Ukraine Import Data of Rapid Door | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rapid Door

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of rapid door collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of rapid door imports.

Rapid Door Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Rapid Door

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of rapid door. Get Ukraine trade data of Rapid Door imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201787082990001.Chastyny ​​to car bodies: Art. 1118.8403512 apron (Mudguards) krylapravyy -1sht. Art. 1118.8403513 apron (Mudguards) -1sht left wing. Screen art.1118.1203104 floor protection -2sht body. Art. 1118.3403065 Kozhuhoblitsovochnyy top -2sht. Art. 1118.3403072 lower casing oblitsovochnyy 1118.5007250 Obivka shumoyzol. Agriculture floors. Front -2sht. art.1118.8101010 Otpalyuvach control assembly -1sht. Art. 1118.8104030 Soploventylyatsiyi body -2sht center. Art. 1118.8104040 ventilation nozzle body-side 2 pcs. Art. 1118.8104041 ventilation nozzle body -2sht side. Art. 1118.8104049Povitryaprovod side nozzle -2sht. Art. 1118.8108032 Povitryapr.paneli pryladivpravyy -2sht. Art. 1118.8108033 Povitryapr.paneli left -2sht devices. art.1118.8109170 cable vpusknoy flaps, 2 pcs. Art. 1118.8401076 beyond the lower horizontal bar-1am. Art. 1118.8401290 frame radiator rack -2sht law. Art. 1118.8401291Ramka radiator Stoica left -1sht. Art. 1118.8403394 Usylitel Mudguards verhniypravyy -1sht. Art. 1 118.8403395 Usylitel Mudguards top left -1sht. art.1118.8403400-frame platform battery 1pc. Art. 1118.8403410 battery support frame -1sht. Art. 1118.8404066 Z'yednuvachzadnoho right wing and floor -1sht. Art. 1118.8404067 connector rear wing left -1sht floor. Art. 111836102012 Obivka door peredn.prava -2sht. art.111836102012-10 Obivka door peredn.prava -2sht. Art. 111836102013-10 Obivkadveri peredn.liva -2sht. Art. 1119.6302012 Obivka door backward buffer 1119.6302014 Obivka door backward-1am. Art. 2102.5004170 Obivka -23sht right wheel arch. Art. 2103.5325232-02Oblitsovka -383sht radio panel. Art. 2105.3403072-01 oblitsovochn.vala booster housing bottom -11sht. Art. 2105.5004061 Obivka rack windows Wind (left) -175sht. Art. 2105.8101012 heater assembly -2sht. Art. 2108.5602010-10 Obivkabahazhnyka-3pc. Art. 2108.5607010 -1sht luggage shelf. Art. 2108.5607010-10 Polkabahazhnyka-4 pieces. Art. 2108.8109164-01 Pull-168sht flaps. Art. 2108.8109170-01 cable-heater 100 pieces. Art. 2108.8406156 cable opening hood -71sht. Art. 2110.5101040Panel floor rear right -14sht. Art. Support springs 2110.5101211 left-5pcs. Art. 2110.5101331 right-rear spars 10pc. Art. 2110.5101332 rear spar left-10pc. Art. 2110.5101372 spar average -10sht right. Art. 2110.5109076 threshold (inside front) right -49sht. Art. 2110.5109078 porog rear (internal) right -29sht. Art. 2110.5109155 Oblitsovka lower tunnel floors -2sht. art.2110.5601012 panel vuhlova right-38sht. Art. 2110.5602012-10 Obivka -3sht backward. Art. 2110.6205082-10 Tyahazapyrannya right rear door -60sht. Art. 2110.6205083-10 Pull locking zadnoyidvery left -60sht. Art. 2110.6812610 Obivka spinky -2sht. Art. 2110.6820172 Oporapidlokotnyka-5pcs. Art. 2110.8101020-20 radiator guard-1am. Art. 2110.8101340 Povitryaprovod heating noh -5sht. Art. 2110.8119078Horlovina foster povitryazabornyka -5sht. Art. 2110.8204010-01 Kozyrokprotyvosonyachnyy right -37sht. Art. 2110.8204011-01 Kozyrok protyvosonyachnyylivyy -44sht.RUSSIA0UA807170644.0221964.291007 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20178703229010Imported under the Law of Ukraine 31/05/2016 number 1389-VIII1.Lehkovyy car brand SKODA, RAPID model, second hand nomerkuzova -TMBBN6NH7D4027450, petrol engine volume capacity 1197sm3 63kVt, №dv.-CBZD61404, kuzova- type hatchback, # of seats 5, Amount 4-door, color white, axle, 4x2, year 2013, model year -2013, date pershoyireyestratsiyi 06/05/2013. Designed to move on the roads zahalnohokorystuvannya. .CZECH REPUBLIC1UA20919012655337.570118
