Ukraine Import Data of Plunger Assembly | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plunger Assembly

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of plunger assembly collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of plunger assembly imports.

Plunger Assembly Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plunger Assembly

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/201784819000001. Parts of the valve pipe networks and water parapostochannya, ventilation, heating and kondetseyuvannya in the civil sector vyrobnytstva.Sidlo, DN 65-80, N / steel (0110-1804) - 1 sht.Plunzher, Kvs 40,%, DN 65/80, n / f steel (1890-5837) - 1. Saddle, DN 65-80, N / steel (0110-1805) - 1. The assembly seat and plunger complete with gaskets and seals for the valve type 3251, DN 25 N / steel, PN 160, Kvs 2,5 - 1 sht.Vyrobnyk: SAMSON AG.Torhovelna Brand: SAMSON.Krayina production: DE.GERMANY0UA1251003.4856.5810013 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20178409990000"1.Chastyny ​​reciprocating engine with a compression compression ignition diesel generators: Exhaust valve / exhaust valve 186F (k005) product code: 8602004 -30 pc.; Intake valve / inlet valve 186F (k005) product code: 8602003 -30 pc .; Connecting rod bearing / Insert crank the engine for 186 F (k015) product code: 8406206 -150 pcs., Rem set (Exhaust valve rocker Arm / exhaust rocker composition. Phone.: 8602103A, Intake valve rocker Arm / Vpusknoy rocker composition. Phone.: Rocker Arm Support / caliper rocker composition. Phone.: 8602102A Valve screw / Bolt composition. Phone.: 7002105 nut M6 / M6 nut warehouse. Phone.: 9901060) product code: 8602103A -10 com ments; Piston F186 / Porshen186 FA (k002) Product Code: 8604103A -50 pc.; Piston pin / Piston pin 186F (k002) product code: 8604104 -50 pc.; Nozzle / Nozzle 186 FA (k006) Product Code: SU186F- 13000 -15 pc.; Connecting rod / rod 186F (k005) product code: -50 pc.; valve rod assembly / plunger rod 186F (k005) A co product: 8606100 -100 pc.; valve tappet / plunger 186F ( k006) product code: 8606003 -30 pc.; Cylinder Block / Block tsilindra186F product code: 8601001 -5 pcs.; Cylinder head bonnet / valve cover 186F (k015) product code: 8603001A -10 pcs., no trademark danyhVyrobnyk FUJIAN HUA MIN IMP. & EXP. CO., LTDKrayina production CN "CHINA0UA12518096.7651192.712592
18/Apr/20178205598090"1.Instrumenty hand. Not for the industrial assembly of motor vehicles zasobivzahalnoho purpose: (mastylnytsya, Part arable metal zastosovuyetsya dlyazmazuva ting units transp.zasobiv units for railway services are due even press meselnychky, syringes is with oboyu zmazuyuchoyu capacity of the substance to weigh items vidtvoryuvannyatysku and transition to feeding com for press maselnychtsi): SH1-3911010-A-shprytsrychazhno plunger (117) -52sht, SH1-3911010-A syringe plunger rychazhno- (117) -104sht.Vyrobnyk: JSC "" SHAAZ "" torh.marka: SHAAZ country of production: RU.. "RUSSIA0UA807200188.761308.15583
11/Apr/20178205909000"1.Instrumenty hand, others and their parts: Piston X-460 to the mounting P8 pistol DX 460, # of 20 pieces. Art.373297, piston E72 / DNI to DX E72 gun assembly, Qty: 4 pcs ., art.409314; plunger powder-actuated tool DX-2 (metal) Amount of 7 pieces. art.2103082, trademark HILTIVyrobnyk HiltiKrayina production AT. "AUSTRIA0UA1001104.104268.2098304
