Ukraine Import Data of Prime Aluminum | Ukraine Import Statistics of Prime Aluminum

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of prime aluminum collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of prime aluminum imports.

Prime Aluminum Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Prime Aluminum

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201776071910001.Folha alyuminiyeva (without base) rolled covered termolakom + primer without printing surface is flat, smooth coils zavtov- shki less than 0.021 mm. Splavu8011 H18 brand, size (mm.): - 0,02x650mm. -2259,4kh.Torhovelna Brand: HUAWEI ALVyrobnyk: Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., ltdKrayina production: CN.CHINA0UA1001102259.411032.98151 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/201776072010001.Folha aluminum, with a base primer th and during printing, thickness 0,007mm, size in mm: - Alloy 1200: 0,007mmh328mm - 5655.00 kh.Torhova brand - AL INVESTKrayina production - CZVyrobnyk - AL INVEST Bridlicna, as.CZECH REPUBLIC0UA100010565516485.75622
24/Apr/201790329000001. Nevodorozchynni paints and varnishes containing polyesters content rozchynnykivdo 50%: art.00675540010 ROSTEKS SUPER Gray, 1,0l -75sht. Plivkoutvoryuyuchyypolimer: 25% of alkyd resins. Solvent: Hard gasoline 49%. Tanapovnyuvachi pigments, titanium dioxide and the other 20%. Impurities 5%. art.20362010110 OTEKS AP, ADHEZ. Primers, 0,9l -300sht. art.20360030110 OTEKS C, ADHEZ., 0,9l-16sht. Film-forming polymer, alkyd resin 35%. Solvent: 10% Naftahidroochyschena hard, hard oil hidrosulfitsydna 5% solvent-oil lehkyyaromatychnyy 10%. Pigments and fillers, dolomite, talc, vopnyak 25%. Impurities 15%. art.39073230130 TEMAPRAYM EE TCH-base 2,7l -20sht. art.39073230170TEMAPRAYM EE TCH-base 18,0l -11sht. art.39073260160 TEMAPRAYM EE TVH-base 9,0l-11sht. Film-forming polymer, epoxy resin complex 10% polyester smola10%. Solvent: xylene 20%, 10% ethylbenzene, solvent oil light aromatychna2,5%. Pigments and fillers, zinc phosphate, 17% titanium dioxide, talc, dolomite, pigment red 101 25%. Impurities: methyl ethyl ketoksym 0.5%, other 5% .art.46060010130 PANSSARYMAALY, BASIS A 2,7l -48sht. art.46060030110PANSSARYMAALY, basis C 0,9l -75sht. art.46060030130 PANSSARYMAALY, base C-2,7l 72sht. Film-forming polymer, alkyd resin 25%. Solvent: heavy Naftahidroochyschena 49%. Pigments and fillers, zinc oxide, barium, talc, titanium dioxide 20%. art.55060010110 ЭMPYRE BASIS A 0,9l-300sht. art.55060030110 ЭMPYRE BASIS C, 0,9l-225sht. Film-forming polymer, Alcides 40%. Solvent: Oil hidroochyschena tyazhka25% xylene 5%. Pigments and fillers, titanium dioxide, dolomite, talc, pihmenty30%. Impurities: None. art.55560010110 MYRANOL TICS. BASIS A 0,9l MYRANOL TICS. BASIS A 2,7l -72sht. art.55560030110 MYRANOL TYKS.BAZYS C, 0,9l -225sht. art.55560030130 MYRANOL TICS. BASIS C, 2,7l -48sht.Plivkoutvoryuyuchyy polymer, alkyd resin 25%. Solvent: Oil hidroochyschena tyazhka40%. Pigments and fillers, titanium dioxide is 30%. Impurities 5%. art.00500900030MERYT YACHT 20 3,0l-30sht. art.00500900060 MERYT YACHT 20 10,0l-22sht. Film-forming polymer, alkyd resin is 45%. Solvent: oil 49% .Pihmenty and fillers: none. Impurities 5%. art.00500910030 MERYT YaHTY80,3,0l-30sht. art.00500910060 MERYT YACHT 80 10,0l-11sht. art.00500910070 MERYT YACHT 80 20,0l-16sht. Film-forming polymer, alkyd resin is 50%. Solvent: heavy benzyn42%. Pigments and fillers: none. Impurities: oktoat cobalt 1% ethyl metylketoksym 1% oksybenzon 1%, other 5%. art.16173230360 TEMAKOUT RM 40 TCH-base 7,2l -22sht. art.16173260330 TEMAKOUT 40 PM TVH-base 2,2l -30sht. art.16173260360TEMAKOUT RM 40 TVH-base 7,2l -11sht. Film-forming polymer, epoxy resin (mw700-1000) 25%, other 10% resin. Solvent: xylene 15%, 1-methoxy-2-propanol 5%, 5% ethylbenzene. Pigments and fillers: aluminum poroshokstabilizovanyy 5%, dolomite, talc, titanium dioxide 30%. Impurities: 5% .art.27060030130 BETOLYUKS, base C, 2,7l-60sht. Film-forming polymer, Alcides 15% izotsyanat mod.alkidu 20%. Solvent: Oil gUNITED STATES0UA5001400.412140.5854535
