Ukraine Import Data of Plate Shelf | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plate Shelf

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of plate shelf collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of plate shelf imports.

Plate Shelf Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plate Shelf

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of plate shelf. Get Ukraine trade data of Plate Shelf imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201739263000901.Zapasni parts from plastic, Decorative any passenger a / m new art.7684851S00 - Plug-plastic 3pc. art.8200448968 - krepizh - krepizh plast.-4 pieces. art.7703077435 - krepizh - krepizh plast.-10pc. art.7703077435 - krepizh - krepizh plast.-1am. art.7701049270 - clip-plast. - Krepizh plastic-4 pieces. art.7711429857 - Krepizhplastykovyy-40sht. art.8200675047 - rear-shelf 1pc. art.7701470769 - Krepizhplastykovyy-20pcs. art.7701470769 - Krepizh plastic, 2 pcs. art.8200700969 -krepizh plast.-2 pcs. art.7703077469 - krepizh plast.-4 pieces. art.7703079870 - krepizhplast.-1am. art.7703077470 - plast. clip, 2 pcs. art.7703179032 - krepizhplast.-1am. art.214450001R - krepizh plast.-2 pcs. art.214450001R - krepizhplast.-2 pcs. art.397880391R - clip-plast. 1am. art.7703075328 - zahlushkaplast.-2 pcs. art.8200439448 - deflector-1am. art.8200439447 - - plug-plast. 1am. art.668229972R - Silencers and - plastic handle, 1pc. art.7700838358 - - krepizh plast.-1am. art.8201313092 - Mudflap - Mudflap plastic-4 pieces. art.7711221305 - bryzkovykplastykovyy-1am. art.403157322R - cap, 2 pcs. art.638407725R - - cap, 2 pcs. art.638502184R - Mudflap - Mudflap plastic-1am. art.622549048R - - Krepizh plastic-1sht.Krayina origin - FrantsiyaKrayina production - FRTorhovelna mark - RenaultVyrobnyk - Renault SASFRANCE0UA12519013.44530.9464755 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/201739263000901.Zapasni parts from plastic, Decorative any passenger a / m new art.7703077266 - krepizh plast.-2 pcs. art.7703081054 - clip - clip-plast. 10pc. art.7703179077 - clip-plast. - krepizh plast.-1am. art.7703077435 - krepizh - krepizh plast.-10pc. art.7703077435 - krepizh - Krepizh plastic-4 pieces. art.8200675047 - rear-shelf - rear shelves, 4 pieces. art.7703081239 - Krepizh - Krepizh plastic, 2 pcs. art.7703077430 - clip-plast. - krepizh plast.-4 pieces. art.7703077434 - krepizh - plast. clip, 2 pcs. art.118100M300 - plug-plastic - KT-lining 1am. art.990464194R - KT-lining - plast. cover-2 pcs. art.8200439448 - Play-ventilation - deflector-1am. art.620729869R - side-lining - plate-1pc. art.806077408R - handle 1pc - 1pc-deflector. art.8201274401 - plate-1pc. art.7700274073 -povitryazabyrach-1am. art.8201313092 - Mudflap plastic-20pcs. art.403157322R- cap-1am. art.403157322R - cap-1am. art.8201680104 - VIDSONTSYA shutter-1am. art.738871956R - plate-1pc. art.794201913R - rear-shelf - plate-1pc. art.623102335R - plate-1pc. art.623825665R -deflektor-1am. art.623105875R - racks lining councils 1sht.Krayina origin - FrantsiyaKrayina production - FRTorhovelna mark - RenaultVyrobnyk - Renault SASFRANCE0UA12519017.73806.7240195
