Ukraine Import Data of Premium 200 | Ukraine Import Statistics of Premium 200

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of premium 200 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of premium 200 imports.

Premium 200 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Premium 200

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of premium 200. Get Ukraine trade data of Premium 200 imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20174408908500"1.Vyroby of wood veneer non-planed, brushed thickness of 0.5 mm., Has end connections designed for facing: LAMINWOODS-ALPINE WALNUT 2500x640-PS-O517.kilk.-20sht.LAMINWOODS-CARPATHIAN BEECH 2500x640- PW-380.kilk.-20sht.LAMINWOODS-WENGE 14L 2500x640-PS-W519.kilk.-250sht.LAMINWOODS-WENGE AZZURRO 2500x640-PW-308.kilk.-120sht.LAMINWOODS-WENGE LOANGO 2500x640-PW-W330.kilk .-20sht.LAMINWOODS-WENGE CHOCO 2800x640-PW-W307.kilk.-100sht.LAMINWOODS-CHERRY ROYAL 2500x640 3F-C196M.kilk.-50sht.LAMINWOODS-DAB BIELONY PREMIUM 2500x640-PS-D523.kilk.-200sht.LAMINWOODS -DAB ROYAL 2500x640-PS-D65.kilk.-80sht.LAMINWOODS-DAB NATURAL F 2500x640-3F-D137.kilk.-50sht.LAMINWOODS-ZEBRA SERENGETI 2500x640-FA-831.kilk.-30sht.LAMINWOODS-KLON F 2800x640 -2F-K121.kilk.-100sht.LAMINWOODS-MACASSAR MARRONE 2800x640-PS-M535.kilk .-20sht.LAMINWOODS-MULTICO ZAMBEZI 2500x640-PW-MC365.kilk.-60sht.LAMINWOODS-ORZECH AMERYKANSKI 2500x640-2F-O190M.kilk.-50sht.LAMINWOODS-ORZECH AMERYKANSKI 2800x640-2F-O190M.kil K-150sht. LAMINWOODS-CANALETTO 2500x640-PS-O513.kilk.-120sht.LAMINWOODS-PALISANDER 2500x640-PS-P525.kilk.-80sht.LAMINWOODS-SREBRNE SANDALOWE 2500x640-PW-S304.kilk.-100sht.LAMINWOODS-TEAK 29L 2500x640 PW- T380.kilk.-80sht.LAMINWOODS-JESION 2800x640-PW-J311.kilk.-20sht.LAMINWOODS-JESION 2500x640-PW-J311.kilk.-20sht.LAMINWOODS-WENGE 14L 2500x640-PS-W519.kilk.-150sht. Total: 1.68 m3.Vyrobnyk LAMINWOODS; Trademark LAMINWOODS; Country of origin CN; "CHINA168UA12522015148188.869739 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20178708309198"1.Chastyny ​​disc brakes for trucks, new: art.882209 - halmivnikolodky BPW - 60sht., Art.882200 - brake pads Scania, Iveco, MAN - 96sht., Art.882204 - brake pads ATEGO / M2000, TGM - 60sht ., art.882226 -halmivni pads RT MAGNUM PREMIUM - 14sht., art.882200 - brake kolodkyScania, Iveco, MAN - 96sht., art.882209 - brake pads BPW- 60sht., art.882221 - brake pads VOLVO TRUCKS FH, FL - 48sht., art.882246- brake pads RT Premium dXi - 48sht. Total - 482sht.Krayina production - GRVyrobnyk: Valeo Service Eastern Europe Sp. Z OOTorhivelna mark "" VALEO "".. "GREECE0UA2050205203.5820519.73803
28/Apr/20171901100000"1.Dytyache food, dry powdered instant Kashi put up for rozdribnoy trade (without starch content): TRADEMARK" "BEBI PREMIUM" ": milk: (1up 18karton.pach * = 250g), code 140422" "RICE" "- 432pach, code 140406 "" bananas "" - 864pach, code 150279 "" apricots "" - 864pach, code 142255 "" fruit and cereal ASSORTY "" - 1296pach, code 144207 "" wheat, apples, bananas '' - 1296pach code 150274 "" VIIVSYANA with peaches "" - 864pach; milk: (1up 18karton.pach * = 200g), code 1002705, "" 7 cereals "" - 864pach code 1002706 "" 7 cereals with blueberries "" - 864pach code 1002517 wheat "" porridge FOR PIDVECHIRKU "" cookie with pears "" - 864pach code 1002516 wheat "" porridge for underground DVECHIRKU "" cookie with raspberry