Ukraine Import Data of Press Felt | Ukraine Import Statistics of Press Felt

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of press felt collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of press felt imports.

Press Felt Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Press Felt

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/20175911321900"Press cloth density 705-1500 g / m2 (storage Felt) used on corrugator intended for dehydration before drying paper fiber portion (dehydration is due to the fact that the cloth absorbs moisture from the paper fibers.) - top size - 49,8m * 2,59m * 9 mm square -128,98m2, pieces -1 - lower size - 21,25m * 2,59m * 9 mm square -55,04m2, pieces -1; net 1300kh.Vyrobnyk - SINOLION PACKAGE TECHNOLOGY CO.LIMITED, KytayTorhova mark - SINOLION .Krayina origin of China.. "CHINA18402UA101060130020200.00012 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20174823200000"1.Papir filter (pastyruyuchyy), a density of 12.5 g / m2, in rolls of a width not exceeding 36 cm: Paper pastyruyuchyy format width 101mm, internal diameter 76 mm, outer diameter of 500 mm, the density of 12.5 grams. / m2-456 rolls, net weight - 3037.00 kg net weight in primary packaging - 3076.00 kg gross weight - 3,234.00 kg. pastyruyuchyy paper format width 133mm, internal diameter 76 mm, outside diameter 500 mm density of 12.5 oz. / m2-175 rolls, net weight - 1563.00 kg net weight in primary packaging - 1581.00 kg gross weight - 1652.00 kh.Neobhidna technology for long battery plates namazki Used in the production of lead - acid batteries, paper has a high absorbatsyyu not pressed, not self-adhesive, contains no adhesive has a rough surface; The given paper designed to reduce the content of ion - metal and chloride, the reduced size of the discharge current and increases the operating batareyi.Vyrobnyk-Glatfelter Gernsbach GmbH. "GERMANY0UA110120460021021.70703
14/Apr/20178421392000"1.Povitryano and oil separators, DB2436-1sht., Performance 8m3 / min., Working pressure of 7 bar; DB2012-120sht., Produktyvnist40m3 / min., Working pressure of 7 bar; DC3084-15sht., Performance 7m3 / min. operating pressure of 7 bar; DF5004-100sht., performance of 5.5 m 3 / min., 15 bar working pressure. filtrydlya cleaning Linear air SM9174-6sht., SM9176-6sht. air and oil separators type DB are a steel cylindrical body with a round hole in the cylinder, inside of which is felt material.Povitryano filter and oil separators typuDF, DA representing a steel piece Corps, inside of which is felt material.Pryznacheni filter for filtering air compressors in general-purpose.. "ITALY0UA8051801003.9310292.11172
12/Apr/201784529000001.Mehanichni parts and furniture to cars promyslovyhshveynyh: YTL 25 petlyach bottom - top 20 shtYTJ80 Petlyach - 15 shtYTG44 plate for 4-spinning machines - 15 sht10008793 - Holder quotes ZJ747 - 5 sht10010300 - Filter sewing machine - 5 sht10012060 quotes pryzhymna 747 - 10 sht10012190 - 2,0mm needle plate ZJ752-13A - 10 sht91-101649-35 - plate needle 10,013,136 - 5 sht209681 Box - 5 pieces 201230S Pryzhymna foot, set - 3 pieces 10003116 - disk controller thread tension - 30 pcs 10003117 - felt disc thread tension regulator - 10 units 