19/Apr/20172008975900"1. Fruit yogurt filling sterilized to po400l in metal containers, fruit fillings" "Klubnyka-grains" "Art. 90360076 -1092kh. (Ingredients: tsukor39%, strawberries 25%, a mixture of cereal grains (wheat, barley, rye, oats , spelled) 4% barley (barley) 3.5% 3.5% wheat, modified krohmalE 1442, strawberry juice concentrate in a 2% strawberry flavors, cereals, vanilla, cream, plate rye 0.5% oats (oat groats) 0.5% ekstraktsuhy's cream, carmine E120, E330 citric acid, sodium citrate E331, suhirechovyny 50 +/- 2.0 +/- 0,012h density of 1,232 / cm3 (at 20 ° C), pH 4 +/- 0.2 datavyrobnytstva 13.04.2017, batch number 2029, shelf life of 2 months) Trademark: Bel OBSTKrayina production: BYVyrobnyk: IOOO "" Bel OBST "" RB. "BELARUS0UA10011010922216.301392
19/Apr/20172106909890"1. pasteurized fruit flavors to yogurt in metal containers po400l: Fruit filler" "Chernik-grains" "Art. 90860028 -1085kh. (Ingredients: tsukor36% to 30% blueberry, a mixture of cereal crops 4% (wheat, barley, inh oh, oats, spelled) Jamin (barley) 3.5% 3.5% wheat, malt extract, modified starch E1442, plate rye 05%, oats (oat groats) 0.5% blueberry flavors, cake, vanilla-cream, vegetable and f ruktovi ektrakty (ie The concentration of black carrot concentrate smoro dyny black) E331 sodium citrate, citric acid and E330, solids 52+ / -2.0, density of 1.243 +/- 0,012h / cm3 (pry20hrad.S), pH 4 +/- 0.2, 11.06.2017 date of manufacture, batch number 2030, shelf life of 2 months i) fruit fillings '' cereals, prunes "" art. 90280011 -1167kh. (Ingredients: sugar 38%, 15% prunes, a mixture of cereal grains (wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelled) 4% Yamin (barley) 3.5%, wheat 3.5% plum flavors, biskv IT, vanilla, modified starch E1442, disc rye 0.5%, oats (oatmeal and grits) 0.5% citric acid, E330, E331, sodium citrate, dry matter of 50 +/- 2 0, hustyna1,232 +/- 0,012h / cm3 (at 20hra DS), pH 4 +/- 0.2, date of manufacture 11.04.2017, №partiyi 2041, the term of erihannya 2 months) Trademark: Bel OBSTKrayina production: BYVyrobnyk: IOOO "" Bel OBST "" RB "BELARUS0UA10011022524094.955407
18/Apr/201794039010001. Parts of furniture metalevyh.Art.0961050043 metal dividing wall system ORSY / Marking: RSTRNTSYS-SEPARATINGPLATE-SHLFSYS-096 150 - number - 4 sht.Art.096191 Guiding metal system ORSY / Marking: FLRBSE-SHELFSYS-RED - quantity - 2 rack adapter sht.Art.0963577028 MADL28 / Marking: ADAPT-CAB-MADL28 - number - 2 sht.Art.09619300 metal plate system ORSY / Marking: COV-PLT-sHELF-RED - quantity - 3 sht.Art.0963546653 Upper level MRA53 / Marking: TOPFRM-VEH-MRA53 - number - 1 sht.Art.0963547711 Shelf with dividing plate MLR11 / Marking: STRGSHLF-VEH-MLR11 - number - 1 sht.Art.0961940004 metal rack railway I system ORSY / Marking: SHLFUNT-SINGLE-RED - the number - 1 sht.Art.0963548653 rack with 7 trays MLKR53 / Marking: STRGCASESHLF-VEH-MLKR53 - number - 1 sht.Art.0963534043 the module MUMK43 1390x470x382 / Marking: SUBSTR -BOTFLP-VEH-MUMK43 - number - 1 sht.Art.0963541134 module with four drawers, 90mm / M arkuvannya: DRWRMOD-VEH-MSM34 - number - 1 sht.Art.0963541232 metal module with sliding shelves for system ORSY / Marked DRWRMOD-VEH-MSMS32 - number - 1 sht.Art.096193 metal module - rack system ORSY / Marking: SHLFUNT-SHELFSYSTEM-COMBI-RED - quantity - 8 sht.Torhovelna WURTH brand brand ADOLF WURTH GmbH & Co.KGKrayina production DEGERMANY0UA100010152.31134.167694
18/Apr/201739263000901.Zapasni made of plastic, and passenger / m Prospect Island group Renault, new art.788279448R - Blocking-1am. art.802938442R - plate-1pc. art.620724436R -bok.nakladka-1am. art.261528359R - bok.nakladka-1am. art.788128432R -bryzkovyk (KT) -1sht. art.788128432R - Mudflap (KT) -1sht. art.809543404R -krepizh-1am. art.263310100R - plug-1am. art.6001549272 - - Cover-1 pc. art.6001549323 - Cover-1 pc. art.620257603R -kozhuh-1am. art.620248105R - housing, 1pc. art.8200948593 - - Mudflap (KT) -2sht. art.638537420R - Mudflap (KT) - deflector-1am. art.788121885R - Mudflap (KT) - Mudflap (KT) -1sht. art.6001998298 - - plate-1pc. art.622543229R - plate-1pc. art.622543229R -nakladka-1am. art.794206138R - shelf-1am. art.808725725R - - bok.nakladka-1am. art.8201274674 - bok.nakladka-1sht.Krayina origin - RumuniyaKrayina production - ROTorh ovelna mark - RenaultVyrobnyk - Renault SASROMANIA0UA12519020.08787.5874355
