Ukraine Import Data of Protective Cover Red | Ukraine Import Statistics of Protective Cover Red

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of protective cover red collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of protective cover red imports.

Protective Cover Red Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Protective Cover Red

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201759039099001 textile material thickness 0.2 mm, consisting of the following layers: net - base of textile material of polyester fibers embedded in a mass of sticky (adhesive, adhesive) plivkopodibnoyi colorless transparent material made of synthetic rubber nevulkanizovanoho (poly (methyl acrylate, butadiene )). The product is coated on one side with a protective layer in the form of yellow paper covered (laminated) on both sides polidymetylsyloksanom (sylikovanym polymer), which separated during use. Not containing acetone, toluene, methyl ethyl ketone, ethyl ether. Used for manufacturing parts of vehicles (13.72 m2), for their own production needs. .GERMANY1372UA3051303.0664.17614885 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173305900000"1.Zasoby hair care without aerosol packaging in plastic tubes and jars: EFFECT-COMPLEX for hair restoration (tuba cream mask and serum Royal Care) - 5pcs .; aroma balm against attack. Hair 200ml (tuba) new. - 90sht .; balm for normal hair 450ml olive - 90sht .; Balm PLYUSONDA hair 200ml (tuba) - 15sht .; hair balm egg yolk (450ml new. design) - 270sht .; hair balm TON mahogany shade 03 (tuba 100ml) - 100 pieces .; hair balm TON caramel shade 05 (100 ml tube) - 40sht .; hair balm TON shade 06 brown (tubes 100 ml) - 80sht .; hair balm shade 08 TON chocolate milk (100 ml tube) - 60sht .; hair balm TON shade 13 dark chocolate (100 ml tube) - 60sht .; hair balm TON ripe cherry shade 14 (100 ml tube) - 20pcs .; hair balm shade 16 TON pearl pink (100ml tube) - 40sht .; hair balm shade 17 TON Champagne (100ml tube) - 20pcs .; hair balm mo dtinku 18 TON silver-violet (100ml tube) - 200sht .; Balm for hair shade 19 TON silver (100ml tube) - 60sht .; Balm with Argan and Jojoba oils d / thin. and weakened. Vol. Zmits. and Restore. (450ml OIL) - 90sht .; Balm oils of olive and grape seed d / standards. Vol. Power and Protection (450ml OIL) - 54sht .; Balm-recovery thyme and sage for all types of hair (450ml In broth) - 162sht .; Balm-conditioner for shine and elast. Perfect hair 400ml - 72sht .; Conditioning Balm Protective stabiliz. for Zabara. and poshk. hair (500 mL TL HC) - 30sht .; Chamomile balm-conditioner for all hair types 450ml - 18sht .; Balm-lamination for all types of hair (380ml smooth and groomed) - 270sht .; Balm-mask for colored hair (350ml Color Care) - 32sht .; Balm-feeding for dry and poshk. Volos (buckthorn 450ml) - 36sht .; Balm-feeding for dry and poshk. Volos (buckthorn 200ml tube) - 45sht .; Balm stimulator to Improve. Perfect hair growth 400ml - 36sht .; Balzam- strengthening sweet and golden mustache hair slope. before prolapse (450ml In broth) - 162sht .; Balm-care standards for Rye bran. and slope. to greasy hair (450ml In broth) - 126sht .; Balm-dandruff care for all type. Vol. Perfect 400ml - 36sht .; BEAUTY Balm BB-12 1 indelible for all types of hair (100ml tube smoothly and UHOZHENN) - 243sht .; Volsheb. Spray recovery d / hair indelible. with oil and black cumin extreme. moringa (100 mL Morocco) - 15sht .; Hair styling wax 75ml TL - 96sht .; Gel UKL. hair wet effect MEN (nov.) 100 ml (tube) - 40sht .; Live Conditioning Balm beer hops cones d / zmits. and shine (450ml Tsil.rish.) - 54sht .; The complex asset-dandruff indelible 100ml (tuba) new. - 75sht .; Conditioner Wall. rapid biphasic indelible brilliance 150ml new. - 144sht .; Easy-care spray for all hair types absolute moisture, UV protection (100 mL hydro) - 45sht .; Lightweight balm with lime juice for hair (350ml Cucumber-Lime) - 48sht .; Easy-conditioner with milk "BELARUS0UA1250101223.823850.367436
