Ukraine Import Data of Powder Coatings | Ukraine Import Statistics of Powder Coatings

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of powder coatings collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of powder coatings imports.

Powder Coatings Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Powder Coatings

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201732041900001.Hranulovani dye preparations based on mixtures of organic taneorhanichnyh dispersions of pigments in the polymer concentrate for coloring plastics: REMAFIN-RED PE33335011-ZN 15kg (1 bag p / e), Remafin-Red PL33337461-ZN 34,6kh (2 mishokp / f) , REMAFIN- ORANGE PL2N335497-ZN 15kg (1 bag p / e), REMAFIN- REDPE33335205-ZN 15kg (1 bag p / e), REMAFIN- RED PL34336386-ZN 49kh (2 bag p / e), Remafin-Blue PL52337954- ZN 25kg (1 bag p / e), REMAFIN- GREEN PL62336659-ZN15kh (1 bag p / e), is a powdery granules corresponding color, size 1.5-3mm containing monoazopihmenty (5,5-9%), titanium dioxide (5.12%), polyethylene (79-89%). Used for dyeing of polimernyhmaterialiv. Not packed for retail sale not in aerosol upakovtsi.Krayina manufacturer: PLTorhivelna mark: Name of manufacturer Clariant: Clariant Plastics & Coatings PolskaSp.z.oo.POLAND0UA100120168.62228.832464 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20178409990000Rotational fitting (coupling). The connecting device forms a complex made of several types of metal is applied inside the threaded connection. Appointment of a special line for air cooling YPJ-5012 plant for the production of powder coatings (Vir. 500-600 GC / h) 415V, 50Hz, 3 Phase. Serves for supplying cool air to the conveyor belt to cool the heated powder when switching sumishi.Vyrobnyk danyh.Torhivelna no mark no data. .RUSSIA0UA807200102.3881574.211137
24/Apr/20173808929000Heating plate. Heating plate size 349 * 220 * 10mm, made of aluminum alloy, the heating element is a resistance. Purpose: for use in line SLJ-65 (two screw extruder) plant for the production of powder coatings (Vir. 500-600 GC / h) 415V, 50Hz, 3 Phase. Used for heating of voltage 220Volt, in order to melt powder paint binders and dispersion of other ingredients, capacity 3 kVt.Vyrobnyk danyh.Torhivelna no mark no data. .SPAIN0UA1252606272342496
24/Apr/20177009920000Drive pryzhymnyy (sanding system). It is a steel product with a diameter of 50 cm. Suitable for use in LYF-45 plant for the production of powder coatings (Vir. 500-600 GC / h) 415V, 50Hz, 3 Phase. Used for clamping a grinding unit to the base frame powder mixer farby.Lehko wearing element (two screw extruder). Assignment for use in line SLJ-65 plant for the production of powder coatings (Vir. 500-600 GC / h) 415V, 50Hz, 3 Phase. used for soft (moving) piston mounting system plavlennya.Vyrobnyk danyh.Torhivelna no mark no data. .SLOVENIA0UA1001101.8210.01018226
24/Apr/201770052935901. Element sealing, reinforcing cuff - reinforcing 4sht.Manzheta size 100 * 130 * 12mm. Made of soft vulcanized rubber nonporous, reinforcing metal (the metal) (the kit includes a steel spring). Purpose: for use in line PHJ-800 (Mixer HIGH SPEED) plant for the production of powder coatings (Vir. 500-600 GC / h) 415V, 50Hz, 3 Phase. Used to seal pipe the output to the crushed powder paint mixed output of zmishuvacha.Vyrobnyk danyh.Torhivelna no mark no data. .BELARUS215712UA403010207626538.932352
24/Apr/201787033290301. exhaust valve Pulse - Pulse 4sht.Stalevyy exhaust valve designed specifically for use in LYF-45 (grinding system) plant for the production of powder coatings (Vir. 500-600 GC / h) 415V, 50Hz, 3 Phase. Compound materials: Contents The contents were 90% Plastics 10% Dimensions: Length 250mm, Width 175mm, Thread external input end 1.5 Law (0.8mm pitch) Thread the outer end of the original law 1.5 (0.8mm pitch) lever plastic otvoruSluzhyt to open outlet to release compressed gas surplus in excess of the required level tysku.Vyrobnyk danyh.Torhivelna no mark no data. .UNITED KINGDOM1UA20509017227538.88073
21/Apr/201739079990201.Poroshkove epoxy-polyester coating, powder coating 999-014-10 Realcoat RAL7043 5 kh.Torhovelna mark: Realcoat. Manufacturer: AKZO NOBEL COATINGS INTERNATIONAL. PL. .POLAND0UA205090530.2170661
