Ukraine Import Data of Plastic Pattern | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Pattern

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of plastic pattern collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of plastic pattern imports.

Plastic Pattern Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Pattern

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20174811590000"1. Paper and paperboard coated, impregnated or plastic pokrytyysharom: GRAN OAK BEIGE GET 23 paper with a decorative coating" "finish-effect" "VS-Print 120GET - 1250m2.Nomer party - 6756F6Sklad components: paper 85% acrylic 5 % pigments and varnish 10%. Paper in rolls coated with poverhnevymlakovym Putting across the surface on one side and the other printed pattern, imituyuchyderevo used to manufacture decorative doors and pokryttyapry mebliv.Krayina production: JPVyrobnyk: TOPPAN COSMO, INC. "JAPAN0UA1001101702321.620967 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201759039099001.Termoplastychnyy material Termoflex 60VK -750,00kv.m. It is a textile woven material with chemical synthetic polyester fiber which is impregnated polystyrene and containing inorganic filler based compounds kaltsiyu.Z one side of the nonwoven fabric has a continuous thin coating polietylenvinilatsetatom, on the opposite side means partial coverage polietylenvinilatsetatom. Surface seen with the naked eye. The content of the inorganic filler is 32.5 wt.%. The content polietylenvinilatsetatu and polystyrene is 43,0mas.%. The surface density is 1300 + -1h / m2. In sheets measuring 1.5 m * 1 m thick 1,5-2mm, no pattern, no polishing and embossing. Used to manufacture socks and backs working vzuttya.Torhivelna Brand: MELAMIN.Vyrobnyk: MELAMIN Kemicna tovarna dd, Sloveniya.Pakuvannya: product of wood pallets wrapped in clear plastic wrap. .SLOVENIA750UA8052209602673.693602
28/Apr/201739241000001. Household plastic products for dining, not medical, -susharka dish (DISH RACK) -20sht. - tablespoon measuring cup (PATTERNED STOUP) -288sht. - Picnic basket (PICNIC BASKET) -20sht. - Stand bread (LACE BASKET) -1500sht. - stand for bread (ELLIPTIC LACE BASKET) -1000sht. .TURKEY0UA500550307.72679.0193365
28/Apr/201739249000901. Household plastic products, not medical, -nabir veder bins with pedal (IVY PEDAL BIN SET) -7sht. - laundry basket (IVY BASKET) -330sht. - laundry basket (IVY LAUNDRY BASKET) - 310sht. - laundry basket (IVY bASKET) -60sht. - laundry basket (IVY LID bASKET NO 3) -480sht. - bin with pedal (IVY pEDAL BIN NO 2) -180sht. - trash debris from the pedal (IVY pEDAL BIN NO 3) -120sht. - laundry basket (PATTERNED lAUNDRY bASKET) -50sht. - domestic bucket (4 NO PATTERNED bUCKET) -25sht. - veder collection bins with pedal (PATTERN pEDAL BIN SET 3 SIZE) -12sht. - laundry basket (IVY LID bASKET NO 1) -3520sht. - laundry basket (IVY LID bASKET NO 2) -420sht. - tank washing powder (IVY BOX) -540sht. - trash (IVY DUSTBIN) -1000sht. - household basket (IVY ONION BASKET) -420sht. .TURKEY0UA5005503228.437334.969578
28/Apr/201739189000001.Pokryttya plastic flooring, bedding with Foamed plastic nesamokleyni in rolls, patterned on children's themes, size: 180 * 200 * 1cm-192sht, 180 * 150 * 1cm -488sht. In individual plastic upakovtsi.Torhovelna Brand: BabypolVyrobnyk: Fuyang Zhicheng Houseware Co., Ltd.Krayina-production China, CN. .CHINA20088UA5000307152789.759943
