Ukraine Import Data of Powder Milk | Ukraine Import Statistics of Powder Milk

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of powder milk collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of powder milk imports.

Powder Milk Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Powder Milk

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of powder milk. Get Ukraine trade data of Powder Milk imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20171901100000"1.Dytyache food, dry powdered instant Kashi put up for rozdribnoy trade (without starch content): TRADEMARK" "BEBI PREMIUM" ": milk: (1up 18karton.pach * = 250g), code 140422" "RICE" "- 432pach, code 140406 "" bananas "" - 864pach, code 150279 "" apricots "" - 864pach, code 142255 "" fruit and cereal ASSORTY "" - 1296pach, code 144207 "" wheat, apples, bananas '' - 1296pach code 150274 "" VIIVSYANA with peaches "" - 864pach; milk: (1up 18karton.pach * = 200g), code 1002705, "" 7 cereals "" - 864pach code 1002706 "" 7 cereals with blueberries "" - 864pach code 1002517 wheat "" porridge FOR PIDVECHIRKU "" cookie with pears "" - 864pach code 1002516 wheat "" porridge for underground DVECHIRKU "" cookie with raspberry and cherry "" - 432pach code 1003409 oatmeal "" Porridge FOR PIDVECHIRKU "" cookie with cherry and apple "" - 432pach, code 1002626, "" buckwheat "" - 1296pach, code 1002627, "" buckwheat, apricots apple "" - 3456pach code 1002303 '' cereal with raspberries and cherries "" - 432pach code 1004049 "" 5 cereals with apricot and raspberry, with prebiotics "" - 864pach, code 1004008, "" buckwheat porridge with goat's milk fortified prebiotics Y "" - 432pach, code 1005804, "" corn "" - 432pach code 1003594 "" porridge for sweet dreams - 3 cereal with raspberries and lemon balm enriched prebiotic "" - 864pach code 1003593 "" porridge for sweet dreams - 3 cereals with apples and chamomile ZBAHA ENA prebiotic "" - 864pach, not containing milk (1up 18karton.pach * = 200g), code 1002622, "" buckwheat "" - 432pach code 1002288 "" Oatmeal "" - 1296pach code 1002290 "" oatmeal with berries " "- 1728pach code 1002618" "corn NYZKOALERHENNA enriched prebiotic" "- 1296pach code 1001540" "NYZKOALERHENNA rice enriched with prebiotics" "- 432pach, code 1002625," "Buckwheat NYZKOALERHENNA enriched prebiotic" "- 864pach.Vyr-in 'DROGA KOLINSKA ZIVILSKA INDUSTRIJA, D.D '. Country of SI "SLOVENIA0UA5000105032.824228.11592 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20172106909890"1. CREAM plant origin (not milk) to add to coffee and tea dry (powder)" "NON DAIRY CREAMER FES 70" "-25 000 KH.SKLAD PRODUCT: -55-65% glucose syrup, vegetable fat (palm fat / coconut oil) -30-34% stabilizer (E340II, E452I) -1,5-4% SODIUM KAZEINAT -1-2%, emulsifier (palm BASIS) (E471, E481) -0,3-0, 9% ANTYZLEZHUVACH (E551) -0,1-0,5% (-31.5% vegetable fat, moisture -2.59%) for own production POTREBDATA PRODUCTION: 02.22.17; TERM FITNESS: 24 months; trademarks : FOOD EXCELLENCE SPECIALIST; PRODUCER: FOOD EXCELLENCE SPECIALIST SDN. BHD.; Country of origin: MY. "MALAYSIA0UA9020702500040750.00011
28/Apr/20173402209000"1 detergents and cleaning abrasives Be content with packaged dlyarozl ribno trade, not as aerosol Packing these. Tualetivbekterytsydnyy detergent for green Art. P27914 - 180sht., Detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy green Art. P27924 - 320sht., Washing means for tualetivbekterytsydnyy blue Art. P28044 - 330sht., detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy blue Art. P28054 - 320sht., detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy green Art. P27980 - 40sht., detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy blue Art. P28080 - 40sht., detergent for tualetivbekterytsy tion blue Art. P28060 - 10pc., detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy green Art. P27930 - 20pcs., detergent for tualetivbekterytsydnyy gold Ref. P28130 - 10pc., Ingredients: water, phosphoric