19/Apr/201732089091901.Polyes based on synthetic polymers. Universal material designed to cover exposed and normal chemicals. For concrete, steel, aluminum, cement solutions. It does not contain materials, psychotropic agents and precursors. Color two-component waterproofing is not a coating on the basis of epoxy resin for concrete surfaces. 27578 Icosit-2406 top coat Ral 7032 (comp. A) (bucket 21,25kg) - 100pcs, 17749 Icosit-2406 Primer (comp.B) (bucket 6,25kg) - 100pcs, 17746Icosit-2406 top coat (comp.B) (Bucket 3.75kg) - 100pcs, 13523 Icosit-2406 Primercolourtess (comp. A) (bucket 18.75kg) - 100pcs, paint coating on the basis of a specially-specified mix of synthetic polymers for protecting steel, galvanized surfaces, plastics and wood. Fireproof Does not contain narcotic, psychotropic drugs and precursors.482733 SikaCor-6630 Primer gray (batch 15kg) -4 pcs. 172375 SikaCor-6630 HS Ral.7032 (30kg bucket) -4 pcs (composition: naphta (petroleum), hydrotreated heavy 10-20%, 2-methoxy-1-methylethylacetate 1- 5 %, Zinc oxide 2.5-25%, xylene 1-2.5%, 2-methylpropan-1-ol1-5%, trizinc bis (orthophosphate) 0.25-2.5%, 2-butanone 0.1-1%, solventnaphtha (petroleum) , Light arom. <0.25%, pentamethyl piperidyl sebacate 0.1-0.25%) Manufacturer Sika Deutschland GmbHCategory of production - DE.Sika trademark.GERMANY0UA100130518029656.2431
18/Apr/20177606129200"1.Lysty of rectangular aluminum alloys art.DP 7 (DECO PRIME 7) size 1250 * 2500 mm thickness 0.50 mm protective film, grade alloy AlMg1 - 530,00 kh.Krayina origin - DE. Producer -" "Alanod GmbH & Co.KG" ". brand -" "Alanod" "."GERMANY0UA1251105305135.752727
07/Apr/201776072010001.Folha aluminum, with a base primer and when printing, thickness 0,007mm, splav1200: 0,007mmh328mm - 9617.00 kh.Torhova brand - AL INVESTKrayina production - CZVyrobnyk - AL INVEST Bridlicna, as.CZECH REPUBLIC0UA100010961727464.90688
05/Apr/20173921909000"1. Multi blister material for cold forming BILCARE venusTM CFsri bnoho color praymovanyy, in rolls, width 248 mm - 236.700 kg shyrynoyu120 mm - 323.500 kg, width 336 mm - 636.500 kg, width 144 mm - 325,000 kh.Material has a three-layer structure: rigid PVC film thickness 60mkm +/- 10% laminova in aluminum foil to a thickness of 45 microns +/- 10%, which in its cherhulaminovana weaving Coy oriented polyamide with a thickness of 25 microns +/- 10%. Poverhnyameterialu: 2030 hlanets / semi , lash primer for semi storoni.Vykorystovuyetsya term to produce blister packaging. marking tion package: №kon tract, weight, name of product, scope ri, country of manufacture. ".GERMANY0UA8051801521.711699.79092
03/Apr/201732081090901.FARBY and varnishes (including enamels and lacquers) based on polyester, dissolved in non-aqueous environments, liquid: - 1,630,307 PRIMER GRIGIO - 6 buckets 0.75 L.YE universal single-component primer with corrosion-resistant polymer and pigment based, with high LEVEL elasticity and adhesion. Suitable for such difficult surfaces, such as galvanized sheet metal, copper, aluminum, PVC, light alloys, T.I.TYP binder: modified alkyd resin. Anticorrosive: zinc phosphate. Composition: alkyd resins in petroleum solvents (42-43%), pigments and fillers (35-36%), impurity (5.5-6%), a mixture of petroleum solvents (11-12%). According to the manufacturer applied IN APPLYING KYSTYU.MAKSYMALNYY VOC compounds - 500 g / l. City 2 butanone oxime (fatty acids) and salts KOBALTA.NE CONTAINS precursors. .BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA0UA1100905.8538.22143981
03/Apr/20173923501000"1. The closing device of: - metalopolimernyy 25 * 13 ( '' drop '') -4659 50sht. It is a plastic cover tadekora tive aluminum cap cylindrical first formy.Zabezpechuyehermetychnist ryuvannya purchase bottles of vodka - a polymer bottle 33 * 53 ( "" Prime "") - 281000sht. It is a plastic cap and pan ratyvnoho alyuminiyevohokovpachka ychnoyi cylinder shape. kuporyuvannya provides sealing for bottles zhorilchanymy products y.Vyrobnyk: YPUP "" ALKOPAK "". Country of origin: BY.Torhovelna brand: no data. ".BELARUS0UA807180568929564.06923
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Prime Aluminum Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Prime Aluminum Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Україна 03039,м.Київ Саперно-Слобідський пр. 4
Exporter Name Henan Huawei Aluminum Co.,ltd
Product Description
1.Folha alyuminiyeva (without base) rolled covered.........
HS Code 7607191000Value 11032.98151
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 2259.4
Origin Country CHINA

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