11/Apr/20178708409998"1.Chastyny ​​and devices to vehicles for the purpose sobiv. Chastynyko Robock gear, not stamped, not for prom yslovoho assembly motornyhtransportnyh means of a / m: 3 gear transmission st.zr. 451-1701122-10sht (manufacturer: OOO" " Track ''), p / a CPR kit st.zraz. (cap nut, stopper, springs, screws, bolts, clamps, maslovidrazhatel lips) 452-1702, kompl.-24K-t (producer: OAO "" auto parts -Servys "") d / CPR kit nov.zrazka (sealing rings, gaskets, cover screw, plugs, washers), 3741-1702 kompl.-5k-t (producer: OAO "" auto parts-Servis ""); r / set covers PPC ( ahlushky, shtift, cork, screw, plunger, spring) 452-1702, kompl.1-5k-T (producer: OOO "" Technocentre "") d / komplektkryshky PPC (plug, shtift, cork, screw, plunger, spring ) 469-1702, kompl.1-6k-t (producer: OOO "" Technocentre ""), the primary shaft (PPC) with kiltsemsynhronizatora 451-50-1701022-85sht (manufacturer: OOO '' Trek '') slipping clutch 3-4peredachi hub of 451-50-1701108-55sht (manufacturer: OOO '' Ural '') Country of origin - ma RUTorhovelna pKa - no data "RUSSIA0UA807200198.4082529.906445
07/Apr/20178413502000"1.Stantsiya pump CHH 200/32 (9 for South lava mine" "Dobropolskaya" ") - 1pc. Zav.№ pumping station 003. CHH 200/32 is dlyazhyvlennya working fluid Hydraulic powered supports ochysnyhkompleksiv in mines, hazardous for methane gas and dust. TechnicalSpecifications: number of pump units, units - 2; Nominal supply l / 200 hv-, pressure is MPa, maximum 32, minimum 20; Fall in highpressure line between unloading pump,%, maximum 20; nasosavysokonapirnyy type, a plunger 3, Rated potuzh ness motor kW - 110; Synchronous motor speed, min-1 - 1500; sylovoholantsyuha voltage, V - 1140/660; nominal capacity of the tank, L - 2000; nastroyuvannyazapobizhnyh pressure valve -38 MPa, the pressure in the pump lubrication system, MPa 0.25 do1,2 the temperature of oil in the crankcase pump 0C - from +5 to +80; robochoyiridyny temperature, 0C - from +5 to +50; Specific supply electricity to 1 liter robochoyiridyny, W min / l, no more than 550; Overall dimensions, not bilshe11370h1730h1040; The working fluid is water-oil emulsion with a concentration of 5% additive 1,5do FMY AJ TU38.101.1813-88 or REM TU38401-5878-93 or inshaemulsiya approved for use in hornoshahtnyh conditions. Robochoyiridyny temperature from +5 to + 50hrad.S class purity not lower than 17 according to GOST 17216-2001, nominal filtration fineness of 80 microns. Package zhidnopasportu station: Hidrobak -1sht; unit pump ANN200 / 32 -2sht; unit pnevmohidroakumulyatora -1sht; Rukavamahistrali: Bulk shlanhoprovid Du25 (RVD 25-28-60000-R71-3 R71-4) - 1pc, Bulk shlanhoprovid Du32 (RVD 32-12-60000-R71-3 R71-3) - 1pc, RVD 25 - 28- 1100 - R71 R71-4 -1sht, RVD 25 - 28 - 2550 - R71 R71-4 -1sht, RVD 25 - 28 - 3150- A24 R71-4 -1sht, RVD 25 - 28 - 4200 - R71 R71-4 -1sht, RVD 25 - 28 - 5400 - R71R71-4 -1sht, RVD 25 - 28 - 5900 - A24 R71-4 -1sht, RVD 25 - 28 - 6800 - R71 R71-4-1sht, hose (DN63, L = 2500) - 1pc, hose (DN63, L = 5700) -1sht, staples OST12.44.016-84- 18sht 25K, 32K Hook OST 12.44.016-84 -2sht, Post-upravlinnyaPVK 21 U5-2sht, power KZRP (6 inputs) - 1pc, power KZRP (8 inputs) -1sht; WITH kit for assembly (according to information kit for zbirkychastyna 1 and 