acid, nonionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, citric acid, sodium chloride sodium, aromatic composition, dye, detergent, toilet spray paint art. P27880N - 1092sht. Medium dlyavydalennya stone powder Ref. T30350 - 320sht., Milk or lemon forgiveness Art.P21720 - 360sht., Facial cleansing apple Art. P21820 - 360sht., Gel dlyapromyvky sewer pipes Art. T30550 - 810sht., Gel promyvkykanalizatsiynyh pipes Art. T30570- 330sht., Composition: sodium hydroxide, hlikoletylen, acrylic copolymer neionniPAR; Means detergent granules for cleaning sewer pipes Art. T30530- 486sht., Detergent granules tool for cleaning sewer pipes Art. T30510- 5940sht., Detergent granules tool for cleaning sewer pipes Art. T30520- 2020sht., Detergent granules tool for cleaning sewer pipes Art. T30540- 220sht., Composition: sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride; Art. P28230 - 648sht., Ridynadlya cleaning ceramic plates in a bottle with a pump-spray Art. P28310N -624sht., Ingredients: water, 2 butoksietanol, amphoteric surfactants, isopropyl alcohol, anionic surfactants, n-heksylenhlikol, EDTA salts are, n-butyl efirdypropilenhlikolyu, aromatic composition (d-Limon en) metylhloroizotiazolinon, metylizotiazolinon, tetrametylolhlikoluryl , dye; Nail chyschennyakaminnoho glass and grills in a bottle with a pump dispenser Art. P28410N - 1092sht., Composition: water, sodium hydroxide, tryetenolamin, anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, EDTA andtheir salts, sodium chloride; Detergent for baths and cabins Ref. P27860N - 1560sht., Detergent and bath cubicles Art. P27890N - 312sht., Composition: water, anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, citric acid, isopropyl alcohol, hlikoletylen, aromatychnakompozytsiya, 2 Butyn -1,4- diol; Art. P27820N - 1560sht., Nail vydalennyapryhorilyh substances in a bottle with a pump-spray Art. P28260N - 1716sht., Composition: water, sodium hydroxide, triethanolamine, anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants, EDTA andtheir salts, sodium chloride; Liquid dishwashing Art. P29260 - 38sht., Composition: dodetsylbenzen sulfonate, sodium laureth sulfate; Washing zasibuniversalnyy lemon Art. P27340 - 432sht., Detergent universalnyykvitkovyy Art. P27440 - 216sht., Detergent versatile apple Art. P27640- 216sht., Detergent universal lily Art. P27240 - 432sht., Detergent for "POLAND0UA20914016018.5218636.20722
28/Apr/20172301200000"1.Boroshno fish feed, mark" "999 Fish Meal" "- 23920kh. It is a byproduct of the production of high-quality fish oil in powder brown with a characteristic smell of fish, 74.50% protein, fat 6.3 % soli- 2.8%. Volohist- 9.3%. It is intended for animal feed. It does not contain starch, sucrose, milk fat.. "DENMARK0UA2091202392033733.10191
28/Apr/20172309904300"1.PRODUKTY used for animal feed, ART.472606 -BILKOVA vitamin and mineral supplements" "CONC 40%" "MARVEL DIGEST" "(40% Marvel tram DIGEST) -10000KH (400 bags); batch number - 0004081897; -04.2017r production date, expiry date - 10.2017r., is a concentrated protein vitamin and mineral supplements in powder form yakazmishuyetsya of grain and soybeans for feed feeds for pigs aged from 28 to 42 days, a total pharmacological properties of the individual components ( vitamins, minerals, amino acids) that promote the normalization of metabolism, the agents, body positively affect the growth and development of the pigs. The recommended total dose for pigs: 2,5-3kh the recommended period hodivli.Sklad: raw and steamed corn, wheat flakes, chicory extract, protein from soy, rapeseed oil with , concentrated milk, concentrated skimmed milk, coconut oil, sweet whey powder, yeast, synthetic amino acids, minerals (phosphorus, calcium, copper sulphate, zinc sulphate, manganese, iodine, cobalt, selenium), organic amino acids and vitamins (A, D3 B1, E, K3, C) .Protsen not the content ratio of starch - 12.5%; Dairy products - 14.5%. "FRANCE0UA1101801000011557.54376