18/Apr/20178302500000"1. Production of precious metals that do not contain radio incorporates Telescopic sliding gallery, consisting of baskets, shelves on telescopic rails, chrome, art.S-1101 (2 shelves, baskets, module width, 30cm., Width -230mm., depth, 500 mm., height-600-800mm.) - 5 pcs .; art.S-1113 (4 shelves, baskets, module width, 30 cm., width -230mm., depth -500mm., vysota- 1100-1250mm.) - 3 pcs., art.S-1119 (4 shelves, baskets, module width, 30 cm., width -230mm., depth -500mm., height-1250-1400mm.) - 5 pcs., art .S-1125 (5 shelves, baskets, module width, 30 cm., width 230mm. depth, 500mm., height-1400-1550mm.) - 3 pcs., art.S-1131 (5 shelves, baskets, module width, 30 cm., width 230mm. depth, 500mm., height-1550-1700mm.) - 10 pcs., art.S-1133 (5 shelves -koshykiv width module-40cm., width 330mm. depth, 500mm., height-1550-1700mm.) - 3 pcs., art.S-1137 (6 shelves, baskets, module width, 30 cm., shyryna- 230mm., 500mm depth,., height-1700-1850mm.) - 5 pcs., art.S-1143 (6 shelves, baskets, i-module width 30 cm., width - 230mm. depth -500mm., vysota- 1850-2000mm.) - 5 pcs .; art.S-1149 (7 shelves, baskets, module width, 30cm., width 230mm. depth, 500mm., height-2000-2150mm.) - 10 pcs., art.S-1151 (7 shelves, baskets, module width-40cm., width - 330mm. depth -500mm., height-2000-2150mm.) - 5 pcs., art.S-1152 (7 shelves, baskets, module width, 45cm., width 380mm., depth-500mm., height-2000-2150mm.) - 3 pcs., two-story shelves with compartments for bottles on telescopic rails with a mechanism for smooth and soft closing: art. S-2100 (chrome, module width, 30cm., Width of 210mm. Depth -500mm., Height -520mm.) - 80 pcs., Art. S-2100-1 (painted, 30cm-width module.) - 20 pcs., Art. S-2101 (chrome, module width, 35cm., Width of 260mm. Depth -500mm., Height-520mm.) - 30 pcs., Art. S-2102 (chrome, module width, 40cm., Width of 310mm. Depth -500mm., Height -520mm.) - 30 pcs., Art. S-2103 (chrome, module width, 45cm., Width of 360mm. Depth -500mm., Height -520mm.) - 10 pcs., Art. S-2106 (chrome, module width, 60cm., Width of 510mm. Depth -500mm., Height -520mm.) - 10 pcs., Troh'yarusni shelves with compartments for bottles (under the table tops), on telescopic rails with smooth mechanism and soft closing (chrome): art. S-2120 (module width-30cm., Width of 210mm. Depth -500mm., Height -520mm.) - 10 pcs., Art. S-2122 (module width-40cm., Width of 310mm. Depth -500mm., Height -520mm.) - 10 pcs., Art. S-2123 (module width-45cm., Width of 360mm. Depth -500mm., Height -520mm.) - 10 pcs., Art. S-2124 (module width-50cm., Width of 410mm. Depth -500mm., Height -520mm.) - 10 two-story sht.Polytsi with compartment for plates and glasses on telescopic rails with a mechanism for smooth and soft closing (chrome): - art. S-2163 (width 45cm-module. Size 360mm. 500mm *. * 520mm.) - 20 pcs .; - art. S-2166 (width 60cm-module. Size 510mm. 500mm *. * 520mm.) - 10 sht.Trohyarusni trapezoidal-shelf baskets (45 deg.) With telescopic rails with the mechanism "TURKEY0UA5000609555.99340279.62121
