Ukraine Import Data of Pneumatic Pressure Switch | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pneumatic Pressure Switch

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pneumatic pressure switch collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pneumatic pressure switch imports.

Pneumatic Pressure Switch Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pneumatic Pressure Switch

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178536501990"1.Pressure switch / pressure sensor - switch Purpose - for pneumatic system of the vehicle performs funktsyiyu measurement and transmission signal corresponding to the measured pressure art.441 014 025 0 - 5 pc; art.441 014 019 0 - 2 pcs; trademark WABCOVyrobnyk WABCO Austria GesmbHKrayina production of HR. "CROATIA0UA1002800.46152.07737595 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/20178514108000"1.Pechi industrial, electric, thermal processing of materials, resistance furnace, furnace ZnF500 -1sht. New. Unassembled for easy transportation. Civilian use. For its production potreb.Model: ZnF500. Series: DMF2016-029.Pryznachena AH destruction of tungsten carbide with molten tsynkom.Skladayetsya: -Korpus furnace (inner shell: 12mm, outer shell: 8 mm.) -1sht, the system of vacuum pump N-150-300CFM -1sht; -Basic vacuum pump ZJY-600-1200CFM -1sht , the system of vacuum solenoid valve -1sht DN150, DN150 solenoid valve -Basic -1sht, the system of vacuum valve pneumatically operated DN40 -1sht; -Pnevmatychno controlled vacuum valve -3sht DN16, DN16 ball valve -Vakumnyy -3sht; -Eoektromahnitnyy valve DN40 -2sht, the system of vacuum gauge Maxwell -1sht; -Hrafitovi heating elements and accessories -1komplekt, installation-chart -1 set, power-chart -1sht; -mechanism mounting -1sht; -Rozkydach -1sht; -Teploobminnyk cooling -3sht; -Korobka thermal insulation kit -1; -Syste ma rapid cooling kit -1, -1 set -Filtr ; -Podviyna thermocouple -2sht; -Transformator -2sht; -Pnevmatychno controlled regulator -1sht; -Kolona oholo TION -8 sets of water; -1komplekt system of vacuum gauge, pressure -Peretvoryuvach -2 kit, electric -1sht -Peremykach pressure, water flow -Permykach -4sht; -PLC -1komplekt communication module, control-panel -2sht; -Tyhli graphite ( -24sht graphite trays, connecting tubes -12sht, covers -4sht) -1 set, the shell part that comes oven: -1sht thermocouple, graphite heating elements -1 kit, sealing -1komplekt ceramic parts -1komplekt; Part that comes electrical components, fuse RS0-300A / 500V -2sht; trilateral module MTS500 / 1500V -1sht; switch DZ47-60C, 1P, 15A -1sht; -5sht fuse 2A; -2sht fuse 6A; Electric switches MY2NJ, DC24V -1sht; Trigger plate (three phase 4-20mA) -1sht.Produktyvnist: 500kg / batch of recovered powder. Min / Max operating temperature: 316 ° C / 1038 ° S.Typ heating oven oporu.Elektryka: 380V, 50Hz, 260kVA Trademark: DMFKrayina production: CN.Vyrobnyk: Zhuzhou Diyuan Powder Metallurgy Furnace Co., Ltd. "CHINA0UA11012016623206800.0001
26/Apr/20178536508000"1.Elektrychni devices for voltage not exceeding 1000V, switches: 86975219 pressure sensor (electromechanical switch is to control the air pressure in the pneumatic system of the drilling rig) -1sht., Country of DETorhovelna mark SandvikVyrobnyk Sandvik Mining and Construction Finland Oy."GERMANY0UA1250200.10428.04425922
