Ukraine Import Data of Pmw 200 | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pmw 200

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of pmw 200 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of pmw 200 imports.

Pmw 200 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Pmw 200

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/20178421392000"1. Air filter of the passenger compartment, in the assembly with the housing and filtering element, part number: PMA-011 (971332E200) -100; PMC-003 (P96554421) -120; PMB-015 (971331H000) -100; PMA-018 (971333K000) PMA-020 (971331E000) -50pcs; PMD-005 (P68111091A0) -50pcs; PMA-031 (971332G000) -50pcs; PMA-020 (971331E000) -50pcs; PMD-005 (P68111091A0) -50pcs; 004 (971332D100) -50pcs; PMA-033 (971332B005) -40pcs; PMC-011 (P13271190) -40pcs; PMC-005 (P96296618) -30pcs; PMB-016 (9713307010) -30pcs; PMA-022 (971332E250) - PMA-029 (971332L000) -20s; PMA-013 (976171C200) -20s; PMF-018 (88568-02030) -20s; PMF-077 (87139-50060) -20s; PMW-048 (27277-EN025) -20шт;PMB-007(0K9A46152XA)-20шт; PMR-035(6398350247)-10шт; PMR-037(9068300218)-10шт;PMA-007(971143B200)-10шт; PMB-010(97619FD200)-10шт; PMF- 003(88568-52010)-10шт;PMC-012(P96440878)-10шт; PMF-083(87139-33010)-10шт; PMJ-039(80292-SDA-A01)-4шт;PMB-001(0K55361C14 A) -4sht; PMA-022 (971332E250) -80sht. Packaged for wholesale tarozdribnoyi torhivli.Krayina production - KR.Torhovelna mark - PMC. Firm in yrobnyk - PARTS-MALL CORPORATION.Krayina origin - KR. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA100110167.042602.76086 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
06/Apr/20178471607000"1.Ihrovyy arm gamepad, wire to a computer, do not include itsof bezprovodnoho transmitter and receiver: GAMEPAD NATEC GENESIS P10 (PC) art.NJG-0462 -50sht. GAMEPAD NATEC GENESIS P65 (FOR PS3 / PC) art. NJG 0707 -200sht.Manipulyatory-type '' mouse '' optic laser with a wire to the computer while mistyatu composed bezprovodnoho transmitter and receiver: GAMING mOUSE GENESIS G222400DPI oPTICAL art.NMG-0663 -100sht. mOUSE NATEC GENESIS G55 OPTICAL WIRED USBGAMING art.NMG-0278 -60sht. GAMING MOUSE GENESIS GX44 ​​2500DPI OPTICAL WITHSOFTWARE art.NMG-0664 -30sht. GAMING MOUSE GENESIS GX75 7200 DPI OPTICAL PMW3310art.NMG-0706 -10sht. GAMING OPTICAL MOUSE GENESIS GX58 4000 DPI art. NMG-0777-20sht.Torhovelna mark - "" Natec Genesis "" K Raina production - CN.Vyrobnyk - "" Impakt Sp.z oo "". "CHINA470UA100130123.522752.380426
06/Apr/20178209002000"1. Plates variables metaloobroblyuyuchyh machines, carbide metal-on, are not installed on the machine: - art.CCMT060204 alloy UE6020 - 20pcs - art.CCMW060204 alloy HTI10 - 20pcs - art.CCMW09T308 alloy HTI10 - 20pcs - Art .CNMG120408 alloy UC5115 - 20pcs - art.DGJ80CF alloy VP20MF - 10pc - art.DNMG110404-SH, alloy UE6110 - 20pcs - art.DNMG110408 alloy UE6020 - 10pc - art.DNMG150608 alloy UC5115 - 200sht; - art.DNMG150612 alloy UC5115 - 200sht - art.DNMG150616 alloy UC5115 - 110sht - art.DNMG150616 alloy UC5115 - 90sht - art.GPMT090304-U3, alloy UE6020 - 10pc - art.GPMT11T308 U3-alloy UE6020 - 10pc - art.GY2M0200D020N-GM, alloy VP20RT - 20pcs - art.GY2M0300F150N-BM, alloy VP20RT - 20pcs - art.GY2M0400G080N-MM, alloy VP20RT - 50sht - art.GY2M0600J040N-MM, alloy VP20RT - 20pcs - art.MMT16ER200ISO alloy VP15TF - 10pc - art.MMT22ER400TR alloy VP10MF - 20pcs - art.MMT22IR400TR alloy VP10MF - 10pc - art.MMT22IR500TR alloy VP10MF - 10pc - art.QOGT1651R-G1, alloy HTI10 - 10pc - art.QOMT1651R-M2 alloy VP15TF - 10pc - art.SNMA190616 alloy UC5115 - 150sht - art.SNMG120404-SH, alloy UC5115 - 20pcs; - art.SNMG150608-MA, alloy UE6020 - 20pcs - art.SNMG150612 alloy UC5115 - 50sht - art.SNMG150612 alloy UE6035 - 40sht - art.SOGT12T308PEFR JP-alloy HTI10 - 10pc - art.SPMW120304 alloy VP15TF - 10pc - art.TNMG160404-MH, alloy UE6110 - 20pcs - art.TNMG160412 alloy UC5115 - 20pcs - art.TNMG220408-MH, alloy UE6020 - 20pcs - art.VNMG160404-MH, alloy UE6110 - 10 pieces; - art.VNMG160408 alloy UC5115 - 20pcs - art.WNMG06T304-SH, alloy U E6110 - 10 pieces - art.WNMG06T308-MA, alloy UE6020 - 10pc - art.WNMG080408-MS, alloy VP05RT - 10 pieces, designed for civilian industry, machine tools. Without diamond napylennya.Vyrobnyk: MMC HARTMETALL GMBHKrayina production: JPTorhivelna brand: Mitsubishi Materials. "JAPAN0UA110190247555.646132
06/Apr/201784213920001.Obladnannya filtering to Transp rtnyh zasobiv.Obladnannya for filtratsiyipovitrya to the a / m purpose: PMA-022 (971332E250) filter Salon 40sht, PMA-018 (971333K000) filter Salon 60sht, PMA-032 (971333SAA0) filtrsalona- 16sht, PMB-016 (9713307010) filter Salon 30sht, PMD-004 (P6812008040) filter Salon 40sht, PMB-014 (971332E910) filter Salon 15sht, PMA-029 (971332L000) filter Salon 30sht, PMB-C08 ( 971332F010) filter Salon 5pcs, PMW-041 (27277-3Y525) filter Salon 5pcs, PMA-024 (971332H000) filter Salon 40sht, PMA-018 (971333K000) filter Salon 40sht, PMB-016 (9713307010) filtrsalona- 30sht, PMD-004 (P6812008040) filter Salon 40sht, PMB-014 (971332E910) filter Salon 15sht, PMA-029 (971332L0 00) filter Salon 30sht, PMB-C08 (971332F010) filter Salon 5pcs, PMW-041 (27277-3Y525) filter 5pcs Salon, Country of production - KRTorhovelna mark - PARTS-MALLVyrobnyk - PARTS-MALL CORPORATION.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA80720064.848930.0317277
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Pmw 200 Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Pmw 200 Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Address
54001, м.Миколаїв, вул. Потьомкінська, буд. 81-A
Product Description
"1. Air filter of the passenger compartment, in th.........
HS Code 8421392000Value 2602.76086
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 167.04

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