Ukraine Import Data of Poly Paper | Ukraine Import Statistics of Poly Paper

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of poly paper collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of poly paper imports.

Poly Paper Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Poly Paper

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173926300090"1. Furniture accessories Plastic: Profile polychkytorhovelnoho advertising on a side of the stand, with prints logo trademark product available from zvorotnohoboku adhesive tape with a protective paper tape;".POLAND0UA209140256431.3311968 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201729419000001.Antybiotyky on impregnated paper discs and vials dlyamikrobiolohichnyh studies: (SD003) Bacitracin (10 units) Bacitracin (10odynyts) packaging 10 flakonov art. SD003-10VL -4sht. (SD017) Kanamycin (30 mcg) kanamycin (30 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD017-10VL -2sht. (SD018) Lincomycin (2 mcg) Lincomycin (2 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD018-10VL -2sht. (SD021) Nalidixic Acid (30 mcg) nalidixic acid (30 mg) packaging 10 flakonov art.SD021-10VL -2sht. (SD022) Neomycin (30 mcg) Neomycin (30 mg) packaging 10flakonov art. SD022-10VL -2sht. (SD024) Nitrofurazone (100 mcg) Nitrofurazon (100 ug) packaging 10 flakonov art. SD024-10VL -1sht. (SD027) Oxytetracycline (30 mcg) Oksitetratsyklin (30 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD027-10VL -1sht. (SD029) Polymyxin-B (300 units) Polymyxin Beta (300 units) packing 10 flakonov art.SD029-10VL -2sht. (SD041) Cephoxitin (30 mcg) Tsefoksitin (30 mg) packaging 10flakonov art. SD041-10VL -2sht. (SD056) Sulfasomidine (300 mcg) Sulfasomidin (300 mg) woo forging 10 flakonov art. SD056-10VL -1sht. (SD110) Ceftizoxime (30mcg) Ceftizoxime (30 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD110-10VL -1sht. (SD116) Cephadroxil (30 mcg) Tsefadroksil (30 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD116-10VL-2 pcs. (SD121) Novobiocin (5 mcg) Novobiotsyn (5 mg) packaging 10 flakonov art.SD121-10VL -1sht. (SD206) Lomefloxacin (10 mcg) lomefloxacin (10 mg) upakovka10 flakonov art. SD206-10VL -2sht. (SD221) Itraconazole (10 mcg) Itrokonazol (10 ug) packaging 10 flakonov art. SD221-10VL -2sht. (SD225) Mezlocillin (75 mcg) Mezlotsyllin (75 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD225-10VL -2sht. (SD232) Fluconazole (25 mcg) fluconazole (25 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD232-10VL-3pc. (SD249) Cefotetan CTN 30 mcg Tsefotenan packaging flakonov art.SD249-10VL 10, 2 pcs. (SD724) Cephotaxime / Clavulanic acid (30/10 mcg) Cefotaximum / Klavulanovakyslota (30/10 mg) packaging 10 flakonov art. SD724-10VL -2sht. (SD725) Cefpodoxime (10 mcg) cefpodoxime (10 mg) 10 flakonov packaging art. SD725-10VL-3pc. (SD727) Meropenem MRP 10 mcg Meropenem 10 cartridges art. SD727-10CT -6sht. (SD737) Gatifloxacin (5 mcg) gatifloxacin (5 mg) packaging 10 flakonov art.SD737-10VL -2sht. (SD738) Cefpirome (30 mcg) Tsefprinom (30 mg) packaging 10flakonov art. SD738-10VL -2sht. (SD006) Chloramphenicol (30 mcg) Chloramphenicol (30mkg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD006-10CT -10sht. (SD012) DoxycyclineHydrochloride (30 mcg) Doxycycline (30 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art.SD012-10CT -6sht. (SD023) Nitrofurantoin (300 mcg) nitrofurantoin (300 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD023-10CT -12sht. (SD030) Rifampicin (5 mcg) Rifampicin (5 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD030-10CT -6sht. (SD035) Amikacin (30 mcg) of amikacin (30 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD035-10CT -6sht. (SD040) Cephotaxime (30 mcg) Cefotaximum (30 mg) Packaging 10 cartridges art. SD040-10CT-8 pieces. (SD044) Tobramycin (10 mcg) tobramycin (10 mg) 10 kartrydzheyart packaging. SD044-10CT -6sht. (SD045) Vancomycin (30 mcg) Vancomycin (10 mg) upakovka10 cartridges art. SD045-10CT -6shINDIA0UA1251003.5242915.44007
