Ukraine Import Data of Putty | Ukraine Import Statistics of Putty

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of putty collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of putty imports.

Putty Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Putty

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173214109090"1 putty powder from limestone and marble powder" "Premix" "intended for the final leveling of concrete and cement-lime surfaces, filling cracks, grout-tile tiled seams, holes and pores poverhon.Upakovano 12 bihbehiv.."ITALY0UA305060120006609.065425 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20173214900090"1 Mortars for surface preparation for facades, interior walls of buildings, floors, ceilings, putty" "Scialbatura" "in buckets of 25 kg., Is the pasty cement and limestone mixture with the addition of acrylic polymer binder - 36 gallons; putty "" Stucco Malta 6 "" in buckets of 25 kg., is the pastobodibnu cement-limestone mix - vider.Vsoho 28 - 64 buckets.. "ITALY0UA30506016001120.797043
28/Apr/20173214101090"1.Zamazka BMW brand for gluing glass and / m", "BMW", "pasty (not aerozolniyupakovtsi) napovnyuvachiv- rubber content, about 70%-.Dodatkovi components: Heksan1,6-deizotsy Anat homopolymer -5% 4.4 - mitelendifenil dezitsionat deizotsianatdefenilmetan 4,4- dezitsionat -1.5% 3 izotsyanatome rear-3,5,5- trymetyltsykloheksyl izotsyanatizoforendiizotsyanat - 0.5%, pack 300 ml., art.83192289286-26sht; Putty BMW brand for gluing glass and / m "" BMW "" pasty (not vaerozolniy package) content fillers, rubber-about 70%, 300ml pack, kit art.83192289285 -6k-t; trademarks and - "" BMW "" Manufacturer - Concern "" BMW "". "SWITZERLAND0UA10021013.024386.2951581
28/Apr/20173214900090"1. Consumables" "Mercedes-Benz" ": putty for glass sealing, not vaerozolniy packaging, chemical composition: alpha, alpha-dimethylbenzyl hydroperoxide0.1-1%; N-Decanol 5-10%; maleic acid 0.1-1 % mold-making paste sferazastosuvannya-car service, automotive sealant art.A001989892010-5od.Krayina production - IETorhovelna brand - Mercedes-BenzVyrobnyk - Daimler AG. "IRELAND0UA1001100.38294.6306027
28/Apr/201732141090901) Sealers for painting operations as a paste, putty for internal surfaces not in aerosol packaging, without the presence consisting of ozone-depleting substances Shpaklevka SA MAXI = 24 cans Packing 330 gr. Art. 5242828Shpaklevka SA MAXI = 12 cans packing 2.5 liters art. 5072821-binder - copolymer latex, solvent water, the amount of 2-7% binder, filler and pigment content of 45-75%, 25-40% solvent .Shpaklevka SA MAXI PRO LIGHT = 11 cans of 17 liters packing art. 5253274 -vynylpolimer-binder, solvent water, the amount of 2-7% binder, filler and pigment content of 55-75%, 25-40% solvent. .NETHERLANDS0UA110050360295.1401567
28/Apr/20173214109090"1 putty for leveling surface defects of metal and plastic, with remontikuzoviv cars: filling putty Gold 3 L + hardener 78h RAGEGOLD art. 101 112 - 20 pcs. Filling putty l + 3 ultra hardener 78hRAGE Ultra Art. 100 125 - 8 pc. Elastic putty 887.2 ml + FLEX hardener 28hPOLY art. 100 411 - 12 pcs. Remedy for mikrootvoriv 473 ml, 440EXPRESS art. 100 440 - 6 pieces. Stranded reinforced filler 880 ml, FIBERTECH + 28 g hardener Ref. 100633 - 12 pc. Tool for plastic restoration + 28 g hardener, MULTI-FIX pLASTIC REPAir art. 100 898 - 12 pcs. Packed vplastykovi and metals and cans. (0,8US GAL - 3 l 30 OZ.- 887,2 ml; 1,79 LB -880 ml, 1 Gal - 3,785 liters). Not in aerosol packaging. Contains ozonoruynivnyhrechovyn.Torhovelna mark - EvercoatVyrobnyk - AWC An ITW CompanyKrayina production - US. "UNITED STATES0UA100130161.53756.1721763
28/Apr/20172517490000"1 of similar small white beads necklace py and colorful osnovikarbonatu in calcium, which were not color dyes op hanichnymy tamehanichnoho ents mix with other substances not subjected to that kind of camping obrobkyyak kaltsinuvannya, burning and melting. S repellent properties there. Do not include e o hidravlychnyh cement, putty for alyarnyh of work nevohnetryvkyh formula I f surface preparation facades, internal ix stinbudivel, floors, ceilings. In number: GRANULCAL 0,0-0,2 (0,1 mm) -4 polypropylene big Bega (120 poll ipropilenovyh mi pulley to 40kg.). Weight - 4,8t .; GRANULCAL0,5-1,0 (0,5-1,0 mm), made of -8 opilenovyh big-bags (216 polipropi yhmishkivpo 50kg.). Weight -10 , 8t .; GRANULCAL 1,0-1,5 (1,0-1,5 mm) -11 polyp ropilenovyhbih-bags (330 Closed polypropylene bags 40kg.). Weight -13,2t .; GRANULCAL1,0-1 5 (1.0-1.5 