and cherry "" - 432pach code 1003409 oatmeal "" Porridge FOR PIDVECHIRKU "" cookie with cherry and apple "" - 432pach, code 1002626, "" buckwheat "" - 1296pach, code 1002627, "" buckwheat, apricots apple "" - 3456pach code 1002303 '' cereal with raspberries and cherries "" - 432pach code 1004049 "" 5 cereals with apricot and raspberry, with prebiotics "" - 864pach, code 1004008, "" buckwheat porridge with goat's milk fortified prebiotics Y "" - 432pach, code 1005804, "" corn "" - 432pach code 1003594 "" porridge for sweet dreams - 3 cereal with raspberries and lemon balm enriched prebiotic "" - 864pach code 1003593 "" porridge for sweet dreams - 3 cereals with apples and chamomile ZBAHA ENA prebiotic "" - 864pach, not containing milk (1up 18karton.pach * = 200g), code 1002622, "" buckwheat "" - 432pach code 1002288 "" Oatmeal "" - 1296pach code 1002290 "" oatmeal with berries " "- 1728pach code 1002618" "corn NYZKOALERHENNA enriched prebiotic" "- 1296pach code 1001540" "NYZKOALERHENNA rice enriched with prebiotics" "- 432pach, code 1002625," "Buckwheat NYZKOALERHENNA enriched prebiotic" "- 864pach.Vyr-in 'DROGA KOLINSKA ZIVILSKA INDUSTRIJA, D.D '. Country of SI "SLOVENIA0UA5000105032.824228.11592
28/Apr/20173402209000"1. Preparations trademark" "ANIOS" "The packaging of aerosol: Tool DDM EKOdlya disinfection and cleaning of surfaces. Ingredients: dydetsyldymetylamoniy hloryd3,19-3,86% Excipients: amphoteric surfactants, detergents, and other helatoahent water to 100% . art. 1783039 canister 5 kg. x 4-105up.420sht. washing and cleaning of medical devices tapoverhon. VIP`ANIOS Napkins PREMIUM 100servetok per pack x 6 art.2088655C5-200up 1200sht. Surfa`seyf impregnated tool, which is a bezkoloru clear solution and odor containing N, N-N--dydetsyl dymetylamoniyu chloride 0,119-0,161 % Poliheksametylen biguanide hidrohlorydu0,0816-0,1104% (active ingredient) and excipients takationni amphoteric surfactants helatoahent, pH regulators and other auxiliaries, water to 100% .Pryznacheni for disinfection and cleaning poverhon.Vyrobnyk "" Laboratoires ANIOS "" Country of origin: FR. "FRANCE0UA1001103058.148147.441121
28/Apr/20173304990000"1.Krem for hair removal with aloe vera series Deline 75ml Art. 2123 -54sht. Navyrobnychyh facilities of the company" "Russian cosmetics" "Anti-frame tone kremStop / Anti-aging foundation cream Stop-frame art. 6284 15ml Art. 6284-120sht . Anti foundation Freeze / Anti-aging foundation creamStop-frame art. 6293 15ml art. 6293 -150sht. tone cream #Feelfresh / FF cream # Feelfresh Model 6128 30ml art. 6128-546sht. cream SPF30 sunscreen for children series " "LETO" "100ml art. 2055-360sht. face Cream SPF15 sunscreen series" "LETO" "50ml art. 2053-108sht. Active serum collagen face series" "Expert" "30ml art. 1075-308sht. Syrovatka- haylayter Series Air Stream Line Oxygen radiance 15ml Art. 0245-350sht. Oxygen Balm Series Air Stream lyniyi legendary Oxygen 50ml art.0254 -324sht. Day Cream-Power Series Air Stream lyniyi Oxygen supply 50mlart. -216sht 0207. resheypinh Day Cream-Series Air Stream lyniyi Kysnevyyresheypinh 50ml art. 0216-972sht. Day cream lifting cascade di Series Matrigenic 50ml art. 0758-432sht. Cage Day Cream Ultra Power for dry skin series GARDERICA50ml art. 0728 -312sht. Cage Night Cream Ultra Power for dry shkiryseriyi GARDERICA 50ml Art. 0729 -96sht. Fitokrem day Aloe Vera & Blackberry seriyiBOTANICA 50ml Art. 0702 -720sht. Fitokrem day Cranberry & Primrose 50ml seriyiBOTANICA art. 0706-2700sht. Night & Fitokrem butcher Rhodiola rosea series BOTANICA 50ml Art. 0711-900sht. Cleansing, exfoliation mousse series "" Expert "" 75ml Art. 1073 -450sht. Rolinh-pore cleaning heldlya series EXPERT 75ml Art. 1081 -216sht. Tonic for all types shkiryseriyi "" Verbena "" 150ml art. 0801 -54sht. Homazh Face Series Air Stream lyniyiKyslorodnyy balance 75ml Art. 0203 -1170sht. Cleansing lotion series "" Verbena "" 150ml art. 0812 -54sht. Toniko- Activator Series Air Stream lyniyi oxygen resheypinh200ml art. 0221-1200sht. Three-roll gel from swelling and dark circles under the eyes "" Beautiful Eyes "" Series "" EXPERT "" 10ml Art. 1036 -350sht. Cell skin cream around ocheyseriya "" Garderica "" 15ml Art. 0743 -560sht. Face 40+ 10ml seriyiETNObotanica art. 0839 -50sht. Pasta exfoliant Series Air Stream lyniyiKyslnevyy balance 75ml Art. 0214 -180sht. Ultra moisturizing gel eye shkirynavkolo series AQUA SMART 15ml Art. 0718 -270sht. Gel Mask oblychchyapodviynoyi action: hydration and nutrition series Prolixir 75ml Art. 0724 -486sht.Vidnovlyuyucha face mask with white clay secret of Cleopatra SPA 75mlart series. 2421-450sht. Hand Cream Premium Protection Series PRO-hand 75ml Art. 2185 -360sht.Olivets-drain from skin rubbing feet Series Expert Pharma 4.3 g art. 1695-128sht. Cream for the neck and neck rejuvenation Complete Series "" Renovage "" 75mlart. 0756 -270sht. Cleansing Oil after depilation 100ml series DeLine art. 2124-260sht. Dry Oil Body SPA Treasures of the East series 100 mL art. 2415 -70sht.Zvolozhuyucha rose water and sandal series Orangerie 120ml art. 8643 -195sht.SOS cream for active people "" EXPERT PHARMA "" Series "" the Home kit "" 75ml art.1625 -270sht. Cream with thermo-Efe "RUSSIA0UA1001101361.29213630.38023
28/Apr/20172309903100"1. The products used for animal feed, containing starch menshe10%: Vitamin and mineral feed additive for animal feed Blattin SuperPremium (wrapping-paper bag 25kg) -bahatokomponentna mixture mistytmikroelementy, vitamins, calcium compounds, according to the manufacturer vmistkrohmalyu no, not containing dairy products, used dlyazbalansuvannya rations highly productive cows essential vitamins, trace elements, dosage-introduced into the ration at the rate of 200 g / animal / day. firmyvyrobnyka marking.. "GERMANY0UA20914050003567.001023
28/Apr/20178701209000"1. Semi-trailer for transportation of semi-trailers, brand RENAULT, PREMIUM model number 450. Chassis: VF624GPA000002771. Weight when maximum load 19 tons load capacity 12.3 tons TZ- category N3, which was used calendar year 2008, model year 2008, the date of first registration 12.02.2008, type of engine: diesel, cylinder capacity: 10837 cm3, power: 332 kW, the engine number: not identified, axle configuration: 4x2, sitting under the certificate of registration 2 purposes: for use on public roads. in Transp rtnomu means no transmitter or transmitters and receivers. Trade mark: RENAULT. The manufacturer: "" RENAULT TRUCKS SA "", France. Country of origin: FR.. "FRANCE1UA40101067003819.23091
