180155
25/Apr/20179503009500"1.Ihrashky children without plastic umontov anoho engine in the range, 2946785mashynka-14sht. (100% plastic), machine-3,836,822 8 pieces. (100% plastic) 4716746ihr.kulka, 2 pcs. (100% plastic) 5,626,100 games. Rudder sound-2 pcs. (PLASTMASA100%) 5,732,580 games. Beanbag-8 pieces. (100% plastic) 5732581 Dziga-2 pcs. (100% plastic) 5,732,583 games. Pazlovyy ball-10pc. (100% plastic); 5732592ihr. Coffee-machine 4pcs. (100% plastic) 5,733,704 games. For swimming -kachka vkorabli, 2 pcs. (100% plastic) 5,773,045 games. The machine - ATV-24sht. (100% plastic) 5,773,046 games. Clipper -19sht. (100% plastic) 5773047 ihr.Mashynka-17sht. (100% plastic) 5,787,179 games. Avtob US-4 pieces. (plastic 100%), 5874147 games. Pyramid-8 pieces. (plastic 100%), 5884488 games. H was rozbirnyytraktor-9sht. (plastic 100%), 5884489 games. H, the collapsible tractor-5pcs. (100% plastic) 5,884,490 games. ekskavators-21sht. (100% plastic) 5884491 ihr.Betonozmishuvach-23sht. (100% plastic) 5884498 ihr.vantazhivka-11sht. (PLASTMASA100%) 5,884,499 ihr.vantazhivka -3sht . (100% plastic); 5884500 ihr.vantazhivka-9sht. (100% plastic); 5884501 games. Machine-8 pieces. (100% plastic); 5884503 ihr.Mashynka-14sht. (100% plastic); 5887069 games. N-r-cube rattles 3pc, 2 pcs. (Plastics); 5887341 games. Avtobus- sorter-10pc. (LAYER"CHINA0UA100010158.431886.787572
21/Apr/201795030095001. Toys plasmasovi (unpowered) - rattles for babies, booklets, blocks with rattles function (beeper, bell): 2/084 Toy-booklet (changes color) Bear sht.2 96/150 Beanbag cow sht.2 108/167 clash. to cart turtles and octopus sht.2 12/237 rushing Beanbag ball sht.2 72/268-Teeth units Beanbag Magic Pen sht.2 288/450 Beanbag colored balls sht.2 480/459-Teeth units Beanbag Funny animals sht.2 72 / 630 Beanbag Bear with koralykamy sht.2 288/664 Beanbag Three balls sht.2 96/709-booklet Toy Cat soft beeper sht.2 100/717 Beanbag to cart giraffes and monkeys sht.2 12/727 Beanbag to cart Butterflies sht.2 24/804 Beanbag Ball sht.2 288/874 Beanbag Snail / butterfly sht.2 288/886 sht.2 Beanbag Phone 288/887 144 sht.2 Beanbag Wheel / 888 Beanbag dumbbells sht.68 240/017 IG Raska-booklet plush developing cauliflower ocean sht.74 12/009-booklet soft toy with beeper colored animals sht.81 24/001 Beanbag "Lollipop" sht.81 48/003 Brya zkaltse "Fish-Whale" 96 sht.81 / 004 Beanbag "Hrobachok" 192 sht.Vyrobnyk: Xerlon, Unhin Enterprise Company, CN for Canpol, PL Trade mark: Canpol babiesCHINA0UA2050902133369.839906
21/Apr/20179503009900"1 Toys textile (unpowered) - brizkaltsya for babies, rattles the cart, cubes of" "yachyky toys with rattles function (beeper, bell): 2/613 Beanbag teddy bear to cart sht.2 12/616 Beanbag plush Safari to cart sht.68 12/005 Beanbag plush into the hands of jungle Friends (4 views) sht.68 240/007 plush toy steering wheel for cars (2 types) sht.68 48/009 plush toy with a bell hippopotamus / Monkey 48 sht.68 / 010 plush toy vibrating (4 views) sht.68 48/013 plush toy trolley to spiral ocean Color sht.Vyrobnyk 12: Xerlon, Unhin Enterprise Company, CN for Canpol, PL TRADING struction Brand: Canpol babies. "CHINA0UA20509034967.3721763
21/Apr/201795030095001. Toys plasmasovi (unpowered) - rattles for babies, booklets, blocks with rattles function (beeper, bells) 2/188 Beanbag Bunny sht.2 288/604 -zubohryzka Beanbag Color Zoo sht.2 288/605 576 Koala Bear Beanbag sht.2 / 606 Beanbag new bar sht.56 720/128 Beanbag Cow / Frog / Bear sht.56 144/136-Beanbag quotes Teeth units 72 sht.Vyrobnyk Kasem International Co. Ltd., TH for Canpol Sp. z oo, PL Trade mark Canpol babies56 / 139-Beanbag Bear Teeth units 432 sht.Vyrobnyk Zenith Infant Products Co. Ltd., TH for Canpol, PL Trade mark Canpol babies.THAILAND0UA2050901321960.255687