2) -1sht; sets and accessories -1sht; kit for mounting electrical components -1sht; Set -1sht wash; CNS 200 / 32.00.000-01RE Station nasosnaCHH 200/32. Guide 3pc-operation; CNS 200 / 32.00.000-01PS pumping station CHH 200/32. Passport -1sht. Dlyazruchnosti transporting, delivering the installation and construction, stantsiyapostavlyayetsya in a partially disassembled state according arkushiv.Vyrobnyk packaging: DUP "" BELHYDRAVLYKA "" SCP "" NIVA "" Romanovich S.H.Torhovelna Brand: No danyh.Krayina production: BY. "BELARUS0UA1000106762144657.7122
07/Apr/20178414900000"1.Zapasni parts for servicing air compressor, air compressor parts: 12 + 13 inlet valve BM-2T24N -40sht, 14 plunger for BM-2T24N -30sht, 16 cylinder for BM-2T24N -30sht, 18 + 19 Piston Rings for BM-2T24N -100sht, 22 rod for BM-2T24N -50sht, 25 sopun for BM-2T24N -50sht, 27 + 28-hole oil level sight for BM-2T24N -15sht, 29 cover case for BM-2T24N -15sht 3 cylinder heads for BM-2T24N -20sht, 32 sump for BM-2T24N -10sht, 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 10 valve assembly for BM-2T24N -40sht, 73-78 wheel assembly for BM-2T24N -15sht, 12 + 13 inlet valve BM-2T50N -20sht, 14 plunger for BM-2T50N -20sht, 16 cylinder for BM-2T50N -20sh , 18 + 19 Piston rings BM-2T50N -50sht, 22 rod for BM-2T50N -15sht, crank 23 for BM-2T50N -20sht, 25 sopun for BM-2T50N -15sht, 27 + 28-hole oil level sight for BM- 2T50N -10sht, 29 cover case for BM-2T50N -5sht 3 cylinder heads for BM-2T50N -10sht, 32 sump for BM-T50N -5sht 2, 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 10 valve assembly plate for BM-2T50N -40sht; 73-78 wheel assembly for BM-2T50N -10sht, 11 cylinder for VBM-50N -20sht; 15 + 16 Piston rings for VBM-50N -60sht; 17 piston for VBM-50N -30sht, 20 rod for VBM-50N -50sht; 21 crank for VBM-50N -20sht; 23 sopun for VBM-50N -25sht, 24 viewing eye level for VBM-50N -5sht; 27 case cover for VBM-50N -5sht; 3 Cylinder cover for VBM-50N -20sht, 30 sump for VBM-50N -5sht; 47 protective head cover for VBM-50N -5sht; 5 Y connector for VBM-50N -5sht, 7 large plate valve for VBM-50N -20sht; 9 had a valve plate for VBM-50N -50sht, 13 intake valve plate for DSC-20 -30sht; FTC piston 14 for 20 -25sht; 16 cylinder for DSC--30sht 20, 18 + 19 piston ring for DSC-20 -50sht; 20 piston pin for DSC-20 -35sht; 22 FTC-rod for -40sht 20, 23 to crank -20sht DSC-20; 25 sopun for DSC-20 -25sht; 27 + 28-hole oil level sight for DSC--20sht 20, 29 cover case for DSC-20 -10sht; 3 cover cylinder head for DSC-20 -10sht; Carter 32 for the KST-20 -10sht, 6-12 valve plate assembly for DSC-20 -25sht; 68 feet for DSC-20 -10sht; 70 wheel for DSC--30sht 20, 14 for the piston -20sht DSC-40; 16 cylinder for DSC-40 -15sht; 18 + 19 piston ring for DSC-40 -30sht; 22 FTC-rod for -30sht 40, 23 to crank -15sht DSC-40; 25 sopun for DSC-40 -35sht; 27 + 28-hole oil level sight for DSC-40 -10sht 3 cover heads for DSC-40 -20sht; Carter 32 for the KST-40 -5sht; 68-71 anchor leg for the DSC-40 -10sht.Vyrobnyk - WENLING IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTDTorhovelna mark - WERKKrayina production - CN "CHINA0UA90201077.8421005.292335
