Ukraine Import Data of Protection Device | Ukraine Import Statistics of Protection Device

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of protection device collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of protection device imports.

Protection Device Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Protection Device

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of protection device. Get Ukraine trade data of Protection Device imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20178419310000"1.Zernosusharka type L 150 CE, passport number №092017 - 1pc., New, year 2017, in the unassembled for easy transportation on 3 t / a. Acquisition: remote code EC477Z pipe 1 pc, code VEC0041 1 fan pcs, code VEC0043 regulator for fans 1 pc, code EC121-L800 drive for regulation GXI 1 pc, code EC306 Tsyllindrichnyy caliper regulator 1 pc, code EC477Z distance pipe 1 pc, code VEC0042 fan 1 pc, code VEC0043 regulator for fans 1 piece ; code EC338 conical conductor 1950 ALUZINC 3 pieces, conical code EC408DX 1/2 conductor 1950 25 pcs, code EC408SX 1/2 conical conductor 1 950 25 pcs, code EC007 parallel conductors 1950 6 pcs, code ECB233 basis of grain-drying installation 1 pc, code ECI409 Metal. Panel 500 * 2050 * 2mm lateral Konycheskyy conductor Fire 2 pcs, code BMG60 burner (VD60) 1 pc, code BMG180 burner ( VD180) 1 unit; electrical control BR1 TECFLAM 1 pc, code EC338I conical conductor 1950 INOX 24 pcs, electrical panel BR2 TECFLAM 1 pc, code EC421 Power "" U "" to the drying column 324 pcs, code ECA421 Power "" U "" truncated to 24 columns of the drying unit, code EC135 Explorer to exit kondesata 1 pc, code EC243 Closing 90 * 330 * 2 mm lateral to the distributor 1 pc, code ECA033 Closing 430 * 4000 * 2mm with holes 1 pc ; Code EC022 part in a '' T '' for closing 12 units; ECA076 code Amplifier "" L "" 0.5 m 114 pcs, code EC037Z Metal. Panel lifting and connecting pieces 28, VLINGUETTA language code to the distributor 1 pc, code F302 Motoreduktor 1 pc, code EC262 internal amplifier for distributor 1 pc, code EC261Z connector motor reducer 1 pc, code VPARASTRAPPI protection gaps with orange Vulkolana 2 pcs, code EC260Z plate to slide on motororeduktora 1 pc, code VSUPP oval caliper diameter 40 mm SKF 2 pcs, code EC-SC4 joints ladder 12 pcs, code EC-SC5DX Brackets for stair carriages 6 pcs, code EC- SC5SX Brackets for stair carriages 6 pcs, code EC142 hinge stairs 9 pcs, code VTEAUT Samoverty TE 4.8 * 25mm for Insul yatsiynoho cover 300 pcs, code VTEAUT Samoverty TE 4.8 * 25mm for insulation coating 300 pcs, code VTE0816 screws 8 * 16mm 13000 pcs, code VDF0800 nut M8 13000 pcs, code VTE0830 screws 8 * 30mm 200 pcs, code VTE1030 screw TE M10 * 30mm galvanized 300 pcs, code VDM1000 average nut M10 galvanized 300 pcs, code VRP1000 flat ring M10 galvanized 300 pcs, code VBARRA20 axle with threaded M20 * 1 of 6 pcs, code VDM2000 average nut M20 galvanized 32 pc; code VRP2000 flat ring M20 galvanized 16 pcs, code EC209 Gasket support bases 60 pcs, code VSILICGR silicone 6 pcs, code VTASCHI Chemical anchor 4 pcs, code VPISTOLA device Loy silicone 1 pc, code ST0001 temperature sensor 5 pc; co EC040 caliper for temperature sensors 5 pcs, code VSUPPNEU caliper to the pneumatic device 1 pc, code IMP1000 pneumatic unit 1 pc, code IMP2000 pneumatic tank unit 1 pc, code VRYLSAN RYLSAN blue tube D.10 mm 50 pc; RACC01Z Fitting code 270 * D. 270mm to 200 mm 1 pc, code RACC02Z Fitting 300 * 300mm to 200mm D. 2 pieces, Metallic letter code ECO215 500 * 3900 * 2mm 25 pcs, code ECN215 Met "ITALY0UA40003025810151975.7894 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201785363030901.Aparatura for Protection elektrichnyh circles dischargers (PZIP protection devices Surge) typical series (series) BDM, DA, SLP, FLP-PV, FLP for a voltage not exceeding 1000V and current more than 16A, but not more than 125A : BDM-012-V / 1-R1 (8595090554257) -1 sht.DA-275-DF6 (8595090557173) -1sht.SLP-275 V / 3 (8595090517603) -1sht.SLP-PV1000 V / Y (8595090536703) - 10sht.FLP-12,5 V / 4 (8595090534297) -1sht.Ne contain some kind of radio transmitters or transmitters and pryymachi.Krayina production: CZ.Vyrobnyk: SALTEK sroTorhivelna mark: SALTEK. .CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1002004.72651.8795789
