Ukraine Import Data of Pressure Transmitter | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pressure Transmitter

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pressure transmitter collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pressure transmitter imports.

Pressure Transmitter Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pressure Transmitter

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201784248191001.Mehanichni devices for agriculture, drawn using a tractor without manual control: trailed sprayer model M952 - 1am. Serial numbers: 1WZ0952MCH0170408. Year: 2017. Fuel tank: 5200 l. Options under invoice №604089394: 0433 manual in Russian movi0501 a la kart1820 Without dyspleya2021 controlled axis to change the width of 180/210 cm 10 boltiv2121 With pidviskoyu2501 Control with ISOBUS dzhoystykom2631 sensor controls on the flow and fixed towing earring tysku3012 50 mm3211 Fixed Pull -zchipnyy device vazheliv3271 lower proportional control kolesamy3514 wheels 380/90 R46 10 bolts, rubber selected zavodom4023 spraying system with two piston dyafrahmoyu4232 mechanical control system preparation sumishy4311 M KamLock FTA with blank kryshkoyu4401 PTO drive shaft 1-3 / 8 with 6 shlitsamy5083 8 and 24 sectional bar / 12m5381 supply line solution with closed konturom5421 Assembling, adjustable heights and weights and naklon using selectively-control klapaniv5460 automatic height control BoomTrac6701 and tilt rod holder for several forsunok6811 hydraulic and parking halma7033 Without storage box hymikativ7211 Wings for wheels 5100 mm to 7851 Zhhut wiring for installation on GS2 8082 tractor Teejet XR-110.03-VP blue polymer - 24 sht.8084 Teejet XR-110.05 -VP brown polymer - 24 sht.8086 Te ejet XR-110.08-VP white Polimer - 24 sht.8420 self-cleaning filter Pressure relief valve 8425 8445 Coupling for external pumping system 1.5 inch 8465 shvykoho omyvochnoho tank filling system 8552 bar amortization for 8781 Set on the slopes of the field lighting replacement Product 9040 9791 Elektropovodka parts not belonging to military goods vykorystannya.Ne contains in its composition transmitters or transmitters and pryymachi.Torhovelna brand: JOHN DEERE. Company - Manufacturer: JOHN DEERE FABRIEK HORST BV.Krayina production: Netherlands (NL).NETHERLANDS1UA401010643067173.94035 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178536490090"1.Komplektuyuchi for our production of potable water, relay protection equipment from high pressure or set to voltage 220V, contain some kind of transmitter or transmitter and receiver and: Sensor (relay) High Pressure High pressu re switches, 1300 shtuk.Datchyk (relay) low pressure low pressure switches, shtuk.Vyrobnyk 1300 - Grand Forest Magnetoelectric Co.Ltd; Trademark - Grand Forest; Country of origin - CN.. "CHINA0UA1251101103013.72584
28/Apr/20179026202000"1.Prystroyi for measuring pressure monitoring, electronic, to a / m '' BMW '', not mistytu composed transmitters receivers: Pressure naduvochnoho air art.13627585494 -2sht; trademark -" "BMW", "Producer - Concern "" BMW "". "GERMANY2UA1002100.04119.9275076
28/Apr/20179026204000"1. Devices for measurement (control) the pressure of liquids or gases, not electronic, with a metal membrane contain transmitters and receivers or transmitters: - RChG100-3vDW gauge, 10 bar, d8x5, DS = 0.3mm, MDM7310vd8, DN 40 , PN 40, FN1-10sht - RCh100-3 gauge, 10 bar, M20x1,5 -10sht - RE63-1rm gauge, 6 bar, G 1/4 B-2 pcs - RCh100-3 gauge, 16 bar, M20x1 5 -7sht - gauge RCh100-3, -1 / + 24 bar, G 3/8 B -3sht - gauge RCh63-3, 2,5 bar, G 1/4 B -2sht - gauge RCh63-3r , 1,6 bar, G 1/4 B -2sht - gauge KPCh63-3, 400 mbar, G 1/4 B -2sht - RCh63-3rm gauge, 10 bar, G 1/4 B -2sht - gauge RE63-1rm, 25 bar, G 1/4 B -5sht - gauge RCh160-3, 25 kgf / cm2, M20x1,5 -4sht; -manometr RCh160-3, 600 kgf / cm2, M20x1,5 -4sht - RCh63-3 gauge, 40 bar, M1 2x1,5 -1sht- RCh63-3rm gauge, 40 bar, M12x1,5 -2sht.. "GERMANY56UA12502033.82939.811241