28/Apr/20172309909690"1.PRODUKTY used for animal feed, art.205050 - feed additive" "NOVACID" "(NOVATSYD) - 7000kh (280 Misch.), Batch number - 0004071277; datavyhotovlennya - 04.2017r., Shelf life - 10.2018r. , is a feed additive for addition in food animals and birds, as a powder from cream to brown color with a specific smell, used for acidification environment food-digestive tract of animals and poultry, improving digestion during the entire period of breastfeeding. consists of: formic acid ( E236) - 30g; propionic acid (E280) - 12g, lactic acid (E270 ) - 16g, silica - 67h; NORM ADDITION TO FEED: 1-5 kg ​​/ t; Art.470124 - Feed additives "" FUGIDO "" (FUHIDO) - 5000kg (200mish.), Batch number - 0004081896, date of production - 04.2017 g., shelf life - 10.2018r., is a feed additive for addition in food animals and birds, as a powder from cream to brown color with a specific smell, used for the prevention and elimination mycotoxicoses for ormiv. The additive absorbs / reduces the content of mycotoxins in the feed, and displays ix of an animal with excrement, improves digestion and increases digestibility of feed. Consists of: koalinitova clay (E559) - 100g of purified diatomaceous earth (E551s) - 50g yeast - 50g, zeolite - 800h.NORMA ADDITION TO FEED: 2-8 kg / t; feed additives do not have proof, starch, maltodextrin, maltodextrin syrup, glucose, lactose (milk sugar) and milk fat. Improves digestion, absorption lateral relationship providing good feed and maintain the health of animals. "FRANCE0UA1101801200021301.14235
27/Apr/201739069090001.Akrylovi vyrobnytstvavyrobiv modifiers for PVC based on methacrylates inform milkodyspersnoho white powder: DL-125G, 52 paper bags on 25kh- 1300khTorhivelna Brand: CORTEXVyrobnyk: CORTEX CHEMICALS Sp. z ooKrayina production: CN China.CHINA0UA12522013003078.511104
27/Apr/20172519903000"1.POROSHOK refractory Periclase sintered (agglomerated) coarse magnesite with high VMISTOMMILKYH FACTIONS MARK DALPOR R85M, TT 72664728-076-2008, content: MGO: 85,6%; 90,4%; SIO2: 2,75%; 1 81%; CAO: 6,00%; 5,70% .YAVLYAYE a powder and a little brown STONES gray, brown and brown, consisting of magnesium oxide (magnesia) FROM IMPURITIES OKSYDIVKALTSIYU, iron and silicon PROCESS FOR: firing RAW magnesite in rotary kiln. firing temperature: 1700-1800 ° C and is intended for filling WALLS and slopes open hearth furnaces, and As for the manufacture of refractories.. "RUSSIA0UA11007020190050273.09992
27/Apr/201732041900001.Orhanichnyy synthetic dye Altratene 1% WSC-based B-carotene E160a (ii) the number of CAS 7235-40-4. It is a loose powder red zdatnyydysperhuvatys in an aqueous medium containing synthetic carotene (min 1%), dextrin, acacia gum, vegetable oil like the Matrix, alpha-tocopherol, askorbilpalmitatu as antioxidants. Without protein, amino zkintsevymy agents, spices, milk fat. Contains ozonoruynivnyhrechovyn. Not aerosol packaging. For the food industry. .TAIWAN0UA20918050919.1689788
27/Apr/20172918150010"1.Natriy citrate (Sodium citrate BP2009 / E331 20-100 MESH), as a white crystalline powder - 25000kh. The content of the main component - 99.9% according to the manufacturer's certificate. CAS №6132-04-3. Chemical formula: C6H5Na3O7 * 2H2O. a production date of December 2016. Deadline date: December 2019. It is used in the food industry for making soufflés, jellies, processed cheese, baby food, yogurt and milk. The manufacturer: "" Weifang Ensign industry Co., LTD "". Trademark: "" Ensign "". Country of CNVyvantazheno 1000 seats (25kg paper sacks) container FSCU3254760. "CHINA0UA5000602500014624.99994
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""СМАРТІ ФЕМІЛІ"""
Importer Address
65098,м.Одеса,вул.Боженка, буд. 19, оф. 308
Exporter Name """DROGA KOLINSKA D.D."""
Product Description
"1.Dytyache food, dry powdered instant Kashi put u.........
HS Code 1901100000Value 24228.11592
Quantity 0Unit UA500010
Net Weight 5032.8
Origin Country SLOVENIA

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