Ukraine Import Data of Polysorbate | Ukraine Import Statistics of Polysorbate

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of polysorbate collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of polysorbate imports.

Polysorbate Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Polysorbate

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of polysorbate. Get Ukraine trade data of Polysorbate imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20172106909890"1. The raw materials for use in the food industry, stabilizer - emulsifier" "Riplex WT-206 '' in the form of a powder, a mixture of stabilizers and emulsifiers, which includes polihlitserola ethers, polysorbate 60, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, sodium stearol laktylat, gum Guara, carrageenan, dextrose 6.5%. It does not contain alcohol, dairy fats and animal fats pohodzhennya.Zastosovuyetsya in the production of liquid vegetable pastry cream. Trademark: Rikevita / RiplexVyrobnyk: Rikevita (Malasia) SDN BHDKrayina production: MY. "MALAYSIA0UA100110586027410.41065 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20172106909200"1.Harchovi products not containing milk fats, sucrose, isoglucose, glucose, containing less than 5 wt.% Starch: NICORETTE FRESHFRUIT CHEWING GUM 2mg, №30 (AF401 series, production date: 16/05/2016, expiration date: 16.05. 2019) -15up.NICORETTE FRESMINT cHEWING gUM 2mg, №30 (series AF028, date of manufacture: 04/06/2016, expiration date: 04/06/2019) -15up. / Represent gum thewhich contains: Active substance: substance nikotyn.Dopomizhni : xylitol, oil of "" omy pepper, hidrokarbonyt sodium, potassium acesulfame, levomentol, magnesium oxide, under cover, Winterfresh flavor, hypromellose, saharaloza, polysorbate 80, solid pok yttya: xylitol, pregelatinized starch, titanium dioxin (E 171), flavor, wax karnaubskyy.Markuvannya available and corresponds to the legislation standards. / zasib.Meta import unregistered medicines, development of new medicinal product of chemical physics research, development and testing analytical methods for monitoring /.. "SWEDEN0UA1251001.1295.3013132
25/Apr/201734021300001.Neionohenni surfactants: Tween-80 polysorbate (Tween 80 Polysorbate) in plastic containers of 2.5 liters, art.8.17061.2500 - 3 pieces. CAS № 9005-65-6. Looks like a liquid does not contain ozone-depleting substances. It is used in pharmaceutical production as excipient EMPROVE. Trademark MERCK. Manufacturer MERCK KGaA. .FRANCE0UA1001108.025281.5189061
24/Apr/201730042000001.Neionohenni surfactants: Tween-80 polysorbate (Tween 80 Polysorbate) in plastic containers of 2.5 liters, art.8.17061.2500 - 3 pieces. CAS № 9005-65-6. Looks like a liquid does not contain ozone-depleting substances. It is used in pharmaceutical production as excipient EMPROVE. Trademark MERCK. Manufacturer MERCK KGaA. .AUSTRIA0UA1250305000120630.3
24/Apr/20178708309198"1 placebo as a subcutaneous injection pens shpryts-: Placebo to Dupilumab, solution for injection in pre-filled pens shpryts- №1, 2 ml - 176 sets, lot number C1066719 (IR0007012), expiration date 12 / 2017 Poperednonapovneni autoinjector contains the following substances: 12,5 mM sodium acetate, 20mML-histidine, 50mM L- arginine hydrochloride, 5% (w / v) sucrose, 0,2% (w / v) polysorbate 80. Purpose: a clinical study protokolomEFC14146.Torhovelna brand: SanofiVyrobnyk: Sanofi US services Inc.Krayina production: US. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1251101140.6472322.009907
