Ukraine Import Data of Pressure Tube | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pressure Tube

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pressure tube collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pressure tube imports.

Pressure Tube Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pressure Tube

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of pressure tube. Get Ukraine trade data of Pressure Tube imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20178409990000"1. Parts exclusively dvyhunivvnutrishnoho combustion piston zkompresiynym ignition dlyatsyvilnoho appointment to s / htraktoriv: 240-1002001-B2 cylinder block, 6 pcs. 260-1002020 cylinder block-5pcs. 240-1003012-A1-32sht cylinder head. 245 -1003012-02 cylinder head, 2 pcs. 260-1003012 cylinder head-9sht. 240-1002115-01 neck-1am. 240-1003033 COLLECTOR inlet-1am. 245-1003122 cap lid 3pc. 240-1002430-D BUILDING WITH breather 5pcs tube. 240-1003032-A-COVER cylinder head 20pcs. 245-1003032 COVER cylinder head, 4 pieces. 240-1002060-A-COVER DISTRIBUTION 3pc. 240-1002065-A2 DISTRIBUTION COVER-4 pieces. 248-1002060 COVER PO SECTION-1am. 260-1002065-05 DISTRIBUTION COVER-1am. 50-1002313-B LETTER rear-5pcs. 240-1007100-B1-cam MECHANISM 20pcs. 260-1007100-A MECHANISM cam-1am. 260-1007102, and the axis cam-2 pcs. 240-1007151-B-01 Rockers OSI SUSTAINABLE Far-2 pcs. 24 5-1104300-F-03-TOPLYVOPROVOD High pressure 3pc. Cranks 245-1004100-E-4 pieces. 260-1004100-D-01 SHATUN- 12sht.Rozfasovano and ch akovano for retail and wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk OAO "" FM, "" MMP "" Trademark MMZKrayina production BY "BELARUS0UA5041703807.53919423.15134 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201739172900901. Pipes seamless, non-pressure, sewage from complex polyester resins, reinforced with fiberglass: HOBAS DN1600 mm (DA1638) PN1 tube, ring stiffness SN5000 N / m2, pipe diameter 1638 mm, plastic sleeve, length of pipe - 8.99 pog.m, pipe HOBAS DN1600 mm (DA1638) PN1, ring stiffness SN5000 N / m2, pipe diameter 1638 mm, steel fittings, length of pipe - 3.00 rpm .POLAND0UA2091404210.5311798.51777
28/Apr/20177616999000"1.Trubky aluminum unused under pressure for clearance sales outlets include: tube-holder with universal holder for T-wire korzynuCROCS- FIX-T art.102116-1350sht., Aluminum pipe 20h1,5 (3 meters) art.101057 -3000-2sht., aluminum tube ALUTUBE 9x1 3000 mmart.101050-3000-30sht., telescopic tube aluminum TEL-ALUTUBE 1100-1400 mmart.101008-9-1300sht., telescopic tube aluminum TEL-ALUTUBE 600-900 mmart.101007 -9-740sht., Trademark - Europos HRUPPVyrobnyk - the company "" Europos GROUP "". "RUSSIA0UA100010325.64630.332284
28/Apr/201739173200901.Hnuchki tube made of plastic (tubular insulators) without fittings, not to work under pressure, used in coaxial cable for grouping individual wires in zhhuty and protect the cables from external damage: art.ATUM-8 / 2-0-STK, Heat Shrink Tubing ATM-8 / 2-0-STK - 8 sht.Vyrobnyk TETorhova mark TEKrayina production US.UNITED STATES0UA1002000.236.89741575
28/Apr/20173917320090"1.Hnuchki tube made of plastic (tubular insulators) without fittings, not to work under pressure, used in coaxial cable for grouping individual wires in zhhuty and protect the cables from external damage: art.FIT75012BK105 5" "Heat Shrink Tubing FIT75012BK - 8 sht.Vyrobnyk Alpha Alpha brand WireTorhova production WireKrayina US. "UNITED STATES0UA1002000.85160.6929007
28/Apr/201740093200001.Shlanhy tubes of vulcanized rubber other than hard rubber, with fittings, armovanitekstylnymy materials for motor vehicle bus ZAZ type A07 chassis TATA LP 613/38 (Euro-II): 264129100127-8sht grip tube, the tube coupling 264129100127-8sht , 264129100127-8sht tube clutch, clutch 264129100127-8sht tube, high pressure hose to collect 0004280035J-8 pieces, high pressure hose to collect 0004280035J-8 pieces, high pressure hose to collect 0004280035J-8 pieces, high pressure hose to collect 0004280035J-8 pieces, hose 264129110101-8sht in collecting, gathering 264129110101-8sht hose, hose assembly 264129110101-8sht, hose assembly 264129110101-8sht, hoses, g to collect 264042800121-8sht D3.2, D3.2 hose assembly 264042800121-8sht, hose assembly 264042800121-8sht D3.2, D3.2 hose assembly 264042800121-8sht.Vyrobnyk TATA MOTORS LIMITED. Trade mark TATA MOTORS. Country of IN. .INDIA0UA11208021.216307.4498409
27/Apr/20178424200090"1.Rozpylyuvachi water at high pressure, spray with extension tube Premium, art.2.645-137.0-100sht; Producer: Alfred Karcher GmbH & Co. KG. Trade mark - Karcher. Country of origin - TW.."TAIWAN0UA10011050799.3621092
