Ukraine Import Data of Pot 10k | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pot 10k

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pot 10k collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pot 10k imports.

Pot 10k Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pot 10k

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178471300000"1.Mashyny automatic data processing, portable, weighing no more than 10kg with at least a central processing unit information tadyspley keyboard, complete with battery, power supply, and installation CD drives, laptop (10.1 inch diagonal) (Intel Atom ) HP x2 210 x5-Z8350 10.1 2GB / 32 PCart.L5H40EA -1500sht .; laptop (14 inches diagonal) (Intel Core i5) HP ProBook440 G4 i7-7500U 14 8GB / 256 PC art.Z3A11ES -72sht .; laptop (diagonal 15,6dyuymiv) (Intel Core i5) HP ProBook 450 G4 15 i5-7200U 8GB / 128 PC-art.Y7Z89EA 72sht .; laptop (15.6 inch diagonal) (Intel Core i5) HP ProBook 450 G4i5-7200U 15 8GB / 500 PC laptop art.Z2Z17ES -72sht .; (diagonal 15.6 dyuy s) (Intel Core i7) HP ProBook 450 G4 15 i7-7500U 8GB / 1T PC-art.Y7Z97EA 72sht .; laptop (17.3 inch diagonal) (Intel Core i5) (accessories: operating system Win 10 Pro 64 # W7V53AV -1sht .; webcam Integrated HD 720pDM Webcam # W6R76AV -1sht screen .; 17.3 HD + AG LED SVA fHDC flat 2Ant # W6R50AV-1pc .; memory 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4 2133 # W6R62AV -1sht .; Hard Drive 500GB 7200RPMSATA # W6R46AV -1sht .; no options No Optical Disc Drive # W6R53AV-1pc .; Intel 7265 wireless communication ac 2x2 nvP + BT 4.2 WW # X5N85AV -1sht., the lack of options No Fingerprint Reader # W6R51AV -1sht .; PSU 65 WattSmart nPFC AC Adapter # W6R40AV -1sht .; power cable C5 1.0m Power Cord # W6V54AV -1sht .; warranty 1/1/0 Warranty # Y0Q25AV -1sht., Localization Country Localization # W6V56AV -1sht .; klikpad Clickpad # W6R83AV-1pc .; sticker eStar Enable IOPT # X7B24AV -1sht .; sticker Core i5 G7 Label # Y0R09AV -1sht .; warranty HP 3y Return to Depot Notebook Only SVC # UK735AV -1sht .; shipping HP standard delivery (Door / Dock) notebook # ZD021A -1sht .;) HP IDS DSC 2GB i5-7200U 470 G4 art.W6R38AV -6sht., Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - HPVyrobnyk - HP Inc. "CHINA1794UA1251203111.92579623.1799 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178415810090"1. conditioners (air-conditioning), new operating voltage of 220V, switching withsystem" "cold-warm", "with power input of less than 5kW that consist of external and internal units, complete with remote control tanastinnymy control panels containing refrigerant R410A: air-kasetnohotypu GUHD42NM3FO GKH42K3FI (with protective grating TC04) consumer potuzhnist3,9kVt -3kompl. air-channel type GFH24K3HI GUHN24NK3HO spozhyvchapotuzhnist 2,5kVt -3kompl. air-cassette-type GUHD24NK3FO GKH24K3FI (zzahysnymy grating TC04) power consumption 2,21k t-2kompl. systemakasetnoho split-type GUHD18NK3FO GKH18K3FI (with protective grating TC03) Power consumption 1,64kVt -4kompl. air-cassette-type GKH42K3HI GUHN42NM3HO (zzahysnymy grating TC04) Power consumption 4,2kVt -2kompl. systemakasetnoho split-type GKH24K3HI GUHN24NK3HO (with protective grating TC04) power consumption 2,5kVt -5kompl. air-cassette-type GUHN18NK3HO GKH18K3HI (TC 03) power consumption 2kVt -10kompl. Do not include in its composition ozonoruynivnirechovyny, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors. Do not contain inits part of the transmitter or transmitters and pryymachi.Torhovelna Brand: GREEKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: GREE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES, INC. "CHINA0UA5000102725.621285.10998