19/Apr/20178414807500"1.Inshi volume bahatorotorni compressors, screw: Panel -kompresor air, ESM 22 TK = 1pc, Type: screw air compressor, model -ESM 22 TK.Teh. Parameters: -maks. Pressure acc. -10bar, -min . pressure acc. -5bar, -vytrata -3,21m3 / min. - nominative powerful. -22kVt motor, -zapravochn. -9,5l oil capacity, -ob'yem receiver 500l, -Material -stal.Kompresor korpusivuhlezbahachuvalnoyi installed in the main factory and designed for production and podachistysnutoho keruvannyazapornoyu air valves (zadvizhkamy) Tan pneumatic conveyor bahatorolykovyy Filter- Rep. Typical dry compression compressor design pratsyuyebez oil supply to the working cavity. dvahvyntovyh a compressor rotor. Lead rotor with convex narizkoyuz'yednanyy directly or via gear driven rotor with dvyhunom.Na with concave cutting zapadynamy.Rotory located in a demountable body that has oneor more connectors. In case made bore for bolts, bearings and seals and cameras absorption and nahnitannya.Ne relates to: equipment and specially designed components and aksesu rivdlya him specifically designed for the development of any yakohoobladnannya telecommunication transmission or switching equipment; equipment specially designed for the production of UAV systems tasuputnih; compressors and gas blowers specially designed or pidhotovlenyhosovyh, centrifugal or volumetric compressors or blowers zob'yemnoyu inlet capacity of 1 m3 / min or more of UF6 and ztyskom output to several hundred kPa (100 lb / sq. inch) long for schopryznacheni operation among relevant UF6z electric power or without it, and some units of compressors and blowers. These blowers are kompresoryta pressure drop from 2: 1 to 6: 1 and are made of corrosion resistant to UF6 material or by covering such materials; compressors and gas blowers specially designed or pidhotovlenyhosovyh, centrifugal or volumetric compressors or blowers, schovyhotovleni of materials, corrosion resistant to UF6, or zahyschenipokryttyam of such materials with volume performance in vhodi2 m3 / min or more mixtures of UF6 and carrier gas (hydrogen or helium); Compressor UF6 / carrier gas (MLIS), designated abopidhotovlenyh compressors for UF6 mixture and carrier gas, schopryznacheni for continuous operation in environments UF6. Komponentytakyh compressors that come into contact with process gas are made of materials, corrosion resistant to UF6, or zahyschenipokryttyam of these materials; blowers and compressors, single stage, malonapirnyh (mayuttysk 0.2 MPa or 30 lb / dyuym2) centrifugal blowers abokompresoriv for circulating hydrogen sulphide gas (gas mistytponad 70 percent H2S), specially designed or pidhotovlenidlya heavy water production using isotope of hydrogen sulfide and obminuvody . These blowers or compressors have produktyvnist56 m3 / s (120,000 SCFM) or more during operation under tyskom1,8 M "GERMANY1UA110050624.432500.00009
10/Apr/201785366990901. Plug sockets to the pressure switch on pressure pneumatic 250VACdlya of technological obladnannya.PEV 1/4-WD-LED-24 5sht.PEV 1/4-WD-LED-24 1pc. .HUNGARY0UA1251000.19325.18573908
07/Apr/20178467920000"1. Parts of pneumatic hand instrumen tiv: - JAI-1054-43, Val-off for JAI 1054 - 2 nab.; - JAI-6211-38A, exhaust reflector for JAI-6211 - 4 pcs.; - JAI-1044 -08, inlet nozzle JAI-1044 - 5 pcs.; - JAI-1054-50, Bushing chehla off for JAI-1054 - 2 pcs .; - JAI-1054-13, Kiltsehvynta for JAI-1054 - 8 pcs .; - JAI-6276- 04 valve JAI-6276 - 2 pcs .; -JAI-6 211-42, ball switch lock for JAI-6211 - 20 pcs .; - JAI-1044-17, balls tion lock, 2 pc / fo - 50 nab .; - J AI-6211-30, Ball fiksatordlya JAI-6211 - 20 pcs .; - JAI-6276-18, Ball, metal islands for JAI-6276 - 20 pcs .; -JAI-6276L- 13, the trigger for JAI-6276 - 10 pcs .; - JAI-627 6-26, rotor blades dlyaJAI-6276 - 30 at least .; - JAI-6211-13, rotor blade (EKT fo 5 pcs.) DlyaJAI-6211 - 20 Nab .; - JAZ-6704A, modular Group - spare parts pnevmoliniy - 1 subject (composition: filter, lubricants, pressure