Ukraine Import Data of Plastic Houseware | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Houseware

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of plastic houseware collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of plastic houseware imports.

Plastic Houseware Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Plastic Houseware

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of plastic houseware. Get Ukraine trade data of Plastic Houseware imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201739189000001.Pokryttya plastic flooring, bedding with Foamed plastic nesamokleyni in rolls, patterned on children's themes, size: 180 * 200 * 1cm-192sht, 180 * 150 * 1cm -488sht. In individual plastic upakovtsi.Torhovelna Brand: BabypolVyrobnyk: Fuyang Zhicheng Houseware Co., Ltd.Krayina-production China, CN. .CHINA20088UA5000307152789.759943 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201739249000901. Housewares, hygienic plastic: - mat melamine art.TRW9912x1 - 1sht.Torhovelna mark DALEBROOK SUPPLIES Manufacturer DALEBROOK SUPPLIES LTDKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA1250200.125.09625869
27/Apr/201739249000901. Housewares, hygienic plastic: - A glass of champagne plastykovyyart.CC111P -1sht.Torhovelna mark DALEBROOK SUPPLIESVyrobnyk DALEBROOK SUPPLIES production LTDKrayina TW.TAIWAN0UA1250200.0218.5193676
27/Apr/20173924900090"1.Rechi housewares, plastic, kitchen -Hubka 10 pieces York - 40kompl. - Kitchen cloth 5 pcs NY maxi York - 50kompl. - Kitchen cloth 5 pcs maxi CENTI York - 48kompl. - antibacterial sponge 5 pcs PRESTIGE York - 26kompl. - 110 cm gray holder York - 48sht. - The handle 110 cm Azure York - 24sht. - 200 cm telescopic holder York - 10sht.Torhivelna brand: YORKVyrobnyk: YORK Sp. z oo. "POLAND0UA40003019.21485.97618041
26/Apr/201776151090001. Products Kitchen made of aluminum, stamped, frying pans with non-stick coating, handle - plastic, art.170506650 pan with nonstick d20sm - 228sht, art.170506680 Wok pan with nonstick d24sm h8sm -252sht, art.615000100 pan d20sm - 348sht, art.615000110 pan d24x4,5sm - 228sht, art.615000120 26x5sm -228sht pan, pan art.615100020 gray 28cm - 192sht, trade mark: EXCELLENT HOUSEWARE.Vyrobnyk: Koopman International BV.Krayina production: CN. .CHINA0UA1001108286566.603079
24/Apr/201785014080901. Products Kitchen made of aluminum, stamped, frying pans with non-stick coating, handle - plastic, art.170506650 pan with nonstick d20sm - 228sht, art.170506680 Wok pan with nonstick d24sm h8sm -252sht, art.615000100 pan d20sm - 348sht, art.615000110 pan d24x4,5sm - 228sht, art.615000120 26x5sm -228sht pan, pan art.615100020 gray 28cm - 192sht, trade mark: EXCELLENT HOUSEWARE.Vyrobnyk: Koopman International BV.Krayina production: CN. .SLOVAK REPUBLIC1UA1002004.9992.07684349
19/Apr/201739259080001.TUALETNO-hygienic products PLASTYKOVIdlya Housewares nemedychnohopryznachennya (complete with elementamikriplennya for possible installation nastinu): A89601 A.896 liquid soap dispenser / l piny0.55, transparent / white, plastic-24shtA71401SAT A.714 liquid dispenser l myla0.55 transparent / satin, plastic-12shtA71411 A.714 liquid soap dispenser 0.55 lbilyy, plastyk- 96shtA70801 A.708 Holders of paper towels V-fold, shyr.128 mm, white, plastic-A75601 144sht A.756 Holder toilet paper Mini Jumbo, white, plastic-144shtA77511WIN A.775 liquid soap