Ukraine Import Data of Pro Bond | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pro Bond

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Pro Bond Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pro Bond

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20176022090001.Seeds of bushes with edible fruits, not clapped, for open ground, without pots, average height-80 cm, in bonds: hazelnut, type: Tonda di Giffoni - 12420 pcs., Brand: no data. Manufacturer: VIVAI F.LLI ZANZI Di Carlo Zanzi & Css Societa AgricolaProduct Production: Italy, IT.Country of origin: Italy, IT. .ITALY0UA305160404120271.30304 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20173214101090"1. Fillers for bonding, sealing and sealing that vykorysovuyutsya in the construction industry, polyurethane foam based on polyurethane (composition: izotsyonat 35-60% LPG 5-15% other additives 30-50%) in metal containers, contains no ozone-depleting substances, TM "" Akfix "": 850 Mega Foam 850Ml 65L-1440 pcs .; Maximum Foam 850Ml-1440 pcs .; 960 PU Adhesive Foam 800Ml-600 pcs .; 805P Professional Foam 750Ml-2880 805 pcs .; Foam 750Ml-2880 805 pcs .; Foam 500Ml-3840 805 pcs .; Foam 300Ml-TM 4320 pcs .; "" Hercul "": M65 Mega Foam 850Ml 65L-4428 pcs .; M70 Mega Foam 850Ml-Max 2940 pcs .; Maximum Foam 850Ml-2700 pcs .; Manto PU Adhesive Foam 800Ml-1440 pcs .; Pro Professional Foam 750Ml-2880 pcs .; Multi Reusabl Valve PU Foam 750Ml-1476 pcs .; STD Foam 750Ml-2976 pcs .; Midi Foam 500Ml- 2016 sht.Zamazky in plastic tyubikah without aerosol packaging, a paste sealant (silicone, akrilovyy) TM "" Akfix "": 100E Silicone 280Ml bil.-7680 pcs .; 100E Silicone 280Ml chorn.-2400 pcs .; 100E Silicone 280Ml proz.-23040 pcs .; 100 E Tube Silicone 50Ml proz.-9504 pcs .; 100E Tube Silicone 50Ml bil.-4752 pcs .; P645 Sealant Sousage 600Ml chorn.-180 pcs .; TM "" Hercul "": Universal Silicone 280Ml chorn.-600 pcs .; Universal Silicone 280Ml prozor.-2640 pcs .; Universal Silicone 280Ml bil.-5376 pcs .; Strong Acrylic Flexi Nail 280Ml-2928 pcs .; Acrylic Sealant 280Ml Mastic (mastic) bil.-1920 pcs .; High Tack 290Ml Sealant bil.-120 pcs .; Wood Adhesive 500Gr-960 sht.Vyrobnyk: AKKIM YAPI KIMYASALLARI SANAYI VE TICARET AS Country of origin: Turkey. "TURKEY0UA10001038713.3433697.99988
29/Apr/201730061090001.Vyroby registered medical Ministry of Health - sterile suture materials (including sterile surgical or dental yarns that dissipate) used in surgical medicine, dentistry for sewing closing postoperative wounds: Materials for approximation tkanyn.W6759 - Ethibond Excel (polyester coated woven thread), size 3/0 USP, two piercing needles Taper Point 17 mm, 1/2 circle, length 60 cm, green, 12 pieces - 1 upakovka.W8770 - Prolene (monofilament thread, polypropylene), size USP 3/0, 22mm barbed needle, 1/2 circle, length 75cm, with yniy, 12 pieces - 2 upakovky.W8021T - Prolene (monofilament thread, polypropylene), size 3/0 USP, P-cutting needle 26 mm, 3/8 circle, length 45cm, blue, 24 pieces - 2 upakovky.Torhivelna mark - Ethicon . Manufacturer - Ethicon, LLC. Country of origin - US.Na available packages labeled SR №12184 / 2012 14.12.2012. Packages available caveat: sterile. For single use. Products in sterile packaging Indiv idualnyh invested in cardboard boxes marked vyrobnyka.Vyroby designed for intended use in specialized medical institutions MoH Ukraine by qualified medical personnel.UNITED STATES0UA1251000.434260.0558244
28/Apr/20173214900090"1.Budivelni nevohnetryvki mixture: - PRIMUS packaging in plast.vidra on 23kh = 88sht content filler-sand (granulated) 62-54% water-solvent 26-28% acrylic latex (binder liquid) 9.9 -10.2% scope - for bonding insulating polystyrene panels to mineral bases and create a basic layer of plaster in buildings, mold manufacturing - pasty composition; - PRIMAX, primer, packing in 14 kg plast.vidra = 13sht based on water 65-52% acrylic latex (called "" liquid adhesion agent) 25-15% pigment 5-0,15% to 10% modifiers, applicabl uyetsya to improve traction in buildings (including painted and glazed polystyrene plates and fasteners), form vyhotolennya - opaque liquid mixture; PRM LYMESTONE PASTEL BASE DRYVIT STRATOTONE 310 for packaging in plast.vidra 24.72kh = 60sht based on sand capsulated 63-67% akrilovyy latex (binder liquid) 8,5-10,2% titanium dioxide 1-4%, 12-15% water (solvent) form you hotolennya-pasty composition, scope-for creating external and