18/Apr/20172517410000"1.POROSHOK Marble MARK CAROLITH 0-0.2 AJ. Product as fine POWDER white, colored, made of marble by physical treatment (breaking and grinding stone marble rock). There are calcium carbonate CONTAINS minor amounts of magnesium carbonate. MASS SHARE calcium carbonate is 98%, the content MGCO3 - 1.4%. binder ORGANIC OR ORGANIC COATINGS methods used were found. PRODUCT not subjected to chemical treatment in the production and was not processed repellent Substances. FIBERS or included OTHER MATERIALS were found. NAPOVNYUVACHAPOLIVINILHLORYDNYH used as pastes AT VYROBNYTSTVIPOKRYTTYA floor PVC - 22050 KG, manufacturer "" OMYA VENCAC DOO "" Country of SERBIA SR. "SERBIA0UA206070220502623.950015
18/Apr/201734029010001. Samples for research. Surface active agent used as an admixture for pure bitumen and polymer modified bitumen, the content of auxiliary components is absent. The content of ash-free powders is absent. Not a cleaning agent. Not aerosol packaging. In the form of a liquid. Used for the production of road asphalt coatings. STARDOPE WMX. Number - 50 kg Trademark: Stardope, Manufacturer: STAR-ASPHALT SpA Production system: IT.ITALY0UA10012050127.2222371
18/Apr/20173402901000"1. Surface active additive for reducing the surface tension of medium: - BYK-025 -180kh. (Tub / 180 kg), - BYK-025 -50kh. (2 buckets / 25kg), type surfactants: a mixture; auxiliary Content components: dypropilen monometylovyy glycol ether (50%), ethoxylated C15-C17 alcohols (3-5%) Content abrasive powders - 0%. used as an additive to plastic coatings, paints, wood, flooring and furniture; - BYK-333 -50kh. (2 buckets / 25kg) is modified polidemytylsyloksan poliyefirom type surfactants - nonionic, auxiliary components content - 0% conv Article abrasive powders - 0% .- BYK-346 -125kh. (5vider / 25kg) is a solution polydymetylsyloksana, modyfykovanyy polyefirom simple type of surface material - niohenni, content of auxiliary components - dypropylenhliholevyy monometylovyy ether (30-50%), poliyefir polyyetylenoksyd (8-12%) content of abrasive powders - 0% .- Disperbyk-192 -300kh. (12 cans / 25kg) is a copolymer which is composed of related pi hmentam group, type of surface material - polymer auxiliary content components - 0 (polyacrylate polymer 100%), the content of abrasive powders - 0% used t They pyhmentnyh kontsentratah.Zmochuyucha da dispersing additive for aqueous systems: - Disperbyk-181 -25kh. (bucket / 25kg) is amphoteric Pavilion. Amonivoyi salt solution alkyl multifunctional polymer type surface material - a polymer content of auxiliary components (35%) methoxy propylatsetat, propylene glycol. Content abrasive powders - 0% used in water pyhmentnyh kontsentratah.- DISPERBYK-110 -200 kg. (Tub / 200 kg.), The type of surface material - polymer solution. The content of auxiliary components - 50% (oil - 25%, 2-methoxy-1-methyl-ethyl acetate (20-25%) content of abrasive powders - 0%. Used in aqueous pigment concentrates, solutions of salts of unsaturated acid amides and polyesters proliaminiv: -BYK-W 980 - 75 kg. (3 bucket / 25 kg), type of surface material - a mixture of nonionic. The content of auxiliary components - (butoksietanol 12-20%). The content of abrasive powders - 0% .Vysokomolekulyarna damping and dispersing additive: - Disperbyk-2010 -200kh. (tub / 200kg), is a mixture of substances: water, compounds containing compound and the ether linkages, benzo Aulnay rings (styrene derivatives) and other impurities. When dissolved in water forms a stable dispersion of white foam and there. Kind of surface material - a mixture. The content of auxiliary components, 60% water. The content of abrasive powders, 0.Vyrobnyk: BYK-Chemie GmbH; Trade mark: BYK; Country of origin DE; "GERMANY0UA100070120512594.69005
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Powder Coatings Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Powder Coatings Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Логікема"""
Importer Address
м.Київ,вул.Каунаська 13
Exporter Name Clariant Plastics & Coatings (Polska) Sp.z.o.o.
Product Description
1.Hranulovani dye preparations based on mixtures o.........
HS Code 3204190000Value 2228.832464
Quantity 0Unit UA100120
Net Weight 168.6
Origin Country POLAND

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