Ukraine Import Data of Powder Paint | Ukraine Import Statistics of Powder Paint

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of powder paint collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of powder paint imports.

Powder Paint Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Powder Paint

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173214900090"1.Budivelni nevohnetryvki mixture: - PRIMUS packaging in plast.vidra on 23kh = 88sht content filler-sand (granulated) 62-54% water-solvent 26-28% acrylic latex (binder liquid) 9.9 -10.2% scope - for bonding insulating polystyrene panels to mineral bases and create a basic layer of plaster in buildings, mold manufacturing - pasty composition; - PRIMAX, primer, packing in 14 kg plast.vidra = 13sht based on water 65-52% acrylic latex (called "" liquid adhesion agent) 25-15% pigment 5-0,15% to 10% modifiers, applicabl uyetsya to improve traction in buildings (including painted and glazed polystyrene plates and fasteners), form vyhotolennya - opaque liquid mixture; PRM LYMESTONE PASTEL BASE DRYVIT STRATOTONE 310 for packaging in plast.vidra 24.72kh = 60sht based on sand capsulated 63-67% akrilovyy latex (binder liquid) 8,5-10,2% titanium dioxide 1-4%, 12-15% water (solvent) form you hotolennya-pasty composition, scope-for creating external and internal base layer of plaster in buildings. - COLOR PRIME S PASTEL BASE DRYVIT STRATOTONE 310 primer for packaging in plast.vidrah 17.36kh = 10pcs content: water 40-41% 17-18% acrylic polymer, propylene glycol 1.4-1.5% titanium dioxide 0 5-9,9% calcium carbonate filler 16-23% production form - opaque liquid mixture used for coating surfaces in buildings under acrylic and hranitopodobni shtukaturky.Z filler content, Portland cement 20-30% quartz sand 50-60 % 0-14% lime and polymer binder rechovyna- 1-2%: DRYCOAT rozfas.v bags of 25kg = 48sht, form-making powdered mixture scope - for cos Rennes base layer of plaster in buildings, not refractory, not in aerosol packaging. "POLAND0UA2091805062.84652.799604 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173824909790"1.Poroshok limestone mineral (which include marble) crushed natural, unpainted treated monocarboxylic organic acid to provide hydrophobic properties. Ground marble (Micro) is used in many industries: fillers in plastics, paints and varnishes, rubber products, cleaning powders and pastes, etc. Comes not in aerosol packaging, free of ozone-depleting substances. (CaCO3> 98,5%): 1 art.126080 OMYACARB T-KA- 250,00tn (10000 paper.paketiv * 25kg / 200 derev.palet) ; art.196857 OMYACA RB 2 T-KA- 220,00tn (50 paper.paketiv * 25kg / 1250kh big bag / 176 big-bags) art.188798 OMYACARB 1 T-KA- 350,00tn (350 big-bags * 1000kg) .Vyrobnyk : OMYA MADENCILIK SANAYI VE TICARET ASKrayina vybonnytstva: TR.Torhovelna mark: OMYACARB.. "TURKEY0UA11019082000098492.20003
28/Apr/20173402209000"1 detergents and cleaning abrasives Be content with packaged dlyarozl ribno trade, not as aerosol Packing these. Tualetivbekterytsydnyy detergent for green Art. P27914 - 180sht., Detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy green Art. P27924 - 320sht., Washing means for tualetivbekterytsydnyy blue Art. P28044 - 330sht., detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy blue Art. P28054 - 320sht., detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy green Art. P27980 - 