26/Apr/201794051091901-Light electrical appliances for homes that are suspended or fixed to the ceiling or wall for use with incandescent lamps, with no precious metals and composite materials that contain in its composition transmitters or transmitters and receivers: Model 1301 Universal lamp Bottom E27 1x MAX 60W, IP20, color chrome (metal) -1shtartykul 1822 Universal lamp Spiral D25 E27, 1x60W, IP20 white (metal glass) -5shtartykul 1864 Chandelier Jolly D40cm E27 1x max.60W IP20 chrome color, white lampshade with a pattern (metal glass) -2shtartykul 2 472 Universal lamp Julie E27 3x Max 40W IP20 gray / multicolor (metal, glass) -1shtartykul 2587 Chandelier Olivia E27 1x MAX 60W IP20 D16 black (metal) -1shtartykul 2588 Chandelier Olivia E27 1x MAX 60W IP20 D16 color silver (metal, ) -1shtartykul 2756 Chandelier Elisett E27 1x60W color bronze (metal glass) -1shtartykul 2770 Chandelier Gordon E27 Max 40W IP20 black / bronze (metal) -1shtartykul 2772 Chandelier Reda E27 4x MAX 60W, IP20, chrome-wenge color, white ceiling ( metal glass) 2865 Universal lamp -1shtartykul Ann E27 2x MAX 40W IP20, color chrome (metal glass) -1shtartykul 2969 Chandelier Danila E27 3x MAX 60W IP20 chrome color (metal, glass) -1shtartykul 4649 yustra Ramsey E27 Max 60W IP20 black (metal, plastic) -1shtartykul 4725 Chandelier Harmony lux D40 IP20 white patterned (metal paper plastic) -23shtartykul 4727 Chandelier Mirabell D40 IP20 white patterned (metal paper plastic) 4968 Universal -12shtartykul lamp Sweet dream, 395x395, E27 2x MAX 60W, IP20, Multicolor illustrated tales (metal-glass) -4shtartykul 4969 Universal lamp Sweet dream D40, E27 2x max.60W IP20 illustrated tales (metal glass) -4shtartykul 5113 Universal lamp Ufo D30 E27 1x60W IP20 chrome color, white shades (metal glass) -1shtartykul 5827 Wall lamp in Togo nny E14, 1x40W, IP44 colors chrome, matte white ceiling (metal glass) -1shtartykul 5828 Lexo bathing Wall light IP44 G9 1x40W color chrome, matte white ceiling with halogen lamps (metal glass) -4shtartykul 5831 Universal lamp Cibyll bathing IP44 G9 1x40W 13,9sm color matte white, with halogen lamp (metal glass) -3shtartykul 5852 Lexo bathing Wall light IP44 G9 2x40W color chrome, matte white ceiling with halogen lamps (metal glass) -2shtartykul 5870 Universal lamp Dione E27 3x MAX 40W IP20 white (metal, glass) -1shtartykul 6038 Chandelier Veronica E14 4x Max 40W IP20-color satin chro m (Silver) 6045 Universal lamp -1shtartykul Norton GU10, MAX 50W, IP20, color chrome (metal) -10shtartykul 6055 Universal lamp Flaire, E14 1x MAX 40W, IP20, color chrome, white ceiling, with a switch (metal glass) - 1shtartykul 6056 Universal lamp Flaire, E14 2x MAX 40W, IP20, color chrome, white ceiling (metal-glass) -1shtartykul 6058 Universal lamp Flaire, E14 4x MAX 40W, IP20, color chrome, white ceiling (metal-glass) -1shtartykul 6060 Universal fixturesCHINA0UA305160124.731433.387684
25/Apr/20173918101090"1.Pokryttya of polymers of vinyl flooring, coated with a top layer of color pattern design nesamokleyni without substrate - Linoleum and napivkomertsiynoho purpose coils wound on cardboard shpuliyi and packed in plastic bags, laid off-quality linoleum: GLAMOUR PORTO 6704 4m (I grade) -400,00m2; TREND VEGAS 261M 4m (I grade) -264,00m2; TREND VEGAS 639D 4m (I grade) -660,00m2; RESPECT VERO 269M 4m (I grade) -600,00m2; GLAMOUR TEXAS 216M 4m (I grade) -184,00m2; GLAMOUR TEXAS 662D 4m (I grade) -200,00m2; RESPECT VERO 219L 