10,012,469 - shock overlock - 20 pcs 10009315 - quotes ZJ752-13 holder - 5 pcs 10009488 - upper knife holder ZJ752-13 - 2 10009489 pieces - upper knife holder slide ZJ752-13 - 3 pieces 10009764 - upper knife holder ZJ732 - 2 pieces 10009711 - upper knife holder slide ZJ732 - 3 pieces 10042955 - W562-2 front cover - 2 pcs 500L0006 - bump 10042867, ZJ562 - 2 piece 500L0003 - 20014879 hood, ZJ562 - 2 pieces 10043052 - needle plate 364 by edging - 2 pieces 10042869 - carrier fabric edging 356/364 - 4 pcs 10042870 - carrier fabric edging 356/364 - 4 units 10,045,988 - 364 foot during edging - 2 pcs 10039876 - increased ZJ9703HBR shuttle - 12 pcs 10031867 - shpulnyy cap increased ZJ9703HBR - 50. 10007138 - sheave increased ZJ9703HBR - 100 pcs 10008409 - sealing pressure regulator ZJ9703HBR - 20 pcs Z-91-119326 -91 quotes - 30 pcs 10052350 - ZJ9703HBR needle plate - 30 pcs 10038413 - fabric conveyor ZJ9703HBR - 30 pcs HSH-7.94A Shuttle - 12 pcs 10009984 - lifting a finger quotes ZJ9703 - 10 pcs 10026544 - plate needle M to ZJ9703 - 50 pcs 10026545 - conveyor M to ZJ9703 - 50. The guide thread holkovodiya 10005943 - 20 pcs HSH-7.94ATR - Shuttle MH with trimmer 30010003 - 24 pcs BC-DB1-NBL6 - shpulnyy cap 30,014,003 - 10,005,945 200 pcs threads holkovodiya Guide - 10 units 10,046,157 - holder mesh shuttle ZJ0303 - 10 units 10,012,302 - transporting plate (27h5mm) ZJ1900 - 10013653 sheave 4 pieces - 100 pieces B5-1040501Vidbyvna spring - 10 pieces B5-1040502 chop the spring - 10 units 10,013,374 - holkovodiya mechanism in the collection RI ZJ8450 / 8750 - 2 pieces 10018117 - petlyach ZJ101 - 3 pieces 10018093 - limiting ZJ101 - 1 pc 10018094 - protection ZJ101 needles - 20 pcs 10018101 - limiting ZJ101 - 1 pc 10036945 - ZJ101 tissue holder - 1 pc GR1110 / 18-8 - kolinopidyomnyk to ZJ20U - 1 pc 10011587 - lever ZJ1900 - 2 pieces 10023998 - shuttle KHS12-SPD2 (7,94ATR) - 5 pc Trademark: ZOJE Manufacturer: ZOJE SEWING MACHINE CO., LTD Country of origin: CNCHINA0UA100200211680.007109
10/Apr/20175911901000"1.Vyroby technical woven, new, pressed felt discs that are designed for cleaning the surface roughness of the parts and to make them shine, - multi Cotonou plates (disks) circular shape size: 100mm diameter, 10mm thick, the inner diameter of 6mm, 0,82-100 density pcs., diameter 100mm, thickness 10mm, 6mm inside diameter, density 0,62-100 sht.-shaped lens disc-felt: 60/10 / 6mm., density 0,8-150sht. 50/10 / 6mm., density 0,82-150sht. 100/20 / 6mm., density 0,62-100sht. 60/10 / 6mm., density 0,56-20sht. neprosocheni discs without the coating, reinforced. Disks of felt asadzhuyutsya on the extension (shaft) polishing machines and is used to polish and shine clockwork provide details using polishing pastes. Brand: Polirapid. Manufacturers: AT Polirapid Swiss.Krayina Shveytsariya.Upakovka-production: cardboard boxes.. "SWITZERLAND0UA40303025.28484.6174992
