Ukraine Import Data of Plastic Ice Case | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Ice Case

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of plastic ice case collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of plastic ice case imports.

Plastic Ice Case Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Ice Case

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of plastic ice case. Get Ukraine trade data of Plastic Ice Case imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20177321119000"1. Devices for heating food, gas-fired, gas burner, tourist, portable burner 1, for connection to gas cylinder in plastic case: Art. BDZ-155-A (ZA-3) - 5000sht, art. BDZ-155-A (ZA-1) - 1000sht.Krayina production - China CN.Torhovelna mark - RUDYY.Vyrobnyk-ZHEJIANG YONG KANG JINYU CO, LTD. "CHINA6000UA1001101237221527.99999 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20173926100000"1.Vyroby plastic, office and school supplies, plastic pencil case, 6 pcs., Country of CN."CHINA0UA1001201.242.639825768
27/Apr/201742029900001.Perenosna box with handle Husqvarna-box (case) that has a special form and spetsilni devices inside forplacement chainsaws and devices it with plastic nelystovoyi designed dlyatransportuvannya Garden tools: - Box Husqvarna chainsaw art.5313008-72 - 8sht.Torhovelna mark - HusqvarnaVyrobnyk - Briggs & Stratton AG.UNITED STATES0UA12504028177.679944
27/Apr/201739263000901.Kripylni products, accessories or analog Ichnya plastic motornyhtran to interchange vehicles (passenger cars in): Absorber air art.282103X010 -6sht. The plug art. 565211H000 -4sht. Play bumper art. 865611R000-6sht. Grille art. 863501M600 -1sht. Grille art. 863502H000-2sht. Diffuser fan art. 253501M000 -2sht. Diffuser radiator oholodzhennyadvyhuna art. 253501E050 -3sht. Radiator diffuser art. 253503X000 -4sht. Zahlushkaart. 986233E000 -2sht. Motor protection Art. 0K2A156121A -3sht. Protection dvyhunaperedniy art. 291103Q000 -2sht. Motor protection front art. 291103X000 -12sht.Zahyst engine front, center art. 291101R000 -4sht. Protection livyyart radiator. 291352E000 -4sht. Lower bumper Zashchita plastykovaya art. 291102H200 -8sht.Zaschyta engine perednyaya, Central Art. 291102S000 -1sht. Zashchita dvyhatelyapravaya art. 0K2A156111B -3sht. Klypsa threshold kreplenyya art. 877562E000 -100sht.Klip Sparks art. 8659028000 -100sht. Decorative wheel caps / center / art. 529603 -20sht S110. Headlight casing art. 921403K000 -30sht. Kolpak kolesadekoratyvnyy art. 529601E700 -1sht. The case of the air filter art. 281101R100-4sht. Housing air filter art. 281103X000 -1sht. Rozpodilnykazapalyuvannya cover art. KK13718V00 -4sht. Upper timing belts Krыshka art. 2136026002 -6sht.Moldynh DOORS front pravoy art. 877221E000-2sht. Molding DOORS front left to collect art. 877211C500CA -3sht. Moldynhlobovoho bottom glass art. 861601C100-4sht. Molding windshield glass art. 861302S000 -2sht. Moldings front left art.877211E000 -2sht. Overlay rear bumper / bottom / art. 866502W000 -1sht.Nakladka front bumper art. 8651056000 -1sht. BACK DOORS Overlay levoyart. 877702B000 -2sht. Drier konditsionera art. 9780217000 -8sht. Pidkrylok art.868123S000 -2sht. Pidkrylok front / left / art. 868112S001 -2sht. Pidkrylokperedniy / right / art. 868123L000 -4sht. Pidkrylok front / right / art.868202B001-4sht. Pidkrylok front / right / art. 868202B200 -6sht. Pidkrylok front / left / art. 868102B200 -2sht. Pidkrylok front left art. 8681117000 -4sht.Pidkrylok front left art. 868111C500-10sht. Pidkrylok front left art. 868111R000 -12sht. Pidkrylok front livyyart. 