40sht., detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy blue Art. P28080 - 40sht., detergent for tualetivbekterytsy tion blue Art. P28060 - 10pc., detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy green Art. P27930 - 20pcs., detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy gold Ref. P28130 - 10pc., Ingredients: water, phosphoric acid, nonionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, citric acid, sodium chloride sodium, aromatic composition, dye, detergent, toilet spray paint art. P27880N - 1092sht. Medium dlyavydalennya stone powder Ref. T30350 - 320sht., Milk or lemon forgiveness Art.P21720 - 360sht., Facial cleansing apple Art. P21820 - 360sht., Gel dlyapromyvky sewer pipes Art. T30550 - 810sht., Gel promyvkykanalizatsiynyh pipes Art. T30570- 330sht., Composition: sodium hydroxide, hlikoletylen, acrylic copolymer neionniPAR; Means detergent granules for cleaning sewer pipes Art. T30530- 486sht., Detergent granules tool for cleaning sewer pipes Art. T30510- 5940sht., Detergent granules tool for cleaning sewer pipes Art. T30520- 2020sht., Detergent granules tool for cleaning sewer pipes Art. T30540- 220sht., Composition: sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride; Art. P28230 - 648sht., Ridynadlya cleaning ceramic plates in a bottle with a pump-spray Art. P28310N -624sht., Ingredients: water, 2 butoksietanol, amphoteric surfactants, isopropyl alcohol, anionic surfactants, n-heksylenhlikol, EDTA salts are, n-butyl efirdypropilenhlikolyu, aromatic composition (d-Limon en) metylhloroizotiazolinon, metylizotiazolinon, tetrametylolhlikoluryl , dye; Nail chyschennyakaminnoho glass and grills in a bottle with a pump dispenser Art. P28410N - 1092sht., Composition: water, sodium hydroxide, tryetenolamin, anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, EDTA andtheir salts, sodium chloride; Detergent for baths and cabins Ref. P27860N - 1560sht., Detergent and bath cubicles Art. P27890N - 312sht., Composition: water, anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, citric acid, isopropyl alcohol, hlikoletylen, aromatychnakompozytsiya, 2 Butyn -1,4- diol; Art. P27820N - 1560sht., Nail vydalennyapryhorilyh substances in a bottle with a pump-spray Art. P28260N - 1716sht., Composition: water, sodium hydroxide, triethanolamine, anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, EDTA andtheir salts, sodium chloride; Liquid dishwashing Art. P29260 - 38sht., Composition: dodetsylbenzen sulfonate, sodium laureth sulfate; Washing zasibuniversalnyy lemon Art. P27340 - 432sht., Detergent universalnyykvitkovyy Art. P27440 - 216sht., Detergent versatile apple Art. P27640- 216sht., Detergent universal lily Art. P27240 - 432sht., Detergent for "POLAND0UA20914016018.5218636.20722
28/Apr/201734029010001. Surface - active substances type hydrophobic brand Capstone FS-61odnoridna sticky liquid reaction product (1H, 1H, 2H, 2H - perfluoro - 1 -oktanol / phosphate pentoxide), ammonium salt. The content of surfactant is 13 - 15% content additive (water) is 85 - 87%, does not contain abrasive powder (0%). Used as an additive in the manufacture of paint products. Do not put up for retail sale not in aerosol packaging. .UNITED STATES0UA2092009259.0223593
