Ukraine Import Data of Pre Painted | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pre Painted

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pre painted collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pre painted imports.

Pre Painted Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pre Painted

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20174802552500"1. Offset paper, white in coils, uncoated, made zbilenoyi cellulose used for printing, not containing fibers oderzhanyhmehanichnym or chemical-mechanical means, without watermarks, not corrugated, punched, without pressure, without krepovanyy not painted, without images, uncoated, single layer, trademark MAESTRO PRINT: density of 60 g / roll 700 mm m2format that invoysuyetsya weight 5013 kg., 11 .; rul density of 60 g / m2format roll 640 mm weight 4994 kg which invoysuyetsya., 12 rul . density of 70 g / m2format roll 840 mm weight that invo suyetsya 10233 kg., 19 rul .; weight: 20240 kg / 20240 kg 42 rulona.Vyrobnyk: Mondi SCP as, Slovachchyna.Torhovelna mark: MAESTRO PRINT.Krayina production: SK.. "SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA3051002024015450.67195 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201755151290001.Tkanyna made of synthetic (polyester) staple fibers piddanyhkardochesannyu mixed with synthetic fibers. Nevybyvna, painted with color pryazhyodnoho not bleached, not duplicated, without impregnation and pokryttya.Sklad: synthetic polyester staple volokna- 45 + -5% synthetic complex nytka26 + -3%, viscose 20 + -3% elastane 9 + - 2% Manufacturer: FUXIN FUYI INDUSTRY CO., LTD, trade mark, missing Country of origin: CN.CHINA103725UA80518022819.4845638.96032
29/Apr/20174805191000"1 paper for production of corrugated board, known as" "WELLENSTOFF" ", a single layer made of recycled paper, the fiber RECEIVED mechanically 100% bleached, impregnated, not painted, not coated, not KALANDROVANYY, not corrugated, in rolls: corrugating paper NAMES "" Austrowelle "" mass - 120HR / M2-wide 214,5SM 21,359TN. (8 rolls). Trade mark "" Austrowelle "". brand "" HAMBURGER HUNGARIA LTD "". HU.. "HUNGARY0UA305020213598233.16562
29/Apr/201754078200001. Fabric of synthetic complex yarns (polyester) 78%, mixed with cotton, painted, twill overlapping, without impregnation and without coating, with a surface density of 208 g / m2 +/- 5%, a width of 1.50 m-6024 pp (9036 m2). .TURKEY9036UA40815018766228.32016
29/Apr/20177318159090"1.Kripylni ferrous metals: Screw Wood hockey RAL painted wood zshestyhr.holivkoyu 4,8h35mm, art.P14035OFA7024 - 30000sht; Hvyntsamonariz hex head galvanized metal 4,8h16mm without washers, art.P150153PL - 20000sht; Screw concrete-headed screw 6.3 / 7,0h160mmdlya sandwich panels hockey galvanized coated "" gRey.coat "", art.P150160R0PL - 7000sht, Wood-headed screw head on galvanized metalu4,8h19mm without washers, art.P150173PL - 20000sht, concrete screw head izshestyhrannoyu 6.3 / 7,0h190mm for sandwich panels coated with hockey wimples "" gRey.coat "", art.P150190R0PL - 7000sht, Wood Screw with shestyhrannoyuholivkoyu 4,8h25mm coated metal without the puck art.P150233PL - 10000sht; Screw Wood hockey painted with RAL shestyhr.holivkoyu metal 5,5h25mm, art.P150250PL1015A - 10000sht, screw concrete-headed holivkoyu6,3 / 7,0h310mm for sandwich panels hockey galvanized coated "" gRey.coat "", art.P150310R0PL - 100 pieces; Wood-headed screw head pometalu 5,5h35mm reinforced with galvanized washer art.P150350PL - 20000sht; Samonariziz screw washer painted RAL hex head 4,8h20mm dlyaskriplennya metal sheets art.P15048200PL9003 - 20000sht; Wood screw head izshestyhrannoyu reinforced metal coated 5,5h67mm "" gRey.coat "", art.P15067R0PL - 6000sht; Wood-headed screw head on galvanized metalu5,5h70mm without washers, art.P150703PL - 7000sht; Wood Screw pometalu fat. to 12mm hex head 5,5 / 6,3h150mm for sandwich paneleyz hockey coated art.P1551500PL - 6000sht; Wood, metal screw 12mm hex head 5,5 / 6,3h175mm for sandwich panels shayboyuotsynkovanyy, art.P1551750PL - 4000sht; Screw Screws for metal thicknesses. 