Ukraine Import Data of Polyglycol | Ukraine Import Statistics of Polyglycol

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of polyglycol collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of polyglycol imports.

Polyglycol Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Polyglycol

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201727101987001. Transmission oils containing oil and oil obtained from bituminous minerals (mixture alifatychnyhvuhlevodniv polyisobutylene, skladnoyefirni components, compounds of fatty acids), or 70% more weight in yakostiosnovnoho component free of silicones, polyglycol, graphite and molybdenum disulfidu. Purpose: dlyazmaschuvannya transmissions. Not in aerosol packaging: Transmission oils TNK Trans Gipoid 80W-90 (4 liters) - 120sht.Maslo transmission TNK Trans KP 80W-85 (4 liters) - 240sht.Maslo transmission TNK Trans TM-3-18k (20 liters) - 32sht And Reducer .Maslo TNK-T-68-D (180 kg) - TNK 1sht.Maslo Reducer CLP 68 (180 kg) - 1pc. .RUSSIA0UA11011023342554.554736 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201727101991001. Lubricants plastic containing oil and oil obtained from bituminous minerals (mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons, compounds of fatty acids), 70% by weight or more as a main component, free of silicones, polyglycol, graphite and disulfidu molibdena.Ne in aerosol packaging: Liquid lubricant ohlazhdayuschaya Rosneft Emultec 3175, 20L canister - 32sht., used for metal when turning, drilling and so on. .RUSSIA0UA1101106091276.87287
28/Apr/20173824909790"1.Hotova water mixture polyglycol: -in composition: 50.0% -75.0% water, 25.0% -50.0% mixture of glycols (ethylene glycol, dipropylene glycol, monometylefir), 5% polysaccharide derivatives, 0.0 % -0.1% preservatives, Decoflux WR-259 polyglycol 1000kg. used for manufacture of coloring pastes for screen printing in the manufacture keramichnoyiplytky. PRODUKT KD 20,317 polyglycol composition: aqueous solution of glycol and other (10,0-24,0% glycols, 50,0-60,0% water 10,0-25,0% carbonic acid derivatives, acrylate 1,0-5,0%, 1,0-3,0% impurities) - 9900kh. It is used for the manufacture of coloring pastes for rotokolornohodruku.Vyrobnyk - T In "" Chymmer and Schwartz, dew "," Rosiya.Torhivelna Brand: ZSChKrayina production: RU. "RUSSIA0UA8071701090012707.65596
28/Apr/20173819000090"1. Consumables" "Mercedes-Benz" ": hydraulic brake fluid on polyglycol osnovihlikolyu and not in aerosol packaging, free of oil, brake fluid, in a plastic canister 1L art.A000989080713-20od.Krayina production - DETorhovelna mark - Mercedes-BenzVyrobnyk - Daimler AG. "GERMANY0UA10011023.455163.5778652
27/Apr/201727101999001.MASTYLO plastic mixes aliphatic hydrocarbons lithium soap, free of POLIALFAOLEFINIV, complex Ether, silicone, polyglycol, molybdenum disulfide, graphite, petroleum fractions containing as a major component of more than 70%. PURPOSE: to lubricate bearings and gears. TRADEMARK 'MOBIL', Brand Factory 'Exxon Mobil Egypt SAE', Country of Egypt, EG (GOST 11110-75) MOBILUX EP 2 - 48kan.h18kh.tara not reversed. .EGYPT0UA5000108643354.162846