mm) -18 polyp ropilenovyh big-bags (486 polipropilenovyhmishkiv to 50 kg.). Weight -24,3t .; GRANULCAL 1,5-2,0 (1,5-2,0 mm) -22 polypropylene big Bega (s polipropi 594 bags of 40kg.). Weight -29,7t .; 410-3 (0.5-1.0 mm) -2 polypropylene big Bega (54 polypropylene bag 5 0kg.). Weight -2,7t .; 611-3 (0.5-1.0 mm) -1 Polypropylene big bag (25 polipropilenovyhmishkiv 4 0kg.). Weight -1t .; 700-4 (0.5-1.0 mm) -7 polypropylene-bags have IG (189 polypropylene bags of 50 kg.). Weight -9,45t. 711-3 (0.5-1.0 mm) -10polipropilenovyh big-bags (270 polypropylene bags of 50kg p.). Weight-13,5t .; 711-3 (0.5-1.0 mm) -4 polypropylene would IG-Bega (120 polipropilenovyhmishkiv to 50 kg.). Weight -5t .; 711-4 (0.5-1.0 mm) -3 polypropylene bi Mr. Bega (81polipropilenovyh bags of 50 kg.). Weight -4,05t .; 713-3 (0.5-1.0 mm) -7polipropilenovyh would IG-Bega (189 polypropylene bags of 50 kg.). Weight -9,45t., 713-4 (0.5-1.0 mm) -2-IG polypropylene would Bega (50 po5 0kg polypropylene bags.). Weight -2,5t .; 713-4 (0.5-1.0 mm) polypropylene bi g -1 bag (27polipropilenovyh bags of 50 kg.). Weight -1,35t .; 814-3 (0.5-1.0 mm) bi -2polipropilenovyh Mr. Bega (54 polypropylene bags 50k g). Weight -2,7t., 814-4 (0.5-1.0 mm) -3 polypropylene bi Mr. Bega (75 kg polypropylene bags po50.). Weight -3,75t. Total - 105 big-brand behiv.Torhovelna: TurmetKrayina production: TRVyrobnyk: TURMET Madencilik ve Ins. San ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. "TURKEY0UA50026013825017739.75985
27/Apr/20173214109090"1.Mastyky, putty for painting works: putty plaster: Hard SGT-10pc 20kg in paper bags, which is a mixture of dust kopdibnu of nastupnymyskladnykamy: -muka filler dolomite, 80% of applications (plasticizers) -20% .Shpaklivka finish (wet): 8kg-216sht SW; SW-17kh 363sht in plastic buckets, which is a pasty mixture of complex kami following: filler--mukadolomitova 80% applications (plasticizers) -20%. Paint hrun tuyucha for basic nanesennyapid paint on the walls and ceilings of buildings, interior paint acrylic hruntuyuchaFWP 10L-White 20pcs in plastic idrah and has the following composition nicks: mineralninapovnyuvachi 25%; voda- 62.5% dispersion of styrene-acrylic, 10% mo dyfikuyuchi zasobyi pigments 2,5%. Scope is designed for leveling irregularities, filling seams and cracks in construction -remontnyh work. ".POLAND0UA20920083992565.32055
27/Apr/20173214101090"1.Vikonni putty based on polyurethane, two-component, used to seal glass units: Polyurethane sealants used in the manufacture of insulating glass for secondary sealing windows, designed to create a barrier against moisture, are highly elastic polyurethane two-component sealing mass: JOD - 32 Komponent A 200l (pasta) - 11200l, the number - 56metalevyh 200L barrels for content fillers and pigments 80% production form - paste, light gray; JOD - 32 Komponent B 20l (pasta) - 520l, the number - 26 Metallic x barrels to 20L, the content of fillers and pigments 20%, a form of production - pasta, black; JOD - 32 Komponent B 20l (plyn) - 600l, the number - 30 metal barrels to 20L, the content of fillers and pigments 20%, a form of production - liquid, black koloru.Spivvidnoshennya by mixing the components is 100: 10, sealant hardens after mixing components a and B by the reaction of copolymerization, contain one's rozchynnykiv.Ne in aerosol upakovtsi.Vyrobnyk Gran polychem Sp.z oo, PolschaKrayina production PLTorhovelna mark Gran polychem "POLAND0UA12511020753.624908.51136
27/Apr/201740021100001. Latexes brands: LATEX LBSK 7048. Goods is an aqueous dispersion styrol- butadiyen- carboxyl copolymer in which styrene monomer content of about 76%. Goods used as a component putty, plaster, aggregates, admixtures for grouting and others. Looks like liquid white. Comes in 2 layer. containers, weighing 2000 kg. Company manufacturer: SYNTHOS DWORY 7 spolka z organiczona odpowiedzialnoscia spolka jawna. Brand: LBSK. Country of origin: PL. .POLAND0UA10011020003112.829215
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Putty Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Putty Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ПОРТО ФРАНКО."""
Importer Address
Закарпатська обл. м.Ужгород, вул. 8-го Березня буд. 23 кв. 10
Exporter Name Vencolor S.A.S. di Huchela Nataliya & C.
Product Description
"1 putty powder from limestone and marble powder" .........
HS Code 3214109090Value 6609.065425
Quantity 0Unit UA305060
Net Weight 12000
Origin Country ITALY

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