29/Apr/20174811590000"1.Metalizovanyy paper" "Alulabel HWS" ", with embossed linen (Linen Embossed), varkushah 720h1020mm format and in rolls 720mm wide. It is a white paper zhladkym silvery-white shiny coating on one side zderevnoyi made cellulose fibers obtained free of mechanical and chemical mehanichnymsposobom with one side covered with aluminum powder, over which a layer of acrylic polymer (total thickness product -0.06 +/- 0,004mm, tovschynasharu acrylic polymer - less 0,01mm) density of 68 +/- 1 g / kv.m.Vykorystovuyetsya image tsiley.Torhovelna Arch: AR MetallizingKrayina production: ITVyrobnyk: AR Metallizing Srl. "ITALY0UA8071702148459446.5994
29/Apr/201739259080001.Vyroby construction of plastic, for use in budivnytstvisporud (walls, roofs, floors): -plyty insulation termPIR AL, which vyhotovleniz filler poliizotsianuratu (modified polyurethane) and covered with a thin sheet twoparties alyuminizovanoho paper. .POLAND0UA20914028198430.076124
29/Apr/201739151000001. Waste polyethylene HDPE / LDPE: colorful, natural, transparent, dirty, torn, twisted scraps of plastic, musorni Packages are used, subjected to deformation in compressed links to recycling for their own production needs. To remove paper labels and unnecessary pollution must apply additional manufacturing processes ochyschennya.Sklad waste LDPE: 35%, HDPE: 60% .Volohist - .Zabrudnenist 2.5% - 2.5%. Manufacturer - GLOBAL VERPACKUNGEN UG.Krayina production SK Slovakia. .SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA110150206409544.813235
29/Apr/201747071000001.Makulatura brand MS-5B, GOST 10700-97 (waste of unbleached kraft paperboard, kraft paper, hofrovanohokartonu, cardboard and paper). Kipy tied metal wire and polypropylene tape. .RUSSIA0UA807010394027879.763492
29/Apr/20173920104000"1. Synthetic paper - tape and sheets of polymers of ethylene, non-porous, reinforced, nesharuvati, unlined melting combined in this way with other materials: Polyart Standard 110 g / sq.m. - release form rolls 255mm * 1750m density of 110 g / sq.m .; number of rolls 12 pcs., 5294.00 square kv.m.Polyart Standard 110 g / sq.m. - release form rolls 255mm * 1750m density of 110 g / sq.m .; number of rolls of 23 pieces. , area 10,646.00 kv.m.Vyrobnyk: no data. Country of origin: GB. Trademark: Polyart.. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA1010701753.0911602.37295
28/Apr/20174811590000"1. laminated (coated with polyethylene) multilayer paperboard in rolls, unbleached, density 270 g / m2 for the production of packages for drinks, Tetra Pak, with the printed text and illustrations related to the product yakyybude they contain processed metal foil and has bends with vmistomvolokon softwood received sulfate method - 89% typobroblennya - kalendruvannya. production "" TETRA PAK Hungary "" art.7648-813 TypuTPA / jll FP CD HPE FSC 1000 SLIM - 421,714 paketiv.Krayina production HU.Torhivelna brand Tetra Pak. "HUNGARY0UA10005012758.11628712.72921
28/Apr/20173904100000"1.Vestolit E 7012 S - 63750 kg is a powder (primary form) is not plasticized polyvinyl chloride, not mixed with other substances, without added fillers barvnykiv.Pokaznyk C-66.0, residue on sieve 0.13% content light components 0.13%. It is used in the preparation of PVC pastes for producing wallpaper. for its production potreb.Torhovelna mark: "" Vestolit "". Producer: "" VESTOLIT GmbH & Co KG "". Country of origin: DE.. "GERMANY0UA1101106375092604.11059
28/Apr/20173919108090"1.Etyketky ploskyhpryamokutnykiv made in the form of polymeric materials (PET-polyethylene), applied without text, white, self-adhesive, paper pasted on a basis that is rolled into a roll width 24 mm, roll coating with no nevulkanizovanoho natural or synthetic rubber, size labels - 20h12 mm 252000 pieces, roll 6000 pcs., the internal diameter of the roll - 76,2 mm, outer diameter roll - 145.0 mm. P / N. 58602122005001.Torhovelna Herma.Firma brand manufacturer production Herma.Krayina DE. ".GERMANY0UA12502010.081514.40488
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Poly Paper Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
вул. Богдана Хмельницького, 121 79019 м.Львів, Україна
Exporter Name URODA POLSKA Sp. z o. o.
Product Description
"1. Furniture accessories Plastic: Profile polychk.........
HS Code 3926300090Value 431.3311968
Quantity 0Unit UA209140
Net Weight 256
Origin Country POLAND

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