internal base layer of plaster in buildings. - COLOR PRIME S PASTEL BASE DRYVIT STRATOTONE 310 primer for packaging in plast.vidrah 17.36kh = 10pcs content: water 40-41% 17-18% acrylic polymer, propylene glycol 1.4-1.5% titanium dioxide 0 5-9,9% calcium carbonate filler 16-23% production form - opaque liquid mixture used for coating surfaces in buildings under acrylic and hranitopodobni shtukaturky.Z filler content, Portland cement 20-30% quartz sand 50-60 % 0-14% lime and polymer binder rechovyna- 1-2%: DRYCOAT rozfas.v bags of 25kg = 48sht, form-making powdered mixture scope - for cos Rennes base layer of plaster in buildings, not refractory, not in aerosol packaging. "POLAND0UA2091805062.84652.799604
28/Apr/201732141090901.Remontnyy solution. Not aerosol woo kovtsi. Two-component water dyspersiyaepok Sydney resin, which permanently was zastosavuyetsya as well impregnation or wash them dlyabeton and mineral bases, wall coverings indoors. Notcontains solvent without vaerozolniy package. Sikarepair / floor EC Modul: (komp.Vvododispersionnyy modified polyamine 1-5%) 5500 Canister cont. 28.6kh-43sht (komp.A modified epoxy resin) 5499 Canister cont. 11.4kh -43sht, Repair solution. Not aerosol woo kovtsi. Sikadur-31 CF Normal Component A + B482449 System cont. 1.2kg -264sht. two-component epoxy resin without rozchynnykayaka vach used as fill joints and cracks, as well as remontnohorozchynu for bonding. (Includes: full and modified epoksydnasmola component A reaction pro duct: bisphenol-A- (epichlorhydrin) and epoxyresin (number average molecular wei ght <= 700) 5-25%, oxirane.mono (C12-14alkyloxy) methyl) derivs 1- 2.5%) and a mixture of amines komp.B zatverzhuvach dlyae poksydnyh resin benzyl alcohol <25% 3-aminomethyl-3,5,5- trimethylcyclohexylamine 1-5%, 3,6-diazaoctanethylene diamin 1-5%, not containing solvent ) The manufacturer Sika Schweiz AGKrayina production - CH.Torhovelna brand Sika.SWITZERLAND0UA1001302036.88173.089058
28/Apr/201730064000001. Adher TM Single Bond 2 'dental adhesive, intended for use by applying to the etched surface of enamel and dentin tooth to fix the restoration material during treatment (sealing or restoration) of teeth: adhesive Adper TM Single Bond 2, 1 x Adhesive, 6 ml, use instruction, art.51202 (70201036772) - 140 pcs. Producer: '' 3M ESPE Dental Products '' at 3M ESPE Dental Products, USA. Production code: US. Trademark: Adper. .UNITED STATES0UA1251105.881620.442015
28/Apr/20177019390000"1. Fiber fiberglass insulation, which is a product of staple chaotically located glass fiber that is bonded together by a binder, not combined with other materials, is used for sound and thermal insulation URSA: art 2097024M-15-2- 8500-1200-50-24derev.pal.TU 5763-001-71451657-2004.Trade Brand URSA Manufacturer: Branch LLC "Ursa Eurasia" "" "" URSA "" Country of manufacture RU. "RUSSIA0UA1000708519.044216.375299
28/Apr/20173214101090"1.Hermetyk (mastic-based polymer) as a paste. Dlyahermetyzatsiyi used with" "unity and bonding metal parts: -DC 7091 Adhesive Sealant Black - 60 cartridges (60 x 310ml); - DC 7093 Adhesive Sealant Black - 84 cartridges (84 x 310ml). napovnyuvachivta pigment content of 2%. Do not spray upakovka.Vyrobnyk - Dow Corning.Torhivelna mark - Dow Corning.Krayina production - BE.. "BELGIUM0UA12518065.88436.0766998
28/Apr/20171517909999"1. Rafinovanna, dezodorovanna Coconut Oil for popcorn TRADEKEY BRAND beta karatynom color (color 5.25" "Lovibond Cell" ") - 20.1R 10Y for use in food in tubs promyslomosti to 22 kg - 16 940 kg. Not for retail. Brand Palmtop Vegeoil Products SDN BHD, trademark TRADEKEY. "MALAYSIA0UA1100101694025409.99997
28/Apr/20173214101090"1.Hermetyk (mastic-based polymer) as a paste. Dlyahermetyzatsiyi used with" "unity and bonding metal parts: -XIAMETER SLT-3445 SEALANT ACETOXY RED FLOWABLE -200 kg canisters 8 (8 x 25kg) and fillers .Vmist pigments -2%. Do not spray upakovka.Vyrobnyk - Dow Corning.Torhivelna mark - Dow Corning.Krayina production - DE.. "GERMANY0UA1251802001276.898857
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Закарпатська обл. Ужгород, вул. Загорська буд. 26 кв. 91
Exporter Name VIVAI F.LLI ZANZI di Carlo Zanzi & C.s.s. Societa Agricola
Product Description
1.Seeds of bushes with edible fruits, not clapped,.........
HS Code 602209000Value 20271.30304
Quantity 0Unit UA305160
Net Weight 4041
Origin Country ITALY

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