28/Apr/20172517410000"1.Poroshky, limestone minerals (which include marble) shredded natural, unpainted. Products not subjected to roasting, calcination, mixing with other substances or other cultivation methods. The presence of hydrophobic treatment is not found. Marble powder (Micro) is used in many industries : fillers in plastics, paints and varnishes, rubber products, cleaning pastes and powders etc. (CaCO3> 98,5%): art.149524 OMYACARB 5-KA (fraction 0,006mm) - 110,00tn (110 big-bags * 1000kg) ; art.149522 OMYACARB 40-KA (f action 0,0313mm) - 80,00tn (80 * big-bags 1000kg) art.178969 OMYACARB 15-KA (fraction 0,017mm) - 130,00tn (5200 paper.paketiv * 25kg / 104 derev.palet) art. 181458 OMYACARB 2-KA (fraction 0,003mm) - 50,00tn (50 paper.paketiv * 25kg / 1250kh big bag / 40 big-bags) art.185642 OMYACARB 5ME-KA (fraction 0,006mm) - 370,00tn ( 50 paper.paketiv * 25kg / 1250kh big bag / 296 big-bags) art.185923 OMYACARB 2ME-KA (fraction 0,003mm) - 100,00tn (1 00 big-bags * 1000kg) Manufacturer: OMYA MADENCILIK SANAYI VE TICARET ASKrayina vybonnytstva: TR.Torhovelna mark: OMYACARB. "TURKEY0UA11019084000083810.00015
27/Apr/201733059000001. Means for hair: prykornovoho Mousse for volume, 300 mL, art.J110705 -60sht.Kondytsioner not washed off, for all hair types, 300ml, art.J111134 -24sht.Balzam Smoothing with thermal protection, 200ml, art .J111754 -24sht.Kondytsioner for restoring damaged hair, 1000 ml, art.J111775 -36sht.Kondytsioner for restoring damaged hair 300ml, art.J111824 -96sht.Maska reconstructing deep action, 1000ml, art.J112104 -24sht.Maska reconstructing deep action , 150 ml, art.J112114 -72sht.Kondytsioner that restores balance for normal hair 300ml, and art.J112464 -24sht.Zvolozhuvach Intensive, 1000ml, art.J124225 -36sht.Balzam for sealing cuticle, 1000ml, art.J125045 -120sht.Proteyin liquid for fine damaged hair 350ml, art.J126234 -24sht.Kondytsioner for pomp and volume, 300 mL, art .J126464 -96sht.Eliksyr for pomp and density, 200ml, art.J126474 -120sht.Zvolozhuvach intense, 250ml, art.J126514 -48sht.Rekonstruktor liquid poshkodzh enoho for fine hair 300ml, art.J126526 -48sht.Kondytsioner for dry hair , 300 mL, art.J126546 -96sht.Kondytsioner for pomp and volume 1000 ml, art.J126714 -24sht.Kondytsioner dry hair 1000ml, art.J126756 for hard -48sht.Maska On dry hair, 250ml, art.J126764 -72sht.Krem napivpermanentna RC6-paint Beige light brown, 60 ml, art.J129303 -36sht.Pidsylyuvach intense color red-violet, 60ml, art.J129433 -36sht.Losyon sculpture for laying a mobile fixation (02), 300ml, art.J130975 -24sht.Toner intense transparent, 118ml, art.J132341 -72sht.Maska hard dry hair 500ml, art.J135564 -48sht.Osvitlyuyuchyy cream 300hr, art.J135912 -48sht.Oliya Healing staylinhova, 21,5ml, art.J136674 -48sht.Kondytsioner Recovery for colored hair 1000 ml, art.J136726 -60sht.Oliya staylinhova Healing, 100 ml, AR .J136754 -144sht.Kondytsioner Recovery for colored hair 300ml, art.J136766 -96sht.Kondytsioner indelible dry hair 300ml, art.J137944 -72sht.Toner intense blue (indigo), 118ml, art.J139391 -24sht.BIO- reconstructing mask with keratin-peptide complex, 480ml, art.J141094 -60sht.BIO mask reconstructing of keratin-peptide complex, 150 ml, art.J141284 -120sht.Mus for laying ekstrasylnoyi fixation (09), 300ml, art.J145131 -12sht .Maska reconstructing deep action, 50ml, art.J14515 -48sht.Toner intense blue (cobalt), 118ml, art.J147311 -24sht.Shampun + Conditioner for dry crop Xia, 2x10ml, art.J147341 -288sht.Shampun + Restorative Conditioner for damaged hair, 2x10ml, art.J147381 -432sht.Stymulyator growth for hair thinning, 100 ml, art.J14863 -48sht.Toner intense Titan, 118ml, art. J149451 -24sht.Kondytsioner for the stability of color, 300ml, art.J15022 -72sht.Kondytsioner lit or purple to gray hair, 300ml, art.J15023 -48sht.Toner intense purple (amethyst), 118ml, art.J151021 intense -24sht.Toner blue (sapphire), 118ml, art.J151031 -24sht.Maslo to fine powderUNITED STATES0UA1000102083.6415036.83984
