Ukraine Import Data of Plastic Waste | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Waste

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of plastic waste collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of plastic waste imports.

Plastic Waste Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Waste

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of plastic waste. Get Ukraine trade data of Plastic Waste imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201739151000001. Waste polyethylene HDPE / LDPE: colorful, natural, transparent, dirty, torn, twisted scraps of plastic, musorni Packages are used, subjected to deformation in compressed links to recycling for their own production needs. To remove paper labels and unnecessary pollution must apply additional manufacturing processes ochyschennya.Sklad waste LDPE: 35%, HDPE: 60% .Volohist - .Zabrudnenist 2.5% - 2.5%. Manufacturer - GLOBAL VERPACKUNGEN UG.Krayina production SK Slovakia. .SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA110150206409544.813235 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173924900090"1. Plastic waste containers (container ri) intended for storage, temporary storage: Plastic waste containers 1100 l., Were uvykorystanni, years of production from 1995 to 2010, packed one by one 2sht.- 40sht.Torhovelna Brand: SULOKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: "" SULO GmbH "". "GERMANY0UA10001026004186.029669
28/Apr/20173917400090"1.FITYNHY of plastic pipes, new: Coupling sewer. 200zovn PP., Art.701253300 - 10pcs .; clutch sewer. PP315zovn., Art.701293300 - 3pc .; Kolinokanaliz. PP 110 / 45zovn., Art.710203360- 100 pieces .; knee sewer. PP160 / 45zovn., art.710233360 - 30sht., Knee sewer. PP 200 / 15zovn., art.710253330 - 10pcs .; knee sewer. PP200 / 30zovn., art.710253350 - 10pcs .; Knee sewer. PP 315 / 45zovn., art.710293360 - 5pcs .; knee sewer. PP 315 / 87,5zovn., art.710293390 - 3pc., Tee sewer. ext. 200/160/45 PP, art.720183360 - 5pcs ., Tee kanaliz.zovn. PP 200 / 160h87,5, art.720183390 - 5pcs .; Reduction sewer. ext. 200/160 PE, art.730183300 - 10pcs .; Reduction sewer. ext. PP 200-250 and t.730233300 - 5pcs .; koruhovanoyi pipe coupling PE 200 K2-KAN, art.1001253000 - 20pcs., tube coupling koruhovanoyi PP 250 K2-KAN, art.1001273000 - 10pcs .; knee trubykoruhovanoyi PE 200h45 K2-KAN, art.1012253450 - 10pcs .; Elbow pipe 200h90 koruhovanoyiPP K2-KAN, art.1012253900 - 10pcs .; Elbow PE 250 pipes koruhovanoyi h45K2-KAN, art.1012273450 - 5pcs .; Coupling transitional K2-KAN 160/160 on a smooth trubuPVH, art.1039233000 - 20pcs .; Coupling transitional K2-KAN 200/200 on a smooth PVC pipe, art.1039253000 - 20pcs .; Cork (cap) PE 200 pipes koruhovanoyi K2-Kanuniversalnyy, art.1040253000 - 10pcs .; Coupling sewer. ext. PP HT 110 art.2201202100 - 36sht .; Knee sewer. ext. PE NT 50h30, art.2210142150 - 100 pieces., Knee sewer. ext. PE NT 50h45, art.2210142160 - 400sht .; Knee kanaliz.vnutr. PE NT 110h15, art.2210202130 - 60sht .; Knee sewer. ext. PE NT110h30, art.2210202150 - 60sht .; Knee sewer. ext. PE NT 110h45, art.2210202160 - 200sht .; Tee sewer. ext. PE NT 50 / 50h87,5, art.2220152190 -100sht .; Tee sewer. ext. PP HT 110 / 110h45, art.2220542160 - 60sht., Tee sewer. ext. PP HT 110 / 110h67,5, art.2220542180 - 24sht .; Triynykkanaliz. ext. PP HT 110 / 110h87,5, art.2220542190 - 60sht .; Cap 315 t PPA15-1,5 of the pipe carrying PVC koruhovanu 315 art.2539405090 - 20pcs., Used for water and wastewater systems. "POLAND0UA2091804121992.678517
28/Apr/20173926300090"1.Detali accessories plastic to a / m" "BMW" ": roof drain waste, art.51317387918-1sht, Box threshold art.51757290668-1sht; Vtrymuvach brake hoses art.34301166230 -1sht, latch-lock , art.07149140786 -300sht, cover the nozzle headlight washers, art.51117378590 -1sht, cover washer nozzle lights, art. -2sht 51657199141; omyvachafar covers nozzles, KT, art.51117338567 -1k-t, the nozzle cover headlight washers, art.51117378589-1sht, moldings mines glass door art.51227465923 -1sht, moldings mine skladverey, art.51227465924 -1sht, moldings mines glass door art.51337465917 -1sht, moldings mines glass door art.51337465918 -1sht; Molding arch wheel art.51777319833 -1sht, Molding wheel arches, art.51777378581-1sht, Molding wheel arches, art.51777378583 -2sht, lock speaker art.51427393503 -1sht; trade mark - '' BMW '' Manufacturer - Concern "" BMW "". "UNITED STATES0UA1002103.825649.8409276
27/Apr/201739249000901 kryshkamypryznacheni plastic containers for the collection, storage tatymchasovoho solid domestic and municipal waste, designed dlyamehanichnoho unload garbage in garbage kuzovavtomobiliv, for ease of transportation to the place of unloading smittyaoblashtovanni grips, wheels diametr200mm: -konteyner MGB capacity of 1100l, second hand, flat cover with 4 200mm diameter wheels, two of which with brake trailers, side-capture purposes 130sht.Dlya easy transport supplied partially disassembled adv Yadin medical devices. No data producers, DE, trademark, no data.GERMANY0UA205090754011198.00401