868112C700 -3sht. Pidkrylok front left art. 868113S000 -2sht. Pidkrylokperedniy right art. 868123S500 -4sht. Pidkrylok front right Art. 868124A001-4sht. Pidkrylok right art. 868202B000 -4sht. Pidkrylnyk front / left / art.868112H010 -5sht. Pidkrylnyk front / right / art. 868122L000 -4sht. Pidkrylnykperedniy / right / art. 868123K000 -2sht. Pidkrylnyky front / left / art.868102B000 -10sht. Podkrыlok front levыy art. 868112C500 -4sht. Podkrыlokperednyy levыy art. 868114A001 -4sht. Podkrыlnyk front / levыy / art. 868113K500-4sht. Rasshyrytel (cover) levoho zadneho wing art. 877412E000-1sht. Rasshyrytel wing zadneho levoho art. 877412E001 -1sht. Rezonatorvozdushnoho Art Filters. 281902S100 -3sht. The cavity air filter art.281901R000 -2sht. Lattices bumper art. 865603X000 -2sht. ReshKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA125250177.11610.0652769
27/Apr/201785364190101. Completing ASHOK LEYLAND 816 SKD 160HP (Euro-V) for industrial assembly of motor vehicles hr.8702 (Bogdan buses) relays for voltage not exceeding 60V and amperage over 2A: FN200900 brake sensor relay - switching device 54sht.Elektrychnyy in a plastic case, which works in koli24V of carrying 15A power supply that automatically performs switching controlled by the electric kola.F8825200 mikrorele - 135sht.Elektrychnyy switching device in a plastic case, which is in terms of throughput 24V 15A power supply that automatically execu uye switch controlled by the electric kola.Pryznacheni not for sale (sale) .Torhivelna Brand: ASHOKVyrobnyk: Ashok Leyland Ltd, IN.INDIA0UA2090102.43114.7498676
26/Apr/20178206000000"1.Nabir bit, hexagon, drill and drill to the head end, 67 pcs. Of aluminum briefcase, art.106300 - 1 set, set and variable bit head screwdriver to disassemble for power. The set consists of bits 25 mm and 70 mm special purpose bits, 92 subject to an aluminum briefcase, art.106800 - 6 sets, set hand tool for retailers - "" Winter backpack "," consists of: kit locksmith tools in plastic case - 40 object (Hammer 300g - 1. ; key wrench 150mm - 1 pc .; Tape measure 3m x 16mm - 1 pcs .; Vice 180mm - 1. ; Stationery than sliding - 1 pc .; Phillips Screwdriver RN2h100mm - 1 pc .; Screwdriver grooving 5h75mm - 1 pc .; Scissors 195 mm - 1 pc .; Building mini level 230 mm vertical and horizontal vial puhirtsevymy - 1 pc .; Spare blades sliding nizha to the office in a plastic box - 10 pcs .; Gripping handle for a set of bits - 1 pc .; bits in a plastic box - 20 pcs .;) - 1 set; trykota zhni Thin Gloves 100% polyester, size 10 (XL ) - 1 pair; Box-dispenser with 80 wet wipes size 20x30 cm - 1 pc .; Backpack made of textile material 100% nylon - 1 pc., Art.909100 - 3 sets; brand name: KWBKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: KWB Tools Gmbh & Co. CG "CHINA0UA12513011.613200.3279384
26/Apr/20179031908500"1. The probe check for cracks KDA-39 H-1993- 3pc. 3.5mm depth control, article 6777, serial number A00Z1B, AOOZ1D, A00Z1Z. It is an ultrasound probe with 6 pin connector with a width of 3.5mm working, the appliance Elotest IS / Box for nondestructive testing of metal detaley- cracks in commercials that were grinding machining. Contained in a plastic case, a probe mounted cable to transfer control results ray tube. Designed for the detection of defects of the parts used within the device Elotest IS / Box to identify cracks on the surface and inside the rollers after the grinding operation. In the probe uses ultrasound reflected from the property boundary between two media. The measure is a distribution of fluctuations from the radiation source to the interface and back to the receiver. Technical indicators: original obmotka- W1, W2; chastota- 700kHts, the depth of 4mm monitored; intensyvnist- 5.0 MHz 15/24; zhyvlennya- AC, 220V, 50Hz; potuzhnist- 30VA; dovzhyna- 16,4sm; diametr- 10cm. Probes were to use novi- year 2017. The cargo will be used for their own production needs (in the manufacture of bearing products). Manufacturer: Gollub Werkstoffprufung GmbH & Co.KG. KG, DE. Trade marka- Gollub. Packed in a cardboard box. "GERMANY0UA2050900.458395.393528