27/Apr/20173402901000"1.Dobavka paint" "Release additive 3-5%" "(code 15-012194-5.1570), which is a surface-active agent that contains incorporates silicone surfactant in a mixture of volatile organic compounds. The product as ridyny.Ne contain abrasive powders. Producer - "" Siegwerk Druckfarben AG & Co. KGaA "". Country of origin - DE.Torhovelna mark - "" Siegwerk "".. "GERMANY0UA100070545.72817.816368
27/Apr/201733053000001. Means for hair care. Hair spray: Spray for styling and finish ruhomoy fixation (04), 300ml, art.J114534 -24sht.Lak that dries quickly, strong fixation (07-10), 350ml, art.J140165 -36sht.Lak that dries quickly , эkstrasylnoyi fixation (08-10), 50 ml, art.J145101 -48sht.Lak that dries quickly, эkstrasylnoyi fixation (08-10), 300ml, art.J145111 -72sht.Shampun dry (fixing 0), 200ml, art.J145141 -24sht.Sprey repellent finish for a mobile fixation (02), 150 ml, art.J145881L -12sht.Lak for laying light fixation (03), 300ml, art.J14590 -36sht.Termozahysnyy spray Iron Clad, 233ml, art. J149611 -84sht.Finishnyy spray volume increase in, 300 mL, art.J14962 -36sht.Sprey for coloring the root zone, dark - brown, 73ml, art.J15161 -96sht.Sprey for coloring the root zone, black, 73ml, art.J15183 -24sht.Sprey for coloring the root zone light, 73ml, art.J15190 -24sht.Sprey for painting basal zone, light - brown, 73ml, art.J 15,191 -24sht.Ridka powder for volume and texture, 150ml, art.J15217 -144sht.Maska color protection and shine hair 20ml, art.J15562 -144sht.Sprey for styling and finish secondary fixation (fixing level 04), 300ml, art.STFR-300-12 -12sht.Torhovelna mark: JOICO Manufacturer: JOICO LABORAT ORIES, production IncKrayina: USUNITED STATES0UA100010155.311462.800082
27/Apr/201784242000901.Farbuvalna unit for applying powder paint on metal powder coating detali.Kabina mod.NH-R400 -1sht. Internal size: mm4400h2100h2050. Comes disassembled staniTorhivelna mark: YANTAI ZHENXING FOREI GN TRAIDAVyrobnyk: YANTAI ZHENXING FOREIGN TRAIDA CO., LTDKrayina production: CN.CHINA0UA100120232022883.94515
27/Apr/20172526200000"1. Microtalc (magnesium silicate minerals hydrate) -yavlyaye a mineral substances of natural origin (a white powder) with the content of the basic substance of not less than 98% of raw .Termichno obtained by crushing lump talku.Mikrotalk MTHSHM 6300kh.HOST-19284-79. Microtalc "" Talkon T-15 "" - 13500kh.TU 5727-001-49439345-2004.Vykorystovuyetsya Paintwork materials in the production of all kinds of paints for exterior robit.Ne for medical vykorystannya.Ne in aerosol packaging.. "RUSSIA0UA805030198006018.560168
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name Спільне українсько-польське підприємство 'ВАЛБУД'
Importer Address
79021 м.Львів,вул.С.Петлюри,37А, Україна
Exporter Name 'DRYVIT SYSTEMS USA(EUROPE)'Spolka z.o.o.,
Product Description
"1.Budivelni nevohnetryvki mixture: - PRIMUS packa.........
HS Code 3214900090Value 4652.799604
Quantity 0Unit UA209180
Net Weight 5062.8
Origin Country POLAND

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