06/Apr/20178205598090"1.Instrumenty hand. Not for the industrial assembly of motor vehicles zasobivzahalnoho purpose: (mastylnytsya, black metal, zastosovuyetsya dlyazmaschuvannya units units transpotrnyh means with the help of the press meselnychky, IM ryts is the tank's lubricating substance on the lever and dlyavidtvoryuvannya t ysku adapter to supply the press Butterdishes): - artyk.DK-3919 syringe plunger during two Yevrotub 400sm3 (4905930262) -1000sht; Trademark - DKVyrobnyk - NINGBO MOTOR INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. "CHINA0UA40105014606090.308501
06/Apr/20178205598090"1.Instrumenty hand. Not for the industrial assembly of motor vehicles zasobivzahalnoho purpose: (mastylnytsya, black metal, zastosovuyetsya dlyazmaschuvannya units units transpotrnyh means with the help of the press meselnychky, IM ryts is the tank's lubricating substance on the lever and dlyavidtvoryuvannya t ysku adapter to supply the press of aselnychky): - artyk.KLR-4006 syringe plunger during vazhelno-Yevrotub 400sm3 (4939877147) -1000sht; Trademark - DKVyrobnyk - Ningbo Motor Industrial Co.LTD. "CHINA0UA40105011203507.418963
04/Apr/20178409910000"1. Parts of the a / m motors. Parts for piston engines with spark ignition, new to the a / m purpose: 421.1002060-20 cover rozpodilnyhshesteren-4 pieces (whirlpool. OJSC" "motornыy Ulyanovsk plant", "torh.marka: UMC) 4216.1002060 cover distribution of gears gasoline engine-10pc (whirlpool. OJSC "" motornыy Ulyanovsk plant "," torh.marka: UMC) KOM.421.1003010-11 head blokuAY 92-valves, gaskets and fasteners, 3pc (whirlpool .: OAO "" Ulyanovsk motornыyzavod "" torh.marka: UMC) 421.1004019 set of piston pins benzynovohodvyhuna-34sht (whirlpool. OJSC "" Ulyanovsk motornыy head from "" torh.marka: UMC) 421.1004019komplekt gasoline engine piston pins, 6 pieces (whirlpool. OJSC "" Ulyanovskyymotornыy plant "," torh.marka: UMC) 421.1004045 crank assembly benzynovohodvyhuna-4 pieces (whirlpool. OJSC "" motornыy Ulyanovsk plant "," torh.marka: UMC) 421.1004045shatun assembly gasoline engine-26sht (whirlpool. OJSC "" motornыy Ulyanovsk plant "," torh.marka: UMC) kit 4216.1007024 plunger rods for engines UMZben Mr. AI-92-20sh t (whirlpool. OJSC "" motornыy Ulyanovsk plant "," torh.marka: UMC) 421.1007080-03 seat exhaust valve engines UMS-30sht (whirlpool. OJSC "" Ulyanovsk plant motornыy ' " , Torh.marka: UMC) 421.1007082-02 saddle vypusknohoklapana (for engines UMS) -30sht (whirlpool. OJSC "" motornыy Ulyanovsk plant "," torh.marka: UMC) 421.1007098 cam axle with rack-benzynovohodvyhuna 4 pieces (whirlpool .: OAO "" motornыy Ulyanovsk plant "," torh.marka: UMC) DM.1006005komplekt zaspokiyuvachiv (passes) -80sht (whirlpool., Ltd. "" Avtozhhut "" torh.marka "" Avtozhhut "") 4215.1008010 -01 gas pipeline gasoline engine, 2 pcs (whirlpool. OJSC "" motornыy Ulyanovsk plant "," torh.marka: UMC) Country of origin: RU. "RUSSIA0UA807200165.7842118.537088
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Plunger Assembly Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Plunger Assembly Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ""Самсон Інжинірінг"""
Importer Address
Україна, м.Київ, вул. Є. Сверстюка, 19, пов. 10, оф.4
Exporter Name SAMSON AG
Product Description
1. Parts of the valve pipe networks and water para.........
HS Code 8481900000Value 856.5810013
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 3.4
Origin Country GERMANY

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