26/Apr/201734039100001. Means for oil processing polypropylene BCF yarns during spinning, chemical composition polyglycolic connection components, emulsifiers and antistatic additives. Type surfactants, anionic and nonionic. Physical state-liquid. Type-packaging plastic container. Not in aerosol packaging. Technical data: Appearance: clear-turbid, light-yellow liquid. Ionic, anionic, neonohenno. Density (20C), about 1.12 g / ml. Viscosity (20C), about 75mPa C. pH-value (10%, 20C), about 7. Active substance: 80% .- Zamaslyuvach FASAVIN CP 170 - 13200,00kh. Trademark: no danyh.Vyrobnyk: ZSCHIMMER & SCHWARZ GmbH & Co KGCHEMISCHE FABRIKEN. .GERMANY0UA4000301320029633.14202
26/Apr/20172710199300"1. electrical insulating oil. The content of hydrocarbons, mineral otrymanyhz bytuminoznyh, 70mas.% Or more, which are the main components. Made of heavy dystylyativ.Mistyt comprehensive package of additives. Free of silicones, disulfidu molybdenum, polyglycol, hrafitu.Inhibovane transformer oil used yakizolyatsiynyy and cooling the material in high-power transformers, circuit breakers. -MOL tO 40A 50KG: 1boch.H50kh.; Trademark - MOL.Vyrobnyk - "" MOL LUB Ltd "", 2931 Almasfuzito, Fo ut21.Krayina -Uhorschyna production, HU.. "HUNGARY0UA3051605075.58736477
26/Apr/20172710198700"1 gear oils and gear. The content of hydrocarbons derived from mineral bytuminoznyh more than 70mas.%, Which are the main components. Made of vazhkyhdystylyativ. It contains a comprehensive package of additives. Bezvmistu silicones, disulfidu molybdenum, polyglycol, graphite. Transmission oils used for zmaschuvannyamehanichnyh, semi-automatic and automatic gearbox, differentials, Axles, side gears, propeller shaft joints and actuators cars avtobusiv.-MOL ATF 1L: 80kan.H1l.; - MOL ATF 3G 1L: 80kan.H1l.; - MOL Hykomol K 80W -90 10L: 20kan.H10l.; - M OL Hykomol K 80W-90 180KG: 4boch.H180kh.; - MOL Hykomol K 80W-90 1L: 120kan.H1l.; - MOL Hykomol K 80W-90 50KG: 9boch.H50kh.; - MOL Hykomol K 85W-140 50KG: 2boch.H50kh., oil for the lubrication of industrial gearboxes of any type operating in umovahvysokyh mechanical and thermal loads: -MOL Ultrans EP 220 180KG: 1boch.H180kh.; Trademark - MOL.Vyrobnyk - "" MOL LUB Ltd "", 2931 Almasfuzito, Fo ut21.Krayina -Uhorschyna production, HU.. "HUNGARY0UA3051601875.62867.819232
26/Apr/20172710198100"1. Oil - a mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons obtained zbituminoznyh mineral oil fractions in yakostiosnovnoho component over 70mas.%. Without content silicones, disulfidu molybdenum, polyglycol, graphite. Produced from heavy dystylyativ.Masla zmaschuvannyachotyrohtaktnyh motor designed for gasoline, diesel and dvyhunivlehkovyh freight cars, vans, mototsikliv gasoline engines and scooters, isudnovyh rail diesel dvuhuniv, piston engines litakivta heliokopteriv, gas dvyhunivVidpovidayut requirements GOST 21743-76 am, 21456419.001-95 TU, TU 00152366.125-2001.