28/Apr/201785371099901.Sylova Distribution cabinet (The power distribution cabinet PCS-2030) PCS-2030 model rated voltage to 380V.strum 1000A.Klas protection IR22. For the reception and distribution of electric current between communication devices and spozhyvachamy.Obladnano vymykachem.Vsoho - 13sht.Torhivelna Brand: NRVyrobnyk: NR ELECTRIC Co., Ltd.Krayina production: CN.CHINA0UA10011013845146228.3533
28/Apr/201785365080001. Device switches to elektroustanovchyh fire protection systems: kontrolnyyperemykach OSYSU2a Potter, voltage 220V Art. 921196 OSYSU2A -5sht. Does not contain inits part of the transmitter or transmitters and pryymachi.Torhovelna mark: Minimax VikingKrayina production: USVyrobnyk: Viking GmbH & Co.KG.UNITED STATES0UA1250206.9361.6811479
28/Apr/201785311030001.Prystroyi signaling electrical protection against theft and fire used for buildings, wireless security management -prystroyi U1HS consisting of transmitters and receivers U1HR DWB100HT / ​​Safety 1 degree (first) class II environment (second) / - 430sht. - device management security wireless U1HSL consisting receivers U1HR and transmitters DWB100HT / ​​degree of security 1 (first) class environment II (second) / - 10pc. - additional transmitters UMB100HT devices control security wireless UMB100HS - 40sht. - detectors security Magnitokontaktnye wireless CTX3H / 2 degree of security (pre th) grade environment and the (first) / - 15sht. - Detectors Security Magnitokontaktnye wireless CTX4H / degree of safety 2 (second) class environment and the (first) / - 15sht., - control means security wireless CH4HR / degree of security 1 ( first), environmental class I (first) / - 25sht. - wireless control unit CH8HR security / safety level of 1 (first) class environment and the (first) / - 10sht.Vyrobnyk: Elmes ElektronikKrayina pro tstva: PLTorhivelna mark: ELMES ELECTRONICPOLAND545UA10021052.416344.592893
28/Apr/201785311030001. Electrical signaling devices for fire protection, which are used for buildings, channeled, infrared flame detector FMX5000 IR art.907481-2sht.Ne contain some kind of transmitter or transmitters and pryymachi.Torhovelna mark: Minimax VikingKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: viking GmbH & Co.KG.GERMANY2UA1250201.92684.005278
28/Apr/201785168080901.Elementy resistance heating, electric heater JRD-220 150W-500sht., Ser.nom. -XYC20161209, pryminyayetsya protection and control devices from lowtemperatures and moisture, rated voltage, 220V, 150W power, the electric heater installed nahrivalnyyelement, block heater -shtampovanyyalyuminiyevyy profile. Brand-JINING XINYA IMPORT AND EXPORTCO, CN. Torh.marka-XINYA. .CHINA0UA2050901405601.342797