25/Apr/201731021010001.Tovary used as components of whenproduction facade and interior designs of public buildings and housing-profile extruded aluminum alloy grade EN AW-6060 with and without termovstavkamy, rapids for window, door and facade construction: aluminum glazing bead profile 23,5mm 31 , 5h23,5h6800 empty. Art 220008421WK4303008R90116800 -113 units, aluminum profile glazing bead 19mm 31,5h19h6800 empty. Art 220008421WK4303018R90066800 -1 units, aluminum profile frame plastic composite fire 78h56h6800 empty. Art 220008421WK5181438R90066800 -1 units, aluminum profile frame plastic composite fire 78h56h6800 empty. 220008421WK5181438R90116800 -14 Art pieces, aluminum profile frame plastic composite fire 109h78h6800 empty. 220008421WK5181458R90116800 -7 art pieces, Element aluminum frame 66 mm 66h78h6800 empty. 220008421WK5183958R90116800 -38 Art pieces, Element aluminum frame 66 mm 66h78h6800 empty. Art 220008421WK5183958R90116800 -45 pcs, Item tions aluminum frame 90 oz. 78EI 109,9h110,3h6800 empty. Art 220008421WK5183968R90116800 -1 units, composite aluminum profile frame window, door crossbar 130h70h1130 empty. Art 220008411WK5181038R70241130 -3 pc, windows profile aluminum frame 66 mm 70h66h6800 empty. 220008411WK5181098R70006800 -4 art pieces, window profile aluminum frame 66 mm 70h66h6800 empty. 220008411WK5181098R70246800 -6 art pieces, window profile aluminum frame 66 mm 70h66h6800 empty. 220008411WK5181098R70246800R9016 -14 Art pieces, Profile Aluminum composite sash window 79h64h6800 empty. 220008411WK5181118R70006800 -2 pieces of art, Profile Aluminum composite sash window 80h79h6800 empty. 220008411WK5181128R70246800 -2 pieces of art, Profile Aluminum composite sash window 80h79h6800 empty. Art 220008411WK5181128R70246800R9016 -1 units, composite aluminum profile inner door sash opening 93h70h2260 empty. Art 220008411WK5181148R70242260 -1 units, composite aluminum profile inner door sash opening 93h70h6800 empty. Art 220008411WK5181148R70246800 -1 units, composite aluminum profile external door sash opening 93h70h2260 empty. Art 220008411WK5181158R70242260 -1 units, composite aluminum profile external door sash opening 93h70h6800 empty. Art 220008411WK5181158R70246800 -2 units, impost profile aluminum composite windows and doors 76h70,3h1130 empty. Art 220008411WK5181218R70241130 -2 units, impost profile aluminum composite windows and doors 76h70,3h6800 empty. 220008411WK5181218R70246800R9016 -4 art pieces, Profile impost aluminum composite windows and doors 98h70h6800 empty. Art 220008411WK5181228R70006800 -2 units, impost profile aluminum composite windows and doors 98h70h6800 empty. Art 220008411WK5181228R70246800 -2 units, impost profile aluminum composite windows and doors 98h70h6800 empty. Art 220008411WK5181228R70246800R9016 -7 units, Planck aluminum profile that changes the direction 66,7h44h6800 empty. Art 220008411WK5184068R70246800 -1 units, alu ProfileRUSSIA317856UA1022006880018060.00008
11/Apr/20178703901010"1. Car (electric), a used-1pc, Markaavtomobilya - TESLA. Car model - MODEL S 85D. Body number (VIN) -5YJSA1H4XFF088830; engine room - no data Number chassis - no data Zahalnakilkist places seats, including the driver - 5; Purpose - fortransportation people, cylinder Working volume - 0sm3., with elektrychnymdvyhunom power output - 514.85kVt., axle configuration - 4x4. rikvyhotovlennya calendar (issue) - 2015. Model year - 2015 . body type -sedan 4D. The car after the accident, has significant damage and pidlyahyaye replacement / repair and restoration work: Wings back, rapids right, running chastynazadnya law: Stoica, Lever Brake disc beam rear, drive shaft, kryloprave front doors are right chassis front, headlights, bumper front tazadniy not work eletromotorTorhovelna mark - "" TESLA "" Brand - TESLA MOTORS INC.Krayina production - US, USA. Auto has features and operation of container poshkodzhennya.Vyvantazhen: HLXU6287179 "UNITED STATES1UA500620210816690.00013