26/Apr/201739261000001.Pryladdya office or school, plastic, pencil case. Total 576 pieces. Trademark TOYS. Manufacturer MAXLAND INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES LIMITED. Country of CN. .CHINA0UA50001067.74115.2001109
25/Apr/20178467990090"1.Chastyny ​​intended only to hand power tools: hammer mechanism assembly to drill TE 2 kpl SERVICE, Amount: 15 pcs. Art.201568, plug the cartridge assembly to drill TE 2 Qty: 4 pcs. art.201594, striker (striker) steel to drill TE 7 Amount: 10 pcs. art.240908, plug valves to drill TE 7-C steel, Qty: 5 pcs. art.327313; couplings to punch TE 7C, Nb 2 pcs. art.328580, striker (striker) assembly to drill TE 6-A36AVR, Nb 2 pcs. art.427505, LED Protective plastic cover battery haykokruta to SID 14-A, Nb 2 pcs. art.441780, Case haykokruta SIW 14-A layers hexadecimal, Nb 2 pcs. art.2015303; The drive cylinder TE3-C_01, Nb 2 pcs. art.2082380, Case Drivers SFC 22-A plastic, Qty: 1 pc., art. 2010706, switch to speed Drivers SFH 14-a assembly (excluding electrical items) Qty: 2 pcs. art.419991, trademark HILTIVyrobnyk HiltiKrayina production of CN. "CHINA0UA1001109.232329.2599447
25/Apr/20178538100000"1.Elektrotehnichni commodities (base) for installation of electrical and electronic equipment or devices, empty, plastic, not fitted equipment (boxes, distribution boxes): Art. 97700201 Distribution box, empty, plastic, K15 series EK - 30 pieces, art. 10540301 TK-box PS 99-6-m (94x94x57 mm) IP66 - 5 pcs, art. 10590601 TK-box PS 1811-11-m (180x110x111) IP66 - 1 pc; art. 10941101 TK-box PS 2518-13f- o (254h180h137), IP 66 - 2 pieces, art. 11040101 TK-box PS 77-6-o (65x65x57 mm) IP66 - 10 pieces, art. 11040301 TK-box PS 99-6-o (94x94x57) IP66 - 8 pcs, art. 11040501 TK-box PS 1313-7-o (130x130x75) IP66 - 2 pcs, art. 11090401 TK-box PS 1111-9-o (110x110x90 mm) IP66 - 3 pcs, art. 1 1090601 TK-box PS 1811-11-o (180x110x111 mm) IP66 - 12 pieces, Art. 11090701 TK-box PS 1818-11-o (182x180x111) IP66 - 24 pieces, Art. 11101201 TK-box PS 3625-11- to (360x254x111 mm) IP66 - 4 pieces; art. 12741201 TK-box PC 3625-11-m (360x254x111) IP66 - 24 pieces, art. 12790801 TK-box PC 2518-11m (254x180x111) IP66 - 2 pieces; Art. 26042001 Cap Plastic (thermoplastic elastomer), empty for wiring M20 - 100 pieces; Art. 33391601 Distribution box and 16 empty (130x85x37 mm) IP55 - 40 pieces; Art. 33490401 Distribution box empty Q4 - 150 pieces; Art. 49090201 Distribution box Abox-i 025, empty - 60 pieces; Art. 74400301 Case empty plastic series AKL 3-t - 1 unit; Art. 80290701 025 Abox junction box is empty, gray, IP65 - 120 pieces; Art. 81091001 Distribution box empty Abox 100, IP65 - 20 pieces; Art. 81691001 Distribution box empty Abox 160, IP65 - 10 pieces; Art. 82591001 Distribution box Abox porzhnya 250, IP65 - 12 pieces; Art. 83591001 Distribution box empty Abox 350, IP65 - 8 pieces; Art. 92005001 Distribution box, empty, plastic, HW series 050 - 100 pieces; Art. 97176501 Distribution box, empty, plastic, Series U 71 K GVD-2 - 1360 pcs; Art. 97700101 Distribution box, empty, plastic, R0 PC series - 100 pieces; Art. 97700201 Distribution box, empty, plastic, K15 series EK - 30 sht.Torhovelna spelsbergVyrobnyk Brand Gunther Spelsberg GmbH + Co. KGKrayina production: DE "GERMANY0UA100110181.21442619.130374
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Plastic Ice Case Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ПАВЕРМОНТ"""
Importer Address
Product Description
"1. Devices for heating food, gas-fired, gas burne.........
HS Code 7321119000Value 21527.99999
Quantity 6000Unit UA100110
Net Weight 12372
Origin Country CHINA

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