28/Apr/20178517620000"1. Wrist communication device, the main function of which is a function of the gadget (reception and transmission of relevant data). Goods acts as a fitness tracker - nosymyh gadgets designed to track the physical parameters of the body, heart rate electronic pedometer, and more. In addition to standard function, gadget is paired with a smartphone to feature management challenges and receiving various messages, clock function is optional and installed by the user through installing the OJEC tions of smartphones and other similar devices that access the network Internet.Fitnes-POLAR A360 bracelet complete with USB-cable. Total 30shtPovnokolorovyy TFT-LCD with wide viewing angle and touch screen, wireless synchronization via Bluetooth Smart Supplement Polar Flow. Fitness POLAR bracelet M600 complete with USB-cable. 10shtDyspley 1.30 Total "" 240 x 240 pixels, which transmits TFT-LCD with a resolution of 260 ppi, glass Corning Gori lla glass 3, with support for Bluetooth, GPS. With integrated pamyattyu 4GB internal storage + 512MB OZU.Fitnes-POLAR M400 HR bracelet complete with USB-cable and sensor heart rate Polar H7. Total 15shtDyspley high-resolution 128 x 128 pixels with support for Bluetooth, GPS. Flash memory capacity of 4 MB.Fitnes-POLAR bracelet M400 complete with USB-cable. Total 10shtDyspley high-resolution 128 x 128 pixels with support for Bluetooth, GPS. Flash memory capacity of 4 MB.Fitnes-POLAR V800 HR bracelet complete with USB-cable and sensor heart rate Polar H7. Total 10shtDyspley high-resolution 128 x 128 pixels with support for Bluetooth, GPS. Flash memory capacity of 8 MB.Fitnes-LOOP2 CRYSTAL bracelet complete with USB-cable. Dot LED-screen with Bluetooth. Total 10shtFitnes-LOOP2 bracelet complete with USB-cable. Dot LED-screen with Bluetooth. Total 15shtSposib alert - Vibration - protection against water - Additional Features - Heart-rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, advanced through established, - the maximum duration of work depending on the model - up to 14 dniv.Torhivelna mark PolarVyrobnyk Polar Electro OYKrayina manufacture CN "CHINA0UA10001022.6710410.49995
27/Apr/201787082990001.Chastyny ​​to car bodies: Art. 1118.8403512 apron (Mudguards) krylapravyy -1sht. Art. 1118.8403513 apron (Mudguards) -1sht left wing. Screen art.1118.1203104 floor protection -2sht body. Art. 1118.3403065 Kozhuhoblitsovochnyy top -2sht. Art. 1118.3403072 lower casing oblitsovochnyy 1118.5007250 Obivka shumoyzol. Agriculture floors. Front -2sht. art.1118.8101010 Otpalyuvach control assembly -1sht. Art. 1118.8104030 Soploventylyatsiyi body -2sht center. Art. 1118.8104040 ventilation nozzle body-side 2 pcs. Art. 1118.8104041 ventilation nozzle body -2sht side. Art. 1118.8104049Povitryaprovod side nozzle -2sht. Art. 1118.8108032 Povitryapr.paneli pryladivpravyy -2sht. Art. 1118.8108033 Povitryapr.paneli left -2sht devices. art.1118.8109170 cable vpusknoy flaps, 2 pcs. Art. 1118.8401076 beyond the lower horizontal bar-1am. Art. 1118.8401290 frame radiator rack -2sht law. Art. 1118.8401291Ramka radiator Stoica left -1sht. Art. 1118.8403394 Usylitel Mudguards verhniypravyy -1sht. Art. 1 118.8403395 Usylitel Mudguards top left -1sht. art.1118.8403400-frame platform battery 1pc. Art. 1118.8403410 battery support frame -1sht. Art. 1118.8404066 Z'yednuvachzadnoho right wing and floor -1sht. Art. 1118.8404067 connector rear wing left -1sht floor. Art. 111836102012 Obivka door peredn.prava -2sht. art.111836102012-10 Obivka door peredn.prava -2sht. Art. 111836102013-10 Obivkadveri peredn.liva -2sht. Art. 1119.6302012 Obivka door backward buffer 1119.6302014 Obivka door backward-1am. Art. 2102.5004170 Obivka -23sht right wheel arch. Art. 2103.5325232-02Oblitsovka -383sht radio panel. Art. 2105.3403072-01 oblitsovochn.vala booster housing bottom -11sht. Art. 2105.5004061 Obivka rack windows Wind (left) -175sht. Art. 2105.8101012 heater assembly -2sht. Art. 2108.5602010-10 Obivkabahazhnyka-3pc. Art. 2108.5607010 -1sht luggage shelf. Art. 2108.5607010-10 Polkabahazhnyka-4 pieces. Art. 2108.8109164-01 Pull-168sht flaps. Art. 2108.8109170-01 cable-heater 100 pieces. Art. 2108.8406156 cable opening hood -71sht. Art. 2110.5101040Panel floor rear right -14sht. Art. Support springs 2110.5101211 left-5pcs. Art. 