19/Apr/20179503009500"1. Plastic Toys: Rattles, Cutters (in stock) Fisher-Price Art. CBL16 - 120 pieces; Interactive machine in Bibo al. (Rus.) Fisher-Price Art. FCW57 - 30 pieces; machine Hot Wheels" "Changes color "" (a platter.) art. BHR15 - 6592 pieces; car truckers Hot Wheels (a platter.) art. BDW51 - 168 pieces; Increased characters m / f "" Cars 3 " 'in Assam. art. DXV90 - 1200 pc; Increased characters m / f "" Cars 3 " 'in Assam. Series" "Crazy eight" "art. DYB20 - 512 pieces; machine wheelbarrows 3 klipstripi art. FFL05 - 384 pieces; Inertia heroes of the m / f" " Cars 3 '' in Assam. art. DVD31 - 960 pieces; Musical Cutters in ass. Fisher-Price art. FFL29 - 60 pcs, brand Country of CNTorhovelna MATTELVyro nickname Mattel, Inc.. "CHINA0UA100070908.5424295.99501
18/Apr/20179503009500"1.Ihrashky children without plastic umontov anoho engine in the range, 2745165doshka drawing-13sht. (85% Plastics, Magnets 15%) 2,745,927 games. Tvarynkadlya swimming-12p. (100% plastic), machine-48sht 2,946,785. (Plastics 100%) 3,836,822 machine-78sht. (plastic 100%), 4419013 games. The camera-3pc. (PLASTMASA100%) 4,428,940 games. animal on wheels, 20pcs. (plastic 100%) 5,619,334 Ihrashkadlya swimming-22sht. (Plastics ) 5619341 games. mower with bubbles, 33sht. (plastics) 5732592 games. Coffee-machine 17sht. (100% plastic) 5733302 ihrashkadlya throwing bubbles, 5pcs. (plastics) 5733303 games. To be puskannyamylnyh lbashok-14sht. (plastics) 5733704 games. For swimming duck-ship 14sht. (100% plastic) 5,733,706 games. -tyahach machine, 2 pcs. (100% plastic) 5,733,708 games. Machine-2 pcs. (Plastics 100%) 5,733,957 ihr.Kermo-7sht. (plastics) 5768619 games. Truck - Concrete-12p. (100% plastic) 5,768,622 games. Truck - ekskavators-10pc. (100% plastic) 5,768,623 games. Vantazhivka- 42sht. (100% plastic); 5787177 games. Bus-28sht. (100% plastic); 5787179 games. Bus-40sht. (100% plastic); 5848189 ihrashkadlya throwing bubbles, 28sht. (PLASTIC); 5848190 toy bubble-puskannyamylnyh 24sht. (PLASTIC); 5874147 games. Pyramid-32sht. (PLASTMASA100%); 5874149 games. Pyramid-6 pieces. (100% plastic); 5884488 games. N-p-rozbirnyytraktor 13sht. (100% plastic); 5884489 games. N-p-sectional tractor 14sht. (100% plastic); 5884512 games. Fire truck-9sht. (100% plastic); 5887069ihr. N-r-cube rattles 3pc-19sht. (PLASTIC); 5887342 ihr.Kubyk-sorter-12p. (PLASTIC); 5887343 toys, 8 pieces. (Plastics) 5890840 games. Machine-4 pieces. (100% plastic) Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - SMIKIVyrobnyk - SMYK SA "CHINA0UA100010236.832807.57225
13/Apr/20179403700000"1.Mebli plastic: plastic -hodunky children on a metal frame, which is installed on wheels with plastic (with fabric seat with two holes for the legs of the child) unassembled complete with audio devices with battery - 834sht; -hodunky with children plastic on metal frame, which is installed on wheels with plastic (seat of a fabric with two holes for the legs of the child) unassembled, complete with rattles and audio devices to the battery - 1631sht. Producer - "" GUANGDONG SILIQUE INTERNATIONAL GROUP MAUFAR CO., LTD "", China. Trade mark - "" BAMBI "". Countries and production - China (CN).. "CHINA0UA5000105910.5911939.40014
11/Apr/20179503009500"1 of plastic toys, rattles giraffe, art. 333280/837473 - 204 pieces; house-sorter, art. 333291/838335 - 84 pieces; mill bathroom art. 493143/868208 - 104 pieces; ball toy, art . 493138/868212 - 216 pieces, machine-chairs 9+, art. 451386/857953 - 228 pcs. Total: 836 pc. Manufacturer: "" Playgo Toys Enterprises Limited "" Country of CNTorhovelna mark BABY. "CHINA0UA100120182.32059.741343
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Rattles Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Rattles Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Product Description
1.Ihrashky polymer materials, no radio, rattles, o.........
HS Code 9503009500Value 119.9998358
Quantity 0Unit UA500010
Net Weight 29.85
Origin Country CHINA

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