27/Apr/201790279050001. Accessory chemiluminescence analyzer Closed Architect i1000sr: Set for care: 7-205087-04 PM KIT, i1000SR - 2 sets. (In each set, liquid filter - 1pc., Rubber wheel for rotating the reagent bottle - 1 pcs. vacuum filter - 1 pc., head pump liquid wastes - 1 pc., plastic tube fittings for connecting pump waste pressure switch - 1 pc., V-shaped wheel - 3 pcs., screw krepizhnyy - 5 pcs.) . .SINGAPORE0UA1251001.21828.580117
27/Apr/201784329000001.Zapasni parts tahruntoobrobnoyi seeding equipment HORSCH company: Corner prykruchuyemyy with ball sharniromd. 80, 3 tons. Art.95120740 -1 pcs., Plate 425x 215x20 art.23102102 -27 pcs., Plate 202x42x20 art.23102103 -27 units., Lock paws cultivator R300 with a stopper (2005 GV) art. 00310921 -29sht., Bracket pressure suspension uprights complex. art.24116700 -1 pieces. Apparatus seed Horsch PUR - VDO art.01503200 -2 pcs., sensor mounting bracket povitryannoyi turbine ME art.24052001 -1 pcs., seed plate mounting machine for PUR PE tank art.33422804 -1 pieces ., mounting plate cover cleaning art.31502408 -2 pieces. cover tank cleaning seed drills SW art.33328400 -2 pc., rear frame work of kultvatora 4MTstarr zmont. art.34636300 -1 pieces. Frame drives kultvatora 4 MT starr complex. art.34636200 -3 pieces. soybean seeding equipment for a number art.24117500 1 -16 pcs. Tube Drills fertilizer coulter right art.23298800 -107 pcs., soybean seeding equipment for a number art.24117500 1 -24 pc. , soybean seeding equipment for a number art.24117500 1 -12 pieces. Hrablyna mounted right TurboDisc art.23251100 -1 pcs., Case povitryaprovodu 140- 2x140 art.33730900 -2 pcs., Corpus sowing machine Horsch PP art.01503220 - 15 pcs., dispenser assembly 320 cm3 (rotor for peas) art.01507100 -8 pcs., drive axle mounting plate disk system 8 / 9DC PPF art.23902201 -1 pieces. The machine Horsch seed PP art.01507900 -1 pieces ., zyhysna plate (winding) Pat ubka nasinnyeprovodu D135 (2006) art.01506600 -5 pcs., Re-sowing hub DC + SW cone under art.96120143 -1 pcs., dispenser assembly 320 cm3 (rotor for peas) -2 art.01507100 composed sht.v contain radio transmitters and pryymachiv.Torhovelna mark HORSCHVyrobnyk HORSCH Maschinen production GmbHKrayina DEGERMANY0UA1252702034.17546778.24328
27/Apr/20176815990000"1 Refractory bricks nevypaleni, treated (at a temperature below 350 degrees C) pereklazovuhletsevi from chemical (carbon) bond, not containing magnesite, dolomite or chromite, fire resistance 1600-1750hrad.S designed for lining stalerozlyvochnyh bucket, volume 30tn, 60tn, 100tn and electric arc furnace DSP-15 in the metallurgical industry: brick Carmag MPL 744-60 format N1 / 26; Carmag MPL 744-30 brick format 6 / 20-100. Chemical composition and characteristics: MgO - 96, 10%, 96,20%; Al2O3 - 0,50%, 0,45%; CaO - 1,50%, Fe2O3 - 0,70%, SiO2 - 1,00%; open porosity - 3,9%, 3 7%, apparent density - 3,02h / cm3, compressive strength - 50,7MRa, 55,2MRa, full carbon mass fraction - 12.5%, 12.6% .Tsehla Carmag MW 714-60 format 7/30, brick Carmag MW 714-100 Format 7 / 30. Chemical composition and characteristics: MgO - 96,20%, Al2O3 - 0,25%, CaO - 1,60%, Fe2O3 - 0,60%, SiO2 - 0,80%; open porosity - 4.1% 5.8% apparent density - 3,11h / cm3, 3.1 g / cm3, compressive strength - 84,2MRa, 75,6MRa; full carbon mass fraction - 6.5%, 6.4%. Brick Carmag MWL753AU: format MR-55 / 30-25z, format MR-55 / 30-20z. Chemical composition and characteristics: MgO - 97,50%, CaO - 1,70%, Fe2O3 - 0,20%, SiO2 - 0,40%; open porosity - 3.2% compressive strength - 39,8 MPa, full carbon mass fraction - 14.7%. Brick Pegas PE02 format DDG650, purge lance is made on the basis of high-carbon magnesian refractory material. Equipped with a system of steel tubes through which gas is supplied to the liquid metal. Chemical composition and characteristics: MgO - 97,5%, CaO - 1,7%, SiO2 - 0,4%, Fe2O3 - 0,2%, Al2O3-0,1%; open porosity - 3.1% compressive strength - 38,5MPa, the intensity of the flow of gas at a pressure of 0.4 MPa - 18 Nm3 / h, complete mass fraction of carbon - 14.5%. "POLAND0UA7000101037920415.85699
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТЕХНОТОРГ-ДОН"""
Importer Address
54025,м.Миколаїв,пр.Героїв Сталінграду 113/1
Exporter Name "ОАО ""Управляющая компания холдинга ""Минский моторный завод"""
Product Description
"1. Parts exclusively dvyhunivvnutrishnoho combust.........
HS Code 8409990000Value 19423.15134
Quantity 0Unit UA504170
Net Weight 3807.539
Origin Country BELARUS

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