21/Apr/20173004900000"1. Goods supplied by the budget program 2301400, a tool that affects the digestive system and metabolism: - art.624713 (152,331) for making MIOZYMPoroshok concentrate for solution for infusion 50 mg, 1 vial of powder in a cardboard package with marking Ukrainian. (means that affects the digestive and metabolic processes) INN "" Ahlyukozydaza Alpha, 50mg. "" Series: 7HV0878 Manufacturing data: 11/16 Total - 457 vials (packages) registration certificate: UA / 11618/01/01 Composition of active ingredients: 1 bottle containing 50 m alhlyukozydazy alfa, after dissolution in 1 ml will contain 5 mg of alpha alhlyukozydazy, after dilution of concentrate solution concentration varies from 0.5 mg to 4 mg / mlDopomizhni ingredients: mannitol E421, sodium dehidrofosfat monohydrate, sodium hydrogen phosphate heptohidrat, polysorbate 80Torhovelna mark MIOZYM® The applicant Dzhenzaym Yurop BV, NiderlandyVyrobnyk Flanders Dzhenzaym bvba (AU production, in preparation for lyophilization solution BOS) BelhiyaDzhenzaym Limited (labeling and packaging of drugs, a series), United BrytaniyaDzhenzaym Ireland Limited (Mr. apovnennya bottles and production of the final product labeling and packaging, quality control SFS, a series) production IrlandiyaKrayina BE "IRELAND0UA12510015.01217532
19/Apr/201734021300001. Non-nonionic surfactants (alkoxylated ester), emulsifiers, used as raw materials for the production of cosmetic products: Ercawax LM23 V / FD (Laureth-23) Laurette 23 art. 237810020, in 20 bags of 20kg net - 400kg. Party 1891. Ercasorb MOE V / FD (Polysorbate 80) art.230920100. INCI: Polysorbate 80. 5 tubes of 110kg net - 550kg. Party 1621. There are no auxiliary substances and abrasives. Products not in aerosol packaging. Producer: ERCA ShaCraina of production: IT.ITALY0UA1251809502419.58276
19/Apr/20173302109000"1. flavors for use in food, flavors, schomistyt flavorings, propylene glycol, polysorbate 60 Ref. 1100505177" "Flavor, Ginger" "- 20kg. Flavor containing flavorings, propylene glycol art.1100611159" "Flavor, Banana" "-100kh. Flavor containing flavorings, propylene glycol, molochnukyslotu, triacetin art. 1118409150" "Strawberry Flavor" "- 25kg. Flavor containing flavorings, propylene glycol, otstovukyslotu art. 1101312242" "Flavor, Toffee" "-25kh . Flavor containing romatychni substance, ethanol art. 1100804137 "" Flavor, Blueberry "" -100kh.Aromatyzator containing flavors, triacetin, propylene glycol art.1101311168 "" flavor, spice mix "" -25kh. Flavor that mistytaromatychni substance salt dioxide silicon Ref. 1408811423 "" Naturalnyyaromatyzator "" t -30kh Provence. Flavor containing flavorings, vegetable oil, triacetin, acetic acid, propylene glycol, May yэtyltsytrat art.1700501182 "" Ham Flavor "" -25kh. Flavor containing aromatychnirechovyny vegetable oil art. 1101205145 "" Flavor, Pepper, "" -20kh.Torhovelna Brand: SilesiaKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: Silesia Gerhard Hanke GmbH & Co. KG "GERMANY0UA1000803709042.793472
13/Apr/20172106905900"1. Dietary supplements" "Chudozandra syrup" "(Chudozandra syrup), party M151266-1504upak., 47 boxes of gross weight of 717.7 kg, net weight 680,02kh. Does not contain ethyl alcohol. The composition (recipe): every 15 ml (one tablespoon) contains: L-histidine monohydrate hydro chloride - 3.71mh; L-arginine hydro-chloride 13.28mh; L-isoleucine-5.9 mg; L-lysine hydro-chloride 25 mg; L-leucine-18.3 mg, L-metionyn-9.2mh, L-phenylalanine-5.0mh, L-threonine-4.2mh, L-tryptophan-5.0mh, L-valine-6.7mh, Vitamin A (palmitate) -2500 IU; cholecalciferol-200M; alpha-tocopherol acetate 7.5MO, thiamine idrohloryd-5.0mh, riboflavin sodium phosphate-3.0mh, NIKO ynamid-25 mg; calcium-pantenat 5.0mh, pyridoxine hydro- chloride 1.5mh; tsianokoblamin-2.5mkh, ascorbic acid, 40 mg, folic acid, 0.75mh. Excipients: sodium hydroxide, polysorbate 80, hidroksyanizol butyl, butyl hydroxytoluene, sucrose, sorbitol liquid (non-crystallized) binatriyevyy edenat, liquid glucose, DL-malic acid, caramel coloring, pineapple al omatyzator Singapore, banana flavor, potassium sorbate, sodium benzonat purified water. Product: Syrup in bottles capacity 110ml, 200ml, packed in cardboard boxes. Shelf life: 24 months from date of manufacture. Production date 11/2015, prydaten 10 / 2017.Ne is a drug. Manufacturer: Madras Pharmaceuticals "INDIA0UA110120680.027520.000152