28/Apr/201794032080001. Metal furniture. Set rack designs unassembled - 1 sht.Material manufacturing, steel, covered with a protective layer plastyku.Krayina origin: KRTorhivelna mark: PEK3 GmbH.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA2060204966486.164053
28/Apr/20178708309198"1.Chastyny ​​brake system to brake to a disco-term and / pryznachennya.Ne of general industrial assembly of motor vehicles, protective cover (right front brake) 21080350114600-30sht, protective casing (halmivnohodyska left) 21080350114700-30sht, a set of brake kolodok21080350180082- 320sht, set peredn.halmivnyh pads LADA 21010-0721010350180082-414sht manufacturers - JSC "" AVTOVAZ "," Trade mark - LADA, Country of origin - RU.. "RUSSIA0UA807200783.713094.816694
27/Apr/20177604299000"1. Component parts, products and materials used in systems of facade and interior constructions of public and residential buildings of the brand SCHUCO. Aluminum profiles made of aluminum alloy AlMgS0,5, not hollow, for the production of windows and doors of public and residential buildings, SCHUCO systems: Art.381160, DOORN.PORIOG 75, size 20х67х6000мм ,, quantity -6 m, art.110910, decorative cover 60/20 mm, size 60х20х6000мм, quantity -78 m, art.175390, Т-connector with a profile, The size is 47x40x6000mm ,, the number -6 m, art.172710, the headpiece 12 mm, the size 15x31x6000mm ,, the number -30 m, art.17 3970, Stapik 22 mm, the size 22х31х6000мм ,, the number -540 m, art.184020, the case of internal glazing 7 mm, the size 16х26х6000мм ,, the number -12 m, the art.333550, the PROTECTIVE PROFILE, the size 19х85х6000mm, the number -60 m, Art.431350, Covering profile, size 36x70x6500mm ,, No. -39 m, Art.303596, Staple E0 / EV1, Size 7.5х19.5х6000mm ,, Quantity -6 m Producer "" Schuco International KG "" Trade Mark and SCHUCOKaraina manufactured by DE "GERMANY0UA100110343.1171323.081126
27/Apr/20173921904100"1.Plastykovi multilayer sheets" "Print" ", laminated under high pressure, zdekoratyvnym layer consisting of a layer of plastic and a layer of 35-40% paperu30-35% impregnated with melamine resin, without drawing, stamping, polishing the outside, covered with a protective film: Plastic HPL 1389 Walnut Alley Yzeo (rozm.305h130sm; tovsch.5,0mm 2 surface), grade 1, art. 6K-D 1389 30 V - 19,80 m2; Plastic HPLChornыy Polaris POLARIS chornыy kraft (rozm.305h130sm; tovsch.12 mm 2 surface), grade 1, art. 6WXD 2902 30 85 - 3.96 m2; Plastic HPL chornыy Polaris POLARISbalansyr morbydo 2 chornыy kraft (rozm.305h130sm; tovsch.12 mm 2 surface) sort1, art . 6WXD 2902 30 85 2900 M2 - 3,96 m2; Plastic HPL 406 belыyprymavera magnet (rozm.305h125sm; tovsch.1,0mm; lucido), grade 1, Art. 406 M1 30 January - 38,10m2; Plastic HPL 478 Gray Svetliy (rozm.305h130sm ; tovsch.0,9mm; sei), grade 1, art. 09478 June 30 - 316.80 m2; 128 plastic HPL white balance (rozm.305h130sm; tovsch.0,6mm; morbido), grade 1, art. 06 128 30 8 - 831.60 m2; 494Buhenvyl plastic HPL (rozm.30 5h130sm; tovsch.0,9mm; sei), grade 1, art. 09,494 June 30 - 59,40m2; Plastic HPL 1821 Lylovaya mystyka (rozm.305h130sm; tovsch.0,9mm; plenkastandart; sei), grade 1, art. September 1821 30 June - 59.40 m2. No medical pryznachennya.Krayina production - ITTorhovelna mark - AVETVyrobnyk - ABET LAMINATI Spa "ITALY0UA10013016736524.405921