28/Apr/20178415109000"1. conditioners, new, the system switch" "cold-warm" "- split air conditioners (split system), consisting of two units, external tavnutrishnoho, complete with remote control, containing refrigerant R410A: Split systemanastinnoho type GWH07NA-K3NNB1A / O GWH07NA-K3NNA4A / I power consumption 0,68kVt-15kompl. split-system wall type GWH12NB-K3NNB1A / O GWH12NB-K3NNA4A / Ispozhyvcha 1kW power -20kompl. split system wall typuGWH24ND-K3NNB1A / O GWH24ND- K3NNA4A / I power consumption 1,9kVt -15kompl.split system wall type GWH12AAB-K3NNA2A / I GWH12AAB-K3NNA2A / O spozhyvchapotuzhnist 0,794kVt -45komp . Split-system wall type GWH18UC-K3DNA2E / OGWH18UC-K3DNA1E / I Power consumption 1,55kVt -5kompl. Nastinnohotypu split system GWH28AAE-K3NNA2A / I GWH28AAE-K3NNA1A / O power consumption 2,84kVt -5kompl.split system wall type GWH18PD-K3NNA1A / I GWH18PD-K3NNA1A / O spozhyvchapotuzhnist 1,46kVt -8kompl. split-system wall type GWH18ND-K3NNB1A / OGWH18ND-K3NNA4A / I Needs NAV power 1,46kVt -10kompl. split system nastinnohotypu GWH09QB-K3DNA1G / O GWH09QB-K3DNA2G / I Power consumption 0,8kVt -30kompl.split system wall type GWH07QA-K3DNA5C / O GWH07QA-K3DNA2C / I spozhyvchapotuzhnist 0,68kVt -10kompl. split-system wall type GWH07QA-K3DNA5C / OGWH07QA-K3DNB6C / I 0,68kVt -10kompl power consumption. split system nastinnohotypu GWH24QE-K3DNA2G / I GWH24QE-K3DNA1G / O power consumption 1,94kVt -5kompl.split system wall type GWH18QD-K3DNA1G / O GWH18QD-K3DNA2G / I spozhyvchapotuzhnist 1,58kVt -4kompl. split-system wall type GWH24AAD-K3NNA1A / OGWH24AAD-K3NNA2A / I 1,9kVt -5kompl power consumption. Itsof not contain ozone-depleting substances, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances taprekursory. Do not include in its composition transmitters or transmitters and pryymachi.Torhovelna Brand: GREEKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: GREE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES, INC. "CHINA0UA5000107951.0250212.47006
28/Apr/20173505209000"1. Ready Glues containing more than 80 wt.% Of modified starches. Free of drugs and precursors, Art. A01541 COLLE TDV POT 10kg-156sht; Trademark -" "SEMIN" ". Producer:" "SEMIN SAS "" Country of-FR.. "FRANCE0UA10002015601477.694648
28/Apr/20178703329010"1.Lehkovyy car brand TOYOTA, RAV 4 model all-1pc, calendar year 2014 model year 2014buvshyy use, room-JTMDBREV80D057740 body, engine size, 2231sm3, engine type, engine-dyzelnyypotuzhnist 110kWtyp body-rounder , Assignment for passenger use on public roads pryznachennyakilkist 5 seats, vehicle-category M1-wheel formula 4x4 Vyrobnyk- "" TOYOTA "", JP. Trade mark-TOYOTA.. "JAPAN1UA205090181013376.01336
28/Apr/201731052090001. Novalon Foliar 09-12-40 + 0,5MgO + ME at 2 tons. It is a complex nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer with the contents of three nutrient elements: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium with micronutrients as a powder, crystalline, with content, according to a certificate of analysis: nitrogen (N) - 9% phosphorus (P2O5) -12% potassium (K2O5) -40%, and trace elements MgO, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, B, Mo. Packing: sack gross weight of more than 10kg. .TURKEY0UA50801010001948.799939
26/Apr/20173812100090"1. Vultac 5 - rubber vulcanization accelerator based on phenol 4- (1,1-dymetylpropyl) -, polymer with sulfur chloride (S2CI2), net weight 210kh in the form of beige powder lehkosypuchoho not in aerosol packaging for Private vyrobnychyhpotreb for tire promyslovosti.Vyrobnyk "" Arkema "". Country of origin - FR.Torhovelna mark - no. ".FRANCE0UA1252702106952.837116