dispenser with a window 0.55 l, white plastic-120shtA61511WIN A.615 Liquid soap dispenser with a window 1 liter, white plastic, 96 pieces A72001A.720 Holders of paper towels Mini C, white plastyk- 10pcs A72100 A.721 Trymachpaperovyh towels Slim, transparent, plastic-A60101 10pcs A.601 holder paperovyhrushnykiv, white, plastic-72sht A69501 A.695 holder popes. towels in pachtsiMultipaper, w. 120 mm, white, plastic-60sht A59011SAT A.590 holder tualetnohopaperu satin sq astika-A59001 12p A.590 toilet paper holder, white plastic-A66201 108sht A.662 Holder sanitary pads Mini, white, plastic-120shtA74201 A.742 wall Basket 23 l, white plastic-A74101 24sht A.741 Korzynanastinna 43 liter white plastic-A58300 48sht A.583 liquid soap dispenser lhromovanyy 0.17 / transparent plastic, 12 pieces A60500 A.605 liquid soap dispenser lhromovanyy 0.25 / transparent , plastic, 12 pieces A60511WIN A.605 liquid soap dispenser zvikontsem 0.25 l, white plastic-A56200 36sht A.562 liquid soap dispenser 0.8 liters chrome / transparent plastic-12sh A63001 A.630 liquid soap dispenser Hospit al 0.8l, white / transparent, plastic-A56301 12p A563 liquid soap dispenser 1.1 liters, white / transparent, plastic-24sht A56311WIN A.563 liquid soap dispenser with a window 1.1l, white, plastyk- 24sht A73601SP A.736 liquid soap dispenser Hospital 1.2 liter white plastic -12sht A61801 A.618 toilet paper holder, white plastic-84shtA69301 A.693 toilet paper holder dia. 190 mm, white, plastic, 48 pieces A58401A.584 holder hygienic bags for bags, white, plastic-A55801 72sht A.558Trymach disposable cups Basso, white, plastic-9 unit A71401AR A.714Rozpodilnyk bat liquid soap, 0,55l, plastic , orange / transparent 12p A71401AZA.714 bat distributor of liquid soap, 0,55l, plastic, blue / transparent 12shtA71401MA A.714 liquid soap dispenser, 0.55 l, brown / transparent plastic-12shtA71401NE A.714 dispenser of liquid soap, 0.5 to 5 liters black / transparent, plastic-18shtA71601NE A.716 dispenser soap foam Foam 0.5 l, black / transparent, plastic-6shtA70610EAR A.706 toilet paper holder in the Z-fold 90 mm + hell apter Easy, orange / transparent plastic-12p A70610EAZ A.706 bat holder. paper in the Z-fold 90 mm + adapter Easy, blue / transparent, plastic-12p A70610EMA A.706Trymach toilet paper in the Z-fold 90 mm + adapter Easy, brown / transparent plastic, 12 pieces A70610EVE A.706 holder toilet paper in the Z-fold 90mm + adapter Easy, green / transparent, plastic-12p A61900NE A.619 Trymachtualetnoho paper, black / transparent, plastic-A6220 12pITALY0UA1000101094.76617608.51115
19/Apr/20173924900090"1.Pryladdya cleaning PLASTYKOVIdlya Housewares nemedychnohopryznachennya: 00000865 plastic base Wet system 50x13 cm plastic base 20sht00000868 Wet systemlight 40x11 cm plastic base 280sht00000868Y Wet systemlight 40h11 cm with locking-60 sht00000877 plastic base 40x11 Blik Blik sm140sht00000877Y plastic base with locking 40h11sm -20sht 00001900 Zatyskuvachmopa plastic, gray-00001905 100 pieces mopa plastic clamps, clamps 100sht00001908 blue-green-plastic mopa 50sht 00003360 plastic bucket 4 l, yellow 10 pcs 00003361 plastic bucket 4 l, red 20pcs 00003362 Plastykovevidro 4 liters, blue -20 pieces 00003505 Plastic bucket 6 l chervone- 20pcs 00003506Plastykove yellow bucket 6 l, 24 pcs 000 003 515 Plastic bucket 28 liters synye- 10sht00003688 plate "" Caution Wet Floor "," English / Ukrainian