4m (I grade) -360,00m2; RESPECT VERO 624D 4m (I grade) -480,00m2; GLAMOUR PORTO 6704 3,5m (I grade) -341,25m2; TREND VEGAS 639D 3,5m (I grade) -577,50m2; VE NUS MOSCOW 137M 3,5m (I grade) -105,00m2; GLAMOUR TEXAS 216M 3,5m (I grade) -175,00m2; GLAMOUR TEXAS 662D 3,5m (I grade) -175,00m2; GLAMOUR PORTO 6704 3m ( I sort of) -300,00m2; TREND VEGAS 639D 3m (I grade) -190,20m2; OPTIMAL BOURBON 0039 3m (I grade) -90,00m2; RESPECT VERO 269M 3m (I grade) -285,00m2; GLAMOUR TEXAS 916M 3M (I grade) -75,00m2; GLA MOUR TEXAS 662D 3m (I grade) -144,60m2; RESPECT VERO 219L 3m (I grade) -90,00m2; RESPECT VERO 624D 3m (I grade) -180,00m2; RESPECT BLOCKS 615D 3m (I grade) -180,00m2; STRONGRU PLUS GLAZGO 465M 3m (I grade) -243,00m2; STRONGRU PLUS GLAZGO 619L 3m (I grade) -243,00m2; STRONGRU PLUS GLAZGO 148L 3m (I grade) -243,00m2; STRONGRU PLUS GLAZGO 654D 3m (I grade) -243,00m2; PLANETA CATARINA 910M 3m (I grade) -270,00m2; OPTIMAL AMSTERDAM 263M 3m (I grade) -90,00m2; OPTIMAL AMSTERDAM 326D 3m ( I sort of) -90,00m2; OPTIMAL AMSTERDAM 637D 3m (I grade) -90,00m2; STRONGRU PLUS PIKSI 197M 3m (I grade) -81,00m2; VENUS MIRT A 428M 3m (I grade) -84,00m2; RESPECT MIRTA 742M 3m (I grade) -180,00m2; EMPREZO CASTLE 162L 3m (I grade) -63,00m2; EMPREZO CASTLE 636D 3m (I grade) -63,00m2 ; TREND VEGAS 261M 2.5m (I grade) -165,00m2; TREND VEGAS 639D 2.5m (I grade) -165,00m2.Vsoho - 8369,55m2 (87 rolls). Trademark: JUTEKS. Producer: Ltd. "" Yuteks District "" (Russian Federation). Country of origin: RU. "RUSSIA836955UA50001015720.9324060.93988
25/Apr/201794037000001. Plastic furniture: table art. HS-300 TABLE COFFEE MONOBLOCK - 100 pieces. Lounger art. HZ-150 SUNBED - 18sht. Manufacturer: IRAK PLS, brand: HOLIDAY. Chest art. 298 PATTERNED COMMODE - 54sht. Manufacturer: ELIF PLASTIK, brand: ELIF. Packed in 155 packages. Country of TR. .TURKEY0UA5000706921418.600129
25/Apr/20175904900010"1.Pokryttya flooring with a base of felt obtained punched method applied on the upper surface pattern design and color layer of protective varnish - Linoleum and napivkomertsiynoho purpose coils wound on cardboard shpuliyi and packed in plastic bags: FLASH TACO 2314 4m ( I sort of) -792,00m2; MEGAPOLIS FALCO 326M 4m (I grade) -112,00m2; FLASH TACO 2314 3,5m (I grade) -514,85m2; FLASH TACO 2314 3m (I grade) -630,00m2; FLASH TACO 2.5m in 2314 (I grade) -375,00m2.Vsoho -2423,85m2 (25 rolls) .Torhivelna mark: JUTEKS. Producer: Ltd. "" Yuteks District "" (Russian Federation). Country of origin: RU.. "RUSSIA242385UA5000103315.785380.252689
24/Apr/201756081930001. Plastic furniture: table art. HS-300 TABLE COFFEE MONOBLOCK - 100pcs., Lounger art. HZ-150 SUNBED - 18 pcs.Manufacturer: IRAK PLS, Trademark: HOLIDAY. Chest of Art 298 PATTERNED COMMODE - 54 pcs. Manufacturer: ELIF PLASTIK, Trademark: ELIF. Packed in 155 packages. Country of production TR. .CHINA0UA10013015.45199.4210853
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Plastic Pattern Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Plastic Pattern Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""РЕЛІКТ АРТЕ"""
Importer Address
69035, м. Запоріжжя вул. Лермонтова,26, каб.22
Exporter Name Almitex GmbH
Product Description
"1. Paper and paperboard coated, impregnated or pl.........
HS Code 4811590000Value 2321.620967
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 170
Origin Country JAPAN

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