12/Apr/20172309909610"1. The previous mixture (premix). Products that maintain animal health schomistyat vitamins, mineral compounds not containing starch, glucose or syropuhlyukozy ma ltodekstrynu syrup or maltodextrin or dairy products: -Kalfostonik in powder form for plowing tion application. pryznachenyydlya drug use pigs, cattle due to lack of macro and micronutrients, anorexia, eliminating nasledkiv poor nutrition, rickets, during recovery, and also to prevent hypo- and beriberi. Preparation apply ne orally with food. 100g preparatumistyt: active ingredients: Vitamin A-600000; Vitamin D3-200000MO; VitaminV1-100,0mh, Vitamin V2-200,0mh; V6-10,0mh Vitamin, Vitamin V12-1,1mh, alpha-tocopherol -75.0 mg Vitamin K3-25,0mh, nicotinic acid, 1.25 g; Kaltsiyupantotenat - 500 mg, choline chloride, 25,0h, DL-metionin- 10.0 g; L-lysine, 2.5 g; root hentsianu- 5,0h, L-carnitine, 3,0h, 7.5 g of sodium hlyutamat-; 25,0h-sodium, magnesium carbonate 5,0h; manganese carbonate 1.0 g, Zin Ku 1.0 g sulfate, iron sulfate 2.0 g; Copper sulfate 500,0mh; Carbonate sulfate 500,0mh; Kaliyuyodyt-180,0mh; Calcium carbonate 443,856h; Calcium phosphate 300,0h; Natriyuselenit-80,0mh; Auxiliary proprietary yny: aromatic filler. Razfasovan dlyarozdribnoyi trade. Product: Aluminum bags with ext ishnimpolietylenovym surface: -on 1kg, art.PA2748 / UA0000- 195sht (13kart.kor) - to 25kg, art.PA2747 / UA0000- 10pcs (10kart. Boxes) - Chyktonik in the form of a solution for oral administration. The drug is intended dlyazastosuvannya reproductive birds, young birds, broylerov, laying hens dlyanormalizatsiyi metabolism in the body of an positive impact on productivity, survival and reproductive functions sviy- tion birds. The drug zastosuyutperoralno drinking water. 1000 mL preparation contains: active ingredients: Vitamin-2500000; Vitamin D3-500000MO; Alpha tokoferol- 3,75h; V1-3,5h Vitamin, Vitamin V2-4,0h; Vitamin V6-2,0mh; Vitamin V12-10,0mh; Vitamin K3-250,0mh, sodium pantothenate - 15,0h; choline chloride, 400,0mh; DL-methionine, 5,0h, L-lysine, 2.5 g; L-triptych fan 75,0mh; L-threonine-500,0mh; inozytol- 2.5 mg; 490,0mh-arginine; valine, 1.1 g; serine-680,0mh; aspartic acid, 1.45 g glutamic acid-1,16h; proline - 510,0mh; glycine-575,0mh; 975,0mh alanine, cystine-150,0mh; leucine, 1.5 g; isoleucine - 125,0mh; 810,0mh-phenylalanine; tyrosine 340,0mh; histidine-900,0mh; biotin-2,0mh; Excipients: polysorbate 80, methyl parahidroksybenzoat, propilparahidroksy- benzoate, propylene glycol, vodaochyschena. Razfasovan for retailers. Product: Plastic bottles: -on 1L, art.PA2263 / UA0000 -300sht (30kart. Boxes); - by 25l, art.PA2616 / UA0000 -24sht (24kart.korobok) - B complex in the form of a solution for perora lnoho zastosuvannya.Preparat pryznachenyydlya use of agricultural animals and poultry for nervous disorders, myopathies, insufficient amounts of vitamin B group matches, chaslikuvannya during maintenance therapy with antibiotics and koktsydiostaty kami, increase productivity tvarynta birds. Drug apply paragraph "SPAIN0UA8071701422.455490.690879
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Polysorbate Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Polysorbate Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""БРЕННТАГ Україна"""
Importer Address
07443, Київська обл., Броварський р-н, смт. Калинівка, вул. Ігорева, 12
Exporter Name Rikevita (Malasia) SDN BHD
Product Description
"1. The raw materials for use in the food industry.........
HS Code 2106909890Value 27410.41065
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 5860
Origin Country MALAYSIA

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