-MOL Aero 22 180KG: 6boch.H180kh.; - MOL Dynamic Garden 4T 10W-30 0,6L: 120kan.H0,6l.; - MOL Dynamic Max 10W-40 170KG: 1boch.H170kh.; - MOL Dynamic Max 10W-40 1L: 120kan.H1l.; - MOL Dynamic Max 10W-40 4L: 100kan.H4l.; - MOL Dynamic Moto 4T GP 20W-50 1L : 40kan.H1l.; - MOL Dynamic Moto 4T Racing Pro 5W-60 1L: 120kan.H1l.; - MOL Dynamic Moto 4T Scooter 10W-40 1L: 400 kan.H1l.; - MOL Dynamic Moto 4T Street 10W-40 47KG : 2boch.H47k g.; - MOL Dynamic Prima 5W-40 170KG: 1boch.H170kh.; - MOL Dynamic Prima 5W-40 47KG: 2boch.H47kh.; - MOL Dynamic Prima 5W-40 4L: 80kan.H4l. - MOL Dynamic Transit 10W-40 10L: 120kan.H10l.; - MOL Dynamic Transit 10W-40 180KG: 12boch.H180kh.; - MOL Dynamic Transit 10W-40 1L: 80kan.H1l.; - MOL Dynamic Transit 10W-40 4L: 40kan.H4l.; - MOL Dynamic Transit 10W-40 50KG: 4 boch.H50kh.; - MOL Dynamic Transit 15W-40 10L: 20 kan.H10l.; - MOL Dynamic Transit 15W-40 18 0KG: 8boch.H180kh.; - MOL Dynamic Transit 15W-40 4L: 20kan.H4l.; - MOL Dynamic Transit 15W-40 50KG: 8 boch.H50kh.; - MOL Essence 15W-40 1L: 40 kan.H1l .; -MOL Essence 15W-40 4L: 20 kan.H4l.; - MOL Super Diesel 15W-40 180KG: 1boch.H180kh.; - MOL Turbo Diesel 15W-40 10L: 20kan.H10l.; - MOL Turbo Star 20W-50 180KG : 1boch.H180kh., lubricating oils for two-stroke engines with pre-mixing system complies with TU 00152365.125-2001.-MOL Arol 2T UA 1L: 40kan.H1l., lubricating oils for two-stroke engines of garden equipment with preliminary mixing oil and contains mineral components (74%), meets TU 00152365.125-2001-MOL Dynamic Garden 2T 0,6L: 40kan.H0,6l.Maslo motor for mototsikliv lubrication two stroke engines, mopeds, scooters and malohosadovoho equipment complies with TU 00152365.101-99-MOL Dynamic Sprint 2T 1L: 400kan.H1l.; Trademark - MOL.Vyrobnyk - "" MOL LUB Ltd "", 2931 Almasfuzito, Fo ut21.Krayina -Uhorschyna production, HU. "HUNGARY0UA3051609628.8815848.72419
26/Apr/20173403199010"1. Other means for lubricating machinery, tools andvehicles. The content of synthetic hydrocarbons derived from mineral bytuminoznyh, less than 70mas.%, Comprising aliphatic hydrocarbons polizobutelen, skladnoyefirni components. Without content disulfidumolibdenu, Silicon, polyglycol, graphite. Put up for retail trade in polyethylene taruob'yemom no more than 10 liters and metal drums. not aerosol upakovtsi.Maslo motor mototsikliv to two-stroke engines, mopeds, scooters and small garden equipment. OK TU 001523 65.125-2001.-MOL Dynamic Moto 2T 1L: 200kan.H1l.; - MOL Dynamic Moto 2T 47KG: 3boch.H47kh., Oil spray for motorcycle chains operating in urban environments and rough terrain. It has high anti-wear and adhesion properties. Contains Teflon prysadku.Rozfasovani in retail packaging (plastic tubes) in aerosol upakovtsi.-MOL Dynamic Moto Chain OX 400ML: 120tubH0,4l., synthetic gear oil used dlyazmaschuvannya CAT, Axles and actuators passenger avtomobiliv.-MOL Hykomol Synt 75W-90 1L: 160kan.H1l.; Trademark - MOL.Vyrobnyk - "" MOL LUB Ltd "", 2931 Almasfuzito, Fo ut21.Kr yina -Uhorschyna production, HU. "HUNGARY0UA305160468.681623.170347
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Polyglycol Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Polyglycol Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АВТО-СИЛА"""
Importer Address
49057, м.Дніпропетровськ, вул.Героїв Сталінграда, буд.156А
Exporter Name "ТОВ ""РН-мастильні матеріали"""
Product Description
1. Transmission oils containing oil and oil obtain.........
HS Code 2710198700Value 2554.554736
Quantity 0Unit UA110110
Net Weight 2334
Origin Country RUSSIA

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