27/Apr/20177326909890"1.Vyroby ferrous metal connecting hanging cable trays: art. KSA20 cable holder - 100 pcs., Art. WSS200 bracket for wall and ceiling - 100 pcs., Art. WSS200 bracket for wall and ceiling - 20 pcs., Art . ZPNH60 clip - 300 pcs., art. LGCH45 N articulated connector - 50 pcs., art. LGC / LGOCH60N articulated connector - 50 pcs., art. LDC / LDOCH60N connector kabelrosta - 100 pcs., art . TKBL50H42 tee tray - 20 pcs., art. PKKJ200 cover angle 90 degrees - 10 pcs., art. PKKJ100 cover angle 90 degrees - 10 pcs., art. PKKJ300 cover an angle of 90 degrees - 5 pcs., art. CD28H12 / 2 channel - 10 pcs., art. PZKL100 / 3 cover tray - 51 m .; art. PKR200 / 3 cover tray - 600 m ., Art. PKR100 / 3 cover tray - 300 m .; art. KTD25H25 / 2 zetovyy profile - 202 m .; art. KKPJ100H60 angle of 90 degrees - 10 pcs., Art. KKPJ200H60 angle 90 degrees - 10 pcs., Art. LUBJ100H60 arc of 90 degrees - 10 pcs., art. LUBJ200H60 arc of 90 degrees - 10 pcs., art. KKBJ100H60 angle of 90 degrees - 15 pcs., art. KKBJ200H60 angle of 90 degrees - 15 pcs., art. KKBJ50H42 for ut 90 degrees - 10 pcs., art. TKBJ200H60 tee tray - 3 pcs., Art. TKBJ50H42 tee tray - 5 pcs., Art. TRBJ100H60 tee reduction - 10 pcs., Art. PKR200 / 3 cover tray - 150 m .; Art. WW300 reinforced bracket - 600 pcs., Art. WW100 reinforced bracket - 500 pcs., Art. WW200 reinforced bracket - 600 pcs., Art. WW400 reinforced bracket - 180 pcs., Art. WW400 reinforced bracket - 20 pcs., Art. WW500 reinforced bracket - 400 pcs., Art. OPNBJ100H60 vertical bypass - 4 pcs., Art. OPNBJ200H60 vertical bypass - 4 pcs., Art. OPNBJ50H42 vertical bypass - 4 pcs., Art. LGP / LGOPH60N articulated connector - 50 pcs., Art. SDOC1000 membrane kabelrosta - 60 pcs., Art. UK1 / UKO1 / 34-40 (STD) cable holder - 600 pcs., Art. UK1 / UKO1 / 16-22 (STD) cable holder - 600 pcs., Art. RO1 / 34-40 protective cover cable holder - 1200 pcs., Art. RO1 / 16-22 protective cover cable holder - 1000 pcs., Art. PDDP400 / cover kabelrosta 3 - 6 m .; Art. TKBJ50H42 tee tray - 5 pcs., Art. WW100 reinforced bracket - 400 pcs., Art. WW150 reinforced bracket - 100 pcs., Art. LPP / LPOPH60 connector tray - 71 pcs., Art. WW300 reinforced bracket - 200 pcs .; "POLAND0UA1251802309.126487.887265
27/Apr/20178708809998"1.Zapasni parts for cars suspension systems, not stamped, not forindustrial assembly of vehicles: 2101-2904192 finger sharovyyperednoyi upper suspension with a protective cover up.- 500sht, 2101-2904082 Paletssharovyy front suspension with lower Mat ysnym cover in the pack. - 500sht, 2110-2904192Palets ply assembly in up.- 60sht.Vyrobnyk LLC "" Auto Ltd "," PT boats m.Naberezhni of, and torhovelnamark-AUTO LTD, country of production-RU.. "RUSSIA0UA8071705122497.735519
27/Apr/20179506999000"1.Obladnannya for equipment dytyachyhmaydanchykiv, comes in rozibranomuvyhlyadi for easy transport, not for medical purposes. Trampolines (vkomplekti drive the instruction to use the trampoline zborkyta) zkarkasom safety net and without it, parts of the protective coating batuta.Batut springs, art. Elite + padding Red 430-1sht; art. BERG FlatGroundChampion Green 430 (14ft) consists of: art. with a trampoline BERG FlatGround Champion 430 (14ft) (without padding) -2sht and protective cover art springs . BERG FlatGround Champion Padding Green 430 (14ft) -2sht; art. BERG FlatGround Champion Grey 430 (14ft) consists of: art. with a trampoline BERG FlatGround Champion 430 (14ft) (without padding) and