28/Apr/201790262080001.Prylady and apparatus for measuring or checking the flow, level, or tyskomridyn gas for use in vehicles does not include itsof transmitters or receivers, oil pressure gauge, art.08444 - 5pcs., Art.08485 - 10pc. .GERMANY15UA2091800.4522.46204756
27/Apr/201784329000001.Zapasni parts tahruntoobrobnoyi seeding equipment HORSCH company: Corner prykruchuyemyy with ball sharniromd. 80, 3 tons. Art.95120740 -1 pcs., Plate 425x 215x20 art.23102102 -27 pcs., Plate 202x42x20 art.23102103 -27 units., Lock paws cultivator R300 with a stopper (2005 GV) art. 00310921 -29sht., Bracket pressure suspension uprights complex. art.24116700 -1 pieces. Apparatus seed Horsch PUR - VDO art.01503200 -2 pcs., sensor mounting bracket povitryannoyi turbine ME art.24052001 -1 pcs., seed plate mounting machine for PUR PE tank art.33422804 -1 pieces ., mounting plate cover cleaning art.31502408 -2 pieces. cover tank cleaning seed drills SW art.33328400 -2 pc., rear frame work of kultvatora 4MTstarr zmont. art.34636300 -1 pieces. Frame drives kultvatora 4 MT starr complex. art.34636200 -3 pieces. soybean seeding equipment for a number art.24117500 1 -16 pcs. Tube Drills fertilizer coulter right art.23298800 -107 pcs., soybean seeding equipment for a number art.24117500 1 -24 pc. , soybean seeding equipment for a number art.24117500 1 -12 pieces. Hrablyna mounted right TurboDisc art.23251100 -1 pcs., Case povitryaprovodu 140- 2x140 art.33730900 -2 pcs., Corpus sowing machine Horsch PP art.01503220 - 15 pcs., dispenser assembly 320 cm3 (rotor for peas) art.01507100 -8 pcs., drive axle mounting plate disk system 8 / 9DC PPF art.23902201 -1 pieces. The machine Horsch seed PP art.01507900 -1 pieces ., zyhysna plate (winding) Pat ubka nasinnyeprovodu D135 (2006) art.01506600 -5 pcs., Re-sowing hub DC + SW cone under art.96120143 -1 pcs., dispenser assembly 320 cm3 (rotor for peas) -2 art.01507100 composed sht.v contain radio transmitters and pryymachiv.Torhovelna mark HORSCHVyrobnyk HORSCH Maschinen production GmbHKrayina DEGERMANY0UA1252702034.17546778.24328
27/Apr/20179026208000"1.Prylady for measuring or checking the pressure, analogous to tractors (notcontains receivers and transmitters): art.DD-6th oil pressure sensor MTZ (2337984513) -200sht; Trademark - DKVyrobnyk - NINGBO EASTPOWER IMPORT & EXPORT CO ., LTD. "CHINA200UA40105026241.5950189
27/Apr/20179026202000"1.Zapasni of the passenger and / m" "PEUGEOT" "" "CITROEN" ": instruments for measurement and control clip does not contain some kind of transmitters and receivers or transmitters, air pressure -datchyk, art. 24, 2529 - 1 pcs., trademark: PEUGEOT CITROEN brand: PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN AUTOMOBILES Country of origin: HU. "HUNGARY1UA1001100.08242.9299832
27/Apr/201790262020001. Spare parts for trucks, Pryladydlya measurement or control over pressure electronic transmitters and notcontains vyprominyuvalnyyi devices art. 14-04-05-0168 pressure sensor 4410435041 MB Act.1 / 2/3 96-11 RAP = 1 sht.Torhovelna mark RAPVyrobnyk RAPKrayina production of CN.CHINA1UA1001200.1418.72700448
27/Apr/20179031809800"1. Parts and components of air compressors (pressure sensor): TRANSMITTER pressure sensor LOGIK kodproduktu: 1312305000 -10 pcs., Country of ITTorhovelna mark LogikaVyrobnyk Logika Control srl."ITALY0UA1251800.63336.4508526
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Pressure Transmitter Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю""РДО Україна"""
Importer Address
"вул. Локомотивна 36, корпус ""Л""65013, Одеса"
Exporter Name John Deere International GmbH
Product Description
1.Mehanichni devices for agriculture, drawn using .........
HS Code 8424819100Value 67173.94035
Quantity 1Unit UA401010
Net Weight 6430
Origin Country NETHERLANDS

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