Ukraine Import Data of Pressure Seal | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pressure Seal

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pressure seal collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pressure seal imports.

Pressure Seal Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pressure Seal

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20177318220090"1.Prokladka: 627.1111213 - 100 pcs., Made of steel, in the form of a stamp, designed to seal between the glass and the bearing in the pump highpressure for s / d tehniky.Vyrobnyk" "profile" "NZTA" "Country of origin: RUTorhivelna brand: no data. ".RUSSIA0UA8071200.131.97828759 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178443999010"1.Chastyny ​​to copiers Konica Minolta: Art.A03X565611-Obmezhuvachobertiv fototsylindra-1am; Art.A1DUR71300-block korotronu perenesennyaelektrostatychnoho charge-8 pieces; Art.A0ED568400-Guide-sheet paper 1pc; Art.A0ED569100-sealing pressure plate, sheet of paper 1pc ; Art.56UAR77200 Plastynapryzhymu-sheet paper-1am; Art.4037010401-image-display controller 1pc, Art.45AA20400- clip clips filing sheets / copy-1pc, clip-Art.396040681 paper feed rollers, 2 pcs; trade mark - Konica MinoltaVyrobnyk - Konica Minolta Business Technologies Manufacturing Ltd., CN. "CHINA0UA1002001.5567.62530096
28/Apr/20178443999010"1.Chastyny ​​to copiers Konica Minolta: Art.4021572002-Separatortoneru-3pc; Art.4034301401-sealing pressure plate sheet of paper, 6 pieces; Art.14GE45470-Lever release sheet of paper-1am; Art.16EA40200-Plastynaochyshennya video transfer toner 1pc ; Art.55VA41411-Guide-sheet paper 1pc; Art.55VA88041-unit temperature control f'yuzera-1am; Art.55VA88061-Bloktermorehulyuvannya f'yuzera-1am; Art.A03UR70300-block korotronu perenesennyaelektrostatychnoho charge-1am; Art.A0ED568400-Guide sheet of paper, 2 pcs; Art.A0ED569100-sealing pressure plate, sheet of paper 1pc; Art.A0ED569200-sheet paper Plastynapryzhymu-1am; Art.A0ED579100-plate sealing pressure and kushu paper-1am; Art.A0ED579200-sealing pressure plate, sheet of paper 1pc; Art.A0XX373000-Zatvir-1am; Art.A0XX373100-Zatvir-1am; Art.A0XX374000-Zatvir-2 pcs; Art.A0XXPP6E01-Plastynaochyschennya-2 pcs; Art. A161N10N01-block transfer korotronu elektrostatychnohozaryadu-2 pcs; Art.A1DU736000-Block photosensitive strap / removable cartridge-1am; Art.A1DUR70300-purification unit, 1pc, Art.A1DUR71300 B-lok korotronu perenesennyaelektrostatychnoho charge-20pcs; Art.A1DUR72000-controller controls podachitonera-1am; Art.A1RFR70300- lid / cap-1am; Art.A1UDR71022-Blokf'yuzera-1am; Art.A1UDR73000-block display of images, 2 pcs; Art.A1XUR70011 Blokproyavlennya-picture-4 pieces; Art.A4EU390800-purification unit, 1pc, Art.A4EUR70G00 sealing pressure-plate-1pc sheet of paper; Art.A4EUR70H00-Zatvir-1am; Art.A4EUR70U00-holder rollers feeding sheets / copies, 2 pcs; Art.A50UR70300 korotronu-block transfer of electrostatic charge-8 pieces; Art.A5AW721700 display unit-holder-1pc; Art.A5AW744900 blokaeksponuvannya-holder, 2 pcs; Art.A5AWR70400-strap photosensitive unit / cartridges, 2 pcs; Art.A5AWR70B11-purification unit-1am; Art.A5AWR70F00-control unit yakostizobrazhennya-1am; Art.A5AWR70G00- holder / guide-sheet paper 1pc; Art.A5AWR70M00 korotronu-block transfer of electrostatic charge-1am; trade mark - Konica MinoltaVyrobnyk - Konica Minolta Business Technologies Manufacturing Ltd., CN "CHINA0UA10020032.351277.755684
28/Apr/20178443999010"1.Chastyny ​​to copiers Konica Minolta: Art.4163510101-Utrymuvachrolykiv feeding sheets / copies, 4 pieces; Art.56UA54530- holder / guide arkushupaperu-10pc; Art.A1UDR90200-sealing pressure plate sheet of paper, 2 pcs; Art.A5AW720301-Block photosensitive strap / removable cartridge-1am; trade mark - Konica MinoltaVyrobnyk - Konica Minolta Business Technologies Manufacturing Ltd., JP. "JAPAN0UA1002003.36227.7935599
28/Apr/201740169997901. 563758-5sht sealing ring. Sealing ring highpressure fuel pump self-propelled loader MANITOU. Made from vulcanized, unsteady, non-porous rubber. 193765-10sht sealing ring. Kiltsepatrubka sealing lubrication systems of internal combustion engine carrier navantazhuvachaMANITOU.Vyhotovleno Vulcanite not solid, non-porous rubber. .FRANCE0UA1121100.1155.179754193
28/Apr/201784807100901.Chastyna molds for plastic injection molding Point injection of molten plastic in formoutvoyuyuchu section haryachekanalnoyi mold-1komplekt consists of 28 pieces that are made of stainless steel with technological holes through which pressure is supplied polymer materials in the molten state. It is used for manufacturing plastic caps, set in the mold for injection molding to manufacture high pressure decorative plastic caps for sealing bottles, injection molding. New. Not intended for military use and for production of laser discs. .CHINA0UA209120202200.000128