27/Apr/20173923900000"1. Products for transport of plastics, not intended for transportuvannyaradioaktyvnyh waste: Vakuteyner tube to separate the curd ovatky (SST), a volume of 8.5 ml, with a cap of marble color-50sht; Plasdlya branch tube Vakuteyner I serum (SST) , volume 5 ml of kovpa chkom zolotystohokoloru-40sht; Vakuteyner tube Plus, volume 4 ml, with cap lavandovohokoloru protection from exposure to blood-9sht; Vakuteyner tube Plus, volume 4 ml, with cap lavender color protection from contact with krov'yuVPLAV0 4A-6 pieces; tube Vakutey Plus st to separate serum I (SST), ob'yemom3,5 ml of a pack ing golden brown, 66sht; Vakuteyner Tube Plus, volume 3 ml of lavender colored cap with protection against contact zkrov'yu-90sht; Tube Vakuteyner Plus, volume 3 ml, with cap lavandovohokoloru protected from contact with the blood of the A-6 pieces; Vakuteyner tube Plus, volume 3 ml of lavender colored cap with protection from contact with krov'yuB-6 pieces; Tube Vakuteyner Plus, the volume of 2.7 ml, with cap blue-koloruz 6 pieces; Tube Vakuteyner Plus, 2 ml, cap with gray-89sht; Tube to collect urine volume of 10 ml, with cap-55sht yellow, tube carrying material volume of 13 ml IOM, with the green cap (rounded bottom) -47sht; The plastic tube perensennya IALU mater, ob'yemom13 ml, with cap blue-6 pieces; The tube carrying material (new) volume of 2.5 ml, with screw cap, yellow 6 pieces; Tube dlyaperenesennya material (new) volume of 2.5 ml screw-cap synohokoloru-6 pieces; The tube carrying material (new) volume of 2.5 ml zhvyntovoyu cap-96sht; The tube carrying material (new) volume of 2.5 ml of hvyntovoyukryshechkoyu green-5pcs; NUNC tube, volume of 4.5 ml, with lid, 6 pcs oyupomaranchevoho color; NUNC tube, volume of 4.5 ml, with cap-th rozhevohokoloru 6 pieces; NUNC tube, volume of 4.5 ml, with cap-th red 6 pieces; NUNC tube, a volume of 3.6 ml, with cap-bezkoli rnoyu 6 pieces; NUNC tube, a volume of 3.6 ml, with cap om purple CPUR3 $ A-4 pieces; NUNC tube, a volume of 3.6 ml, with cap om red A CRED3 $ A-6 pieces; NUNC tube, a volume of 3.6 ml, with cap th gray A CGRA3 $ A-5pcs; NUNC tube, a volume of 3.6 ml, with cap om yellow A CYEL3 $ A-6 pieces; NUNC tube, a volume of 3.6 ml, with cap om brown A CBRO3 $ A-5pcs; NUNC tube, a volume of 3.6 ml, with cap om blue A CBLU3 $ A-4 pieces; NUNC tube, a volume of 3.6 ml, with th green cap (A) -5sht; The transparent tube dlyaperenesennya mat Lu ARUP, volume 5 ml (A) -6sht; The transparent tube dlyaperenesennya mat Lu ARUP, volume 5 ml (B) -6sht; The transparent tube dlyaperenesennya mat Lu ARUP, volume 5 ml (C) -6sht; The transparent tube dlyaperenesennya mat Lu ARUP, volume 5 ml (D) -6sht; The transparent tube dlyaperenesennya mat Lu ARUP, volume 5 ml (E) -6sht; NUNC tube, capacity 3,6ml, cap om "UNITED KINGDOM0UA10020011.593211.0570601
27/Apr/201790279050001. Accessory chemiluminescence analyzer Closed Architect i1000sr: Set for care: 7-205087-04 PM KIT, i1000SR - 2 sets. (In each set, liquid filter - 1pc., Rubber wheel for rotating the reagent bottle - 1 pcs. vacuum filter - 1 pc., head pump liquid wastes - 1 pc., plastic tube fittings for connecting pump waste pressure switch - 1 pc., V-shaped wheel - 3 pcs., screw krepizhnyy - 5 pcs.) . .SINGAPORE0UA1251001.21828.580117
27/Apr/201739159080001.Vidhody with other plastics, PET, PET film waste, bottles and preforms, material production Odpady butelki PET -3560kh.Vyrobnyk - no danyh.Torhovelna mark - no danyh.Krayina production - PL. .POLAND0UA10011035601017.545082
27/Apr/20173923501000"1.Kovpachky (cover) round plastic for sealing of PET bottles hazovanymabo no sodas, no capping bottles for medical containers nedlya collection, disposal and storage of solid waste and ridkyhradioaktyvnyh have an internal thread. No logos or log on otypamy .Vyrobnyk: OOO "" BERYKAP "" Country of origin: RU.. "RUSSIA0UA125180858019549.3623
27/Apr/20173923210000"1. Products for the transportation of ethylene polymers are not intended dlyatransportuvannya radioactive waste: Plastic packages SSB - 10pc, package zpuhyrchastoho polyethylene - 5pcs, bags 8 x 10 - 90sht; Purpose: provedennyaklinichnyh research protocol V1521021.Krayina production - GBTorhovelna mark - QuintilesVyrobnyk - Quintiles Laboratories Europe. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA1002000.8416.7573838
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Plastic Waste Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Plastic Waste Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
01042, м. Київ, вул. Чигоріна, 12
Product Description
1. Waste polyethylene HDPE / LDPE: colorful, natur.........
HS Code 3915100000Value 9544.813235
Quantity 0Unit UA110150
Net Weight 20640

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