04/Apr/20178466940000"1.CHASTYNY for machines for cutting wires" "insects" ": arrester with '' YEDNUVALNA tube. SER.№10919189-20SHT.CHASTYNA SPECIAL intended for putting rubber plugs PROVIDNYK.ZASTOSOVUYUTSYA TO IN PRODUCTION PRODUCTION TO tow AVTOMOBILIV.TORHOVA Marco NEVIDOMA.VYROBNYK-NEVIDOMYY.SPETSIALNYY ZATYSKACH.SER.№13806622-5SHT., SER.№10911907-5SHT., SER.№10907728-6SHT.CHASTYNA special purpose. comprising the cutting MACHINES PROVIDNYKIV.PRYZNACHENYY for holding conductors In the manufacturing process AUTOMOBILE bundle. TRADE MARK-Neuve DOMA.VYROBNYK-NEVIDOMYY.OBMEZHUVACH POVITRIYA (SPECIAL) .SER.№10758079-10SHT.PRYZNACHENYY for transferring compressed air from the tube PNEVMOTSILINDRA in the manufacture AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURING PRODUCTION DZHHUTIV.ZASTOSOVUYUTSYA in tow TO MAKE AVTOMOBILIV.TORHOVA-SMC. MANUFACTURER-SMC FITTINGS .PEREHIDNYK. (SPECIAL) SER.№10803851-10SHT.PRYZNACHENYY for transmission of compressed air with a tube in the manufacture PNEVMOTSILINDRA aut OBILNYH DZHHUTIV.ZASTOSOVUYUTSYA IN PRODUCTION PRODUCTION tow TO MAKE AVTOMOBILIV.TORHOVA-SMC. MANUFACTURER-SMC FITTINGS.PLASTYKOVYY ZATYSKACH.SER.№10907639-7SHT.CHASTYNA SPETSALNOHO PURPOSE. Comprising the cutting MACHINES conductors and conductors designed for the holding in the manufacturing process AUTOMOBILE DZHUTIV.TORHOVA Marco NEVIDOMA.VYROBNYK-NEVIDOMYY.FIKSATOR.SER.№10911047-1SHT.CHASTYNA SPETSALNOHO PURPOSE. Intended for fixation ends of the rod cylinder in machine cutting conductor when made AUTOMOBILE DZHHUTIV.TORHOVA Marco NEVIDOMA.VYROBNYK-NEVIDOMYY.TRYMACH.SER.№10917653-1SHT.CHASTYNA SPETSALNOHO PRYZNACHENNYA.PRYZNACHENYY for fixing GASKETS felt RI made AUTOMOBILE DZHHUTIV.TORHOVA MARKA- NEVIDOMA.VYROBNYK-NEVIDOMYY.KOMPLEKT parts. SER.№10917848-1SHT.CHASTYNA SPETSALNOHO PURPOSE. INTENDED FOR RED putting rubber plugs PROVIDNYKMNA ON MACHINES IN INSECT made ROAD 433 DZHHUTIV.TORHOVA Marco NEVIDOMA.VYROBNYK-NEVIDOMYY.KLAPAN.SER.№15515322-1SHT.CHASTYNA SPETSALNOHO PURPOSE. INTENDED FOR CONTACTS brass locking feeding him MZ compressed air pressure 6 bar cutting machine conductors in the manufacture AUTOMOBILE DZHHUTIV.TORHOVA Marco NEVIDOMA.VYROBNYK-NEVIDOMYY.PRESUVALNYY BLOK.SER.№10908427-1SHT.CHASTYNA SPETSALNOHO PRYZNACHENNYA.PRYZNACHENA FOR HOW focus of the slicing machine conductors in the manufacture AUTOMOBILE DZHHUTIV.TORHOVA Marco NEVIDOMA.VYROBNYK-NEVIDOMYY.NATYAZHNYY ROLYK.SER.№10912653-4SHT.CHASTYNA SPETSALNOHO PRYZNACHENNYA.METALO-plastic parts are designed to regulate H Thrust Timing belts in the car conductor when cutting DZHHUTIV.SYSTEMNYY made ROAD BLOCK OCC "" computers. SER.№33178378-1SHT.SYSTEMNYY PAID COM "" computers with specially installed software developed by the manufacturer. Making it impossible to use in other TSILYAH.PRYZNACHENYY for program control of the machine for cutting conductor when made AUTOMOBILE DZHHUTIV.TORHOVA Marc-COM "GERMANY0UA2060208.979712.149716
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Press Felt Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Press Felt Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з Обмеженою Відповідальністю ""Понінківська Картонно-Паперова Фабрика"""
Importer Address
Україна,43018,Волинська область,м.Луцьк,вул.Потебні,71
Product Description
"Press cloth density 705-1500 g / m2 (storage Felt.........
HS Code 5911321900Value 20200.00012
Quantity 18402Unit UA101060
Net Weight 1300
Origin Country CHINA

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