18/Apr/20179403903000"1.Chastyny ​​furniture made of particleboard, MDF, 88th Twin street facade is 152 (White Varnish) 713 / 596_M art.K04-BL_TWIN-152-713 / 596_M-FRN01-1sht, 80th Frame street facade is 102 (White Smooth) 713 / 146_C art.K04-BL_EKR-102-713 / 146_C-FRN02-1sht, Facade 98th Elysee Street Magnolia gloss (XRAL0909005) 713/596 art.K04-T_ELYSEE-XRAL0909005-713 / 596-FRN01-1sht, Facade 98th Elysee Street Magnolia gloss (XRAL0909005) 713/596 art.K04-T_ELYSEE-XRAL0909005-713 / 596-FRN01-1sht, Facade 37th Savana Avenue knob L0 Gray Oak 713 / 296_396_LZ art.K04-ML_SAV_L0-DSI-713 / 296_396_LZ-FRN01-1sht; facade showcase prav.-396x570x15-NNxNN-gloss white / canvas art.EG-K24_018-396x570x15-BIP / PLO-1pc, 1/3-STO / 140-czarny polysk / dab baltic-KOR + SZK01 AROSA art.S346-STO / 140-CAP / DBC-1-KOR + SZK01-1sht, facade drawer-500x360x15-VVxVV-gloss black / black ar t.EG-S139_009-500x360x15-CAP / CA-1pc, rear wall-1960x793x2,5-NNxNN-rank light oak art.EG-S324_901-1960x793x2,5-DSOJ-1pc, rear wall-1960x485x2,5-NNxNN-oak rank art.EG light-S324_913-1960x485x2,5-DSOJ-1am; nyzhn. facade left-296x713x15-IIxII-tungsten gray / white gloss art.EG-K24_026-296x713x15-SZW / BIP-1pc, facade rights. nyzhn.-296x713x15-IIxII-tungsten gray / white gloss art.EG-K24_027-296x713x15-SZW / BIP-1am; shuflyady left side 350x120x12 IIxNN white mat. art.EG-ZK1_503-350x120x12-BIM-2 pcs, rear wall-1907x998x2,5-NNxNN-Walnut Virginia art.EG-S139_903-1907x998x2,5-ORV-1am; prav.2020x580x49 side-VLxI-nut Merano art.EG- S139_106-2020x580x49-OME-1pc, facade liv.-1498x475x15-IIxIId-nut Merano art.EG-S139_006-1498x475x15-OME-1pc, plastic handle 8154/100 SK249 MF2 (full circle) -nikel SIRO [s OVOR. 64mm] art.EG-S139_007-1498x475x15-OME-1am; prav. side-1132x402x49-VLxV-nut Merano art.EG-S139_108-1132x402x49-OME-1pc, back wall-1015x567x2,5-NNxNN-Walnut Virginia art.EG -S139_904-1015x567x2,5-ORV-1am; Facade drawer-535x186x15-IIdxII-nut Merano art.EG-S139_005-535x186x15-OME-3pc, shuflyady left side 350x120x12 IIxNN white mat. art.EG-ZK1_503-350x120x12-BIM-2 pcs, shelf -490x373x18-TxNN-white art.EG-S351_3018-490x373x18-BI-1am; shuflyady side showers. 350x120x12 IIxNN white mat. art.EG-ZK1_503-350x120x12-BIM-2 pcs; Facade 2071x596x19-NN end neokleyenyy white gloss art.EG-S205_023-2071x596x19-BIP-1am; plate -1150x500x18-NNxNN-oak rank art.EG-S324_425-1150x500x18-DSO- 1pc, facade liv.-396x800x16-] 99rIxVV-white art.EG-S314_028-396x800x16-BI-1pc, facade prav.-496x404x16-] 99rIxII-Sanremo light oak art.EG-S314_016-496x404x16-DSAJ-1am; 1500x450x16- lower surface Sanremo oak art.EG-S205_211-1500x450x16-DSA-1 pc, shelf liner-489x351x18-TxNN-white art.EG-S351_3027-489x351x18-BI-3pc, Country of PL "POLAND0UA100010156.53467.5661227
18/Apr/20179403401000"1. Furniture kitchen section of derevostruzh-term plates laminated in rozibranomust or for ease of transportation: Set -5355.393-00 kitchen mod. A17 Al pha Lack-1pc., Consisting of: Sidebar, mod. W16-S135 Sha F .; -60-1sht for household appliances, mod.GBAK135-3-1sht .; cabinet for household appliances, fashion. GGSAZ135-1sht .; The facade for built-in dishwasher modes. for Cova GSBD60-01-1sht .; panel mod. W16-S135-60-1sht., cabinet with drawers, mod. UABD60-1sht .; lower case for sinks, W .; mod.SOD60-1sht Afa with drawers for work. UZ90-1sht.; Case for pobutovoyitehniky for work. GK195-179-2sht .; sidebar events. W16-U75-1 20-1sht .; cabinet with drawers, mod. UAK60-2sht .; cabinet for hob for work. KAK90-BASIC-1pc .; Bokovapanel, mo d. W16-U75-120-1sht .; Hull material events. KORPUSMAT-MK-V-3pc., wallboard for work. NVG-100-1sht .; Cap for work. Packag es-3pc. - Set 5310.959-00 kitchen mod. L22 Le gno-1pc . consisting of: Bokovapanel for work. WA-U75-120-1sht .; Schaaf and for the spirit ovok for work. UHSK60-1sht .; Lower w afadlya sinks for work. SABHD60-02-1sht .; Face hell for built-in refrigerator events. KSBD60-01-2sht .; Sidebar for work. WA-U75-120-1sht .; Hull material events. KORP USMAT-MK-2 pcs .; Sidebar, mod.W16 75-60-1sht-U .; The cabinet of drawers, m units. UAK80-1sht .; Acoustic panels were dlyavarylnyh for work. KUAK80-B-1pc .; Lower case for yyok city for work. SOD60-1sht., To embed Facade term dishwasher modes. GSBD60-01- 1pc .; Sidebar for work. W16-U75-60-1sht.; Lower wardrobe for work. UDD80-75-50-2sht .; Fa garden for vbudovanohoholodylnyka for work. SBD60-01-1sht K .; Lower wardrobe for work. UIDD60-1 pcs .; Vidkrytyyelement for work. HR120-30-1sh T .; Facade insertion modes. SPA60-210-1sht. ; Vysokashafa for work. V60-105-2sht .; Case F or hoods for work. HWU90-90-20-60-1sht .; Be rhnyashafa for work. H40-90-1sht .; Upper cabinet for work. H80-90-1sht .; Hull material mod.KORPUSMAT-MK-V-5pcs .; Hull mate rial for work. KORPUSMAT-MK-5pcs .; Cap, mo-d.Packages 5pcs. - Set 5096.144-01 kitchen fashions. S70 St one-1pc., Consisting of: Vysokashafa for work. VVK60-210-1sht .; High cabinet for work. V60-30-4sht .; Upper cabinet offi .H100-30-1sht .; Sidebar for work. W16- SB-VAR-2 pcs .; The cabinet of drawers, mod. YUZ90-1sht .; Corner bottom cabinet for work. YUELAD110-65-1sht .; Facade insertion modes. YUPE65-1sht .; Sidebar for work. W16-U75-60-1sht .; Facade insertion modes. HP1-75-1 pcs .; High cabinet for work. V60-30-1sht., Top cabinet ing for work. H60-30-3sht .; Facade got ka, mod. HP1-30-1sht .; Facade cabinets mod. F RONT-VARIABEL-4pcs .; Hull material events. KORPUSMAT-MK-V-4 pieces .; Cap for work. P ackages-8 pieces. - Set 5015.073-05 kitchen fashions. L22 Le gno-1pc., Consisting of: Fasadnavstavka for work. SPL1-210-1sht .; Vis eye wardrobe for work. V60-210-1sht .; Case of height uvnymyyaschykamy for work. UZ60-2sht .; Shelf for work. WSTB3-25-2sht .; Shelf for work. WSTB4-25-2sht .; Drawers for work. 270-9sht .; Tso glycol, fashions. Packages-2 pcs. - Set 5374.994-00 kitchen fashions. C30 Ca risma Lack-1pc., Consisting of: Cabinet for household appliances, fashion. GKG210- 178-02-1sht .; Case for pobutovoyitehniky for work. "GERMANY0UA1001102428.13226149.61373
17/Apr/20173926300090"1.Vyroby plastic, fasteners, fittings or the like dlyamebli: Accessories for washing machines (connecting strap with vydvyzhnoyupolychkoyu for washing machines) art. (WTZ20410) -12 pieces; accessories for washing machines (with connecting plate vydvyzhnoyupolychkoyu for washing machines) art. (WTZ20410) -12 pieces; accessories for washing machines (connecting strap with vydvyzhnoyu shelf for washing machines) art. (WTZ20410) -12 pieces, trademark manufacturer Bosch concern BSH Hausgerate GmbH Country of PL ".POLAND0UA20502024.66157.6461827
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Plate Shelf Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Plate Shelf Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Приватне Акціонерне Товариство ""Рено Україна"""
Importer Address
01033,Київ, вул.Гайдара, 50
Exporter Name Renault Polska Sp.z o.o
Product Description
1.Zapasni parts from plastic, Decorative any passe.........
HS Code 3926300090Value 530.9464755
Quantity 0Unit UA125190
Net Weight 13.44
Origin Country FRANCE

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