2110.5101331 right-rear spars 10pc. Art. 2110.5101332 rear spar left-10pc. Art. 2110.5101372 spar average -10sht right. Art. 2110.5109076 threshold (inside front) right -49sht. Art. 2110.5109078 porog rear (internal) right -29sht. Art. 2110.5109155 Oblitsovka lower tunnel floors -2sht. art.2110.5601012 panel vuhlova right-38sht. Art. 2110.5602012-10 Obivka -3sht backward. Art. 2110.6205082-10 Tyahazapyrannya right rear door -60sht. Art. 2110.6205083-10 Pull locking zadnoyidvery left -60sht. Art. 2110.6812610 Obivka spinky -2sht. Art. 2110.6820172 Oporapidlokotnyka-5pcs. Art. 2110.8101020-20 radiator guard-1am. Art. 2110.8101340 Povitryaprovod heating noh -5sht. Art. 2110.8119078Horlovina foster povitryazabornyka -5sht. Art. 2110.8204010-01 Kozyrokprotyvosonyachnyy right -37sht. Art. 2110.8204011-01 Kozyrok protyvosonyachnyylivyy -44sht.RUSSIA0UA807170644.0221964.291007
27/Apr/20178302300090"1. Fittings and other fasteners, metal etc. to / from Castle belt art.888403U201WK, 1pc., Bracket art.253331D100, 1pc., Bracket art.253334Y000, 1pc., Bracket art.866342K070, 1pc., Bracket art.866352K070, 1pc., art.866362K070 bracket, 1 pc., rear bumper bracket art.866852F000, 4pcs., front bumper bracket art.866992M000, 2 pcs., Bracket rear bumper art.866144Y200, 1 pc., rear bumper bracket art. 866141Y000, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.86513A7000, 2 pcs .; art.865162T000 Bracket front bumper, 1pc .; art.865131M000 Bracket front bumper, 1pc front bumper bracket .; art.865812T000, 1pc .; art.86553B2000 Bracket front bumper, 1pc .; art.865512K500 Bracket front bumper, 1pc .; art.865522G000 Bracket front bumper, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.865821W700, 2 pcs .; Bracket front bumper art.865141W200, 2 pcs .; wiper mechanism art.981102K000, 1pc .; Overlay art.841693W000 wings, 1pc .; Overlay wings and art.841593W000, 1pc .; Art.793801M200 door limiter, 1pc .; Art.793803U000 door limiter, 1pc .; Hood Loop art.791202P500, 1pc .; Planck radiator protection art.29150C5000, 2 pcs .; A device for removing plugs art.0K577B2100QQK, 1pc .; Cork tray art.2151221010 engine, 5pcs .; Prostavochna plate art.552232H000, 1pc .; Prostavochna art.552232H100 plate, 4pcs .; Handle opening hood art.8118034000WK, 1pc .; Handle unlocking the fuel tank hatches art.8157022002, 1pc .; Art.836502F000 door handle, 1pc .; Art.826503E051 door handle, 1pc .; Art.826614Y050 door handle, 1pc .; Door handles luggage art.812603W000, 1pc .; Art.091323B000 jack handle, 1pc .; Clamp art.565223X000, 1pc .; Art.1430003257BQQK pin, 20pcs .; Hidronatyazhytel chain art.245102F000, 1pc .; Hidronatyazhytel chain art.2441025001, 2 pcs .; Castle belt art.888303U201WK, 1pc .; Pacifier chain art.2446025001, 1pc .; Pacifier chain art.2442025002, 1pc .; Pacifier chain art.244202B000, 3pc .; Lock Lock art.0K72A72361-DS, 1pc .; Lock the door lock art.812102T000, 1pc .; Door handles luggage art.81755G5000WK, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.865182F500, 1pc .; The body of the fuel filter art.319252Y000, 1pc .; KIAVyrobnyk trade mark Kia Motors production CorporationKrayina KR "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1001109.395497.0052138
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Protection Device Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""УКРАЇНСЬКО -РОСІЙСЬКЕ ПІДПРИЄМСТВО ""БОЕЗ УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
49000, Дніпропетровська обл., м.Дніпропетровськ, пропект Героїв, буд.46, кв.415
Exporter Name IM.AG.IN. solutions srl
Product Description
"1.Zernosusharka type L 150 CE, passport number .........
HS Code 8419310000Value 151975.7894
Quantity 0Unit UA400030
Net Weight 25810
Origin Country ITALY

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