12mm head to izshestyhrannoyu 5.5 / 6,3h200mm for sandwich panels hockey coated art.P1552000PL - 7000sht; Wood-headed screw head 6,3h40mm pometalu to 16mm galvanized coated "" gRey.coat "" hockey, art.P157040GC0PL -20000sht; Wood screws with a semicircular head with TORX presshayboyu otsynkovani8,0h380mm, art.P1313800PL - 300sht; Wood-headed screw head pometalu 4,8h19mm coated with washer art.P2594190PL - 20000sht; Samonariziz screw washer painted with RAL shestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL3005 - 30000sht; Wood screw with washer painted RAL zshestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL5005 - 30000sht; Hvyntsamonariz hockey painted with RAL shestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL7024 - 30000sht; Wood screw with washer painted RAL zshestyhr.holivkoyu metal 4,8h19mm, art.P2594190PL8017 - 40000sht.Torhivelna brand Gunnebo Fastening.Vyrobnyk Gbo Fastening Systems Sp. zo.o.Krayina production TW. "TAIWAN0UA100110252311117.31927
29/Apr/20174805240000"1 Cardboard for production of corrugated board, double layer, made of recycled paper, the fiber RECEIVED mechanically 100%, unpainted, uncoated, bleached, impregnated NOT KALANDROVANYY, not corrugated, in rolls, regenerated cardboard for flat layers: Mark" "Austroliner 3 "" density 135HR / m2, width 215 CM 23,489TN. (9 rolls), mARK "" 3 Austroliner Light "" The density of 100g / m2, width 235 cm-5,312TN. (2 rolls). Trade mark "" Austroliner 3 "", "" Austroliner 3 Light "". Brand "" HAMBURGER HUNGARIA LTD "". HU.. "HUNGARY0UA3050202880111188.71724
28/Apr/20175407613000"1.Tkanyna painted furniture, connected via binder with knitted lining, two layers of polyester manufact vleni neteksturovanyhkomp leksnyh fibers (100% polyester), not coated, impregnated, in rolls shyrynoyu145sm. (+/- 2 %), the density of 700g / sq.m., type mozar t mf: teja (tea) -468,90m.p., taupe (dark gray) - 1782,40m.p., purple (Fiol that reason) - 596, 30m.p., olive grey 801-2 (s IPO-olive) - 1028,50m.p; light grey 8 4.2 (light gray) - 1032,80m.p .; elepha nt (ivory) 103- 1- 2366,40m.p; dar kcamel 14-2 (dark camel) - 813,60m .p., dark brown 1 (dark brown) - 490,60m.p., beige 804-2 (beige) - 1970 5 0m.p., ash (popelyas ty) - BP 3054.00m.p .; oulon width 145sm. (+/- 2%), density 580h / sq.m., type Nepal fb: turquoise (call of biryu) - 617.40m.p., ash (ash) - 1175 .40m.p .; antlantic (antlantychnyy) - 575 30m.p., red (red) -106,30m.p .; antla ntic (antlantychnyy) -249,10m.p.Pryznache upholstery for sofas own ment product.. "CHINA2367488UA20915010535.2967485.20618
28/Apr/201754076130001. Fabric of linen interlacing from synthetic composite non-textured polyester yarns (100%), painted, without impregnation, without duplication and plastic coating, with a surface density of 95g / m2 ± 5%, a width of 1.50m-13400mp (20100m2)..TURKEY20100UA40815019106341.199858
28/Apr/20174805199000"1.Papir for corrugation (fluting) B-2 mark, single-layered, not calendered, not coated, not painted, not corrugated, not impregnated, not perforated without drawing, content of fibers obtained by mechanical means 100%, made from recycled waste paper, not Subjected to additional processing, in rolls: 80g / sq. M thick: 1050 mm in size - 5910,00 kg, dense 112g / sq. M: 1050 mm in size - 4946,00 kg, density 125g / sq.m: 1050 mm in size - 4955.00 kg, 140 g / sq. M.: 1050 mm in size - 5099.00 kg. Used for domestic manufacture. Rowan layer corrugated kartonu.Tohivelna Brand: No danyh.Krayina production: BY.Vyrobnyk: Filial "" DBP "" Hero of Labor "" profile "" Upravlyayuschaya holding company "" Belorusskye oboy ".". "BELARUS0UA807170209108479.693371
28/Apr/20176807900090"1. Roofing bitumen-based modifiers cellulose impregnated with bitumen, painted, roof corrugated sheets and accessories: onduline green tile with 3D effect Size: 1950mm. * 960mm. Art.P69A6Ru150G - 2700sht., Gable element D103 red, size: 1000mm. * 150mm. art.F3704Ru15 - 450sht., Comb A100 red 3D effect size: 1000mm. * 420mm. art.F31A4Ru15 - 600sht., trademark manufacturer company Onduline "" stroytelnыe materials Ondulin, "" Country of RU. "RUSSIA0UA1000201832912610.93282
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Pre Painted Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПП ""КОМПАНІЯ ТАЛАНТ"""
Importer Address
61052, Україна, м. Харків, вул. Маліновського, буд. 5.
Exporter Name Mondi SCP a.s.
Product Description
"1. Offset paper, white in coils, uncoated, made z.........
HS Code 4802552500Value 15450.67195
Quantity 0Unit UA305100
Net Weight 20240

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