26/Apr/201721039090001.Smakovi additives and seasonings mixed: -Hostra seasoning for meat 6h40h, 2up - 0,48kh, -Lymonna pryrava with fish dishes, 6h36h, 2up - 0,43kh, -Pryprava to grill 12h30h, 34up - 12,24kh , -Pryprava to chicken 18h25h, 13up - 5,85kh, -Pryprava seafood, 12h25h, 26up - 7,80kh, -Travy Provence (French spicy greens) 6h150h, 11up - 9,90kh, -Pryprava to chicken 6h700h , 10up - 42kh, -Pryprava hunting, 6h500h, 6up - 18kh, -Lymonna pryrava with fish dishes, 6h580h, 3up - 10,44kh, -Pryprava to potato 6h850h, 12up - 61,20kh, -Chasnykova seasoning 6h1100h, 6up - 39,60kh, -Pryprava to grill 6h710h, 28up - 119,28kh, -Pertseva mixture 6h550h, 2up - 6,60kh, -Pe rets with lemon flavor 6x720h, 3up - 12,96kh, -Pryprava to grill 8kg, 6up - 48kh, -Unyversalnyy marinade for meat, chicken and fish, 20h75h, 30up - 45kg, -Marynad for chicken, 20h75h, 30up - 45kg, -Marynad Teriyaki, 20h75h, 30up - 45kg, -Chasnykova seasoning 18h35h, 6up - 3,78kh, -Hostra seasoning for meat 18h20h, 27up - 9,72kh, -Lymonna pryrava with fish dishes, 18h23h, 26up - 10 76kh, -Perets with lemon flavor 14x25h, 29up - 10,15kh, -Pryprava to meatballs and cabbage, 14h30h, 5up - 2,10kh, -Pertseva mixture 18h20h, 11up - 3,96kh, -Pryprava for fried and baked karopli, 20h30h, 4up - 2,40kh, -Universalna seasoning 8h160h, 4up - 5,12kh, -Pryprav and hunting, 8h40h, 15up - 4,80kh, -Marynad sweet chili, 20h75h, 30up - 45kg, -Pryprava Taco 35h28h, 2up - 1,96kh, -Pryprava Fahyta 20h28h, 3up - 1,68kh, -Papryka smoked 6h230h, 9up - 12,42kh, trade mark 'Santa Maria' packed in the original packaging, take 12 / 2018r. Producer: 'AT Santa Mariya'.Krayina production-EE.ESTONIA0UA125200643.635116.091525
26/Apr/20178703229010"1. The car with an internal combustion engine with spark ignition with crank mechanism (petrol), which was in use - 1am: Brand Car - VOLKSWAGEN; Model car - JETTA; body number (VIN) - 3VWD67AJXGM260426; engine room - no data number chassis - not available, the total number of seats, including the driver - 5; purpose - to transport people; cylinder capacity engine - 1390sm3, engine power - 110kW, axle configuration - 4x2, calendar year ( release) - 2015., model year - 2016.; Type kuz Peninsula - sedan, Color - bilyyAvtomobil in damage, whack, broken and damaged, the front bumper assembly, lights, airbag main rights pad driver, glass wind window kapotVyvantazheno container HLXU8059584. Trade mark - VOLKSWAGEN. Producer - VOLKSWAGEN DE MEXICO SA DE CV. Country of origin - Mexico MX.. "MEXICO1UA50063013395209.999823
25/Apr/20176115969900"1.Katky road vibration, self-propelled, second hand, -b / a road roller Benford TV1300- 1pc., S.n.- SLBTLPK0E86CH1018, 2008., Vaha- 3240kh.Ekspluatatsiyna potuzhnist- 32.4 kW, the width of the drum - 13 000mm., 700mm diameter barabanu-., frequency vibratsiyi- 48 / 56Hts, turning radius (internal) -2475mm., (external) - 3845mm., dvyhun- diesel, 3 cylinder volume 44l Baku. , shvydkist- 10km / hod.Pryznachennya: for use on construction sites, road works or landscaping; -b / a road roller Benford TV1200- 1pc., s.n.- SLBT00R0E708CD254, 2007., vaha- 2740kh.Shyryna barabanu- 12 00mm. diameter roller-7 00mm., The frequency of the vibration-3060 kick. / Min. Turning radius (internal) -3 050mm., Dvyhun- diesel, number of cylinders 2, potuzhnist- 24 kW capacity Baku-44l., Shvydkist- 7 5km / hod.Pryznachennya: for use on construction sites, road works or landscaping; -b / a road roller Ammann AV26-2- 1pc., s.n.- TFAAV26EY70020674, 2007., vaha- 2800kh. Width 12 barabanu- 00mm. diameter roller-738mm., the frequency of the vibration-2400 kick. / min. turning radius (internal) - 2250mm., (external) - 3450mm., dvyhun- diesel, tsylindriv- 3 potuzhnist- 19.8 kW volume 43l Baku. maximum shvydkist- 10km / hod.Pryzna tions, for use on construction sites, road works or landscaping, Brand: Benford, Ammann .Vyrobnyk: Benford LTD, Ammann Schweiz AG.Krayina Production: GB, CH. "CHINA726UA10011041.48492.843568
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Pot 10k Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Pot 10k Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""МТІ"""
Importer Address
01023,м.Київ,бул.Лесі Українки,4
Exporter Name Gebruder Weiss GMBH
Product Description
"1.Mashyny automatic data processing, portable, we.........
HS Code 8471300000Value 579623.1799
Quantity 1794Unit UA125120
Net Weight 3111.92
Origin Country CHINA

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