28/Apr/20178701209000"1. Semi-trailer for transportation of semi-trailers, brand RENAULT, PREMIUM model number 450. Chassis: VF624GPA000002308. Mass when the maximum load of 18 tons load capacity 11.3 tons TZ- category N3, which was used calendar year 2007, model year 2007, the date of first registration 25.01.2007, type of engine: diesel, cylinder capacity: 10837 cm3, power: 332 kW, the engine number: not identified, axle configuration: 4x2, sitting under the certificate of registration 2 purposes: for use on public roads. in Transp rtnomu means no transmitter or transmitters and receivers. Trade mark: RENAULT. The manufacturer: "" RENAULT TRUCKS SA "", France. Country of origin: FR.. "FRANCE1UA40101067003490.624788
28/Apr/20173707909000"1.Toner (powder) for kartrydzheylazernyh printers: Toner Premium Plus LJ 1010/1300/1160, kh- 1600kg., Toner Universal HDML1010 / 2010 / SCX4100 / 4200 kg - 400kg., Toner Universal PolyesterML1500 / 2850 / SCX4300 / 5530F kg - 120kg., Toner New Generation LJ P1005 / P1505 (NGT-1), 1000 g - 3pc., Manufacturer: Jadi Imaging Technologies Sdn Bhd; trade mark: Jadi Imaging Technologies; Country of origin: CN;. "CHINA0UA10012021232590.060137
28/Apr/201784213100001.Zapasni parts for motor vehicles with internal combustion engines, air filter, art.: B22078PR - 1 shtFiltr air art.: B22091PR - 49 shtfiltr air, art.: B25008PR - 7 shtFiltr air art.: B23002PR - 2 shtfiltr air, art.: B28013PR - 4 shtfiltr air, art.: B27015PR - 3 shtfiltr air, art.: B24024PR - 1 shtFiltr air art.: B22052PR - 3 shtfiltr air, art.: B22031PR - 7 shtFiltr air art.: B25020PR - 46 shtfiltr air, art.: B28016PR - 7 shtfiltr air, art.: B20003PR - 433 shtfiltr air, art.: B20319PR - 61 shtfiltr air, art.: B20505PR - 1 shtfiltr air, art.: B20519PR - 1 2 shtfiltr air, art.: B22061PR - 1 shtFiltr air art.: B2G033PR - 37 shtfiltr air, art.: B2W009PR - 25 shtfiltr air, art.: B21071PR - 26 shtfiltr air, art.: B24062PR - 2 shtfiltr air, art .: B21078PR - 106 shtFiltr air art.: B20529PR - 6 shtfiltr air, art.: B24069PR - 11 shtfiltr air, art.: B24070PR - 12 shtfi ltr air, art.: B2M063PR - 46 shtFiltr air art.: B2F059PR - 50 shtfiltr air, art.: B22120PR - 10 shtfiltr air, art.: B2R049PR - 7 shtfiltr air, art.: B2W059PR - 1 shtfiltr air, art.: B2R061PR - 45 shtfiltr air, art.: B2V025PR - 5 shtfiltr air, AR .: B24076PR - 2 shtfiltr air, art.: B2R068PR - 2 shtfiltr air, art.: B23051PR - 1 shtfiltr air, art.: B22063PR - 1 shtfiltr air, art.: B22026PR - 5 shtfiltr air, art.: B22018PR - 11 shtfiltr air, art.: B24036PR - 1 shtFiltr air art.: B22072PR - 12 shtfiltr air, art.: B22073PR - 3 shtFiltr air art.: B20014PR - 31 shtfiltr air, art.: B20512PR - 13 shtfiltr air, art. : B20513PR - 8 shtfiltr air, art.: B2W018PR - 41 shtfiltr air, art.: B22108PR - 36 shtfiltr air, art.: B2P030PR - 4 shtfiltr air, art.: B22117PR - 11 shtTorhovelna brand JC PREMIUMVyrobnyk INTER CARS SAKrayin manufacture CNCHINA0UA400030434.1572297.668606
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Premium 200 Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Premium 200 Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЛАМІНАРТ УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
03061, м.Київ, вул. Патріотів, 103
Exporter Name Laminart Sp.z o.o
Product Description
"1.Vyroby of wood veneer non-planed, brushed thick.........
HS Code 4408908500Value 8188.869739
Quantity 168Unit UA125220
Net Weight 1514
Origin Country CHINA

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