regulator), 3/8 '' 5-50 m ikron, nonseparable - 20 pcs .; -JAI-6276-0 2A, Reliance valve for JAI-6276 - 10 pcs.; - JAI-6225-8-26, Petals for JAI- 6225-8- 5 nab .; - JAI-1054-35, Petals rotor for JAI-1054 - 30 Nab .; -JAI-6276L-38B, elongated shaft for JAI-6276L - 2 pcs .; - JAI-6276-02, Prohidnyyizolyator for JAI- 6276 - 10 pcs .; - JAI-6276L-26 kt Remkomple for JAI-6276L: petals, 6 pcs / complex - 10 Nab .; - GM-02AF, pneumatic jack ychnyh products 1/4 '' (mother) - 200 pcs .; -G M-02PM, jack pneumatic products 1/4 '' (Pope) external - 500 pcs .; -JAI-6 225-8-27, Rotor for JAI-6225-8 - 4 pcs.; - JAI-6276-27, Rotor for JAI-6276 - 3 pcs.; - JAI-6276L-27 rotor for JAI-6276L- 4 pcs .; - JAI-1044-35, Rotary wheels for JAI-1044 - 30 Nab .; - JAI-6276L-01 handle and assembled for JAI-6276L - 10 Nab .; - JAI-6276-14, StoporJAI-6276 - 2 0 Nab .; - JAI-1044-24, retaining rings etc. For JAI-1044 - 10 pcs .; -JAI-1044-36, cyl Indre for JAI-1044 - 5 pcs .; - JAI-1054-36, cylinder JAI-1054- 2 pcs .; - JAI-62 25.08.25, cylinder JAI-6225-8 - 2 pcs.; - JAI-6276L-28 cylinder JAI-6276L - 3 pcs .; - JAI-1044-52, Case-off dlyaJAI 1044 - 2 pcs .; - GM-03AH, second Quick connector for pneumatic products (mom) for 10 mm hose - 200 pcs .; - GM-02BH, Quick connector dlyapnevmatychnyh robiv you (mom) for 8 mm hose - 200 pcs .; - GM-04AF, Shvydkoz'yemnyyroz'yem for Pneumatic products tation 1/2 '' - 200 pcs .; - JAI-6L-627 14 Pin dlyaJAI-6276L - 20 Nab .; - JAI-6276-12, Pins for JAI-6276 - 20 Nab., -JAI-6211-19, Brand chicken for JAI-62 11 - 10 pcs .; - JAI-6276L-12 Brand Fix tordlya JAI-6276L, 2 pcs. / Emb. - 20 Nab., ​​Country of origin - TW trademarks and - JonneswayVyrobnyk - Jonnesway Enter prise Co., LTD "TAIWAN0UA100010169.9675005.285545
04/Apr/20179032890000"1.TVP.Skladovi, spare parts and filter units to aircraft engines AI-222K-25, according 3220000000VP. Block regulation and control ЭSU-222K - 4 pieces - isa tion Electron dvuhkanal- power regulation and inspection from odnokanalnymvykonannyam functions of co ntrolyu engine parameters Liu and vibrokontro inof system automatically enters the first engine management and control AI-222K-25. ЭSU unit consisting of Sauk uyuchy be performing functions: - management of the engine start system units on the ground and in flight; -Manage the fuel supply in all modes of x IR yhuna; -Manage the provisions governing the right lyayuchyh highpressure compressor units in all modes of engine operation; -automatic recovery operation mode, and -Detection paryrovannya pompazhnyh events, providing training regime; -Protection engine from exceeding the maximum allowable parameters no modes; -control engine parameters and its systems -control unit vypravnosti and interaction ing products; -peredachu in onboard systems infor mation about the measured values ​​of the parameters of the engine, engine maintenance position and block ЭSU; -AVTO matic switching to the backup (hydropneumatic) ACS management control of fuel and provisions PHA failures in the main ACS). "RUSSIA0UA11202032342391.1346
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Pneumatic Pressure Switch Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Pneumatic Pressure Switch Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""НЕСТ-АВТО"""
Importer Address
04210, м.Київ, пр-т ГЕРОЇВ СТАЛІНГРАДА, буд. 10-А, корп. 2, кв. 35
Exporter Name WABCO Austria GesmbH
Product Description
"1.Pressure switch / pressure sensor - switch Purp.........
HS Code 8536501990Value 52.07737595
Quantity 0Unit UA100280
Net Weight 0.461
Origin Country CROATIA

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