11/Apr/201734022090001. Means from neinohennyh surface - active organic compounds packaged for retail trade, free of abrasives, contain no ozone-depleting substances under capacity labeling. Art.0890120 tool for cleaning the interior F1, not in aerosol packaging. Upholstery seats, head rests, carpets, roof lining, door linings, stains in the trunk, etc. Chemical composition: base - Alkaline surfactants. / Marking: CLNR-VEH-IN-FI-1000ML - number - 4 sht.Art.089020 leak detector (test foam) for the rapid detection of leaks and cracks in aerosol packaging. Chemical composition: Water, soap, glycol, N-lauryl sodium sarkozinat> = 0.1 - <1 / Marking: LKDET-AEROSOLCAN-400ML - number - 24 sht.Art.08931182 BMF Cleaner workshop, not in aerosol packaging. Chemical composition: base - Alkaline surfactants, alcohols, C9-16, ethoxylated> = 3 - <10 Polyethylene oxide ether monododetsilovyy> = 1 - <3 Sodium cumene sulfonate> = 1 - <3, 2-methyl 4 izotiazolin-3-one <0.01 / Marking: WRKSHPCLNR-BMF-5LTR - number - 60 sht.Art.0892333 additive for windscreen washer, summer. Chemical composition: base - anionic surfactant, ethanol> = 1 - <10 bis (2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuktsynat> = 1 - <3 Sodium polyoxyethylene) lauryl ether sulfate> = 1 - <2.5 Sulfuric acid, mono-C12-14-alkyl esters, sodium salts> = 1 - <2,5, 2-methyl-4-izotiozolin-3-one <0.01 / Marking: CLNR-WSCRN-SUM-RAPID-32ML - number - 10000 sht.Torhovelna WURTH brand brand ADOLF WURTH GmbH & production Co.KGKrayina DEGERMANY0UA100010774.3122750.237522
06/Apr/20177308300000"1. The door (door unit) Metal protypo zhezhni made of steel grade ST3Si painted in RAL 7035 and RAL 9016, fully equipped with th door leaf, angular door or internal, anti bkoyu, rubber seals, fire tape - vspuchkoyu without anchor plates dlyamontazhu door handles, izvstavlenymy locks without closers, with rapids and no thresholds odnopilni tadvopilni, solid, with a yield fireproof hone EI 30 and EI-60, from the series "" MCR ALPE "", with the possibility open to the right and left side and ubudivlyah designed for installation in district assembled for ease of transport. ".POLAND30UA209140283510039.94843
06/Apr/20177308300000"1. The door (door unit) Metal nevohne resistant markyST3S made of steel, painted in RAL 7035 fully ukomple ktovani corner door frame, rubber seals washed without anchor plates for installation of door handles, hinges, locks of insertion, with rapids and no thresholds, no closers, odnopilni and dvupolnye, solid, without fireproof sTI (PA-00), from the series "" MCRALPE "", with the possibility vist open to the right or left side and intended forestablish in buildings disassembled for easy transport .. "POLAND28UA20914021447255.692996
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Rapid Door Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Rapid Door Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Інтех Альянс"""
Importer Address
61057,м.Харків,вул.Чернишевська, буд.13,офіс 903 Україна
Exporter Name RONELL BV
Product Description
1.Chastyny ​​to car bodies: Art. 1118.8403512.........
HS Code 8708299000Value 1964.291007
Quantity 0Unit UA807170
Net Weight 644.022
Origin Country RUSSIA

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