language-15 Plastic sht00003720 spin TEC, gray - 4 pieces 00005040 Plastic bucket 14 liters Easy zvidzhymom red-40sht 00005616 dustpan chornyy- 8pcs Clip 31Sovok 000056 Clip yellow bins with aluminum handle with delight, with cover 100sht00005636 dustpan Clip black aluminum handle with delight, with kryshkoyu68sht 00,008,391 Basis fixed to mopa for windows 35 cm, 50 pcs 00008700 Trymachpadu Terfir under the handle in plastic, 24 pieces 00008700Y pad holder Terfir pidrukoyatku with blocking pad holder plastykovyy24sht 00008701 Terfir plastykovyy24sht 000B3501 plastic bucket 15 l blue-28sht 000R3501 Plastic bucket 15 lchervone- 28sht 000R3502 Plastic bucket 12 liters chervone- 24sht 0B003210 Plastykovevidro 28l, blue-10pc S030091 yellow clip to the base, 100 plastic pieces S030569Zhovta button to lock the foundations for Wet System-Light, plastic-100shtS030584 yellow plastic clamp for the base unit 40h11-30 00008882 Plastykovyytrymach Bendy dust brush with handle, 60 cm bucket 12p 0V006410 Squizzy 15 l zrolykovym green spin-25sht From 0V006415 at Squizzy 15 liters roller vidzhymomna wheels green-32sht 00008540 Hinge for telescopic handles, 10pcs S080043Plastykova basket Split 45 liters with cap without inserts green-4sht S080044Plastykova basket Split 45 liters with cap without inserts gray-4shtVyrobnyk: TTS CLEANING SRLTorhivelna Brand: TTSKrayina production : IT "ITALY0UA100010818.41310575.84107
14/Apr/201739249000901.Posud electrical table or kitchen plastic: ACTUEL / VISHAK.D / VERH.ODYAHU, PL.47 SM art.zamovnyka: 532,197, total 312 pcs., ACTUEL / H-R 3 hangers., BR / SP .PL.36.5SM, art.zamovnyka: 532,199, total 264 pcs., ACTUEL / H-R 5 VISHAKIV.DYT.PLAST, art.zamovnyka: 532,200, total 432 pcs., ACTUEL / H-R 3 VISHAKIV.PLAST. 45.5 SM art.zamovnyka: 532,201, total 312 pcs., ACTUEL / PRYSCHEPKA.NA VERT.24SHT, art.zamovnyka: 532,205, total 240 pcs., ACTUEL / PRYSCHEPKA.NA VERT.16SHT, art.zamovnyka: 532,204, total 264 pcs., ACTUEL / PRYSCHEPKA.NA VERT.8SHT, art.zamovnyka: 532203, only 312 pieces. ACTUEL / H-R 5 VISHAKIV.PLAST.50 SM art.zamovnyka: 532196, only 336 pieces. Country of origin CN Trademark ACTUELVyrobnyk ZHEJIANG HANSER HOUSEWARES CO., LTD.CHINA0UA125010854.673175.033741
11/Apr/201739241000001.Prybory plastic kitchen: CANDY molds for chocolates Silicone D4sm, 8 pieces., Art. 43927 - 72sht. PROBUS spoon spaghetti, 30cm, plastic, art. 670308 -288sht. PROBUS kitchen spoon, 30.5sm, plastic, art. 670304 - 432sht. PROBUSLopatka kitchen, 31sm, plastic / nylon, art. 670302 - 576sht. PROBUS Cherpak, 31sm, plastic, art. 670306 - 576sht. Straw for cocktail, 100 pieces, 0.5h24 cm plastic art. 54520 - 1200sht. Skewers for canapes, 70sht, 8.5sm, plastic, art. 50610 -960sht. Waiter Corkscrew Double pull, 12cm, steel, art. 49459 - 432sht.Torhovelna mark - FackelmannVyrobnyk - European Quality Housewares Limited.CHINA0UA125220203.8322807.359872
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Plastic Houseware Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Plastic Houseware Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""СІМІРАМ-ЛОГІСТИК"""
Importer Address
65005,м.Одеса, вул.Бугаівська,21
Product Description
1.Pokryttya plastic flooring, bedding with Foamed .........
HS Code 3918900000Value 2789.759943
Quantity 20088Unit UA500030
Net Weight 715
Origin Country CHINA

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