a protective coating -2sht springs art. BERG FlatGround Champion Padding Grey 430 (14ft) -2sht. Trampoline with safety net with frame: Art. BERG Talent 180 (6ft) + safety Net Comfort-14sht; art. BERG Favorit 330 + safety Net Comfort skladayet sya: art. with a trampoline BERG Favorit 330 (11ft) -6sht and grid security art. frame BERG Safety Net Comfort 330 (11ft) -6sht; art. BERG Favorit 430 + Safety Net Comfort is: with a trampoline art. BERG Favorit 430 (14ft) -12sht and grid security skeleton art. BERG Safety Net Comfort 430 (14ft) -12sht; art. BERG Favorit 430 + Safety Net Deluxe includes: art. with a trampoline BERG Favorit 430 (14ft) -6sht and grid security skeleton art. BERG Safety Net Deluxe 430 (14ft) -6sht; art. BERG Favorit 430 Tattoo + Safety Net Comfort is: with a trampoline art. BERG Favorit 430 (14ft) Tattoo-6 pieces and grid security skeleton art. BERG Safety Net Comfort 430 (14ft) - 6 pieces; Art. BERG Champion 380 + Safety Net Comfort is: with a trampoline art. BERG Champion 380 (12,5ft) -6sht and grid security skeleton art. BERG Safety Net Comfort 380 (12,5ft) - 6 pieces; art. BERG Champion 430 + Safety Net Comfort is: with a trampoline art. BERG Champion 430 (14ft) -6sht and grid security skeleton art. BERG Safety Net Comfort 430 (14ft) -6sht; art. BERG Champion 430 Tattoo + Safety Net Comfort is: with a trampoline art. BERG Champion 430 (14ft) Tattoo-12p and grid security skeleton art. BERG Safety Net Comfort 430 (14ft) - 12p. Grid Security: art. Safety Net Comfort-Netting 380 (12,5ft) -1sht, art. Safety Net Comfort-Netting 430 (14ft) -1sht, art. Safety Net Deluxe -Netting 430 (14ft) -2sht, art. Safety Net-Separate netting 430 (14ft) (no elastic bands) -7sht. Hopping connection: art. Favorit-Jump mat 270 (9ft) -1sht, art. Favorit-Jump mat 380 (12,5ft) CL-1604841-1sht, art. Jump mat 430 (14ft ) -7sht, art. Jump mat Tattoo 430 (14ft) -2sht, art. Champion-Jump mat 430 (14ft) (TwinSpring) CL-1700879-1sht. Sheeting springs: art. Favorit -Padding green 2 "CHINA0UA1251106926.729212.13443
26/Apr/201785442000101. Cable ECA-3-HF 11m / 6m to 2m long probe (Model 6802) - 2 pcs., Is a coaxial electric cable with a total length of 3m and special footwear insulation black. It consists of a central conductor-section diameter of 0.8 mm, surrounded by a dielectric layer, the outer surface is covered with copper foil and plastic protective sheath which protects the cable from the effects of the environment. Operating voltage 120-400V kabelyu-. Wave opir- 75Om. Equipped with connectors in a plastic plugs that are attached to the connectors flaw ultrasonic probe. Cable probe check for cracks KDA-XXH-1101.XX.X designed to supply electrical power to the ultrasonic flaw from the probe. The cable was not in use. Vyhotovlennya- year 2017. Packed cardboard box. Freight will be used for their own production needs (in the manufacture of bearing products). Manufacturer: Gollub Werkstoffprufung GmbH & Co.KG. KG, DE. Trade marka- Goll ub.GERMANY0UA2050900.51322.864683
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Protective Cover Red Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Protective Cover Red Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""Джентерм Україна"""
Importer Address
90300 Закарпатська обл.,м. Виноградів, вул. Вакарова, 13
Exporter Name Фірма 'Gentherm Hungary' KFT
Product Description
1 textile material thickness 0.2 mm, consisting of.........
HS Code 5903909900Value 64.17614885
Quantity 1372Unit UA305130
Net Weight 3.06
Origin Country GERMANY

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