27/Apr/20173920202100"1.Plivka oriented polypropylene biaksealno, thickness 0,015mm, single layer has a porous structure, unlined, no pressure, no signs of polishing or laminating without prints for civilian use, the mark" "BOPP" "in rolls.."CHINA0UA20918023543.346454.39995
27/Apr/201773030010001. cast iron pipe that runs under pressure tap, bell vkomplekti seal TYTON-1am and blokuyuschymy segments (complete + 2sehmenty 1uschilnyuvach): - DN400 VRS-T K09 PL L = 5m -200m (40sht) Trademark - TRMKrayina production - AT Prospect - Tiroler Rohre GmbH.AUSTRIA0UA1001102057220726.7039
27/Apr/20173814009090"1.Avtomobilna chemistry. Tools for cleaning brakes without acetone. Designed to clean brake parts from dirt and grease. Dirt washes away a lot of pressure. Dries quickly, leaving the surface completely clean. Can also be used for cleaning bicycles and motorcycles circuits. It can be used for degreasing metal surfaces prior to applying adhesives and sealants. free of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors and ODS in aerosol packaging (600 mL). Ref.: XT BC600 / Care brakes (without acetone) / - 24 pieces, Art.: XT BC600 / sewage treatment ik brakes (without acetone) / - 900 pieces. As part contains: Hydrocarbons, C7, n-alkanes, izoalkany, cycloalkanes - 25-50%, Hydrocarbons, C6-C7, n- alkanes, izoalkany, cycloalkanes 25-50% isobutane - 2,5-10% (CAS: 75-28-5), carbon dioxide - 2,5-10% (CAS: 124-38-9), propane - 2,5-10% (CAS: 74- 98-6), aliphatic hydrocarbons? 30% Tool for removing sticky substances. Built using high-performance combination of solvents and easily removes traces of self-adhesive tape and the adhesive layer remains even after removal of the transit tonyrovochnoy film and film. The active substance softens and removes the remnants of glue, free of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors and ODS in aerosol packaging (300 mL). Ref.: XT AR300 / Cleaner traces of glue / - 6 pieces; Ref.: XT AR300 / Cleaner traces of glue / - 1. As part contains ethanol - 25-50% (CAS: 64-17-5), isobutane - 10-20% (CAS: 75-28-5), (R) -p-ment-1,8-dien - 10-20% (CAS: 5989-27-5), propane - 10-20% (CAS: 74-98-6), butane - 2,5-10% (CAS: 106-97-8), aliphatic hydrocarbons ? 30%, flavors (D-limonene) - 15 - 30%; Cleaner throttle and EGR valves. Effective means for cleaning the injector valve, the valve exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR), the carburetor. Quickly softens and removes all types of pollution, restoring the parameters of the clearing mechanism to factory parameters, increases engine power and throttle it reduces harmful exhaust emissions and reduce fuel consumption. It is used in everyday life, services, industry, cars. Free of drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors and ODS in aerosol packaging (300 mL). Ref.: XT TVC300 / cleaner throttle and EGR valves / - 12 pieces; Ref.: XT TVC300 / cleaner throttle and EGR valves / - 4 pcs. As part contains: Xylene - 25-50% (CAS 1330-20-7); Acetone - 20-25% (CAS 67-64-1); Ethanol - 10-20% (CAS 64-17-5); Isobutane - 10-20% (CAS 75-28-5); Propane - 2,5-10% (CAS 74-98-6); Distillates (petroleum), hydrogenated light naphtha - 1-2,5% (CAS 64742-53-6); Bhutan - 1-2,5% (CAS 106-97-8), aliphatic hydrocarbons - 15-30%; Trademark XT. Country of origin DE. Producer firm DEN BRAVEN AEROSOLS GmbH & Co.KG. "GERMANY0UA1001105611334.713434
27/Apr/201739012090001.Polietylen high density low pressure in primary forms, stamps TIPELIN (PE-HD2) 1100J-2750kh in the form of granules without color, containing a small amount heksenu-1, butene-1 or propene, contains other contaminants, additives and inorganic components. Relative density 0,960h / sm.kub. Used for the production of polymeric sealing caps and their components by injection molding. Packed in bags of 25kg. .HUNGARY0UA20912027503551.834985
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПП ""Дизель-Транс"""
Importer Address
63501,Харківська обл.,м.Чугуїв, вул.Харківська,б.27,к.4.Україна
Exporter Name "ОАО ""Ногинский завод толивной аппаратуры (""ОАО ""НЗТА"")"
Product Description
"1.Prokladka: 627.1111213 - 100 pcs., Made of stee.........
HS Code 7318220090Value 31.97828759
Quantity 0Unit UA807120
Net Weight 0.1
Origin Country RUSSIA

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